this tree came from my desire to flower bomb AGAIN (remember this?!) natalie and i went through a bunch of different flower options and decided our favorite look was to wrap the flowers twirling up the tree. and while it would be amazing to have these as real flowers, then it would only last a day or two! so we decided on a wide variety of silk flowers (we got ours here) to get more bang for our buck and make it last all the way till christmas.

to make the tree, cut the stems down to about 2 or 3 inches so that the flowers can just stick right in the tree. on some of the larger flowers we wrapped them with wire so make sure they stayed secure. but it worked just great to stick them in the tree.

start with the larger flowers to determine the placement of your design and then fill in with the smaller flowers. this will help a lot! also, if you have kids or pets, you may want to wire the flowers that are in arms (or paws) length down at the bottom.

we stuck to a wide range of textures, color tones and shapes to make the tree very dynamic and have a lot of depth. i would say choose 3 or 4 colors for your color story, much more than that and the tree will start to look too busy. we set the tree up in joanie’s apartment and it looked just perfect with her neutral decor!

also, a little tip. silk flowers can be pretty pricey (luckily you can reuse them!) but to cut down on costs you don’t have to wrap the flowers all the way around the tree if it’s in the corner like this! the design gives the illusion of that, and that’s the most important. we spent about $300 on flowers and then we are going to reuse them as a permanent installation in our office during the year. you could go as lush or as sparse as you’s like though. save them in a box and decorate your tree with a different floral design next christmas!

and here’s a little note from joanie…

“we have a constant flux of guests coming over to our apartment this holiday season, so it’s nice to have some treats on hand to serve. our current rotation is Irish coffee and peanut butter kiss cookies. i wish i could say i used some famous family recipe but i didn’t. i used this one, and swapped in butter for the shortening. the trick with these cookies is to nail the ratio of dough to kiss, which is something i didn’t do very well with this batch but, they are still really delicious.”

we hope you are inspired by this floral tree and make your own this year or next! happy holidays from our little team. xo

photos by: ivan solis
styling by: natalie shriver


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    Roselie says:

    What a wonderful innovative idea! I ‘ll pin this, it’s brilliant! 🙂

    Melanie says:

    Everything about this is completely beautiful!!! I love it! =)

    christine p says:

    that is freaking awesome

    zoe says:

    Such a gorgeous tree!!

    I’m dying to know where that beautiful sweater is from, too! 🙂

    Jenny says:

    I would seriously leave this up all year round. LOVE.

    rebates says:

    would love to know where your outfit is from Joanie!! You look amazing!

    Ahhhh! So pretty!! I’ve already decorated my tree for this year, but I’m so saving this for next year!!! <3

    Anonymous says:

    I may need to start collecting flowers to do this. How cute!

    Anna says:

    I’ve been wanting for this for days after seeing the sneak peek on IG. I’m wondering if the flowers are also in the back of the tree? And if you had to guess how many bundles of flowers did y’all have to purchase for this master piece. Thanks

    Anna says:

    I’m also wondering if this is a real tree or fake!

    bri says:

    anna, the tree is real! and i added some notes to the post about the amount of flowers etc..

    designlovefest says:

    hi zoe and robyn!

    the sweater is from White and Warren and the dress is James Perse! XO

    Jennifer says:

    Beautiful! Would love to see a pic in dimmer lighting to see the effect the flowers and lights had together.

    Rachel says:

    What a great, unique idea!

    Stephanie R says:

    What an absolutely stunning twist on the Christmas tree!

    Crissy says:

    I was really hoping for this to come up on the blog after seeing it on IG!! Thanks for sharing!

    Kylie Garner says:

    I’m always amazed by the ideas you share on your blogs! Really Awesome Christmas Tree.

    OMG, STOP it right now! LOVE it!!!

    Cathy says:

    Your tree is beautiful! Will you tell me about the tree ‘skirt’? It looks more like a ‘sweater’!

    hi! how many cookies does the recipe make? thanks! 🙂

    Ilene says:

    Beautiful tree. I am also wondering where your outfit is from.

    Runwright says:

    I love this floral tree design. My mom loved it too – she sent me the link from Jamaica and said she’s thinking of doing her tree like that so she can leave it up all year.
    Great idea!

    AnnaMamani says:

    When I moved down to the southern hemisphere a few years ago, I brought a box of Christmas ornaments with me from my childhood. Dozens of snowmen which I love so much! But it is so odd to hang them when December is the middle of the SUMMER here. I’ve been struggling to come up with beautiful Christmas decorations that aren’t snow/cold weather related. THIS, this is perfect. Christmas-y, colorful, warm, and joyful. Definitely a Christmas masterpiece for anyone down south!!

    Sam says:

    Hi ! Love this apt. Wondering where the rug and media console are from ! Thanks !

    Annie says:

    OMG! I’m doing this next year!!

    xo Annie

    Kathy says:

    So lovely! Saw it on Pinterest and it’s going to be my Xmas project in 2016!

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    iwan fals says:

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    Toyota Jogja says:

    My mom loved it too – she sent me the link from Jamaica and said she’s thinking of doing her tree like that so she can leave it up all year.

    What a wonderful innovative idea! I ‘ll pin this, it’s brilliant!

    Beautiful tree. I am also wondering where your outfit is from.

    it looks great! very beautiful 🙂

    wow,, looks amazing! you are genius

    Very beautiful design for your floral tree 🙂

    Georgeanna Schneider says:

    Love it, I think you have great creativity. Good job, congrats.

    I really liked the way you organize this space, so neat, beautiful and comfortable in view

    Anonymous says:

    What a great idea! First time I am seeing flower decoration on a Xmas tree!
    Well done!

    Really love the way you treat the flower

    Norma Ann Torchio says:

    I love Ur idea so beautiful and innovative thank U for sharing Ur talent ! Love it so much will diffently be trying Ur idea but maybe in a smaller tree since that’s what I use at Christmas ! Merry Christmas and peace be with U 😊🌹

    Lulu says:

    I think is very pretty but for me, the feeling of christmas is gone, I don’t think that the tree needs to be very traditional but Most have the christmas touch.

    So beautiful! Trying to find ideas for our open air café house. Once again visiting this page and ance again I feel so so impressed!

    inspire me for next christmas

    Jasa SEO says:

    Very inspiring 😀

    Rinjani hero says:

    I love flowers

    Design Love Fest has a wonderful ideas in this page. Really helpful and inspiring.

    Bola Arsenal says:

    I was very impressed by your post, let me share it to my friend!

    Susan Forbes says:

    This tree literally took my breath away…I’m going to decide on colors and start getting silk flowers NOw! Thank-you for sharing this.

    Eka says:

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    thought-provoking content. I really like this article and the writer’s unique point of view.
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    Oke Trekker says:

    flower is easiest way to show our self like feelings and emotions.

    Lizzie Green says:

    I absolutely love this idea! I’m going to try it this year! Are silk flowers the same kind of fake flowers you can find at Michaels? Or are those made out of something different?

    bri says:

    they are fake flowers from michaels!

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