the designlovefestival was such a blast. a toooon of work, but a blast for sure. one of these days i will learn to execute more of my easier ideas haha. we held the festival a few weeks ago, had 150 people come through, sold plants and bunch of other amazing things. it was very cool to work outside what i normally do and create something this large from scratch. i definitely learned along the way. check out some of what happened below!


when i was in nicaragua i ordered a bunch of custom hammocks and bassinets and had them shipped to the states so people could buy them at the festival. now i’m kinda kicking myself that i didn’t keep any of them before they sold out!! i love the details so much.

jesse had a bunch of her iphone photos printed using parabo press and sold the posters. i love their paper quality and i’m even into the way they come folded. the lines look kinda cool like that (you could always flatten them out if you wanted to) she printed a bunch of photos from her recent trip to greece and they came out gorgeous!

when i went to nicaragua we also had dinner on this blissed out tiny private island (see here!) it was so special. isleta el espino is the little hotel with so much style. in the rooms they had these authentic towels and blankets that caught my eye, and andrew was able to sell a bunch of them at the festival! so fun to blend my trip experience with this day.

the native silver debut! i’ve been anxiously awaiting the day that natalie would get to share her ceramics with people. she’s the art director here at designlovefest and a very very talented ceramicist on the side. she sold her planters, crystals, keychains, and pots at the festival and they were such a hit! so proud of her. (ps, she’s selling some more in her shop if you want to buy them.)

we were happy to have Mirassou wine at the event, too. our guests enjoyed a glass of wine as they walked through the festival. we serve their wine at a lot of our events and it has become a favorite, especially the pinot noir!

our friends over at whoa nelly created a beautiful spread – so much cheeeeese, what more could you want? they always do such a beautiful job sourcing local produce and supporting neighboring farms in their food creations.

one of my best friends, kristen from moon canyon, contributed to the festival with her gorgeous dried wreaths. these beauties hold up all season long. always impressed with her eye for florals and style in general.

we thought it would be fun to have a fresh coconut waiting for everyone when they arrived. turns out coconuts are a huge hassle and i regretted that decision later (ha!) but i still love how they looked! we also ordered a bunch of custom crazy straws with different sayings for people to choose from.

since the main star of the show was the plant theme, i knew it would be important to find interesting baskets to hold the plants so they could look good on display, as well as make them ready to go when people purchased them.

emily henderson, another close friend of mine, was amazing at finding all the right baskets from various places. some they dyed, some they added tassles, some are vintage, they searched high and low for a ton of great options. emily is an amazing stylist and has a new book out called Styled that she sold at the festival as well. check it out here!

michael from yeah furniture really hooked up the festival and made the place look amazing with their seating and table options. i’ve watched him form this company from the start and really feel so happy that he’s made it all happen. such a hard worker with great taste. shop his furniture here and rent it here.

all in all, we had a ton of fun, it brought all of us even closer together, and gave us something different to focus on for a while. thank you so much to everyone that was a part of it, came out to it and wrote sweet things about it. i appreciate it so much!

photos by: brittany wood photography


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    Brittany Bly says:

    This looks so fun and all the work looks stunning! I love the little ceramic crystal geodes!

    mary says:

    This looks so much fun! It would be amazing if you could do an online shop sometime! I used to really enjoy seeing all the goodies you curated for the goodie bags Blogshop workshops.. I would be sold on buying packs like that from you!

    Bri, it was really neat to be an outsider witnessing the prep work for this. I was awaiting my turn with Jesse + Kristen for the floral photoshoot the day before, and got a peek of the gorgeous EVERYTHING going on behind the scenes. I missed the actual event because I had to head back up to Santa Barbara, but man, what a cool and inspiring one it turned out to be. Not surprising. You’ve got an awesome team over there. Congratulations on (another) job well done.♥

    Huub Ricardo says:

    Congratulations!! I was waiting patiently when you were going to post about the festival. It looks amazing. Love the coconut welcome drinks. Up to the next year 🙂

    Caroline says:

    Hi Bri! Your striped shirt is so cute, I love the flower cutouts on the sleeve. Do you mind me asking where you got it?? Your festival looks awesome!
    Thanks (:

    Kaylee says:

    Sorry the coconuts were such a hassle; that was one of my favorite parts about the day! Enjoyed myself and I love my new plant. Thanks for hosting!

    Katrin says:

    Congratulations – all this looks terrific!

    Freya says:

    This looks like the most fabulous event ever!!!

    I’ve just found your blog and I’ve spent the afternoon getting some serious interior lifestyle – thanks for all of the great blog posts! x


    Katie says:

    So beautiful! God has given you and your team the most creative eye!

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