last but certainly not least! our 4th post with rent the runway. this pink jill stuart gown put many hearts in my eyes!

this 70’s cape dress is perfect with just a simple bracelet like this one. it doesn’t need much!

i may have climbed up on the neighbors roof for this one! jesse had me spinning right near the edge which was pretty terrifying, but happy she got the shot she wanted! ha. i loved the hair look that ashley created for this dress and wanted to share some tips on how you could create this on your own with just a couple of steps.

how to go from messy to silky smooth without washing: 

“During the photo shoot I had to transform Bri’s hair from messy textured waves to this sleek retro look. The trick is to add a moisturizing styling foam (i use this one!) to dry hair and round brush out the hair section by section. This gives the hair a voluminous sleek look without having to wash her hair and it will hold really well throughout your evening.”

when i was looking through the site, i was immediately drawn to this elegant black sequin gown. the lace bodice and tulle skirt were incredible! paired with a black cat eye, a red lipstick (the color is  #4 “in danger” by ysl!) and an up-do hair style. the perfect hostess look for a glamorous evening with friends. ashley created this up-do really quickly and with a few simple steps that she outlines below. such an easy-do for a night out!

from day to night hair: 

“Whether your hair is straight, curly, wavy or messy during the day you can transform into a night time bombshell in just a few steps!  

1. Lightly spray hair with a texturizing spray (i use this one!). For thicker or straight hair spray a little extra.

2. Choose a side or center part. Your preference.

3. Tease hair at the crown and sides with a teasing brush (like this!) and then using the same teasing brush lightly brush to control teasing.

4. Gather all hair at the nape of the neck as if you where creating a low pony. Then fold, twist and pin using hair pins.

5. Using your teasing brush refine shape and finish with a light hairspray (this one is great!).”

hopefully after seeing all of these dresses in the past 4 posts you are just as convinced as i was that rent the runway is amazing. i will definitely be using it for birthdays, weddings, hosting and attending events. i signed up for the unlimited program where you pay $99 a month and get to keep 3 items for as long as you want, and when you return them you get 3 more. just genius!

thanks for your sweet comments about the looks! i hope you find some pretty dresses to get all dolled up in too!

in collaboration with rent the runway
photos by: jesse chamberlin
second shooter: michael newstead
hair by: ashley hall
makeup by: kelly shew
location: a one fine stay home


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    gabriella says:

    This is all so perfect. You look stunning in those gowns! Rent the Runway is the best – I need to finally give it a shot! Perhaps NYE!


    Estelle says:

    Indeed, last post but not the least : this black dress is just wonderful ! A “petite robe noire” is always the greatest choice 🙂

    Sheri Shay says:

    Super model gorgeous.

    Melanie says:

    I will have to use Rent the Runway at some point in the future because these dresses are absolutely gorgeous! I love the photos! You look like you had so much fun!!

    Wow, I LOVE the black dress. Stunning!

    Chloé says:

    Wow, these photoshoots are stunning! Congratulations to your team!

    OH MY GOSH that pink dress is EVERYTHING!!!!! WOW… now i just have to find a party to rent it for!!! i love everything about the way your styled your hair and did your make up to match! you’re gorgeous! xoxo, Kate
    Sam and Kate Design

    Emma says:

    You are so exceptionally perfect in that black dress! (well, in everything, really!)

    Myriam says:

    This photos are just amazing! It’s stunning, love the glamorous & vintage atmosphere.
    And Bri you should wear that pink dress everyday! 😉

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