ha! do you like that we just straight missed on this high five? we tried at least. today we are pairing up with adidas for a super awesome giveaway for you guys. they have some amazing items on their site right now, and you can win $500 to it! also, five people will win a fit smart watch. joanie and i both use ours during our workouts and love it.

we started using the fit smart at the beginning of our health journey several months back, and it has been a really helpful tool for us, especially the heart rate tracker. the side bar is color coded and changes colors as your heart rate increases so you know exactly how hard you’re pushing yourself. it also lets you track the calories you burn in gym, class workouts and running. it was really interesting to see which activities and classes burned the most calories. for us, it was our dance class, sometimes i’d leave and it would say 750 and i would continue to wear it for the next 45 minutes and it would keep climbing. it’s also great for a little friendly competition, we’d challenge each other to get to the red zone (highest level heart rate). they also just added an update that tracks your steps and the resting calories you burn all day. the step counter is something that i’d never used before but it actually really makes you think about how much your moving and you’ll park a little further away or take the long way to see the numbers go up.

adidas has seriously stepped up their fashion game, i’m impressed. i love the throwback vibe of the track pants. i’ve been wearing mine all the time. here’s some of our current faves…

bri’s favorites:

1. pastel rose shorts
2. the berlin collection
3. pink washed track pants
4. shoes: these, these and these.
5. stella mccartney sweat pants

joanie’s favorites:

1. mixed print leggings
2. neo sneakers (yes, i know they are selena gomez!)
3. exercise shorts (i love working out in these!)
4. workout tank
5. sandals  (the best to slip in and out of for yoga and pilates classes)

win $500 to adidas and a fit smart watch below!


here’s how to win…

1) visit adidas and take a look around!

2) leave a comment below with a link to your favorite product!

five winners will be selected to win their very own fit smart and one winner will receive $500 shopping credit along with a fit smart. the winner will be chosen on october 21st at 10am PST. open to international! 


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    Alicia says:

    The gazelle shoes are simply stunning!!!! Good luck everyone!!

    Katrina says:

    pastel rose shorts?! YES!

    Liz M says:

    pretty much totally in love with these blue floral leggings > http://www.adidas.com/us/blue-floral-leggings/AO3022.html

    Marie says:

    I LOVE the neo sneakers as well! That light peach color is just perfection. I could definitely use the gift card to give myself a much needed activewear makeover.

    Natalie says:

    I am in desperate need of black sneakers because all of mine are colourful, however as soon as I saw these http://www.adidas.com/us/sunlina-shoes/F97969.html , my mind was made up. Neon yellow slip ons, YES!

    Elisabeth says:

    So many things to love! These are two of my favorites, that I could really use as I try to get back into running!

    Henriette Mosgaard says:

    I absolutely love theese baselayer tights – and I know they will come in handy during the cold Scandinavian winter 🙂

    Tracy Suzanne DeLoach says:

    I’d love to get the Supernova Tank Top! Well actually there’s a whole lot of stuff Adidas has that I want. Thanks so much for the chance to win.

    [email protected]

    Tracy Suzanne DeLoach says:

    Silly me I gave you the wrong email address in #14. It should have been [email protected]

    Thanks again!

    Danielle says:

    I love this outdoor climaheat jacket! I have some chilly hikes coming up this winter over here in China that this would be perfect for. 🙂 http://m.adidas.com/us/w-frostlight-climaheat-jacket/AA2063.html

    Kelly G. says:

    Love the old school vibe of some of these pieces, especially http://m.adidas.com/us/premium-essentials-washed-track-pants/AB2143.html?pr=product_rr&slot=1. I would live in these!!!

    renata says:

    those adilette leopard slides are just amazing! how can someone not fall in love with them?

    I’d like to try out the 5″ boy shorts. I haven’t worn “spandex shorts” since my OLD days playing volleyball in highschool, and I recently bought a new pair and surprisingly LOVE THEM!! so much cooler than capri-length compression pants, and so comfy 🙂

    I love these pants!
    Perfect to get my pre-baby body back and jump back in my skate and play roller derby!

    Jocelyn says:

    My favorite are the battle of the birds fire bird track pants!

    Emilie says:

    Who could say no to pastel rose shorts? Not me! http://www.adidas.com/us/pastel-rose-running-shorts/AO2854.html

    Magda says:

    Mi gazelle shoes! The idea of customizing them is so much fun!

    Lauren says:

    Looove the Ultimate Fit tights! I would definitely be motivated to run off those cupcakes! http://m.adidas.com/us/ultimate-fit-tights/AB7163.html

    carissa ghaffari says:

    I’ve been rocking the Superstars since high school and would love to update mine. But the Quilted Bomber Jacket is also super sick. http://www.adidas.com/us/quilted-bomber-jacket/AB3780.html

    Erin says:

    Who wouldn’t want to start running with these bad boys for support?
    I love these for our cold Wisconsin winters:
    This is super cute for my daughter:

    Paige says:

    I like the old school sneaks RUN DMC style and the the Raleigh Neo’s. Great giveaway!

    Rebecca says:

    As someone living in Sweden and striving to workout outside (!) as much as I can despite the cold weather throughout the year, the climawarm range looks really good! I particularly like this pair of tights with “nordic prints”


    I’ve also been searching for a classic sports duffel bag that could double up as a bag I take to work. This black duffel I really like!


    Camille says:

    So insipiring to get new outfits ! i really like this legging in white : http://www.adidas.fr/legging-sport-essentials-3-stripes/AB6517.html 😀 thanks for the giveaway !

    Emily says:

    Ooh, this watch sounds really good. I didn’t realise adidas did one – I’m on the lookout for something like this to keep me on the fitness vibe. This dress is my fave – fun print, easy to wear, and can wear it out & about or at the gym with tights. http://www.adidas.com/us/tee-dress/AB1996.html

    Emily x

    Jaci H says:

    I love this jacket by Stella McCartney – Wintersports Slim Jacket! http://www.adidas.com/us/wintersports-slim-jacket/AC3647.html

    Moscow track pants (and anything in their Originals line!) Yay for Adidas!

    Erin Jones Turner says:

    These Adidias pants by Stella McCartney look lovely: http://www.adidas.com/us/essentials-three-quarters-sweat-pants/AA7024.html

    Jessica says:

    OoOo I’m loving those Stella McCartney for Adidas track pants!

    Paige says:

    I love the old school sneaks RuN DMC style and the Raleigh Neos. Great Giveaway! Commented before but forgot to put the link.

    I really love these running shoes made by my favorite designer!

    Scout says:

    I really love their fleece sweatpants, but honestly, those just make me want to lounge around watching Netflix.
    For working out, though, the mixed print leggings are fabulous!

    Natalie says:

    Oh wow, I’m in love with everything in the adigirl print. Especially this sports bra http://www.adidas.com/us/adigirl-bra/AI6429.html – so pretty! xx

    Chai says:

    In love with these pink x white ZX Flux Shoes!! http://www.adidas.com/us/zx-flux-shoes/B35311.html

    Meghan says:

    anything running. i love these tights – reflective is great for early morning runs. thanks!


    Allison Dowling says:

    love the moscow print crew next sweatshirt! thanks!


    Duyen says:

    The supernova long tights! I have a bunch of calf-length workout tights but would love longer ones!


    Catherine says:

    I actually seriously love the outfit Bri is wearing in the last picture. IN LOVE WITH THE SHORTS http://www.adidas.com/us/pastel-rose-running-shorts/AO2854.html
    Would be so pumped to win!

    Emily says:

    I want the entire Moscow collection! http://www.adidas.com/us/moscow

    Emma says:

    Well, I love the fit smart watch, but I’d also love to have this sweatshirt: http://www.adidas.com/us/beyond-the-run-climaheat-hoodie/AH9213.html

    You guys look so great and athletic 😉

    Alex says:

    They may not seem very fun but I definitely need some good leggings and I think I’d pick plain black. http://m.adidas.com/us/performer-high-rise-full-tights/A99762.html

    Jessica says:

    Love those washed track pants (in grey)!

    Also loving the french terry sweat pants. I just love comfy-looking pants, what can I say?

    Sammie Ellwood says:

    I do mostly cross-training and my shoes are NOT up to the task. These adipure 360 would be amazing!! http://www.adidas.com/us/adipure-360.3-shoes/S77594.html

    Kristin says:

    Great giveaway!

    Adore the Stella shoe:

    Also love the pastels here, they make me think of something I would have owned as a child in the early 90’s:

    Love this printed sweater:

    Savannah says:

    I seriously love the Premium Essentials Washed Sweatheart – that shade of pink is too much!
    I would honestly just live in the darn thing.


    I could really use the climawarm running tights. Thanks for sharing!

    Hannah P. says:

    Love this sweater! Who doesn’t love a little pink in the gym? http://m.adidas.com/us/premium-essentials-washed-sweatshirt/AB2150.html

    Erin says:

    The Sequencials Climalite Tee, Infinite Series Supernova Bra, and Response Long Tights would make me look super fast and stylish while running!


    Emma says:

    LOVE the Stellasport graphic tights in blue and orange leopard print. Gym wear is not the place to be subtle, so why not wear these bad boys and feel like a total boss even if I’m sweating after two push ups? Way to get fit – and with a friend! A team work out is the best work out.

    ( http://www.adidas.com/us/adidas-stellasport-graphic-tights/946400.html?pr=product_rr )

    Brittany Horowitz says:

    I love the iconic big bag in black. It looks like it’d be so great/easy to tote around while commuting to work and then heading to the gym afterwards.


    Thanks for the opportunity!
    Brittany Horowitz

    Cathy M. says:

    I love the Techfit Climawarm Nordic Print Tights! They’d be so fun to wear on a Holiday 5k or just to keep me motivated to work off all that eggnog! 😉

    Sarah Alves says:

    That Micoach FIT SMART watch is awesome! I am pregnant now, so while some of the clothing won’t work for me for a while, that watch would be amazing to have! Plus, if I win, I could buy a whole new workout wardrobe to get back in shape 🙂


    Sofia says:

    the fit smart watch sounds great! I also looooove the mi superstar 80s shoes (a classic!) http://www.miadidas.com/k/PAddyA==

    Gem says:

    I love this pair of tennis shoes: http://www.adidas.com/us/stella-mccartney-barricade-shoes/M21096.html since I always use them for tennis training and they are super comfortable! I’d be super happy if I win this giveaway since it’s my birthday on the 22nd! Thank you for giving me the chance to win!

    Andrenna says:

    I love the Stella McCartney collaboration items, particularly this yoga shirt. http://www.adidas.com/us/yoga-seamless-three-quarter-tee/A99958.html

    Charlotte says:

    I saw someone wearing these and I immediately fell in love <3 http://www.adidas.be/ultra-boost-shoes/S77512.html These running shoes are sooo pretty 😮

    Haley says:

    The Powerlift 2.0 shoes would really enhance my weight-lifting program…plus they’re super cute and stylish!

    Emily Harmon says:

    Do I have to pick just one? The shoes are sweet. Gotta go with those. Also, if I win that gift card, I’m going to buy the WE RUN THIS leggings for my friends and walk around town and just be cool.

    I adore the Stella McCartney range especially the Wintersports Seamless Wool Top!

    Tiffany B. says:

    I am need of some new sport bras and I am loving this one: http://www.adidas.com/us/high-impact-bra/S00799.html

    Mari Novotny says:

    This long sleeve tee would be fantastic for marathon training in Minneapolis this winter!

    Shannon says:

    I run almost everyday and I think this is stunning! http://www.adidas.com/us/pastel-rose-running-shorts/AO2854.html

    Brianna says:

    Those Battle of the Birds pants, love love love.


    Julie says:

    The Gazelle OG Shoes are my favourite: http://www.adidas.com/us/gazelle-og-shoes/S77873.html 🙂

    Bridget says:

    This short would totally keep me motivated in doing some sports! http://www.adidas.com/us/pastel-rose-running-shorts/AO2854.html

    lindsay says:

    I love these graphic print tights! bold, but simple enough to wear with lots of different kinds of tops.

    denese webb says:

    yep. blue floral leggings for the win. and man do I need the watch to get me moving through dreaded winter!

    Hannah says:

    Blue floral leggings because who doesn’t want to look down and feel happy while working out?!

    Jen says:

    Love all of their patterned tights, but these ones are gorgeous!

    Anna says:

    You guys are great- thanks once again for a great post. I do like the Berlin collection but as the cold weather just arrived here my favorite is the response icon hoodie: http://www.adidas.com/us/response-icon-hoodie/AA5636.html All the best from Germany 🙂

    April M says:

    I loveeeee love love the Stella McCartney Barricade Shoes (in light flash yellow of course!)

    Dany says:

    I absolutely love this bag! very helpful for going to the gym! http://www.adidas.com/us/defender-2-duffel-bag-small/H77690.html

    Good luck to y’all!

    April M says:

    I loveeeee love love the Stella McCartney Barricade Shoes (in light flash yellow of course!)

    Marian says:

    These shoes are awesome – http://www.adidas.com/us/x-lite-tm-sg-shoes/F98879.html
    Would definitely make a workout more enjoyable!!

    Belle says:

    I love everything in the Berlin collection!! those asymmetric hems are amazing

    Meghan Moorlach says:

    I love all the Ultimate Tights!

    Elizabeth V. says:

    Those Battle of the Birds leggings are killer!!

    claire says:

    love the pastel rose collection, especially this track jacket!

    This entire outfit would be a great motivation to take my workouts more seriously: http://www.adidas.com/us/grete-shorts/AH3505.html (and the fit smart, of course)

    Alex says:

    Love the Moscow Print Mix Leggings. I definitely need to update my workout wardrobe!

    Devin says:

    ohh gezzz so many cute workout outfits — maybe they’d actually promote me to workout if i wore them 😉
    seriously coveting all the Stella McCartney Collection & their women’s blue floral leggings. But the Moscow collection has me like lusting over every piece. So impressed by adidas’ new items…will definitely be ordering a few new items!

    LeAnn says:

    Hi Bri!

    LOVE THIS GIVEAWAY! If it wasn’t for you, i would have never known Adidas CUSTOMIZES LEGGINGS!

    This is awesome:


    I would customize it with something about the Boston Marathon since I am running it next year! 🙂

    Thank you!

    Sarah says:

    I absolutely adore the adidas ZX Flux Shoes with the gorgeous Moscow floral print!

    Sarah says:

    I absolutely adore the adidas ZX Flux shoes with the gorgeous Moscow floral print!

    The entire Moscow collection is beautiful!

    Meghan D says:

    The Moscow line of sweatshirts are perfection!

    Zoë says:

    This is a dream giveaway! Love the Stella McCartney essential shorts.

    Jessica says:

    I’m loving these super cool color block tights: http://www.adidas.com/us/running-long-tights/AA7849.html

    Lauren Blatter says:

    its getting cold and i am running more so that ultimate pullover hoodie in bright cyan is perfect! i would love to track my heart rate with the fit smar!!

    Amy says:

    So much to choose from, but I love the standard 19 climacool aeroknit tank top.

    Lucy says:

    Love all the shoes in funky colors!

    jody marie says:

    these climawarm tights are calling my name. and the customizable options…monograms are my favorite.
    are my favorites!

    Camille says:

    I would love the climachill sonic shoes for running !

    Sabrina says:

    It’s kind of boring, but I have such a hard time finding good full length running tights!


    cait says:

    in the navy and in serious need of a workout clothes update!! love adidas!

    Hannah says:

    Absolutely love these leggings! The two prints make it super cute and fun! http://www.adidas.com/us/moscow-print-mix-leggings/AB2707.html

    Lauren says:

    every color of the infinite series supernova sports bra! it is so hard to find a good supportive and cute sports bra. i love that this one is recommended for all us C cup gals.


    Perrin says:

    Love with sweatshirt for working out and everyday!

    Lindsey says:

    I really love the entire Blue Floral Group (http://www.adidas.com/us/search?q=blue+floralhttp://www.adidas.com/us/search?q=blue+floral)

    In a sea full of Lululemon at my regular spin classes, it sure would be nice to stand out with this collection!

    Jacquelline M says:

    I am loving the classics, the twenty 4 seven tank and the gazelle shoes!

    Mary says:

    I like the essentials washed sweatshirt. Simple with the the classic logo

    Melissa says:

    I am getting outdoors, up mountains and would love these boots


    Bettina says:

    I feel in love with these cuties already some time ago: http://www.adidas.com/us/gazelle-shoes/S81332.html

    Natalie says:

    Obsessed with animal print – love this bright twist!

    Colette says:

    I love those neo sneakers in black and pink!

    Amy says:

    I have always wanted a basic sweatshirt with their leaf logo!!

    Gabrielle says:


    All my sports bras are so uncomfortable. I need a few good ones that won’t make me dread working out!

    Becky says:

    This jacket is everything. Fun giveaway! Thanks Bri and team!


    Heather says:

    This pattern is AWESOME! Women’s Battle of Birds Firebird Track Jacket, I’d wear the jacket, the pants, the hoodie and shirt 🙂

    The smart fit is pretty great too!

    Emily says:

    I live in Philly and would love to keep running this winter– I’d love this fleece jacket for my morning run: http://www.adidas.com/us/mountainglow-hooded-fleece-jacket/A98419.html and these running tights http://www.adidas.com/us/climawarm-tights/AA0527.html

    Jamie says:

    Wow, Adidas is bringin it! I love the Moscow Cuffed Track Pants — classic with a unique edge.

    Libby says:

    These adidas by Stella McCartney sweatpants look perfect! I think I would have to get them in both colors and of course, in the 3/4 length so I could just live in them at the gym and beyond.


    Rachel says:

    While there are many items I love, my first choice item would be the Pastel Rose Logo tee! So cute and looks comfy! http://www.adidas.com/us/pastel-rose-logo-tee/AO2848.html

    Anonymous says:

    I have gotten into running recently so the Ultra Boost Shoes would really help step up my game!


    Kat says:

    Love the pastel rose shorts <3

    Morgan says:

    LOVE the three quarter performance tights. They are so pretty! http://www.adidas.com/us/running-performance-three-quarter-tights/AA7584.html

    Meegan says:

    I love so many things but my favorite are the Climacool Fresh 2.0 shoes! Perfect for running in the South!

    dawn says:

    I’ve been forever obsessed with the Stella McCartney collection, and have been eyeing this bag for so long now! Maybe this a sign I should just go ahead and get it!

    Laura says:

    Please, please can I win this one? 🙂 I am seriously in need of some new sports bras. Since when did they get cute? I want a few of the Stellasport Perforated Bra – and I definitely want to snag some of the patterned ones too!

    Thanks, Bri! I’ve been loving your healthy series – they are so real compared to other crazy fitness columns that I’m not quite sure I’ll ever be able to attain. 🙂

    Irina says:

    Wow, it’s super awesome!!!I loooove the Stella McCartney’s collection: http://www.adidas.com/us/studio-printed-long-tights/AA7927.html

    Courtney says:

    man! adidas really has stepped up their game! loving how affordable their gear is! i love:


    Ashley says:

    The moscow print mix leggings are awesome! love them on Joanie. Thanks for all the awesome giveaways Bri!

    Cass says:

    I’m not usually a fan of pink but I am loving it all right now – especially the Stella MCartney tights http://www.adidas.com/us/studio-printed-long-tights/AA7928.html.

    Hope says:

    I need a boost and new shoes for jogging- love all the colors= these in dark lavender are one of my favorites:
    Thanks Adidas

    Natalie says:

    Those pink/peach X Lite TM SG Shoes are gorgeous. I’d never take them off my feet!

    Lily says:

    A good sports bra is hard to find! I would love to grab some from adidas for my dance classes and for running.
    And those Neo Sneakers are great! I always feel like new and fun sports gear makes me want to work out more!

    Michelle Iujvidin says:

    Everything that’s part of the Pastel Rose collection is the perfect mix of feminine and sporty. LOVE!

    Lauren says:

    BOOOM!!! http://www.adidas.com/us/extaball-up-shoes/B35358.html
    RAD! 🙂 Keep up the good work, Bri!

    Kayley says:

    I like these sweat pants. They look comfortable and the pocket would be great for putting my keys while I’m running.


    Ariel says:

    Who knew I needed adidas rose shorts! I certainly didnt!

    Geneviève says:

    I started yoga a little while ago (thanks to your health challenge, it was really motivating). Those leggings would certainly be more comfy (and stylish) than my black sweatpants.

    Natalia says:

    I love this running shoes! http://www.adidas.com/us/climacool-sonic-boost-shoes/B24275.html

    The colors and design are beautiful. And they might motivate me to go back to running.

    Megan Flowers says:

    Pick me! Pick me!

    Elyse G. says:

    The Stella collection is amazing! http://www.adidas.com/us/studio-printed-long-tights/AA7927.html *fingers crossed*

    Amy says:

    I’m trying to get super fit! Would LOVE this so much! Thank you!!! http://www.adidas.com/us/adigirl-printed-hoodie/AI6584.html

    How could you not love this bag?

    Its pink, floral, and has a matching outfit..


    nora says:

    loving the Team Issue Mock Turtleneck Pullover!

    How could you not love this bag?

    Its pink, floral, and has a matching outfit..



    Amy Anderson says:

    The floral leggings are the best!

    Paiyal Patel says:

    love love these tights: http://www.adidas.com/us/moscow-print-mix-leggings/AB2707.html

    Thanks for this chance!

    Paula Hasenack says:

    You girls look amazing! You’re a inspiration!

    I loved this runners: http://www.adidas.com.br/tenis-ultra-boost-feminino/S77512.html


    Erin M says:

    I love the create you own Stan Smith

    Natalie says:

    I’m into Ccpri workout pants these days, I really like this pairhttp://m.adidas.com/us/felsblock-three-quarter-pants/A98204.html:

    Diana says:

    I love the fun graphic romantic woods sweatshirt!


    Ericka says:

    The stella sweats FTW!

    Rachel says:

    Absolutely in love with the Adidas Ultra Boost Shoes in the flash orange style! My nike running shoes have about had it and I’m loving the look Adidas is doing right now. Fits right in with my alma mater’s school colors!

    cecily says:

    love all the stella mccartney for adidas stuff but i think this is my favorite:


    Emma says:

    That GIF is hilarious! Love these classic tights (and you can never have enough stripes):



    Grace says:

    I love love love the the fit smart! I love to go on hikes and for bike rides with my sisters around San Francisco, and it would be awesome if I could keep track of my heart rate and calories burned! http://www.adidas.com/us/micoach-fit-smart/M33704.html

    Mackenzie says:

    Love the floral sports bra & the Stella McCartney sweatpants!

    Mackenzie says:

    Love the floral sports bra & the Stella McCartney sweatpants!


    Meaghan says:

    Wow, I’m super impressed with this new collection and probably never would have found it on my own. Love the mixed print pants and will likely grab a few other things on my own!


    amy says:

    That hoodie matched with the Stella McCartney sweatpants is perf. Love the Selena Gomez shoes too.

    Mitificus says:

    I would love to have those lovely shoes to give me some courage and good vibes for my training sessions! http://www.adidas.fr/chaussure-adipure-360-control-fitfoam/S82950.html

    Laura says:

    dying for a new pair of sneakers and the mi ELement Urban Run’s are so perfect. Love this giveaway!

    Mia says:

    Love the pastel rose running shorts and X Lite TM SG Shoes!

    monica diaz says:

    I love the blue floral crepe track pants! i would love these post workout to grab brunch on a weekend!

    Nichole says:

    The Berlin Collection is amazing. The 3-stripes skirt and track pant are perfection.

    Maggie says:

    I love the Stan Smith shoes, especially in this cool pattern! http://www.adidas.com/us/stan-smith-shoes/S77347.html

    Sarah says:

    Love everything, but especially those rose shorts! http://m.adidas.com/us/pastel-rose-running-shorts/AO2854.html

    Chelsea B says:

    Everything in the Stella collection continues to be awesome – definitely eyeing these tights: http://www.adidas.com/us/running-long-tights/AA7849.html

    Alicia says:

    So many things, but if I had to pick one, it would be this in purple! http://www.adidas.com/us/climaheat-hoodie/A99547.html

    Mel Kane says:

    I haven’t purchased anything from Adidas in awhile. I love where their style and function are going. My favorite right now is the solar boost running shoes ! http://www.adidas.com/us/solar-boost-shoes/D68999.html

    Samara says:

    The rose shorts are really cute! I wouldn’t mind working out if I had these. http://www.adidas.com/us/pastel-rose-running-shorts/AO2854.html

    Bea says:

    I’ve been looking for something to keep me warm during these next winter runs! The Techfit Climawarm Nordic Print Tights look like what I’ve been looking for 😀 —>http://www.adidas.com/us/techfit-climawarm-nordic-print-tights/AH4111.html

    anne cuddy says:

    Whoa. I’m really into the space shifter superstar track jacket. Anything that makes me feel like a retro buffy the vampire slayer ready to kick butt is awesome for a workout.


    Alison says:

    I love the details on this 3D jacket! http://www.adidas.com/us/3d-jacket/AA8009.html

    Marie says:

    Let’s get real. I’d wear this all the time whether I was working out or not! Love the cut of this mock turtleneck pullover: http://www.adidas.com/us/team-issue-mock-turtleneck-pullover/AH8696.html

    Kendall says:

    LOVE the x lite shoes: http://www.adidas.com/us/x-lite-tm-sg-shoes/F98879.html
    Thanks for the great giveaway!

    Kit Jürgens says:

    These would def’ make me run faster! 😉 http://m.adidas.dk/blue-floral-leggings/AO3022.html

    Brooklyn Fredricks says:

    I’m loving the Berlin logo 3-stripe track pants!

    Grace says:

    I love these Barricade Shoes from the Stella McCartney line. They’re neutral and stylish so I can wear them with any outfit!!

    Sara says:

    I am hoping that continuing to workout outside, even as the temperatures drop will keep me motivated! This jacket would sure help! http://m.adidas.com/us/w-frostlight-climaheat-jacket/AA2063.html

    Cortney S. says:

    I’m loving the Running Long tights, in both colors! Talk about inspo to work out!

    Grace says:

    I love these Barricade Shoes from the Stella McCartney line. They’re neutral and stylish so I can wear them with any outfit!! http://www.adidas.com/us/stella-mccartney-barricade-shoes/M21096.html

    Shelby says:

    I’m with Bri! I love these rose shorts!

    These Motorcross x Stella McCartney pants are to die for!


    jessica says:

    Mi gazelle shoes please! Customized?? heck yea! so much fun!

    Rita Kaczor says:

    I generally gravitate towards the Stella McCartney line but I love these printed track pants!


    Ariana says:

    obsessed with these blush colored shoes. http://www.adidas.com/us/x-lite-tm-sg-shoes/F98879.html

    I’ve also been hankering for some high top kicks, and adidas seems to have a ton! So excited.

    Ana says:

    I love this hooded print top! Perfect for my new DC wardrobe! Both colors are cute but maroon is my favorite 🙂

    The Fit Smart is my favorite!!

    Haley says:

    Obsessed with moody florals even in work out wear!

    Elena says:

    Just love this Moscow sweatshirt

    Catherine says:

    I’ve been looking for some running pants that aren’t super tight or as long as sweatpants. These are perfect: http://www.adidas.com/us/tiro-15-three-quarter-pants/M63995.html

    Cassie says:

    How can you not love Stella McCartney. These Ultra Boost shoes are perfection.http://www.adidas.com/us/ultra-boost-shoes/S82792.html

    Emily says:

    will be rocking out in these moscow print leggings:

    Nadia Cassapian says:


    The best giveaway ever! I love everything from Adidas, my favorite from the site is this hoodie


    Valerie Guenther says:

    I’m always looking for a good sports bra. Love the back detail and floral pattern! So cute http://www.adidas.com/us/adigirl-bra/AI6429.html

    Nicole Ryan says:

    This royal blue track jacket is classic and ahhhmazing!

    Clair says:

    The Battle of the Birds Firebird track pants are incredibly awesome. Can’t wait to sport these at the gym!

    Ashley says:

    I am so completely obsessed with those salmon pink neo shoes!! I’ve pretty much worn my current shoes down flat and these are on my wish list!

    Liberty says:

    LOOOVE the nordic print tights!

    Jogger track pants – always!!! Love how bold and chic these are. 🙂

    Erin Hargis says:

    These would be so fun to wear to yoga! An awesome mix and match piece

    Abby says:

    I am in loovveeee with the Romantic Woods Supergirl Track Pant. I love that they are adding awesome prints to their collections!

    Good Luck Everyone!!

    Franci Titus says:

    Absolutely obsessed with these battle of the birds leggings! Also adore the matching tee!

    kelsea says:

    HELP! I’ve been running and yoga-ing in the same (cycling) tights since 2007… my workout wardrobe needs a facelift with these sweet kickers (http://www.adidas.com/us/adidas-stellasport-graphic-tights/946400.html) and these awesome birds (http://www.adidas.com/us/battle-of-the-birds-leggings/AB1982.html). Everyone in my yoga class thanks you.

    Jogger track pants – always!!! Love how bold and chic these are. 🙂


    Katie says:

    I’m so in love with these!

    Elsa Croft says:

    I love this sweatshirt!! Absolutely love the color! http://m.adidas.com/us/premium-essentials-washed-sweatshirt/AB2150.html

    Emily says:

    The fit smart watch sounds awesome! I would love to use one while working out. I’ve been wanting a pair of Adidas Superstar sneakers and I also love Bri’s pink outfit above with these shorts: http://www.adidas.com/us/pastel-rose-running-shorts/AO2854.html

    Thank you for having this giveaway! xo

    Grace M says:

    I love love love the women’s Stella McCartney long tights!

    Emily Grimm says:

    So obsessed with those Ultimate 3-Stripes Tights!! Lovin the classic Adidas look: http://www.adidas.com/us/ultimate-3-stripes-tights/D89633.html

    Kristine says:


    Love getting my fitness on and looking smart, too.

    Erin says:

    The Ultimate Pullover Hoodie in mint is so cute and would be perfect for running as it starts to get colder! http://m.adidas.com/us/ultimate-pullover-hoodie/AH7971.html

    adri says:

    love the Moscow Hooded Flock Track Jacket

    Marissa says:

    Obsessed with all things Stellasport including these graphic leggings:http://m.adidas.com/us/adidas-stellasport-graphic-tights/932323.html

    Love these pants No one makes them like Adidas I know, I’ve looked http://www.adidas.com/us/core-15-training-pants/M35340.html

    Olivia Gomez says:

    I started my losing weight journey 4 weeks ago! I would love to win this giveaway!!! This are the shoes I looooove for my mornjng workouts:

    emily moiseeff says:

    Come on! Those Raleigh shoes in GOLD! Heck, I’d share my winnings if someone just threw those bad boys in my closet. I’m loving this vibe from Adidas too. 🙂

    Hannah says:

    I am crazy loving this skirt, they’re so unique and cute!!

    Gabi says:

    I had never seen the Stan Smith shoes with the metal label! Black and gold is my favorite color combo 🙂 love them!!

    sarah says:

    I literally cannot wear tights enough. They are the easiest way to feel ready to work out as well as make you feel pretty confident in the mean time. I love these floral print leggings making a bit more of a statement than the plain black. Love it!

    Anonymous says:

    Bonjour from Bordeaux ! These shoes would be perfect for me ! http://m.adidas.fr/chaussure-ultra-boost/B34051.html
    Thank you 🙂

    Raina says:

    I’m obsessed with all things floral, and Adidas has an amazing selection of floral print apparel!!! If I had to pick just one item it would be the romantic woods track jacket. It’s feminine and sporty, and it takes a really confident woman to pull it off. I think this contest is so cool. Supporting healthy lifestyle choices and fashion?!? Awesome! What a positive influence!! Thank you.

    JJ Berman says:

    This is great! Would love to get back into shape and stronger in the adidas STELLASPORT Tights (in bold orange of course)! http://www.adidas.com/us/adidas-stellasport-tights/994943.html

    Pauline says:

    Bonjour from Bordeaux ! These shoes would be perfect for me ! http://m.adidas.fr/chaussure-ultra-boost/B34051.html
    Thank you 🙂

    Jocelyn says:

    I love the maroon performer mid-rise long printed tights and the black 3D jacket. Along with some solar pink Solar Boost running shoes. So many great choices!

    Beverly says:

    Love those mesh tanks!

    Celia says:

    Hi! I checked out the adidas website and there is way too much I love to narrow I down. I do hot yoga so I’ll be picking up all the sports bras I can get my hands on.

    Pauline says:

    Bonjour from Bordeaux ! These shoes would be perfect for me ! http://m.adidas.fr/chaussure-ultra-boost/B34051.html
    Merci 🙂

    Frances says:

    My friends and I just started our own ‘fit challenge’ and have our individual goals to hit by January when we go on our yearly girls trip!! The Slim Colorblock Track suit http://www.adidas.com/us/slim-colorblock-track-suit/AB3926.html would be perfect to throw on after my Dailey Method Barre classes (which kick your butt, literally)!

    Synthia says:

    everyone, myself included, needs a pair of classic Tiro 15 Training Pants (http://www.adidas.com/us/tiro-15-training-pants/M64030.html)!

    Susanne says:

    Just what a I need to boost my fall workouts. http://m.adidas.com/us/ultra-boost-shoes/S82792.html

    Kaylin Dunn says:

    I’ve heard AMAZING things about these! Would love to try them for trail running!!

    Loving these shoes! Haven’t check out adidas in so long, it’s nice to see their new stuff!


    Rebecca says:

    OMG!!! My bday is 10/16 and my goal for this year is to tone up the ol’ bod! This giveaway is coming at just the right time!!! And I loveloveLOVE the Battle of Birds Track Jacket for the chilly months coming up! http://www.adidas.com/us/battle-of-birds-firebird-track-jacket/AB1983.html?pr=product_rr&slot=3

    Kamryn Stimpson says:

    I will definitely be looking to Adidas next time I need workout clothes! http://m.adidas.com/us/quilted-bomber-jacket/AB3780.html

    Alyssa says:

    I enjoy this pullover and how it’s not so closed around the neck area which makes it wonderful to wear since it’s starting to get chilly outside!

    Erica says:

    I love the mixed print leggings! So fun and different. xox


    Cassaundra Hull says:

    So hard to narrow down to just one!! But the essential 3 stripes are a must!

    Margaret says:

    Love so many of the Stella McCartney pieces – these leggings are SO GOOD. http://www.adidas.com/us/studio-printed-long-tights/AA7927.html

    Nicolette says:

    This hoodie is perfect for the cool mornings and warm afternoons were having right now! http://m.adidas.com/us/mystic-moon-hoodie/AA3854.html

    Gabrielle says:

    My dream shoe for active adventures in Oregon http://m.adidas.com/us/daroga-sleek-shoes/M17403.html

    blair says:

    Love the ultimate fit tights in the fun black and white pattern! http://www.adidas.com/us/ultimate-fit-tights/AB7162.html

    Kristian says:

    I am in need of a new pair of runners and I am loving the energy boost ESM shoes!

    Bex says:

    I am so obsessed with this jacket! It doesn’t even look like a coat I could run in, so stylish, so perfect for Chicago weather 🙂


    I love this cozy outfit!
    Perfect for a chilly winter walk to the ocean!

    Natalie Parker says:

    I love the entire Berlin collection!!!

    Hanna says:

    Loving the sea foam green! Light weight shoes are much more confortable to run in!

    Alyssa says:

    Ah, I’d love to work out in the blue floral crepe track pants: http://www.adidas.com/us/blue-floral-crepe-track-pants/AO3020.html

    Ashlee says:

    Can never have enough sports bras!

    Mynda says:

    These leggings are fantastic, especially for running around D.C. in the Fall! http://www.adidas.com/us/techfit-climawarm-nordic-print-tights/AH4111.html

    Grace says:

    I absolutely am in love with the adidagirl pants. Love love love.

    emily moiseeff says:

    oops. I was so excited to post a comment, i forgot the link. See comment #320. 🙂


    Hanna says:

    Loving the sea foam green! Light weight shoes are much more comfortable to run in!

    Nina says:

    I had the chance already to test the fit smart and of all the wearables I tried in my life, it’s definitely my favourite. I love gettin’ myself to the red zone, yeah and I would love to compete with you guys.

    And I would probably wear these thights gettin’ my squats done:

    Love from Amsterdam, Nina

    Trish says:

    This jacket is exactly what I need… If California ever gets cool weather again 🙂


    Christie says:

    This collection is beautiful. These yoga pants are absolutely beautiful!


    Brittany says:

    I LOVE / NEED the ultra boost shoes! I’ve heard rave reviews and dying to try them myself!

    Jamie says:

    Gotta go with the fleece jacket. Chicago winter is coming…this girl has to stay warm.

    I love this shirt because it is both cute and practical! It’s seems as if it would serve a double purpose in my wardrobe☺️

    Rebecca says:

    I’m absolutely in love with these Techfit Climawarm Nordic Print Tights. The pattern and colors are all so pretty.

    Simone says:

    I would so pair these pants with a pair of heels and a high pony. Super chic http://m.adidas.com/us/romantic-woods-supergirl-track-pants/AB1988.html

    The Stella McCartney x Adidas collection is absolute perfection! These shorts honnnnnney: http://www.adidas.com/us/essentials-shorts/AA7030.html

    Superstars are hands down my favorite shoe. I actually need to get my hands on another pair. I’ve been wearing mine to death. They’re fun, timeless, easy, and effortless. Throw them on with a dope tee and cut offs for a casual vibe or dress them up with some cropped smart pants, fitted polo, and a statement jacket. Whether your a guy or a woman Superstar are a must.

    Kelsey says:

    Supernova long sleeve is seriously the best for running in cold temps! http://m.adidas.com/us/supernova-tee/AA5190.html
    And Adidas Derby track pants will make you want to get out of bed just to work out. Seriously. http://m.adidas.com/us/derby-track-pants/AA7990.html

    Romantic Woods Supergirl Trackpants ❤️

    Jenni M. says:

    As a huge long distance runner I always need new shoes. Love these dreamboats!!


    Vivian shih says:

    I love everything Stella X Adidas, but right now I’m lusting over the Stan smith metal shoes! ❤️❤️


    wow, what an amazing give away! so hard to chose, but as joanie, i love these –


    TP says:

    Best lookin comfy hoodie!

    Janice says:

    These oxblood-colored runners are perfect for fall!!! http://m.adidas.com/us/ar-10-shoes/S81308.html

    These adidas originals superstar are so pretty! Love the added design panels ❤️

    MissOlivia says:

    Hellooooooo!!! First , luv luv luv the dynamic photos in floral sporty-ness!!!
    Second, the after the run hoodie looks comfy!
    Back to the florals……. happy happiness in while getting fit!
    Fingers crossed! ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨✨

    Abi says:

    These are my absolute favorite for just about anything!

    Gen says:

    I’d love a new pair of running shoes to get me started!

    Eleanor Wada says:

    I love basics so the denim sweatshirt for me!

    But am loving the rose print collection as well!

    Katie says:

    Moscow firebird track pants

    Kenda Haro says:

    Now that we have started Parent/Me classes – swim, soccer, dance – it’s nice to be active together, look together and be able to give it our all. The Moscow collection has enough flair to help me the “cool” mom without trying too hard, lol.

    vivi says:

    How fun! Love these!!
    thanks for another great giveaway!! 🙂

    Milan says:

    This track jacket is on point!

    Kelly Ann says:

    Love the ultra boost shoes in flash orange!

    juliette says:

    I don’t have any tattoos and these just kind of feel like an amazingly fun tattoo design on my legs to make me feel all bad ass when trying to run that extra mile.
    I will be running with the mantra “I hope I win, I hope I win, I hope I win.”;)

    Gemma Daynes says:

    Wow, loving the new ranges especially the ‘dots all over’, ‘Romantic Woods’ and you can’t go wrong with leopard ‘Zx flux shoes & Stan Smith Shoes’. I would love to wear some of these to my yoga & Pilates classes or mix up with my everyday wardrobe!

    Kelly says:

    http://www.adidas.com/us/running-long-tights/AA7849.html I love these Stella McCartney for Adidas leggings!

    Elisa says:

    I love the Ultra Boost running shoes in black! http://www.adidas.com/us/ultra-boost-shoes/S77516.html

    Milan says:

    I don’t think I posted that correctly so I’m trying this again…



    Elisa says:

    I love the Ultra Boost running shoes in black! Love that they’re so light weight! http://www.adidas.com/us/ultra-boost-shoes/S77516.html

    Taylor Smith says:

    YAY! I love Adidas!!!!

    These shoes by Stella McCartney are to die for!

    Jessica says:

    All types of in love with this Stella McCartney X Adidas hoodie


    Ansley says:

    These shoes are killer.

    Iris says:

    These pants are amazing, I love working out in style. I also love your combinations!

    Lauren says:

    I love the Russian print on everything especially the pants and these sneakers!

    Nini says:

    Those exercise shorts are perfect for everything! http://www.adidas.com/us/techfit-5-inch-boy-shorts/D88873.html

    Kayla Vandegrift says:

    Loves these pattern pants in the light pink color. Also have been eyeing the fitness watch for a while to step up my fitness game!!!! Love your blog!


    Kelci Smith says:

    I really like the Mi Adilette – Your Call sport slides, so many cool options! Also the Stella McCartney running tights and track pants are sweet. All the Stella shoes are amazing. AHHH!


    Madison Noel says:

    How could I not run the extra mile with the Ultra Boost Shoes in the lime green?! Perhaps biting the bullet and running a half marathon is in my future 🙂 http://www.adidas.com/us/ultra-boost-shoes/S77512.html

    Liann says:

    Love this cropped jacket. Perfect for post spin class!

    These pants would be awesome to lounge in, grab brunch, hike or walk the dog in. With the temperatures dropping in Colorado I need to step up my sweatpants game. Winning would make me the most sporty chic gal in Denver.

    KayBe says:

    Blue floral Leggings are so cute! I’ve been trying to get back into shape for the last year. Trying to keep a PMA at all time. It’s tough but getting better each day

    Bailey Womack says:

    I love the duramo slides and the response astro pants !! xo

    Joanne Willoughby says:

    This sweatshirt would be perfect while painting in the gallery.http://m.adidas.com/us/climaheat-hoodie/A99547.html

    Betsy says:

    I am in love with these! Like woah 🙂 http://m.adidas.com/us/grete-shorts/AH3505.html

    Sara Nelson says:

    Love this post, the pink outfit is super cute! On the website I looked around and loved the space shifter sweatshirt and the matching leggings. Also obsessed with the advantage clean VS and stan smith shoes with the bit of green on the back… such a classic !

    Bree says:

    I adore the Moscow printed t’s!! Such a fun throwback to 80s style but with modern elements. The snow camo sweatshirt is adorable. I love baggy sweatshirts. You can dress it down with leggings & sneakers or even wear it with jeans. My birthday is October 20 so it would be so fun to with this. I asked for a fitness watch for my birthday so I hope this is it!!

    Michela says:

    Love all the floral details- especially on the leggings and sweatshirts.


    Anna says:

    THESE Moscow Mix Print track pants are beautiful!!! I would looove to have them! http://www.adidas.ca/en/womens-moscow-mix-printed-track-pants/AB2719.html

    There’s too much good stuff to choose from. Maybe these pants will motivate me to start running again!

    Jessica says:

    Ready to cozy up for fall in something like this!

    Claire Banks says:

    I love this coral-colored quilted bomber so much! Great piece to go between exercising and everyday. http://www.adidas.com/us/quilted-bomber-jacket/AB3780.html Thank you!

    Emma says:

    Really wanting to get on the Adidas Gazelle bandwagon! And looks like Adidas has oh so many great workout clothes, love the rose shorts!

    Kara Gates says:

    I would love to win these!! Party workout pants 🙂


    Kate says:

    OOO this wiould be a great jump-start to get me excited to move and get my pre baby body back!!! I would live in this beautiful dusty rose Stella McCartney Essential track top, think of all the things I could put in these pockets! http://www.adidas.com/us/essentials-track-top/AA7026.html

    Thank you Designlovefest!! <3

    Sam says:

    Oh what a great giveaway! Thank you! I would pick these: http://www.adidas.com/us/raleigh-mid-shoes/F98976.html though it’s really difficult to choose 🙂

    Kris says:

    I have been having issues with anxiety and everyone has told me how much exercise can help, so I’m just starting to get into the swing of it and reading your blog has really helped motivate me, so thank you! If I was the lucky winner I would be grabbing a pair of Stella’s essentials track pants, perfect for everything! http://www.adidas.com/us/essentials-track-pants/AA7028.html

    While I adora anything in that shade of pink, I think my faves are the Gazelle OG Shoes in Core Black – http://www.adidas.com/us/gazelle-og-shoes/S77873.html 😀

    Jenna says:

    I love that your nail polish matches your outfits! So cute.

    This bag is perfection.

    Ilanit Eshel says:

    I’m so excited about this giveaway!

    I’m loving these adida products:


    Thank you so much for doing all of this 🙂


    Lauren Vall says:

    So many amazing things! My favorites are the Selena Gomez Pullover Sweater and the Pastel Rose Running Shorts! I would wear them all day, every day! 🙂

    Shaylin says:

    Nothing like workout leggings to show off leg day efforts!

    Christina Gliati says:

    Dear lovely Bri it’s a wonderful giveway now that I am working out. Here are my favourite items
    Thank you Bri I hope I am lucky. Love you so much!!!

    Grace Moon says:

    I would wear these Gazelle shoes everyday

    joanna says:

    I love the Stella McCartney long printed running tights!

    Love these!! Totally adorable and may motivate me more to get moving!


    Maggie says:

    I’m obsessed with their Icon Hoodie!!

    The Mystic Moon Sweater is so effortlessly cool! It’s super cute and such a versatile piece since you could wear it for a casual day in the city or to work out!

    Eugenia says:

    If only I could win this Bonded Crew Sweatshirt & Custom Mi Performance Tights! http://www.adidas.com/us/bonded-crew-sweatshirt/AB0559.html #thankyou

    Kathleen says:

    Loving these limited edition track pants. Paired with a classic Chambray shirt = done deal for this New England girl!


    Stacy Oneill says:


    This is amazing! Keeps me warm but also cools me down with the open holes in the sleeves! A MUST when exercising.

    EmmaLee says:

    I’m gearing up for my honeymoon in Yosemite and this backpack would be a dream!

    Kate says:

    The last 4 months have been an uphill battle with fighting back at the gym due the last year I spent in bed because of not being to walk. The new Climacool Sonic Boost running shoes would make all the tears seem more worth it.

    Jessica says:

    http://www.adidas.com/us/essentials-shorts/AA7030.html I was admiring these shorts on another website today, it was meant to be!

    Yvette says:

    Can I say everything? Looking at the site, I get nostalgic of my middle and high school days wearing my all-white adidas! I am loving the Moscow line especially their Extaball Up Shoes!

    Lisa says:

    Honestly just loving the classic Trefoil sweatshirt!

    Tarreyn says:

    LOVE this! Everything you both are wearing in this post looks rad. I’d love to get that pink track suit! And those gold shoes!!!
    Fingers crossed!

    Devon Garza says:

    I love the rose printed items but these shoes are amazing:

    Amanda says:

    Addidas is really stepping up their game! Love the new products this year !http://m.adidas.com/us/blue-floral-leggings/AO3022.html?pr=product_rr&slot=11

    Lucy says:

    Love the studio jacket and the battle of the birds firebird track pants!

    noa kedar says:

    This could be such a dream, oh how I wish I wish I wish. so I’m very much into these gorgeous Stellasport tights http://www.adidas.com/us/adidas-stellasport-graphic-tights/946400.html and would be so so thrilled to win! oh I wish!

    Bitty! says:

    I live in my Adidaaaaas! Love love love! xo

    Anonymous says:

    Love love looove these shorts! Ordering now!

    Rachel says:

    These track pants are SUPER cool!! I didn’t know Adidas had so many great prints!


    Marguerite Boler says:

    LOVE the classic Adidas athletic style!

    solar boost shoes in pearl grey and onix

    Christina says:

    I love these three quarter pants! I’ve been trying to get back into shape and there’s nothing worse than shorts in the New England winters. There would be perfect!

    Ingrid says:

    This weekend I discovered Adidas Mi Samba, and I am dying to create some custom kicks with my favorite colors and initials monogrammed: http://www.adidas.com/us/mi-samba-custom-shoes/15003112_W.html#is_configurator

    Liz D. says:

    I think the Battle of the Birds Hoodie is rad. It would for sure help me stay noticed on the trail!


    Andrea says:

    These tights would be PERFECT to help me get ready for winter running: http://www.adidas.com/us/techfit-climawarm-nordic-print-tights/AH4111.html

    Samantha Rose says:

    I love these leggings.There’s no reason you can’t look cute while working out! http://www.adidas.com/us/running-long-tights/AA7849.html

    Elise B says:

    Oh man, I want to live in these pants:

    They look soooo comfy to lounge in but still totally good to wear to yoga class or bootcamp 🙂

    Kevin says:

    Love this duffel. Separate shoe pocket is awesome! http://m.adidas.com/us/premium-classic-duffel-bag/S49675.html

    Katherine says:


    really want that watch to kickstart my weight loss goals!

    Elise says:

    These pants look awesome!!!! I run in the morning before the sun comes up so wearing bright colors like these pants make you feel better about cars being able to see you out on the road!

    caty says:

    Oh, Adidas, you’ve always done me so right. Loving this team issue fleece jacket – some old school with a twist.

    Karlie says:

    Honestly cannot decide between these two.. Looking for some funky pants to dance around in. 🙂

    Ashley says:

    Stella mccartney sweat pants!

    Maja Jović says:

    As someone who’s just getting into running and a healthier lifestyle I find that pretty workout clothes give me more motivation! 😉 i would love to have these stella tights: http://www.adidas.com/us/adidas-stellasport-graphic-tights/A00069.html

    And these shorts are “I need this in my life” kind of shorts! http://www.adidas.com/us/pastel-rose-running-shorts/AO2854.html

    Victoria says:

    If I had clothes like this, I would run or dance all day, everyday~ Hehehe~

    Melissa says:

    Adidas is my fav! These leggings look perfect and if I won, I would 100% buy them. http://www.adidas.com/us/performer-low-rise-long-tights/AH6547.html

    Colleen says:

    Love this track jacket! Adidas is looking great!!


    Ashley Schaap says:

    I have a two year old son who would look adorable in these shoes!

    I’m pregnant with my second and one of these watches would be awesome motivation for getting back into shape post-baby!

    Kati Padrón says:

    This are my favorites:

    * Berlin Edgy 3-Stripes Tee ♥:

    (and the white version too)

    * Dots Allover Print Firebird Track Jacket:

    * Moscow Superstar Track Pants ♥♥:

    —- Let’s go with the shoes:

    * Stan Smith Shoes:

    * Extaball Up Shoes:

    Fanny says:

    Thank you so much…love your photos 🙂
    Maybe i’ll be Lucky…let’s try!
    I love this legging http://www.adidas.fr/legging-long-go-to-gear/AA5013.html

    Urška says:

    All time favourite? No problem – Originals Superstar Foundation white trainers. A definitive classic – love those.

    Anna Kim says:

    YES! Our company actually started a health competition of our own and this would totally get me motivated to move more. Thanks Bri! http://www.adidas.com/us/solar-boost-shoes/D68998.html?pr=product_rr&slot=3

    Kristal Pardo says:

    pastel rose shorts and jacket are so cute! I have it in my adidas basket right now!!!

    Melanie says:

    I love the Moscow printed crew neck! What an amazing giveaway 🙂 thank you. And I love when it’s international!!!

    kelly says:

    absolutely 100% the rose pastel shorts!

    Marlee says:

    I love this 24/7 tank. It comes in 4 colors and transitions perfectly from work out to beach to play.

    The Pure Boost shoes in mint are ace!!

    Miche says:

    I do a lot of strength training, so I love these adipure 360.3 shoes in red.


    Layla says:

    These speckled training tights are pretty RAD.


    Alyse says:

    I’ve recently started to get back into a healthier lifestyle, I’ve started running which has always been a struggle for me- but I’m determined to stick with it! The shoes I’m using right now are barely hanging on, a couple years old. I would love to be able to buy a new pair and meet my goals!

    This is such a great topic for your blog! I hope you keep showing us your favorite gear and maybe some fitness tips along the way? 🙂

    Emilia says:

    Oh damn, I would run twice as often just to show off these Climacool Sonic Boost Shoes.


    Karina says:

    I love the adidas blue floral sweatshirt: http://www.adidas.com/us/blue-floral-sweatshirt/AO3017.html
    Super comfy and stylish at the same time!

    Anonymous says:

    been following your fitness revolution! keep it up girl! As for me? I could always use more workout gear! we’re in a drought so more clothes = doing laundry less often and me probably running more… win win!

    love this classic staple but would for sure go ham with $500

    Kali McPeters says:

    oh no didn’t add my name! that one above was me! xo

    Lindsey T says:

    Moscow print leggings!

    Rebecca says:

    These adorable Stella McCartney yoga tights are perfect for practicing at my hot yoga studio 🙂

    Alexandra says:

    So many cute things! I love the lite racer wtr shoes: http://www.adidas.com/us/lite-racer-wtr-shoes/F98911.html

    Chelsea S says:

    I love this kind of Rorscach printed legging! http://www.adidas.be/ultimate-fit-three-quarter-tights/AB7123.html

    Loved Adidas since I was a kid with those tearaway track pants (all day i dream about sports!)

    Line says:

    http://m.adidas.com/us/climawarm-tights/AA0527.html This is my fave. I know it is so boring but I love simple! Then I Want to match with a super colorfull top! Ans the Best thing is the clima warm function, then I don’t have an excuse for not training during the winther. I live in Scandinavia so it’s always cold 😀 <3 maybe I'll go for some pants with a pattern too,

    Rebecca says:

    I absolutely love the Peace Canyon Tee! All the tees are so cute. http://www.adidas.com/us/peace-canyon-tee/A73352.html

    Wanda says:

    The Adipure 360.38 are pretty sweet!

    Anna K. says:

    These blue floral legging! http://m.adidas.com/us/blue-floral-leggings/AO3022.html and the gazelle shoes!

    Amanda says:

    Would wear everyday, for walks or hikes!

    Meghann L. says:

    I have been having tight envy at the gym when I see girls in the mesh patterned tights. Would love to finally get some of my own! 🙂

    giulia says:

    i love those pastel rose runnning shorts (are those the ones you are wearing maybe?) and the classic 3 stripe bra:)

    Courtney says:

    Omg i love the Stella Sport Tights.. SO COOL


    Anonymous says:

    Mama needs some new workout kicks and these are great: http://www.adidas.com/us/pure-boost-shoes/S79273.html?pr=CU

    This Battle of the Birds hoodie is also rad: http://www.adidas.com/us/battle-of-the-birds-hoodie/AB9339.html

    And last, but not least, I need to stock up on shorts for Women’s league Soccer! http://www.adidas.com/us/pastel-rose-running-shorts/AO2854.html

    Ali says:

    I have my eye on the Stella ultra boost running shoes, oh boy. They would definitely inspire a few more workouts.

    Jessie says:

    Those gold neo rally mid sneaks! All gold everything!

    Christina says:

    I’m super impressed with their footwear, but I’d go with the adistar jacket (http://www.adidas.com/us/adistar-jacket/S90946.html) because of the cool texture. Their old school looks are sweet too.

    The most beautiful flower shoes I’ve ever seen. (If I don’t consider the ones I have at home)

    Erin A says:

    Love these track pants!! Look so comfy and cozy for fall/winter!!

    Again,, the most beautiful flower shoes I’ve ever seen, (if I don’t consider the ones I have at home hehehe) http://m.adidas.com/us/zx-flux-shoes/B35321.html

    Milena says:

    Love love love the
    Perfect for the frigid morning walks to the bus stop!!

    Jackie says:

    I would totally customize some sneakers… add some flowers too 🙂

    In ❤️LOVE❤️ with the pants! Everything about them is so neat! http://m.adidas.com/us/essentials-track-pants/AA7028.html

    Lindsey D says:

    I love these stella McCartney ones!

    Kellyn Wilson says:

    I would love to get some of those grete shorts (especially in maroon!)

    Jane W. says:

    I love printed tights!!! These ones look like the perfect sunset. http://www.adidas.com/us/go-to-gear-long-tights/AB7191.html

    Kellyn Wilson says:

    I would love some of the grete shorts (especially the maroon ones for my alma mater) http://m.adidas.com/us/grete-shorts/AH3505.html

    Michelle says:

    can’t have enough of these around! i keep a pair in my car always

    Erica says:

    I love this hoodie (http://www.adidas.com/us/trefoil-hoodie/AB2021.html) because it looks so cozy and it’s a classic! And I would also get these tights (http://www.adidas.com/us/ultimate-3-stripes-tights/D89633.html).

    michaela says:

    What a great giveaway! I recently started a couch-to-half-marathon program (I’m up to 7 miles!) and now that I’m getting into running more seriously, I’ve been trying to stock up on some quality gear! I love these Supernova tights:


    Rebecca Miller says:

    Pretty pretty feet always make running better! http://m.adidas.com/us/x-lite-tm-sg-shoes/F98879.html

    Lida says:

    With these on my feet, I would definitely strut with more confidence! Beautiful color!


    Sini says:

    The Dots Allover Print Firebird Track Jacket totally caught my eye, i just love it!!! I have a thing for polka dots, so it wasn’t hard to decide. 😀 http://www.adidas.com/us/dots-allover-print-firebird-track-jacket/AB2267.html?pr=CUSTOMIZE_IMG_Dots%2520Allover%2520Print%2520Firebird%2520Track%2520Jacket

    I’m loving the blue floral leggings with the classic Adidas stripe down the side!! Perfect for this fall!

    Paulina Dvoretskaya says:

    These are the coolest track pants i have ever seen :O

    Summer Cull says:

    I am a big runner and love the fit and color of the Supernova Tee!

    Heidi Vankooten says:

    The Moscow Trefoil Hoodie is to die for!


    Sonja says:

    LOVEEEE those Moscow Mix Print Leggings. So fun!!! http://www.adidas.com/us/moscow-print-mix-leggings/AB2707.html

    I’ve been on the hunt for a new gym tote, loving the Stella McCartney Iconic Big Bag!

    Alma says:

    I’m not a sneaker head by any means but I have a soft spot for a killer pair of trainers—and adidas always does it up big. These Stan Smith shoes are just perfection! Bold and feminine, but comfortable: everything I look for in sneakers.


    Thanks for the giveaway!

    Liane says:

    Love these simple pants! It would be perfect for my runs.


    Claire says:

    Adidas! Yeah!
    I love the Beyond the run pants -they look so comfy for the after-swim! – http://www.adidas.com/us/beyond-the-run-pants/S87162.html
    and the ultra-boost running shoes from Stella McCartney – http://www.adidas.com/us/ultra-boost-shoes/S82792.html
    Let’s the games begin!

    Hunter says:

    Absolutely love these printed athletic leggings! Would totally be the extra push to get me more motivated for daily gym time

    Lorna Wright says:

    The Performer Mid-Rise Long Printed Tights! Yeeesssss.


    Stella says:

    ADILETTE SLIDES. who knew the “don’t think twice” sandals of my swimmer youth would suddenly be top of the style game! http://www.adidas.com/us/adilette-slides/288022.html

    Karlijn says:

    Innnnnn love with these leggings!!! <3 <3 <3

    Kate says:

    My nieces would be adorable and cool in the Rabbit and Raccoon Track Suit Gift Sets <3

    Christina says:

    To pick ONE product?!?! VERY HARD! I love everything. I took a gander and I think this is my favorite. It would look GREAT working out but I think it would look GREAT as a shirt out as well. Great cover up. Fall over here in Maine. It would be a great new addition to my closet!

    I love these running shoes! Perfect for workouts and cute enough to wear with casual outfits 🙂

    Sarah Z says:

    Ugh adidas is life. I love all the classics/classic inspired stuff. I especially like the blue floral hoodie.

    Jessica says:

    Need these!! Currently obsessing over all things gold & metallic.

    A. Kunde says:

    How cool is this giveaway?!

    The premium washed and worn look is the best 🙂

    Laressa says:

    My daughter at college lives in running shorts/shoes and she LOVES the Stella McCartney line! I would be a real hero if I won this for her 🙂

    A. Kunde says:


    These Stella essential pants are pretty great as well! Too many choices!

    Katie Bass says:

    Loveeee the metallic + mint combo on these running shoes http://www.adidas.com/us/supernova-glide-7-boost-shoes/B33609.html

    Janika says:

    Thanks for sharing this giveaway! Love the Moscow printed crew sweatshirt. They have fun stuff!

    Emil says:

    The Stella McCartney sweatpants are gorgeous

    Sallie says:

    Eternally swooning over these mint and gray running shoes.


    Elle says:


    Getting motivated to run in the winter months is hard, but I have a feeling all these cute sweats would help!

    Ruby Johnson says:

    I absolutely adore the pastel rose running shorts!!

    Shanno Schnurr says:

    I’m loving the Climacool Sonic Boost Shoes!

    Petunia says:

    I need a new pair of trainers and the Adipure 360.3 look perfect!


    Thanks for the giveaway!

    Cari says:

    I love the color of these shoes! Exercise is so much more enjoyable when you wear something colorful and fun on your feet!

    Jessica Zigenis says:

    I LOVE the No. 3 windbreaker!

    Kelsey lloyd says:

    These tights are bitchin! ❤️❤️

    Kala Montoya says:

    These Neo Printed Leggings are AMAZING! http://www.adidas.com/us/printed-leggings/AH7594.html

    Eralda says:

    That pink sweater!!

    Greetings from Amsterdam!!

    Katherine says:

    Mystic moon track pants. Needing some cold weather gear for my late fall/winter time runs!

    Hilary Gale says:

    I love EVERYTHING Adidas. Their promos have been on point lately! The’ve really stepped their style up!


    These leggings are SOO Cute!! 😀

    kelsey says:

    I loooove the performer high rise full tights in black/matte silver!! I can always use a good basic legging 🙂 http://www.adidas.com/us/performer-high-rise-full-tights/A99762.html?pr=CUSTOMIZE_IMG_Performer%2520High-Rise%2520Full%2520Tights

    France says:

    Totally fell in love with this bag : http://www.adidas.com/us/iconic-big-bag/A09900.html -And so much more in Adidas Originals collection!

    Amy says:

    love the workout tanks! cute, simple and so many good color options.

    Paris says:

    Love these in the floral print!


    I would wear these everywhere!

    kelsey says:

    Obsessed with the Rose shorts! Would love these for hiking in Mount Rainier!

    Allison says:

    I’ve always loved the traditional Adidas look with the three stripes down the leg. All the cool girls at my high school wore them for gym class. http://www.adidas.com/us/ultimate-3-stripes-tights/D89633.html

    Linda says:

    I like the women’s ar-10 shoes and the women’s boxy tee.

    Natalie says:

    Lovely! I think this tank http://www.adidas.com/us/twenty-4-seven-tank-top/AC5831.html is so sleek. Just moved to the Northern San Diego coast & can use more active attire. 🙂

    Lauren says:

    Honestly, I just love the classic feel of a pair of Stan Smiths!

    Sarah ann says:

    I love the mixed pattern on these pants! It would help get me out of my black legging only phase! http://m.adidas.com/us/moscow-print-mix-leggings/AB2707.html

    Carley says:

    Oh man! Those coral sneakers are everything!!

    Brooklyn Fredricks says:

    Oops! Forgot to leave a link. These pants look just wonderful though–http://m.adidas.com/us/berlin-logo-3-stripes-track-pants/AB2680.html

    Alvina says:

    The Climaheat Hoodie looks super comfy!!!

    Rachel says:

    Love the Neo sneakers!

    Jillian Leavitt says:

    Definitely those shorts Bri’s sporting. IN LOVE.

    shaunie says:

    The Climaheat Frostlight Hooded Jacket is my favorite.

    Audrey says:

    Can I pleeeeease get this fabulous tank top <3

    Erin says:

    I love the Women’s Climachill Rocket Boost Shoes!

    Ana says:

    Perfect timing! The lady next to me at the salon this weekend was wearing THE BEST Adidas track pants. 🙂 So fun – these Battle of the Birds pants: http://www.adidas.com/us/battle-of-the-birds-firebird-track-pants/AB1994.html

    Francisca Paiva says:

    I would probably have difficulty narrowing down with the $500 anyway, so here’s one of my faves : http://www.adidas.com/us/berlin-edgy-3-stripes-tee/AB2662.html !!!!
    pretty please!


    Brianna says:

    Love the Berlin collection! This shirt is so great:


    joani d says:

    Any and all things by Stella!

    Elizabeth says:

    I love ADIDAS! *heart eyes emoji*
    My favorite has to be every piece in the berlin collection because somehow it still really feels like old school Adidas which is my absolute favorite! I also love everything from the Stella McCartney collection because it feels great to look good when you are working out!

    Tess says:

    Please Lord help me get out of my husband’s high school basketball shorts.

    Holly says:

    I love the Neo sneakers!

    Tess says:

    Oops, forgot the link. Lord also help me learn how to use the internet. http://www.adidas.com/us/ultimate-3-stripes-tights/D89633.html

    Valentina says:

    Yuppy and international contest! Here what I’ve seen with many others stuffs ;Phttp://www.adidas.it/track-pants-logo/AO0045.html
    they look comfy and cool!
    Finger crossed!

    Mckenzie says:

    Love love love the neo sneakers! Such a fun color.

    Leeann says:

    Love this grey 24/7 tank along with a ton of other stuff! http://m.adidas.ca/en/womens-twenty-4-seven-tank-top/AC5826.html

    Olivia says:

    Fashion gain! Their new stuff is to die for! Check out this dress! Didn’t even know they did dresses! Xx

    Reyna says:

    Thanks so much for the amazing giveaway! I have always wanted to try a fit bit – and their work out clothing is on pointe! I love the supernova bra – http://www.adidas.com/us/adidas-infinite-series-supernova-bra/AA6223.html 🙂

    Jen says:

    I love these sneakers:
    They’re so fun. I love buying bright, fun running shoes to help keep me motivated.
    There are so many other great things – fantastic giveaway!

    Megan says:

    Looks too pretty to run in! Truly gorgeous (until I run in it!) http://m.adidas.com.au/romantic-woods-superstar-track-jacket/AB1991.html

    Teresa T says:

    Unghhhhh these http://www.adidas.com/us/battle-of-the-birds-firebird-track-pants/AB1994.html yes yes yes. I’ve been trying to workout and this would br such a game changer. I’ve always been the artsy kid so working out is totally new to me, but I want to feel healthy before hitting 30. Sigh.

    Sarah says:

    Love these ADIDAS Ultimate Fit Tights!


    Adidas workout apparel is the bomb… Never realized how cute their stuff is!
    Hope I can try some of it out 🙂

    Livy says:

    Pretty in pink! Imagine running in these babies! Xxx

    Leah says:

    http://www.adidas.com/us/ultra-boost-shoes/B25117.html I just started running recently and these are so fun!

    emily says:

    I work out a lot and am dying to join in the crazy pants movement! I’m not a super bold dresser though so these neutral pants with the trees would be perfect for me!


    Ashley L. says:

    I love the Ultimate Pullover Hoodie in pink!

    While I’m obsessed with their sneakers with Boost technology, the Pure Boosts specifically (I promise they’re like heaven on your feet), I’m also a fan of their athletic wear. I’ve been dying to get my hands on their Blue Floral collection because it’s super cute and so me, but if there was one item I’d have to choose… I’d pick the Team Issue Fleece Jacket! I feel like this jacket is the perfect travel jacket, especially when sitting in cold airports and airplanes.

    Jennifer says:

    who doesn’t love a pair of cute leggings/tights?!

    I’m all about geometric shapes and classic back leggings, so these are a killer combo of my faves!


    Jasmine Jones says:

    I’m super down for the Stella McCartney Yoga Seamless Three-Quarter Tee: http://www.adidas.com/us/yoga-seamless-three-quarter-tee/A99958.html. How beautiful are the lines and colors on it?

    Christa says:

    I have to admit that I have no work-out attire besides a t-shirt and sweat pants from college days. I have been in so many situations where working out would be more fun with the right clothing. I am really loving the Stella line http://www.adidas.com/us/ultra-boost-shoes/S82792.html

    Ciara says:

    I love Adidas! Really loving that light pink floral collection! <3

    Leah Woolfson says:

    I’m fairly desperate for new runners as mine just aren’t cutting it (hello sore knees and ankles!)
    These look amazing. And they’re Stella <3

    Love love love them!

    AJ says:

    Love love love those gold mid tops! <3

    Ariana says:

    I love these track pants by adidas! I’m a dancer and I always trying to find unique pants like these to wear out to competitions and for practice. I think having the unique style is a must for anyone, and these are my style.

    Rachael says:

    Love the Strappy Tank

    Tanya says:

    I love the Supernova Storm jacket for running!

    Julie says:

    I would definetly run faster if I had the ultimate fit tights in black and white!!

    Polina says:

    Winter is coming!
    That’s why I need this hoodie to change into after snowboarding session. Love yellow!

    Maria DeGuzman says:

    customized stan smiths! duh.

    STEPHANIE says:

    I adore the Die Marke leggings! Few things are better than an amazing pair of leggings. The Selena Gomez scarf is beautiful too!

    Kimberly Farrell says:

    I love this mint jacket – it looks so cozy! http://www.adidas.com/us/mountainglow-hooded-fleece-jacket/AA1941.html

    Jenn says:

    This slim jacket is amazing! I travel for work and this is slim, cute and packs down, so it’s easy to shove in my suitcase when I’m traveling from the midwest to the west coast! http://m.adidas.com/us/slim-jacket/AB2855.html

    Amy says:

    I love the color block windbreaker, but it’s so hard to choose! I love it all!!! ❤️

    Maria says:

    I had one pair of gazelle when i was young, but this ones are amazing.

    Lucía says:

    Anything from Bri’s outfit. I really like the shorts and the top tho.

    bri o says:

    ooooooo i love the adigirl graphic tee, it’s so pretty! i love long tees. but i am also a sucker for the classic training pants, the ones with flowers are cool too with the matching top.

    Kimberly Rampersad says:

    I love these shorts-http://www.adidas.com/us/adigirl-dual-shorts/AI6423.html

    kate says:

    Adidas is KILLING it – I had no idea! I’m obsessed with the Allover Print Trefoil Sweatshirt!

    kate says:

    Adidas is KILLING it – I had no idea! I’m obsessed with the Allover Print Trefoil Sweatshirt!


    Keshia says:

    Thanks for the workout inspiration!

    xo, K


    Oh my word these are so flipping cool. Stella is killing it. Great Giveaway.

    Jen says:

    I love this tee! http://m.adidas.com/us/blue-floral-printed-tee/AO3016.html But also really love these sweatpants!! http://m.adidas.com/us/essentials-three-quarters-sweat-pants/AA7024.html …. Holy comfortable! I can’t imagine being in a bad mood while wearing either of these things! Adidas rocks.

    Candace says:

    Nordic print tights are the cutest!!

    Clare says:

    Over time, I’ve realised I prefer wearing black to work out in, even though I own colourful workout clothes! These leggings have such a great print that, despite being monochrome, is not boring at all!

    Erica M. says:

    I’d love to wear the mixed print leggings!

    Stephanie Nelson says:

    So many good finds!!! This jacket is pretty slick http://www.adidas.com/us/padded-biker-jacket/AB3798.html

    Thanks for the inspiration, as always 🙂

    Karla Lumsden says:

    These are classic and a staple in my wardrobe

    Fawn says:

    YES! Though I have been long been entering your giveaways and have yet to win, I never get discouraged because I know another amazing opportunity is just around the corner. I have a good feeling about this one and would love to share the winnings with my three sisters who have always helped to keep my fitness goals on track. I love this pair of Solar Boost running shoes: http://www.adidas.com/us/solar-boost-shoes/D69002.html *fingers and toes crossed*

    Phoebe says:

    Love these Moscow Logo Slim Track Pants! 🙂 It’d be a great way to kick up my workout! Wonderful giveaway


    Meg says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the mixed print sweatshirt similar to Joanie’s leggings.


    But I really love the sound of a fitsmart watch- I would love the visual of my heart rate cause I’m always worried that I’m not actually doing anything when I workout.

    (Also, you guys are looking smoking from your health kick!)

    Sarah r says:

    Simple, but I love this hoodie! Thumb holes give me heart eyes!

    Daniela says:


    It was hard to choose just one! But these low rise classics are to die for. #ICantEven Current status: In my shopping cart!

    LiZ says:

    Oh man, I love those crazy mixed print pants! And I’d love to have a way to track my heart rate! Fingers crossed.


    Jackie S says:

    These shorts look so comfy and are simple enough to match with anything! It’s such a staple of my adidas wardrobe! Am actually buying them now!

    Kayla says:

    This fleece pullover looks super cozy for fall running: http://www.adidas.com/us/go-to-fleece-pullover/AA8031.html

    Georgie says:

    So excited for a competition open to international entries, after following this blog for a few years now it’s great to have the opportunity to enter one of the competitions!
    Love these leggings: http://www.adidas.co.nz/stellasport-leopard-tights/946400.html

    Jamie says:

    Bri, I am living for that pastel rose set and it’s awesome/inspiring following along in your fitness. I adore this Stella McCartney tennis dress: http://www.adidas.com/us/stella-mccartney-barricade-dress-ny/A99589.html

    Also, their fitness tracker sounds awesome! I just lost my beloved fitbit (it fell off my wrist somewhere), but they really do make all of the difference.

    Sujin says:

    this tee is to die for <3

    Savanah Alvarez says:

    PLEEEEEEEEEASE!!! It is so hard to go to the gym and work out when you don’t have the right clothes and this is what keeps me from being able to go out and work on my body so that I can feel more confident. You must understand my pain. I have gone through so much and I just need to do something for me. I am crossing my fingers that you pick me. Personally I love the outfits Bri chose for these pictures so from the adidas website I would love these pieces.

    The great thing about Adidas is I can trust these leggings to go from Pilates to running, then toss on a sloppy sweater and hat and still be fashion forward after a workout.

    Linda says:

    I love the Adidas adizero Adios Boost 2.0 shoes in the pretty green.

    The great thing about Adidas is I can trust these tights to go from Pilates to running, then toss on a sloppy sweater and hat and still be fashion forward after a workout.


    Erin says:

    I’d definitely pick up this super cute crew neck http://m.adidas.com/us/blue-floral-sweatshirt/AO3017.html

    And some leggings too!

    These rad pink running shoes so that I can look cute even while I’m sweating all over and I can wear them outside of the gym too for some sporty outfit looks!

    Emma Shepherd says:

    Loving this stella mccartney studio mesh top, so cool! http://www.adidas.com.au/studio-mesh-tee/AA7909.html

    Stella McCartney Ultra Boost shoes for ADIDAS! ** LOVE **

    Sarah Monet says:

    I’m training for one of my first events and a new pair of running shoes might just be my lucky charm. I especially like these http://www.adidas.com/us/climacool-fresh-2.0-shoes/B22977.html

    Maggie says:

    I love the Selena Gomez Pullover, that bright yellow/chartreuse is one of my favorite colors!

    Karrie says:

    ultra boost trainers!

    This maroon climaheat hoodie looks so comfy! You can never go wrong with a quality classic hoodie! Especially after a long gym session.

    Spring B. says:

    The women’s Neo sweatshirts look great! Would looooove to have $500 to spend there — thanks for doing this giveaway. 🙂

    Juls says:

    These look so cozy for the winter! <3

    Sydney anderson says:

    Love the winter sports seamless wool tights

    Maeghan says:

    I look pretty good in polka dots. So I would go for this. http://m.adidas.com/us/dots-allover-print-trefoil-sweatshirt/AB2251.html

    Willow says:

    I’ve always loved the skinny track pants and especially the new floral ones ! http://www.adidas.ca/en/womens-moscow-print-mix-leggings/AB2707.html

    Tabatha yoast says:

    I would have to say my favorite is these Nordic printed pants

    charlotte says:

    Something about funky workout tights makes anyone wanna work out! Fave pair of tights here! 🙂

    Teagan says:

    Romantic woods track pants!! Everything is so cute tho

    Molly says:

    This sweatshirts biggest fan!!!

    Alix Keller says:

    These pants look SO comfy. I could live in them.

    Jordan says:

    All day I dream about the Romantic Woods Superstar Track Jacket!

    MC says:

    The Solar Boost sneakers are INSANE! Love the raspberry color!


    Barbara says:

    I enjoy the running long tights! Definitely would want to strut these!

    Jenna Stocks says:

    I am becoming such an Adidas junkie! Obsessed. I love it for everyday style, but also I’m a hip hop dancer, and I feel most in the zone while wearing my Adidas garb. So excited I came across this giveaway!! While I literally want all things Adidas…I’m really wanting the Ultra Boosts in black. Sooooo classy and chic. http://www.adidas.com/us/ultra-boost-shoes/S77516.html <3

    Hope y'all having a dandy day!

    Mariela says:

    I loved so many things !! Everythings in adidas is amazing !

    Caterine B says:

    Cause I really need new shoes since I’ve been running every morning 🙂 http://m.adidas.ca/en/womens-zx-flux-adv-smooth-shoes/AQ5493.html

    Those gold Raleigh high tops have my heart!

    Tori Elizabeth says:

    These neos are absolutely kickass! Fingers and toes crossed.

    Katie Prior says:

    I adore those mixed print leggings!! why stick with only one print? ^_^

    Isabella says:

    The Women’s Premium Essentials Washed Tee is so cute! Love the peach pink

    Kara says:


    I really like these washed track pants. They look super comfy!

    Alicia A says:

    I love this climaheat hoodie! The adidas climaheat line is so comfortable and cute!

    Ev says:

    It actually gets very cold in South Africa, this hood is perfection!
    And burgundy can still look good with red hair!

    Dana says:


    I live in the Rocky Mountains and everyone has their fav brand, but this new jacket looks amazing and could rival all the other coats I’ve seen folks wear here! :)!