a few years ago the word “designlovefestival” came up in conversation with a friend and i never quite knew what to do with it. but i remember thinking that it HAD to happen someday. and now it IS.


as you may know, i love plants and flowers. huge fan. they add so much happiness and life. a lot of times people ask me where i purchase my plants or planters. then i started talking one day with natalie who makes ridiculously creative ceramics. and figured…why not mix the two and offer them to people? there aren’t a lot of places that sell nicely curated baskets and planters with the plant included. more of a one-stop-shop! and the idea grew from there.


so i decided to turn the festival into a shoppable jungle. offering plants, succulents, ceramics, furniture, prints and florals. i wanted you to be able to purchase a cool plant in a cool basket or vase and put it right into your house without any more thought about it. so that’s what we’re doing!


who’s involved and what’s the deal, you ask? here’s the breakdown! everything you see in the photos, you can buy! plus much more. this is just a sneak preview.

emily henderson (the queen of vintage shopping and interior design) will be bringing many curated baskets for your plants to live in. tall, short, natural, white, dyed, tasseled. lots of amazing options here!

– i will be picking out tons of trees and plants for you to fill your home with.

– i found these gorgeous hammocks from nicaragua and shipped them to LA so you guys can have them too! i only have a limited number so the early session might be best if you want one of them.

yeah rentals! is an amazing place to rent furniture for your event. just really cool stuff. now they also produce their own furniture and will be selling it here! chairs, benches, plant stands, side tables…you won’t want to miss this.

natalie of native silver will be debuting her insanely great ceramics at the festival. she’s got hanging planters, succulent holders, flower vases, ceramic keychains, painted tumblers, air plant squiggles…you will want to treat yourself to these! they also make the perfect gift.

– kristen from moon canyon. a floral genius, really. she will be making floral wreaths and bringing all sorts of gorgeous instagram worthy florals for you to choose from.

jesse chamberlin. not only will she be doing floral portraits the day before (currently sold out) but she will be selling photo posters of art that we think would look amazing on your wall…and won’t break the bank!


the way the tickets work!

there will be three groups at different prices. each one a little different, so choose your favorite.

group #1 is $20: join us for the first two hours of the day and get first pick! each guest will receive one drinking coconut and one glass of wine with your ticket.

sign up for group 1 here

group #2 is $15: each guest will receive one drinking coconut and one glass of wine with your ticket. not first pick, not last pick. a great option!

sign up for group 2 here

group #3 is $10: each guest will receive one drinking coconut and one glass of wine with your ticket. please note that this will be the last session of the day and some items may be sold out. if you are looking for something in particular you may want to attend an earlier session.

sign up for group 3 here


i’m SO excited about the festival and can’t wait to see you there. there will be lots of little surprises and fun in store! grab your ticket here!

photos by: ivan solis


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    Sarah Alves says:

    Excited for you, Bri! Maybe in the future there is a way for readers (who aren’t local to LA) to digitally participate?

    Megan says:

    Wow what a great idea! How exciting for you, I love the succulents in these photos!


    Scout says:

    This sounds fabulous! I definitely agree with Sarah that there should be a way for non west-coasters to join. Maybe on in Atlanta sometime?

    nora says:

    so exciting! wish you could do this nyc.

    Kat says:

    Great idea! This looks awesome!!

    Marla Burke says:

    So does the $20/$15/$10 cover the price of making a planter? Or is that just the cover fee and then you pay to buy everything else? If so, could you give us an idea of what the pricing will be like?

    Cathy King says:

    Hi Love this idea was wondering what the price of the hammocks are please ? And do you ship ?

    marina says:

    Ummm…. I am in love with every single thing in this post. Perfection!


    Miranda says:

    With so much of your readership living outside the LA vicinity I concur with other commenters that it might be GREAT to have you make this available online. Sort of like Emily Henderson’s Flea. Also, those hammocks are gorgeous!

    Ashley says:

    Wow! Everything looks absolutely gorgeous! I wish we could purchase some of the items online! Where is that dress in the second picture from?

    emily jane says:

    Such a cool collaboration! Also, enjoyed seeing Emily in one of her cute-as-all-get-out (yet somehow controversial?) hats..!

    Kelcey says:

    Love this collaborative fest idea! Will any of Jesse’s posters be available for purchase online? (Not in LA either). I’ve fallen hard for the last one in the summerlove collection

    Azure says:

    Can you tell me how much that fiddle leaf fig tree in basket (or equivalent) will cost?


    Mandi says:

    Ditto – Please come to Atlanta or create a designlovefestival online!! I would be in group #1! 🙂

    caryl hayes says:

    I just sent a message to the blog about the possibility of any last minute cancelations that would lead to an opening in any of the sessions today. I included my sob story to tug at your heart strings, but I am also willing to pay a last minute uncharge or work for free. 🙂 PLEASE please let me know if there is any way..805-208-1357. Thank you!

    shivani says:

    bring this to NYC ASAP! I would love love love to go.

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