enter to win a whole bedroom set from parachute bedding! each premium quality, non-toxic bedding set is designed in venice beach and made in italy. the winner will receive a venice bed set, top sheet, cashmere throw and a candle. lucky, lucky!

Bedding Giveaway | designlovefest

i have the venice bed set and it’s so clean and fresh looking. leave a comment below to enter!

Bedding Giveaway | designlovefest
Bedding Giveaway | designlovefest
Bedding Giveaway | designlovefest
Bedding Giveaway | designlovefest
Bedding Giveaway | designlovefest


here’s how to win…

1) visit the parachute bedding site and take a look around!

2) leave a comment below with links to your favorite products!

one winner will be chosen on july 29th at 10am PST. open to our readers in the U.S., Canada and Australia! use the coupon code DESIGNLOVEFEST for free U.S. shipping on orders through july 25th.


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    Mary Piontek says:

    Love the cashmere throws – especially the denim/pebble grey colorway.


    The palm tree totebag is great too!

    Jamie S. says:

    I keep hearing about this company, would love to win this giveaway and (I’m sure) fall in love with their sheets!

    Christina says:

    The venice set is great and loving this towel


    for the beach.

    Lauren says:

    I’m in love with this striped Cashmere throw! Would be perfect in my bedroom!

    Alexandra says:

    I adore this cashmere throw! Would make NYC winters much more bearable. Thanks for the giveaway – everything on their website looks lovely.

    Brittney Hippensteel says:

    Being wrapped in this cashmere blanket http://www.parachutehome.com/products/striped-cashmere-throw?variant=970654801

    with this candle burning.

    Makes me want to crawl back into bed right now.

    Sarah D. says:

    I’m such a sucker for white linen bed sets… this one is gorgeous! I love those throws too.


    Myda says:

    I’ve been saving for a bedroom set from Parachute for 4 months now…I want the duvet cover (http://www.parachutehome.com/products/linen-duvet-cover-set?variant=813675697) and the fog linen sheets (http://www.parachutehome.com/products/linen-fitted-sheet?variant=4208121473)!

    Chloe says:

    The Venice set! It is actually on my wedding registry. Hoping someone gifts it!

    Chelsea T. says:

    The Linen Blend Duvet Set in Sea is perfection. Wouldn’t mind cuddling up in that every night. http://www.parachutehome.com/products/linen-duvet-cover-set?variant=813675697

    Jessica says:

    That granite cashmere throw looks divine!

    erin says:

    The white linen duvet + fitted sheet… beautiful!

    Also, where are those bedside lamps from?! They’re great!

    Freya says:

    Man, you guys do the best giveaways!!!
    Would love this http://www.parachutehome.com/products/percale-venice?variant=4208415041
    Oh and this… http://www.parachutehome.com/products/striped-cashmere-throw?variant=970654801
    oh oh! and this! http://www.parachutehome.com/products/fireside-scented-candle?variant=4207912513
    and basically everything on that site.
    p.s. i have a Canadian shipping address.

    Helen says:

    The linen blend duvet in sea color on atop some percale fitted sheets in powder seem like the perfect combo for a good sleep! (Also the striped cashmere throw in pearl desert sand for napping!)

    Anonymous says:

    the Percale Venice set… so fresh and so clean (clean) ?!


    Lauren says:

    I’ve been hunting for a new duvet, and the Linen Duvet Cover looks so cozy:

    Alex says:

    I love having crisp white sheets on my bed. The Venice sheets loot beautiful and I love the pebble throw. http://www.parachutehome.com/products/solid-cashmere-throw?variant=970651613

    Carissa says:

    oh goodness, I would LOVE an entire bedding set made of the ash fabric! Or maybe slate, or navy, it’s so hard to decide!! Thank you for the chance 🙂

    Chelsea says:

    I love the “lived-in” look of the percale venice set in white. It looks SO soft.


    Elyse G. says:

    There’s nothing better than crisp white linens. http://www.parachutehome.com/products/percale-duvet-cover?variant=4219912961 *fingers crossed*

    Erica says:

    I have followed Parachute for a long time. I finally ordered some swatches recently and love the Venice percale set! http://www.parachutehome.com/products/percale-venice?variant=4208415041

    Unfortunately it just isn’t in my budget right now, but my boyfriend and I are moving soon and it would be a sweet new addition to our new place to get all new bedding!

    Christine says:

    What a fantastic contest. We just budgets for a new bed so our backs will stop screwing at us. New bedding would be perfect!

    I love the sateen set https://m.youtube.com/watch?feature=youtu.be&v=gdLyt2EsQ0Q
    And the granite and light fog colored cashmere throw is gorgeous!!

    Crossing my fingers 🙂

    Danielle says:

    I love the slate set, and I’d really love a slate duvet with the ash sheet set – http://www.parachutehome.com/products/percale-sheets?variant=4208398977

    Sara says:

    My husband and I just moved into a new house and repainted with a gray color scheme… this throw is calling my name and would really compliment our colors. Love it! http://www.parachutehome.com/products/striped-cashmere-throw?variant=970654801

    Emily says:

    Moving into a new apartment in 2 weeks and this throw would look awesome in it! http://www.parachutehome.com/products/striped-cashmere-throw?variant=970654801

    Kelsey says:

    You simply can’t go wrong with great white bedding. The Venice in Percale would be my pick!

    Anne Marie says:

    Percale Venice sheets. I’m moving in a month and can’t wait to update all my bedding!

    Julie says:

    The percale venice set in ash would be perfect for my new place.


    Danielle says:

    Beautiful products, I love this throw!

    Kallie says:

    I’m kind of obsessed with this cashmere throw- it would be the perfect addition to crisp white bedding for snuggling on the weekend in bed!


    Jessica says:

    I’ve been on the hunt for new crisp white bedding. That venice set would be perfect for sprucing things up!

    Jillian says:

    These are gorgeous. This is my favorite-the striped throw in denim and pebble. http://www.parachutehome.com/products/striped-cashmere-throw?variant=970654781

    Sara says:

    The sheet sets in “Powder” are absolutely darling!

    Christy B. says:

    This is so pretty! Clean and simple. The gray and white is my favorite.

    Christy B. says:

    I forgot to link to my favorite product. Looks dreamy!

    Elizabeth Holloway says:

    What could look classier than the Venice set in Ash. Makes me wish for a lazy morning with a cup of coffee and a great book -that would be a serious luxury!

    michelle young says:

    Wow! These are beautiful! I love the colors. I think slate is really nice and my husband would like it too!


    TOM says:

    I’ve been looking for some new bedding and this looks fantastic! Love it!


    I’m moving to a new home soon, and a new bedroom set would look awesome in my next home!
    I love the Percale Venice Set (http://www.parachutehome.com/products/percale-venice?variant=4220023681) and the Striped Cashmere Throw in Granite and Light Fog (http://www.parachutehome.com/products/striped-cashmere-throw?variant=970654801). Those two would look so nice together!

    Monica / Mocha and Moccasins

    brittni s. says:

    I’ve had my eye on the venice sheets for quite some time now!

    I love the fluffy white bedding! Venice sheets are perfect!

    Samantha says:

    i am super into the venice set in Ash! Looks super dreamy! http://www.parachutehome.com/products/percale-venice?variant=4208415105
    Thanks for the giveaway!!

    Kelly G. says:

    Oh my goodness, A bedroom refresh has been on my summer to-do list. Their bedding is simple and elegant…perfection! This blanket http://www.parachutehome.com/products/solid-cashmere-throw?variant=970651613 and these sheets http://www.parachutehome.com/products/percale-sheets?variant=4208398913 are calling my name.

    Jennifer says:

    THIS cashmere throw…! http://www.parachutehome.com/products/striped-cashmere-throw?variant=970654781

    I just moved to Philadelphia and this would make my new spot more dreamy. Thank you for the intro to this brand! The non-toxic element really resonates with me.

    because im jen gotch’s mom

    Janelle says:

    The linen duvet covers are dreamy! I’d love this one in ‘fog’: http://www.parachutehome.com/products/linen-duvet-cover?variant=4208064385

    Julie says:

    Love this Cashmere throw! Gorgeous!

    Maddy says:

    The Percale Venice set, I’d love a fresh start with white!

    rebecca says:

    Nothing is better than clean sheets. The linen duvet covers are gorgeous!

    Emily Matesi says:

    All of their products look amazing and soo comfy! Of course the venice bedding set looks like a dream to sleep in, but the striped cashmere throw would be perfect for a rainy day, watching movies and drinking tea. http://www.parachutehome.com/products/striped-cashmere-throw?variant=970654801

    abigail says:

    oooh… the venice set in slate would be amazing!

    Victoria says:

    I would LOVE a percale sheet set!

    Love the percale Venice sheet set in white! Have been itching to get my hands on this bedding–thanks so much for the opportunity!

    Sage Hahn says:

    I love the striped cashmere throw!

    Whitney says:

    Such beautiful work. Would love to have the venice set in white or ash with the denim and pebble gray throw and lavender candle. swoon!

    Heather says:

    Can not get over this denim & pebble grey cashmere throw!!!

    Annie Reeves says:

    I’m a white bedding kind of gal, so this one is calling my name:


    Also definitely don’t hate this cashmere throw:


    Allison says:

    Oh wow, this is perfect because my bedding could seriously use an upgrade. The linen-cotton blend sounds lovely. I’d go for this duvet cover set in Sea: http://www.parachutehome.com/products/linen-duvet-cover-set?variant=813675697 and the Percale Sheet Set in Shale http://www.parachutehome.com/products/percale-sheets?variant=4220118657

    vivi says:

    Wow, those throws are perfection! And now I can’t wait to pop in and smell the candles next time I’m in Venice!


    caroline says:

    ooh, these are gorgeous. would go for the white venice set in percale for sure.


    Meg S says:

    Love the linen duvet cover. Beautiful!

    Gillian kreft says:

    I think the White Peracle looks so comfy but I have always wanted to try linen sheets. I think the Striped Throw is especially gorgeous and I can imagine cuddling up with that and a fireside candle once it gets cooler out!





    I ordered fabric samples from them 2 weeks ago and love everything about them.

    We had to wait to buy them for a while, so this would be perfect if we could win our DREAM set! SO IN LOVE.

    Pick me! Pick me! I need to get rid of my cheap, uncomfortable set.

    Either the Slate or Ash. Hard decision!

    Mark S says:

    Going to go with the crowd favorite because that throw is beautiful!


    Allyn says:

    I’d love to throw a little of the fog color onto a white set: http://www.parachutehome.com/products/linen-shams?variant=4208094081

    Kristi says:

    I have recently decided I can no longer support having a white duvet as we share our bed with 2 doggies. So, I’m in search of a darker color duvet that I love just as much as my crisp white. I think I just may have found it with the Parachute Sateen Venice set in slate! Simply luxurious!

    Valérie says:

    Great brand! Would love to sleep in some of these sheets. But I must say, the cashmere blankets are really something! http://www.parachutehome.com/products/striped-cashmere-throw?variant=970654781

    Jessica says:

    Can’t ever go wrong with crisp white bedding! Saw the parachute feature on Cupcakes and Cashmere and have been coveting ever since

    Aleksandra says:

    I would love to try the bedding!

    Lauren R. says:

    Thanks for the giveaway! Everything is wonderful, especially this… http://www.parachutehome.com/products/striped-cashmere-throw?variant=970654801

    Anika says:

    Great opportunity!

    My favorite Parachute Home bedding is:
    1. White Percale Venice Sheet Set – http://www.parachutehome.com/products/percale-venice?variant=4208415041
    2. Pearl and Desert Sand Striped Cashmere Throw – http://www.parachutehome.com/products/striped-cashmere-throw?variant=970654785

    marla says:

    I love the powder parachute set. So calm and cooling

    Tiffany says:

    Absolutely in love with the Venice sheet sets in white and slate – tough decision! The striped cashmere throw is also gorgeous! What a fantastic giveaway…my fingers are crossed!

    I’m a first time home owner beginning my journey to make this house a home! I’m dying over these cashmere throws, a total must have for the master or guest bedroom.

    Erin A. says:

    We are desperate for new bedding! I think the Fog looks very dreamy: http://www.parachutehome.com/products/linen-duvet-cover?variant=4208064385

    Vel says:

    I would love the Sateen Venice set in QUEEN!

    Megan Lecy says:

    ohh the venice set is so amazing! having a dog that sheds constantly means i need bed sets in constant rotation. Hope to add this one! 🙂

    Madeleine Pasquariello says:

    My three faves would have to be the Linen Duvet Cover, Palm Tree Beach Towel, and Striped Cashmere Throw! Obsessed with everything I see on the site, wow!


    Emma says:

    I am so glad I know that Parachute exists now. I love how clean and simple everything is. If I had to pick a favorite, it’s the Percale Venice set in white.

    And the Pebble Gray cashmere throw. http://www.parachutehome.com/products/solid-cashmere-throw?variant=970651613

    So I guess I have more than one favorite.

    jody marie says:

    The sateen queen in powder would be like sleeping in a cloud!


    Grace says:

    I love the linen blend duvet sets 🙂

    Julie E says:

    I love the Percale sheet in Ash and the fireside candle!

    Eloquence says:

    Ooh, I love this set: http://www.parachutehome.com/products/percale-venice?variant=4208415105

    Imagine how lovely that would be~

    Adelaide says:

    The beach tote and percale sheet set are lovely!

    Maryclare says:

    You can’t go wrong with a gorgeous all-white bed set!

    ingrid says:

    The Percale Venice Set(Slate) set is beautiful: http://www.parachutehome.com/products/percale-venice?variant=4208415233
    Also loving the Striped Cashmere Throw (Pearl and Desert Sand):

    Sarah says:

    Even the sheets being folded they look like a snuggly, comfy cloud! I hope the Venice sheets to be mine!

    Kimberly O says:

    So crisp and clean, everything sounds so luxurious! I love love love cashmere throws, if I had the extra cash I would buy the striped cashmere throw in granite and fog.

    Clare says:

    I love the idea of waking up to soft, striped linen. And could top it off with this throw, for added coziness: http://www.parachutehome.com/products/striped-cashmere-throw?variant=970654785

    Andrea says:

    All of the bedding looks fantastic but this cashmere throw would be a treat. http://www.parachutehome.com/products/solid-cashmere-throw?variant=970651613

    Most definitely the Percale Venice Set in white

    and the

    Striped Cashmere Throw in Denim and Pebble Grey.

    But everything is looks so soft and clean.

    sawan says:

    This cashmere throw would be ever so nice to cuddle up in on the couch with my sweetie http://www.parachutehome.com/products/striped-cashmere-throw?variant=970654781

    Mandy Bryant says:

    Bedding is such a worthwhile investment! Whoa, am I a legit adult because I just said that? I love this luxuriously simple set: http://www.parachutehome.com/products/percale-venice?variant=4208415041

    elaina says:

    I’m loving any of the linen options! I hear that linen is super comfortable to sleep on and that it only gets better with time.

    Lindsay says:

    I always love white linen sheets.

    Julie says:

    Call me boring but I love a good set of white bedding

    The striped cashmere throw would be a great compliment

    My absolute favorite, would be amazing by the fire this fall!

    Lillian says:

    I’ve been wanting Parachute sheets for years!
    I love the Venice set in Percale White: http://www.parachutehome.com/products/percale-venice?variant=4208415041
    I also love the Palm Tree Beach Towel!

    Hope B. says:

    The sheets are lovely – I would add the duvet cover:

    molly says:

    The linen duvet cover in fog looks too good to be true!


    melinda says:

    i love, love, love percale venice set in powder. so clean and soothing. and the striped cashmere throw!

    Michelle P says:

    Ahh! The Parachute bedding is SO clean, beautiful and absolutely peaceful! I’d never leave my bedroom with these items!



    Roza says:

    Beautiful! I love the white linen duvet cover.

    marni says:

    Really digging the Percale Venice set in Powder. Would make for a perfect little bed cloud!


    Teresa says:

    that blue!! snuggly and chic.

    Nancy says:

    Really beautiful.

    hana says:

    i love the percale venice set!

    samae says:

    So much good stuff. And I was just looking for some new bedding.

    emma says:

    omg that striped cashmere throw is gorgeous http://www.parachutehome.com/products/striped-cashmere-throw?variant=970654801

    bri, you have the best giveaways!

    Allison says:

    The linen duvet cover in white looks like a dream. This may be my new favorite bedding site!

    Sammie Ellwood says:

    I’m literally on the hunt for new bedding right now! I need a comforter/duvet and a blanket and … well basically trying to makeover my entire room. The cashmere throw in blue would go so perfectly with everything I’m considering! http://www.parachutehome.com/products/striped-cashmere-throw?variant=970654781 I’m also in desperate need of new sheets and I’d love a percale one: http://www.parachutehome.com/products/percale-sheets?variant=4208399041

    selby says:

    i swear i’m not boring, but i just really love the plain white percale venice set, http://www.parachutehome.com/products/percale-venice?variant=4208415937

    i just want to jump into this bed.

    darcie says:

    The bedding sets look lovely. This cashmere throw looks perfect for winter!

    Emma says:

    Oh I could use new sheets! Love the idea of mixing set pieces! http://www.parachutehome.com/products/percale-venice?variant=4208415041

    Grace Lee says:

    That powder color looks so calming and heavenly among the Venice sets!

    Skylar says:

    Those cashmere throws are divine! Love the granite and light fog http://www.parachutehome.com/products/striped-cashmere-throw?variant=970654801

    Emily says:

    I love the cashmere throws!

    Brittany says:

    Love. Love. Love. All of the above.

    laura says:

    LOVE the venice set in powder – what a beautiful color! http://www.parachutehome.com/products/percale-venice?variant=4208415233

    I would also go for their all-season down duvet insert so that my new bedding looked and felt amazing too. 🙂

    Yuqi Khoo says:

    I’m so excited to see this! I’ve been searching for a quality linen place for awhile now and just found out about Parachute and I’ve been excitedly saving up to afford their beautiful bedding.

    I absolutely love: http://www.parachutehome.com/products/linen-duvet-cover?variant=4208064321

    I love the whole linen set: http://www.parachutehome.com/products/linen-fitted-sheet?variant=4208121409

    The hardest decision is whether I like the linen sets in white or fog as both are great soft neutrals!

    Melissa says:

    LOVE those cashmere throws!!

    Johanne Laurin-Castonguay says:

    I love the Dawn Duvet: http://www.parachutehome.com/collections/bedding-inserts

    Amy says:

    Gorgeous items – and I can only image how good the quality is!

    I love the striped cashmere throws and imagine that fireside scented candle is amazing!

    Robin W says:

    I just love this Percale Bedding Set in Ash/Queen:

    Thanks for the chance!

    Maren says:

    I’m about to move across the country, and I would love a new sheet set! http://www.parachutehome.com/products/percale-sheets?variant=4208398913

    Lindsey says:

    I have all white bedding right now, and while I love the clean look, I really like this linen duvet cover (http://www.parachutehome.com/products/linen-duvet-cover?variant=4208064385) for a touch of texture and color. It somehow makes everything seem cozier!

    Siobhan says:

    the striped cashmere throws look amazing, (http://www.parachutehome.com/products/striped-cashmere-throw?variant=970654781) cashmere is seriously one of the nicest fabrics and I imagine that is the snugglisest blanket ever.

    and who doesn’t love a good candle? The fireside (http://www.parachutehome.com/products/fireside-scented-candle?variant=4207912513) I am sure is amazing… I love the idea of a smokey fire smell!

    Betsie says:

    I love their stuff and we have the linen duvet cover on our wedding registry!

    emily surface says:

    My new apartment could definitely use a bedding upgrade! I love the sets…http://www.parachutehome.com/products/percale-venice?variant=4220023681.

    Also this cause I live in Palm Springs! http://www.parachutehome.com/products/palm-tree-tote-bag?variant=2484950849

    Moira says:

    Oooh. I’ve been looking into new bedding! This might be the spot!

    I love the Percale in Slate!

    Hilary says:

    If I HAD to pick favorites, I would chose the Down Duvet and matching Sateen Sheet set 😀 Thanks for the opportunity Bri!


    Lauren says:

    I love this white and grey cashmere throw, would look beautiful in my apartment! http://www.parachutehome.com/products/striped-cashmere-throw?variant=970654785
    Also love this beach tote! http://www.parachutehome.com/products/palm-tree-tote-bag?variant=2484992001

    denai says:

    I love all their products, the Venice set in white. total luxury!

    What a cool site! Their products look heavenly. I love their palm tree beach towel.
    xx Sydney

    Caitlin says:

    I’ve been needing to replace my sheets for ~forever now. The percale sheet sets look perfect!

    Kendall McKee says:

    I would LOVE to win this! My room has been needing a makeover! 🙂

    Kendall McKee says:


    I love how clean + minimalistic these sheets are!


    this dark grey would look stunning against the white sheets!

    Eeeppp, I want to win! 🙂

    Sarah Alves says:

    I love, love, love bedding that is beautiful and simple! Favorites from my little window shopping sesh include the PERCALE VENICE SET in Powder Blue and SOLID CASHMERE THROW in Pebble Gray <3



    Andrea says:

    have been thinking about linen bedding for a while now…this looks like a gorgeous, basic starter!

    Lily says:

    I love the idea of their percale sheet sets. I always get so hot at night and these sound lovely. And so classic looking in navy.

    Been following Parachute on IG for a while now. The very set you’re giving away is my favorite product!


    Christina says:

    The percale sheet set looks luxurious – love the slate color!

    Kerri says:

    The Venice! In Navy… Or slate. Or Navy…. Or Slate.

    but maybe Navy.

    Amy says:

    I’m in love with the Sateen Venice set in white – so fresh! http://www.parachutehome.com/products/sateen-venice?variant=4207939457

    Melissa says:

    This just looks so inviting! I so want to crawl into bed and fall asleep with this. So happy to know about this site now!


    mridula says:

    The percale sheet set in powder or ash or the same in venice sheet set
    What a great way to design your bed

    Svetlana says:

    Love! I want quality white sheets so badly.
    Also love this throw: http://www.parachutehome.com/products/striped-cashmere-throw?variant=970654801

    Parker Kabalan says:

    Sounds simple but I would love this duvet insert! It would be nice to have a fluffy bed to land in at bed time!

    kaylee says:

    Parachute seems like the Everlane of bedding! I love their simply designed website and how easy it is to find everything. What a beautiful company. I personally love the cashmere throws. They’re gorgeous and sophisticated.

    lindsey says:

    I have always been a pure-white bedding fan, even though I have a black cat 🙂 This bedding looks so nice!

    Here are my fav pieces:



    Kate R says:

    I love the aesthetic and premise of the Parachute brand! This duvet cover set would put my mind at ease every night before hopping into bed.


    Claire says:

    I also love the Venice set; clean white is so nice. It’s all so beautiful!! http://www.parachutehome.com/products/sateen-venice?variant=4207939457

    Stephanie H. says:

    LOVE that all-white Venice sheet set. It feels so great sleeping in all-white sheets – like being at a hotel!


    Melanie R. says:

    I love the cashmere throw in this pearl and sand color! Such a comforting calming color for a bedroom oasis!

    Dora says:

    Oh I love the Venice Set, but who can resist that beach towel? http://www.parachutehome.com/products/palm-tree-beach-towel?variant=4207902145

    Kristina says:

    This looks amazing! Yes, please!

    Ashley says:

    I just had to get rid of a large portion of my furniture/linens (financial bummer) and in looking for replacements, I am trying to introduce my family to the concept of minimalism + Scandinavian design – the Percale duvet cover in white would be perfectttttt! And that solid cashmere throw – to die for.


    Jerrica says:

    I know it’s hot outside… but I’d use the cashmere throw ALL the time. I love all the earthy, neutral colors.

    OMG. Love this! And the throw at the bottom! Gorgeous!

    chelsey says:

    love this company! and i’d defintiely want this striped throw! http://www.parachutehome.com/products/percale-venice?variant=4208415105

    Josie says:

    This cashmere throw look so buttery and soft. I’d love to cozy up with that and a good book during the chilly mornings.! http://www.parachutehome.com/products/striped-cashmere-throw?variant=970654801

    Diana says:

    The striped cashmere throw is so beautiful!

    And the palm tree tote looks perfect for a towel and beach necessities:

    Natalie says:

    The linen bed duvet set is pretty dreamy. Do they have a storefront to visit?

    Kate says:

    Could use a new set of sheets to brighten up my bedroom + a cashmere throw for once winter comes!

    Amanda says:

    Couldn’t love the venice set any more if i tried! Would love to win the white one as I am about to get married and decorate a new home!

    Danielle Nantau says:

    This is my favorite!!
    I totally am in love with it!

    Leigh H. says:

    I am in the processing of buying (!!!) my first place and would love to upgrade my thread-barren college sheets to real-life lady adult linens. The percale venice set in white would be a dream, along with the striped cashmere throw. I would also accent with Linen Shams in Fog.




    Oh, I hope I win!

    Abbi says:

    This grey stripped cashmere throw? Are you kidding? LOVE.

    Tricia Hope says:

    I love the cashmere throws in pebble grey.Thanks for the chance!

    Sophie says:


    I have been wanting to try linen bedding!!! fingers crossed

    Jackie Smith says:

    I would love the white venice bedding set! My comforter is in need of a nice upgrade!

    alexis says:

    This is so great, my fiance and I just got a new bed….I love the Venice Sets:


    fingers crossed!

    Kimberly says:

    Holy gorgeous! A Venice Set would look undeniably perfect in my Hollywood bungalow! Dying for quality like Parachute 🙂


    Eva-Marie says:

    I love parachute!! I really hope I win!! They also make really cute totes. http://www.parachutehome.com/products/palm-tree-tote-bag?variant=2484950849

    Danielle says:

    I am in a bland, beige apartment. I need an all-white bedding set. Love the Venice Queen!

    Cindy says:

    I have grey suede like walls in my bedroom and I love the idea of adding the sateen sheet set in powder as a slight pop of color. Its just enough to keep the space calming and still feel luxe.


    Alexis says:

    I think the signature Venice set with this cashmere throw http://www.parachutehome.com/products/striped-cashmere-throw?variant=970654801 would be a dream to come home to every day. Crossing my fingers to be that lucky girl.


    Heather grey is my favorite color, so for me, their color story is AMAZING! I personally love their “fog” color on this duvet. The denim and pebble grey throw is also beautiful!

    Erica says:

    Any of the Venice bedding sets would be perfection! Navy would be the perfect addition to my bedroom.

    alison wu says:

    this bedding looks heavenly! thank you for the opportunity.

    Angie M. says:

    Everything on their site looks so comfy! I love their cashmere throws! http://www.parachutehome.com/products/solid-cashmere-throw?variant=970651869

    Amanda Harris says:

    Holy cow this is a great business! They’re products seem so great for the home and for the budget. I can’t resist beautiful bedding like that either. I personally love the Solid Cashmere Throw in Pebble Grey (http://www.parachutehome.com/products/solid-cashmere-throw?variant=970651613) and the Queen Percale Venice Set in Slate (http://www.parachutehome.com/products/percale-venice?variant=4220023681).

    Kayla says:

    I’m upgrading my bed from a full to a queen, and a complete bedding set would be the best. The cashmere throws look super cozy too: http://www.parachutehome.com/products/striped-cashmere-throw?variant=970654781

    Molly says:

    The venice sheet set in white looks incredible!

    tan says:

    I would love the venice set in white!!!

    Chandra says:

    Aw perfect timing for this! I’m in desperate need of new bedding after years of the kitties *lovingly* destroying ours. I love the simple white:


    cyndi says:

    This looks fantastic! Everything on the site looks amazing. Thanks for the opportunity!

    Jamie says:

    Love the venice set in slate! Classic and lovely!

    Anna says:

    Everything about Parachute is calm, clean, crisp and comforting. Even the website makes my eyeballs feel like they are melting into Dreamworld. Being able to purchase a bundle without a top sheet is my dream! Lovely company.

    alissa says:

    What a gorgeous product line. Sleeping on a cloud? Yes, please!

    Their cashmere throws look absolutely divine! I love the color name “fog”.

    allie says:

    I am a sucker for fresh white sheets…so the venice sheet set! but also, how can you go past a duvet set in cotton and linen with a blue stripe! the whole site is my bedding DREAM! <3

    Rachel Ake says:

    The striped cashmere throws look great and would feel incredible! http://www.parachutehome.com/products/striped-cashmere-throw

    Aleta says:

    LOVE new bedding! This brand looks so clean and crisp! LOVE the venice sets… just like they do it in Italy! http://www.parachutehome.com/products/sateen-venice?variant=4220053633

    Caitlin says:

    I would love a new duvet insert!

    Emil says:

    I love this beautiful duvet set – would really like it for my dorm room!

    Arianna says:

    Absolutely love this brand! The venice sets look amazing! http://www.parachutehome.com/products/sateen-venice?variant=4207940801

    Rachel S. says:

    I’ll be honest, I’ve wanted to try these, but can’t justify that much on a set just in case we don’t like them. Buying any of the sleep related necessities gives me such anxiety! I think what they’re doing is wonderful though and hopefully I’ll be gutsy enough to go for it one day. Although winning a set would be even better. 🙂 ha!

    This tote is so cute:

    And I’d love the Sheet set and top sheet in white:

    Rachel says:

    Love the Venice set!

    Caraline says:

    Love this bedding so much! I would take this set in a heartbeat! http://www.parachutehome.com/products/linen-duvet-cover-set?variant=813675697

    Jenny says:

    Whenever I’m having a stressful day, I will click this link and immediately feel more calm: http://www.parachutehome.com/products/percale-sheets?variant=4208399041

    So lovely! If I worked any part of this photo shoot, I’d never want to go home.

    forrest says:

    If i had the fortune of winning this bag fulla brilliance, let me be clear: i’m a never leaving the bed. Ever*.

    (*well maybe for brunch and happy hour, but aside from that, i’m on permanent bedtime vacation).

    LaurenK says:

    The granite and light fog cashmere throw is a stunner! I would love to curl up and read a book with that beauty wrapped around me.

    Steven E. says:

    I would love to try the Venice Sateen set.

    kallie says:

    I love the Linen Duvet cover in Fog! I’m really into soft grey right now and using natural fibers in decorating. http://www.parachutehome.com/products/linen-duvet-cover?variant=4208064385

    But I seriously need some of the sateen pillow cases for my crazy hair! http://www.parachutehome.com/products/sateen-pillowcases?variant=4207988865

    Alexis Ross says:

    Love the crisp simplicity! I’d love a sheet set and duvet cover soooo much.
    White sheets and a sweet lined duvet cover, dreamy.

    Amy M. says:

    So beautiful. I especially love the striped cashmere throw: http://www.parachutehome.com/products/striped-cashmere-throw?variant=970654785

    Lousie says:

    I’m sure the sheets and bedding are great but I fell in love with the Palm Beach towel!

    Erica J says:

    These would be amazing! I need to replace the ones were using from my husbands bachelor days.

    Nick says:

    We just got engaged (and bought a new queen sized bed). My fiancé just loves these sheets… and this would be the perfect way to celebrate some big milestones in our life! http://www.parachutehome.com/collections/venice-sets

    Megan says:

    I am moving at the end of the month and am in desperate need of new bedding! I love the clean, simple venice set: http://www.parachutehome.com/products/percale-venice?variant=4208415041 So beautiful and minimal!

    Loren says:

    I’m always in need of new bedding and this stuff looks great (and soft). I think the Venice Powder is my favorite. http://www.parachutehome.com/products/percale-venice?variant=4208415233

    Colleen Clark says:

    I heard about them through The Rose Hotel in Venice and now they seem to be everywhere! So exciting! I’m in love with this cashmere throw! So dreamy. http://www.parachutehome.com/products/striped-cashmere-throw?variant=970654781

    Molly says:

    I don’t care that my husband digs in the dirt all day. You can’t get me away from clean white sheets!


    Arwen says:

    Oh My. So much beautiful! I loove that Cashmere Throw in the Granite and Light Fog, and that white Venice set is just lovely. I’m moving across the country in August and it would be absolutely brilliant to have the bedding for my new place all sorted!

    Kelsey says:

    Daydreaming of how crisp and clean my bedroom would look with the linen duvet cover in this calming, foggy-gray hue! Also, the Fireside candle sounds like the coziest scent for this fall and winter…



    laura says:

    love the linen duvet cover and the striped cashmere throws. so timeless!

    Sarah says:

    It’s taken me a while to really understand the difference having quality bedding makes! We were gifted some beautiful sheets for our wedding and it’s made all the difference! Unfortunately we graduated to a larger bed and now are in the market again. I’d definitely grab these babies:http://www.parachutehome.com/products/percale-venice?variant=4208416257

    Nasseme & Jason says:

    We just moved from the East Coast to what I believe might be the tiniest apartment in Toronto. So naturally we are on the hunt to outfit this tiny space with beautiful everyday items that will make our space sing with personality but not add unnecessary clutter.


    Roberta Williams says:

    The cashmere throw is so pretty (and cozy???):

    Also really into the powder color of the sateen venice set:

    Amanda Spadafora says:

    I LOVE The Venice in Percale: http://www.parachutehome.com/products/percale-venice?variant=4208415041
    The solid cashmere throw in pebble grey is also adorable and would look so cute with The Venice

    Isabelle E. says:

    I love the Sateen Sheet Set in white! I’ve always loved going to hotels simply for their fresh, crisp, and clean white sheets and it’d be wonderful to have some for my own bedroom! x

    Cari says:

    YESS! This might solve my sleep problems. I would be so excited to get the Fog linen duvet. I have been looking into Parachute and if I could win this, my dreams (since I would be sleeping better) would come true. I would have more time to dream bigger and better. LOVE the aesthetic. http://www.parachutehome.com/products/linen-duvet-cover?variant=4208064385 + http://www.parachutehome.com/products/down-duvet?variant=998937701 queen please!

    Zosha says:

    A white linen duvet cover has been at the top of my wishlist! http://www.parachutehome.com/products/linen-duvet-cover?variant=4208064321

    Cass says:

    I love the duvet covers. My boyfriend and I have been through way too many because we can’t agree on what we like…http://www.parachutehome.com/products/linen-duvet-cover-set?variant=813675709

    I love Parachute’s bedding, it would solve my quest for the perfect lived in feeling sheets! I especially love the Percale Venice Sheet set, it looks so soft and comfy!


    Taylor says:

    The simple elegance of this duvet set is just what I need to bring light and life to my room.

    emily says:

    My husband and I are in desperate need of new “adult” sheet sets. Love the simplicity and I think we’re ready for white sheets!!


    Elisa Leone says:

    I have been coveting their bedding for some time, would love an upgrade 🙂

    Loving this granite striped cashmere throw too!

    All in all, everything in their shop is beautiful!

    Amanda J. says:

    This giveaway is the perfect dream! Seriously love Parachute Bedding and all of their stunning bed sets and home decor. I’m absolutely in love with their Sateen Venice Set in White! It’s so simple and chic.. I love it! (http://www.parachutehome.com/products/sateen-venice?variant=4207939457)

    Jenn says:

    I’m loving the Venice set in Percale – talk about tranquil!


    Lori says:

    I love the crisp cool feeling of percale in the summer!

    Alison says:

    I LOVE parachute! Their sheets look sublime.

    While I am a firmly all-white-bed kinda girl, their new navy is very tempting:

    Carleen says:

    Oh my gosh – the white venice set is exactly what I’ve been looking for! We are redoing the bedroom this year and the white is so what I want 🙂


    Laura says:

    I just moved and am struggling to get new things for my apartment, a new bedding set would be amazing!!
    I love this one! Sateen Duvet Cover – Ash From $129

    Amanda! says:

    Percale Sheet Set -Pure white sheets! Can’t get enough of them.

    nora says:

    looooving Striped Cashmere Throw – Denim and Pebble Grey

    I have been lusting after this bedding FOREVER! The Venice set in white is my fave. http://www.parachutehome.com/products/percale-venice?variant=4208415041

    I also think the Denim and pebble cashmere throw is super cool, and will add the perfect ~vibes~ to my space: http://www.parachutehome.com/products/striped-cashmere-throw?variant=970654781

    Thank you so much brightening my days with your ever-inspiring and happy posts!

    Jen says:

    Love everything! I think the Linen Blend Duvet Set is my favorite 🙂

    Allison says:

    Love the color of the Ash sheet set: http://www.parachutehome.com/products/percale-venice?variant=4208415681

    Also those tote bags are pretty cute!

    Jamie says:

    Everything is so soothing and beautiful! I have my eye on this sateen powder blue duvet cover: http://www.parachutehome.com/products/sateen-duvet-cover?variant=4219961089

    Loooove the Sateen Venice set (http://www.parachutehome.com/products/sateen-venice?variant=4207940801) and the Striped Cashmere Throw in denim/pebble is STUNNING.

    Sasha says:

    NEED the Percale Venice Set in White. There’s nothing better than clean, white sheets! I’d also love the Fireside scented candles. Amber fragrance is my fav!

    stephanie says:

    Love the Percale Venice Sheets. Percale is SOOOO hard to fine! I love the look of a crisp white sheets…it feels like I’m sleeping in heaven.

    Casey Orloff says:

    love the sateen white venice set!

    Sandy Ho says:

    Absolutely beautiful! I love the Linen Duvet Cover in Fog.
    Fingers and toes crossed!

    Diane Troxell says:

    Lovely. I love a white bedroom to create that relaxing spa feeling.

    nicole b. says:

    I recently moved into a new apt and would love to win new bedding. I was just looking at their site yesterday! I love the Venice set in ash: http://www.parachutehome.com/products/percale-venice?variant=4208415105

    Thanks for the chance to win! I’m inspired by your health posts and thinking about you tons, lady. Keep it up. xo

    [email protected]

    joanna says:

    love the sateen set to replace the ones I ruined in the wash with an ink pen!

    Claire says:

    Love this linen duvet cover! I’ve been looking for a store that offered a large selection of simple neutral bedding in a variety of textures!


    and this cashmere throw is so nice too!


    Margaret H says:

    I love it all but especially the throws http://www.oarachutehome.com/products solid-cashmere thro variant=970651613

    Rebecca says:

    Oh my! Exactly what I need! My sweet kitty destroyed my duvet cover for my guest bedroom and I am in dire need of new bedding for that room before my German house guests arrive next month! I LOVE the Linen blend duvet set in Sand, the Venice set in white, and the Striped Cashmere throw in Denim!

    ellen says:

    Heard so much about this brand, but unfortunately can’t afford it. Here’s my chance! White sheets scare me a little but look so gorgeous. Love these: http://www.parachutehome.com/products/percale-venice?variant=4208415105

    Maya Lagutin says:

    Really want to have one fresh clean and amazing set!
    Me and my friends in Tel Aviv absolutely adore your Nordic style and it cools the Mediterranean weather for us 🙂

    Maya Lagutin says:

    My comment above..

    Michelle says:

    The linen duvet set is perfection! Love the recipes on the blog as well.

    melissa says:

    Two words: cashmere throws.

    I want one in every color, but I support I can just settle for this one in denim and pebble grey (http://www.parachutehome.com/products/striped-cashmere-throw?variant=970654781). So cozy!!

    Lesley says:

    Their simple white Venice set looks heavenly. Thanks for the chance to win!

    Amber says:

    Love the Solid Cashmere Throw in Pebble Grey. So gorgeous!

    Kelly says:

    Linen Duvet Cover – White

    Beautiful and simple!

    Carina says:

    The linen duvet is so beautiful!

    Kayla says:

    Love their bedding! Nothing against our Target sheets but we’d love an upgrade, especially an upgrade to the white percale Venice set.

    McKenna says:

    We live in Arizona and LOVE having percale sheets! They seriously breathe so much better than other sheets I have owned. We need a duvet cover and would also appreciate a second set of sheets. That would be quite the luxury 🙂


    rachel cartucci says:

    http://www.parachutehome.com/products/linen-duvet-cover-set?variant=813675709 here is a set that looks amazing and comfy…I want it!

    Tabby says:

    I just bought a new duvet so this must be kismet! Those duvet cover sets in linen are divine!

    brittonrae says:

    I would LOVE the Sateen Sheet Set in Ash. I’m moving into a new place in September & am figuring out my color scheme… It’s going to be various shades of greys, with complements from dusty blues & purples. This would fit right in!

    Amy says:

    Great giveaway! I’ve been looking for the perfect white duvet cover for ages. I love this one.

    Kate Walmer says:

    I LOVE the cashmere throw blanket in Denim! It reminds me of would match our bedroom perfectly! The candles are lovely as well!

    Stacy Carlson says:

    LOVED the Striped Cashmere Throw – Granite and Light Fog. I can see us curled up on the couch with this.

    P. Pearson says:

    I love, love, love the sateen sheet set in slate! I have a black dog and a brand new black rescue kitten, so needless to say hair is EVERYWHERE. This color would perfectly mask the fur!

    Side note: the striped cashmere throws are amazeballs too!

    Cheryl says:

    Love the linen duvets!!!

    Kate says:

    That bed set is so gorgeous!! My second favorite has to be the beach totes; love the simplicity of the symbols in this one: http://www.parachutehome.com/products/sleep-with-us-tote-bag?variant=2485073985

    Erin says:

    Lovely giveaway! Anything that reminds me of Amalfi is a verrrry good thing!
    http://www.parachutehome.com/products/linen-duvet-cover-set?variant=813675709 This linen duvet cover and http://www.parachutehome.com/products/striped-cashmere-throw?variant=970654801 this striped cashmere throw are my particular faves!

    Radhika Khan says:

    I need the Percale Venice Set in Navy!!!

    Kimberley says:

    The Linen Duvet Cover in Fog is amazing! xx

    Tracy says:

    In desperate need of a new duvet.. love this all season one: http://www.parachutehome.com/products/down-duvet
    I also love the venice set in powder http://www.parachutehome.com/collections/venice-sets
    my absolute favorite is the duvet set http://www.parachutehome.com/products/linen-duvet-cover-set?variant=813675697

    I’m so excited! oooh 🙂

    Rachel Primeau says:

    I’ve been looking for the perfect white bedding for quite some time now! Reading a lot about the importance of making the bedroom a “sanctuary”, and Parachute seems to have figured out how to do it perfectly!

    Love the cashmere throw in pebble grey: http://www.parachutehome.com/products/solid-cashmere-throw?variant=970651613

    The palm tree beach blanket is great! http://www.parachutehome.com/products/palm-tree-beach-towel?variant=4207902145

    And I adore the Sleep With Us tote in red! http://www.parachutehome.com/products/sleep-with-us-tote-bag?variant=2482620993

    Danielle Tocker says:

    The cashmere throws are lovely-I want them all http://bit.ly/1OmW0ks

    We need new bedding so my fingers are crossed.

    Lauraq says:

    The cashmere throws are my favs!

    Korin A. says:

    These in the palest of blue: http://www.parachutehome.com/products/percale-shams?variant=4208386561

    And this: http://www.parachutehome.com/products/striped-cashmere-throw?variant=970654785

    But mostly I wish to “transform my bed into a cloud of comfort” – UM, YES PLEASE.

    Emilia says:

    Love the throws as well. They add a bit of color to a classy set.

    Hannah-Lee says:

    I’m 27, moved into my first roommate-free 😉 apartment on Saturday and I need this: http://www.parachutehome.com/products/percale-venice?variant=4208415937

    Emilia says:

    oops forgot my link

    Casey says:

    I just moved across the country and it would be wonderful to be able to start fresh with the Venice set: http://www.parachutehome.com/products/percale-venice.

    Sarah says:

    This bedding looks amazing and the linen top sheet sounds incredible! http://www.parachutehome.com/products/linen-top-sheet?variant=4208084033

    emily z says:

    i am in LOVE with the white wedding set. looks like a hotel bed set, so crisp.

    also the denim and pebble gray throw. amazing

    Megan Davis says:

    Is it weird that I’m kind of obsessed with this in ash?

    maggie says:

    This is such an amazing giveaway! I am obsessed with this cashmere throw: Striped Cashmere Throw – Denim and Pebble Grey

    Please, please, please! Crossing my fingers for this one.

    carpanko says:

    Would love the Venice bed set! Luxurious!

    Tanya Val says:

    Aside from the GORGEOUS bedding, I love the Striped Cashmere Throw!


    Caroline says:

    Being from france I grew up sleeping in super soft bedding and mohair blankets. Im in love with the cashmere throws, they remind me of the mohair blankets. All the stripes remind me of vintage striped mattresses. Its a childhood connection I have with the parachute collection. Its very special, I love it, and i have for a long time.

    Kelley Moore says:

    I love white linen bed sets

    Julia A says:

    Parachute has been on my radar, I just need to convince my bf that we really need new sheets (and we do!) so this giveaway is perfect. He’ll realize that Parachute is an amazing brand and we can throw those other sheets away! And then buy some more pillow cases because <3

    I love the Percale Venice set http://www.parachutehome.com/products/percale-venice?variant=4208415041

    And this throw is lovely http://www.parachutehome.com/products/striped-cashmere-throw?variant=970654801

    This cheeky tote is awesome

    Michelle Warnke says:

    eee! crossing my fingers hard for this one.
    this cashmere throw is my fave http://www.parachutehome.com/products/striped-cashmere-throw?variant=970654785

    I like the sand duvet set too! http://www.parachutehome.com/products/linen-duvet-cover-set?variant=813675709

    Jamie says:

    I’ve been dying for some linen sheets and these look amazing! http://www.parachutehome.com/products/linen-fitted-sheet?variant=4208121473

    Rose says:

    this is beautiful!
    I love the clean, simple style they have on their site!

    Taylor says:

    That all white bedding looks incredible! Also loving this throw, looks cozy! http://www.parachutehome.com/products/striped-cashmere-throw?variant=970654781

    Elise L says:

    I’ve always wanted a white set ! such a luminous look for a bedroom ! 🙂

    Heidi says:

    I love love love everything! But especially the percale sheet set in Navy. I just broke up with my boyfriend and could really use some beautiful new sheets as a symbol of my new-found independence! That Navy would look excellent in my new bedroom. – Heidi

    Corey Morgan says:

    I’ve been dreeeeeeaming of a new bed set!! swoon!

    Natalie Parker says:

    Love love this down duvet, looks like a cloud!

    kelley says:

    Love your blog and especially all your travel posts. We are heading to Amsterdam in the fall and I’m using your posts as a guide. 🙂

    Kristina M says:

    the sateen sheet set in powder looks magical!

    kat says:

    This looks so soft–http://www.parachutehome.com/products/solid-cashmere-throw?variant=970651613

    Jasmine says:

    love the striped cashmere throw!

    jen says:

    Oh what a great giveaway. Exciting for once that I can enter too as I am moving to Australia at the end of August and have just had to put all my bedding here in storage. So what better way to start my life over in Aus than with The Venice in Percal (http://www.parachutehome.com/products/percale-venice?variant=4208415041), it looks so clean and crisp and beautiful! I think it would be a great start point for styling my new room. ( The cashemere throw in granite is darn tasty too).

    Christa says:

    I love everything. I just upgraded to nice sheets and it makes a huge difference. I would love this too http://www.parachutehome.com/products/down-duvet?variant=998937809

    Ansley says:

    LOVE the pebble grey cashmere throw! Well I really love all of them, but especially that one. The simple white bedding set is also amazing, so beautiful and classic.

    kyle stewart says:

    the cashmere throw is TO DIE FOR.

    love love love!

    marty says:

    Oooh, dreamy sets, all of them. I love that Powder color in the Venice set, or crisp clean White percale:



    Caitlin L says:

    I love the bedding set in slate, and the cashmere throw in denim and pebble grey 🙂

    Sarah says:

    I want everything on that site, basically. But this cashmere throw is Ah-mazing.


    ps please pick me a I rrrrrrrreally need new bedding.

    Hi! My husband & I just set up house & would be so grateful to win this giveaway! My favorite product is: http://www.parachutehome.com/products/striped-cashmere-throw?variant=970654801

    Sarah Kleinman says:

    I have had my eye on the Linen Blend Duvet Set for Ages!! This would transform my bedroom!!!

    Tricia says:

    oooh, that striped cashmere throw in granite and light fog is dreamy!

    Dani says:

    Loving the linen look at the moment for bedding. Just got a new bed and would love to see this little beauty on it.

    …and why not a throw to go on top.

    Kate says:

    I’ve been lusting over quality sheets. (Still haven’t got the $$$ to graduate to a non hand me down set.)

    The striped cashmere throw looks decadent!


    Kirsten says:

    http://www.parachutehome.com/products/sateen-venice?variant=4207940993 but my VERY favorite is this one here because I am working on an ocean based theme for my bedroom. I love the sea.. http://www.parachutehome.com/products/linen-duvet-cover-set?variant=813675697

    Chelsea Greiwe says:

    I like to dream about sleeping on clouds. The white sateen Venice set would make those dreams come to fruition. It’s lovely. http://www.parachutehome.com/

    Jessica A says:

    I am in desperate need of a new set of sheets, and the Venice set in Percale sound absolutely dreamy!


    Bekah Meyer says:

    Love new sheets! Makes home like hotel living. Especially clean, crisp white sheets…http://www.parachutehome.com/products/percale-sheets?variant=4208398913

    Alex says:

    It’s so simple but I love the linen duvet cover in fog– just the right neutral: http://www.parachutehome.com/products/linen-duvet-cover?variant=4208064385

    Lauren says:

    Love white bedding!

    tyne says:

    http://www.parachutehome.com/products/sateen-venice?variant=4207939585 I like the products in ash and white. It is so hard to choose!

    Leslie Rossi says:

    Lovely bedding! My favourites are the Percale sheet set (http://www.parachutehome.com/products/percale-sheets?variant=4208398913) and Striped Cashmere throw in Granite and Light Fog!


    Martha Crandall says:

    the pictures make you want to have night to come in so you can relax in such wonderful linen – I have been thinking of changing mine and this line is something I would look into.

    Margaux says:

    Such beautiful bedding! I’m in the proccess of redoing my bedroom and would love such classic linens!

    This sham is incredibly chic!

    Abraham Park says:

    The Venice Set in ash is something worth buying.

    Hanna says:

    I’m not sure I would leave my bed if I had this dreamy bedding!!!

    Amanda says:

    Wow, so lovely! Perfect for any season.

    My bed is most definitely my sanctuary. The sheet sets and cashmere blankets look heavenly. The down duvet insert caught my eye as well! I’ve never heard of Parachute, but I’m glad I do now!

    Danielle Zevely says:

    My bed is most definitely my sanctuary. The sheet sets and cashmere blankets look heavenly. The down duvet insert caught my eye as well! I’ve never heard of Parachute, but I’m glad I do now!


    Kelly says:

    Love the linen duvet in the fog color. What a beautiful color! Also the striped cashmere throw is amazing. I want it all!

    sheri monzon says:

    Clean and crisp with soft what a bed

    Janelle says:

    I love everything, but the white linen duvet cover looks AMAZING for summer! http://www.parachutehome.com/products/linen-duvet-cover?variant=4208064321

    Stella Stahl says:

    what more could a girl need besides a good set of linen sheets? and maybe like, a glass of rosé.

    looking good in white:

    Brenda Penton says:

    I love the Navy Sateen Sheet Set http://www.parachutehome.com/products/sateen-sheets?variant=4207959873 and the Navy Sateen Duvet Cover http://www.parachutehome.com/products/sateen-duvet-cover?variant=4219961217

    Looks so luxurious and comfy!

    Ella says:

    that striped cashmere throw must be mine! combo with a navy percale duvet cover.

    ava says:

    love this cheeky tote! feels like summer in venice beach with a dose of italian clean lines

    Mariève says:

    Such beautiful products! Love the Percale Venice set (White) + the Striped Cashmere throw (Granite and Light Fog)!

    Elisabeth Bender says:

    I’m so in love with the cashmere throws!! Gorgeous!

    Jessica says:

    http://www.parachutehome.com/products/solid-cashmere-throw?variant=970651613 I love the cashmere throws! I’m moving soon, so I’m really glad I found out about this gorgeous bedding 🙂

    Rebecca Chadwick says:

    Love the linen blend duvet set in sea. The pretty blue stripes are fab!


    The striped cashmere throw is gorgeous and I’m sure super snugly!


    Christina says:

    way too many things to love!!! But I especially love this throw! http://www.parachutehome.com/products/striped-cashmere-throw?variant=970654801

    Carol Massumoto says:

    Love this Striped CAshmere Throw: http://www.parachutehome.com/products/striped-cashmere-throw?variant=970654801
    And the Brand’s Giving Back Program <3

    Carly says:

    The white duvet covers! How boring! but so clean looking.

    Courtney Grace says:

    Love the striped cashmere throw blanket in granite and light fog!

    Vanessa Moduno says:

    I am a huge fan of this pebble gray beaut.


    I love white so I love all the white bedding


    My favorite time of years are fall and winter because of bonfires and snuggly sweaters. This is my pick for candle scent.



    Rachelle Ranck says:

    New bedding would be such a luxurious treat! I love this duvet sethttp://www.parachutehome.com/products/linen-duvet-cover-set?variant=813675709
    And some crisp white sheets to go with it http://www.parachutehome.com/products/sateen-sheets?variant=4207959681
    Sounds heavenly!

    Ji Zen says:

    If i have these on mb bed, I don’t think ever leave it…

    I love love this duvet set! Simple, classic, and a little artsy which will go perfectly with my apartment 🙂 !!!

    Claire says:

    They look so fresh and comfortable! I enter the giveaway of course! Thank you!

    Kristin says:

    http://www.parachutehome.com/products/percale-sheets?variant=4220118657– I love these slate colored sheets, they’d be beautiful in our studio apartment where our bed is part of the public area of the house!

    Grace says:

    I love their cashmere throws!

    victoria says:

    I love it!I have been DYING for a white bedding set. and this throw would go perfectly in my room! http://www.parachutehome.com/products/striped-cashmere-throw?variant=970654801

    Cindy Aiton says:

    The Percale Venice Set in White and Striped Cashmere Throw in Granite and Light Fog are beautiful. Thank you so much for offering yet another amazing giveaway!



    Laura says:

    The perfect grey is so elusive, but Parachute is on pointe with their luxurious cashmere throw in Pebble Grey! http://www.parachutehome.com/products/solid-cashmere-throw?variant=970651613

    I’m also loving the Linen Duvet cover in Fog. http://www.parachutehome.com/products/linen-duvet-cover?variant=4208064385 Lovely & luxe in a minimalist setting. Well done, Parachute!

    Emma says:

    Lots of choices! I currently have sheets that are a color kinda like Slate, but I think Navy might be pretty cool too. I like that the duvet covers use buttons to keep them closed–I’ve had some bad experiences with duvets shifting around inside IKEA duvet covers. I like the fog color of the linen duvet cover.

    Patty says:

    I’d love either the white or ash Venice set. Gorgeous and simple!

    Brittany says:

    This company sounds awesome and I’m in desperate need of a new duvet and cover. Would love to win the SATEEN VENICE SET.


    I love the throws as well!


    Levi says:

    We finally splurged and bought linen pillow cases and a fitted sheet recently – I’d love to get duvet covers like this (especially since it’s been such a hot summer in Vancouver): http://www.parachutehome.com/products/linen-duvet-cover?variant=4208064385
    A couple of new beach towels would be nice too!

    Scout says:

    That is beautiful bedding! I love white sheets. Toss on that pebble grey throw – perfect!

    Lauren says:

    Love this cashmere throw! (And the other colors, too!) http://www.parachutehome.com/products/solid-cashmere-throw?variant=970651869

    tiffany says:

    I’m loving this set http://www.parachutehome.com/products/sateen-venice?variant=4220053633
    I’m in serious need of new bedding too! Great stuff!

    allison wheeler says:

    i’d love to have the sateen sheet set in white! perfect for our new place!

    Kathleen says:

    I love, love, love the cashmere throw in pebble grey!


    I’m also really digging the Sleep With Us Tote Bag in indigo.


    And, of course, the classic Linen Blend Duvet Set in sand.


    Cheers! Thanks for hosting the giveaway.

    Kate F says:

    Loving the granite/fog blanket–and love that their sets include fitted sheet & duvet cover! Down with top sheets!

    Going to bed dreaming of a night when I can sink into the Parachute Sateen Sheet Set in Navy…my favorite color.
    Sweet Dreams!

    Meredith says:

    I always wanted a white bedding set, and the Percale Venice Set looks heavenly. I would love to relax with that bad boy.
    And while I’m relaxing, let’s throw in this grey cashmere throw (I had to, haha): http://www.parachutehome.com/products/solid-cashmere-throw?variant=970651613

    Kristen M says:

    Beautiful bedding. I love the linen “sea” blend. A perfect look for my dream beach inspired bedroom.

    mary frances says:

    The Linen Duvet Set in Sea (http://www.parachutehome.com/collections/duvet-cover-sets) is so DREAMY!!!! If I can’t live by the sea, perhaps this will make me feel a little bit closer to it! 😉

    The cashmere throws look so snuggly!!! Is snuggly a word? I think it should be! http://www.parachutehome.com/products/striped-cashmere-throw?variant=970654781

    Rebecca says:

    I love the linen blend duvet set in sea but it’s tough to pick just one.
    Thanks for the opportunity!

    Darcie says:

    It’s all so pretty! I love the Linen Duvet Cover Set – but I can’t pick a favourite colour http://www.parachutehome.com/products/linen-duvet-cover-set?variant=813675709

    The throws are so nice too.. http://www.parachutehome.com/products/striped-cashmere-throw?variant=970654781

    mag says:

    i LOVE the pearl and desert sand cashmere throw! looks so soft.

    Marin says:

    This striped cashmere throw is beautiful. I would love to snuggle up in it.


    EVERYTHING about this linen duvet. I especially love the way they have styled the bed in the photo.


    Love this giveaway Bri!

    Effie H says:

    I’m in love with the sateen sheet set in powder And the cashmere throw in desert sand. Such beautiful bedding.



    Rachel says:

    Such dreamy bedding! My favs are:


    STRIPED CASHMERE THROW in Granite/Light Fog and Denim/Pebble Grey

    Britt says:

    I want to sleep on a cloud! This would do it, love it http://www.parachutehome.com/products/percale-venice?variant=4208416257

    Martine Nash says:

    http://www.parachutehome.com/products/percale-venice?variant=4208415233 swooning hard! so so perfect for the new guest room! xx

    marian boll says:

    The all white bedroom looks so calling to me!!!!!

    Love it

    Arielle says:

    I’m a sucker for anything white and dove grey – so the granite and light fog cashmere throw tickles my fancy!

    Charlene says:

    Wow wow wow the Percale Venice Set looks sooo nice http://www.parachutehome.com/products/percale-venice?variant=4208415041
    The Pebble Gray Cashmere is also a beauty http://www.parachutehome.com/products/solid-cashmere-throw?variant=970651613
    It’s also great that they partner with Nothing but Nets 🙂
    Thank you!!

    Meredith says:

    http://www.parachutehome.com/products/linen-duvet-cover?variant=4208064321 The fabric on these linen duvet covers looks so so so heavenly! I think a bedding addiction might have just been born…

    Marissa says:

    This throw looks so so cozy!

    I would also love to snuggle up under this duvet cover.

    Thanks for the great site suggestion!

    Piia says:

    Beautiful! Love the linen blend set!

    Janelle says:

    The Venice Percale set in Powder – it might keep me icy cool during the upcoming Aussie summer…it’s worth a shot.

    Jessica says:

    I love the Solid cashmere throws!
    The Venice in Sateen also looks so good! A whole set that matches perfectly!

    Laurel says:

    I love a good white linen sheet set! Would love to get a Doona cover in linen and really step up the luxe in my bedroom. Great giveaway! I’m stoked it’s open to Aussies!!

    Amber Evetts says:

    I’m moving into my first house next week and new bedding would be the icing on the cake. In this case, incredibly beautiful luxurious icing.
    <3<3<3 Their Desert Sand cashmere throw. I've been eyeing it for awhile now!

    Mikaelah says:

    What a lovely giveaway! All the products are amazing but I adore the sateen venice set http://www.parachutehome.com/products/sateen-venice?variant=4220053633 and the pebble grey cashmere throw http://www.parachutehome.com/products/solid-cashmere-throw?variant=970651613
    Such amazing bedding!

    Laura says:

    I LOVE the classic white Venice in Percale http://www.parachutehome.com/products/percale-venice?variant=4208415041

    And I really like the pebble grey cashmere! http://www.parachutehome.com/products/striped-cashmere-throw?variant=970654781

    We are having a baby in a few weeks, and it would be so lovely to have a new set of sheets to climb into, post labour, to snuggle with our newborn x

    Ally says:


    Love the percale Venice sheet set…looks so cozy! Especially in the white or slate grey colors!

    Courtney B. says:

    The Striped Cashmere Throw in Granite and Light Fog!


    Danica M says:

    I’ve been looking for a nice duvet for about 2 years and haven’t found one that hits the spot; these look amazingly comfortable and are available in a hypoallergenic alternative!

    Yvonne Tabaracci says:

    I love the Linen Blend Duvet Set in Sea. I love everything here. Thank you.

    MB Bobbitt says:

    Beautiful stuff! Love the clean lines and fresh style. Thank you for sharing!

    Christy says:

    I could add every single page from this site as my favorite products!

    This down duvet though (smiley emoji with hearts for eyes):

    White on white is the only way to go:

    Kayleigh says:

    I love the granite and light fog cashmere throw!

    Stephanie M says:

    Beautiful stuff!

    Totally dreaming of sleeping under the white Peracle Duvet Cover

    With my head resting on these awesome Linen Pillow Cases

    And relaxing on the Linen Fitted Sheet

    With a Solid Cashmere Throw in Pebble – (gorgeous colour!)

    Meghan Culligan says:

    Love everything on this site! So adorable and looks so cozy! My husband and I have such bad allergies and the down alternative duvet would be perfect for us:


    We also just bought our first home and would loooove a new set of beautiful sheets. The percale venice set white looks so nice


    Kristin says:

    I’m getting married in the fall and have been on the hunt for the perfect duvet. The linen duvet in Sea is ideal – timeless and versatile!


    Catherine says:

    I’ve always dreamed of having an all white, fluffy bed with layers and layers of soft bedding. What a great giveaway!


    The cashmere throw is just lovely!

    jeannine glen says:

    I love the clean lines and fresh style. I also love the venice style. thank you for the giveaway. good luck everyone

    Erin Ellis says:

    Love this sheet set:

    Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.
    ErinLoves2Run at gmail dot com

    carrie says:

    they are getting so much web traffic, huh? <3

    linen duvet cover in fog:

    and a fireside candle:

    and all of the rest of it please.

    Molly Peach says:

    Love those cashmere throws!!! And this bedding is amazing.

    Raine says:

    I really love the Venice set in Slate, gorgeous color!

    Raine says:

    This is my other favorite, the cashmere throws are beautiful. I had to leave two separate comments as I couldn’t put two links together on my mobile, sorry 🙂

    HB says:

    A plain linen fitted sheet is good enough for me! I actually don’t sleep with a flat sheet, I like it plain and simple! http://www.parachutehome.com/products/linen-fitted-sheet?variant=4208121409

    Gab says:

    call me old-fashioned, but i fancy a fresh set of white sheets for my new queen bed. bf and i are still sleeping on the starter sheets we got at ikea. http://www.parachutehome.com/products/sateen-sheets?variant=4207960513

    Paula says:

    The Parachute bedding has been on my wishlist for months now! I have been eyeing the Percale Venice Set – White (http://www.parachutehome.com/products/percale-venice?variant=4208415041) but I also love the cashmere throw in Desert Sand (http://www.parachutehome.com/products/solid-cashmere-throw?variant=970651869)! Thank you very much for the opportunity.

    samharris says:

    Our bed is over 20 years old and we could use this.

    Juli says:

    I love this fitted sheet! We don’t use a top sheet, it ends up on the floor.

    Brigitte Inderbitzin says:


    Sarah Tinken says:

    Love the white Venice set and this grey throw :

    Kristina D. says:

    I am in need of new bedding and would love this linen sea duvet set. Appears to be great quality that would last for years. Great great great! http://www.parachutehome.com/products/linen-duvet-cover-set?variant=813675709

    Heather Baleka says:

    The cashmere throws look so unbelievably comfy! LOVE!

    Sean MacDonald says:

    Love the minimalism. So Bahaus.

    Sallie says:

    Slate looks so high class, especially paired with a light duvet and yellow and turquoise throw pillows. Simple and appealing!

    Lightweight duvets are so necessary. This looks cozy and perfect for a warmer fall night or a terribly cold winter night!

    Nicole says:

    Love the venice set in powder! Tossing on the striped cashmere throw too is simple, elegant and understated



    Sarah Fox says:

    Awesome giveaway! There’s just something about striped linens that makes me fall in love! http://www.parachutehome.com/products/linen-duvet-cover-set?variant=813675697

    Chloe says:

    I’m a sucker for white sheets!


    And I absolutely love the cream color of this throw with the warm hint of desert sand. Wow.


    Meg says:

    The striped cashmere throws are perfect. I want to snuggle up with a good book and cup of tea (and your blog, of course…)! Gorgeous! http://www.parachutehome.com/products/striped-cashmere-throw?variant=970654801

    Karissa says:

    Simple, luxurious plain white bedding is so my jam! I love the grey cashmere throw! And their tote bags look exceptional!

    amanda says:

    Beautiful! The Venice set is really great.

    Nothing like the classic simplicity & quality of anything made in Europe. Class personified; tried & true for life. So understated yet dripping in panache. Must come home with me!

    Angela says:

    This throw is the missing piece to my tiny little New York apartment (aka one big bedroom). Although, I wouldn’t be upset if any of these items made their way into my cart.

    Paula says:

    Oh! I would love to win this! My favorite is the Venice set: http://www.parachutehome.com/products/percale-venice?variant=4208415041

    Adrienne says:

    I love the Gray Striped Cashmere Throw! http://www.parachutehome.com/products/striped-cashmere-throw?variant=970654801

    Also, I’ve been needing a new duvet cover, and I’m loving this classic white one: http://www.parachutehome.com/products/percale-duvet-cover?variant=4219912961

    s.w. says:

    These are my favorite : Linen Blend Duvet Set – Sand and Percale Shams – Navy

    Annie Slocum says:

    LOVE the Cashmere throws!!!

    Rachel says:

    < to waking up on the right side of the bed.

    Christina says:

    What an absolute dream! I love the pebble grey cashmere throw: http://www.parachutehome.com/products/solid-cashmere-throw?variant=970651613 and the Sleep With Us Tote in canvas is adorable: http://www.parachutehome.com/products/sleep-with-us-tote-bag?variant=2485155969

    Allyssa says:

    The cashmere throws are lovely! Really loving the pebble grey one! http://www.parachutehome.com/products/solid-cashmere-throw?variant=970651613

    jULIE says:

    Love love hotel type pillow [email protected]

    Doris says:

    Here is my fave: Percale Venice Set – Powder

    Ashley says:

    I love the Striped Cashmere Throw – Pearl and Desert Sand! It would look so amazing on my bed with my new white linen sheets!

    Hannah says:

    Simplicity is key. & this whole set strikes me as that exactly. Want, most definitely.

    Libby H says:

    The linen duvet covers are beautiful, just what I’ve been looking for to replace my old cover

    I could really use a new duvet insert!

    Erin says:

    Beautiful, simple and classic. I love the white Percale Venice Set and Striped Cashmere Throw in Denim!

    Angela says:

    Beautiful and fresh, just as you described. The color choices are perfect, though I’m always drawn to white.


    Alyssa Gritzmacher says:

    Love the cashmere throw!! Can I just wrap myself in it now, please?!


    Danielle says:

    These throws are gorgeous! The pebble gray is my favorite.

    Irene Newstead says:

    I love them all and would love to win the duvet cover.

    Mandy says:

    Oh my gosh, everything is gorgeous.

    This tote is right up my alley,
    And I’m pretty sure this set would look amazing in any room.

    Hazel says:

    Aside from their comfy duvets and sleep sets, I love their navy tote bag http://www.parachutehome.com/products/sleep-with-us-tote-bag?variant=2485073985

    kristin says:

    I’ve been wanting grey sheets for awhile now. These look so nice! http://www.parachutehome.com/products/sateen-sheets?variant=4220091649

    Isabel G says:

    Love the linen duvet cover in Fog!

    WOW – I was just looking for bedding for our bedroom makeover. These would be absolutely perfect! The cashmere throws are beautiful especially the pearl and desert sand. http://www.parachutehome.com/products/striped-cashmere-throw?variant=970654785

    Stephanie Shearer says:

    Loving all this bedding – we are redecorating, so this would be perfect!!!

    Andrea says:

    There’s something perfect about all white bedding. It’s just inviting you to take a nap. The percale venice set would basically make me never want to leave my bed. http://www.parachutehome.com/collections/venice-sets

    SWxo says:

    The Venice Set in white percale. So soft and classic.. fingers crossed!

    e michelle says:

    i like the lien blend seems like i can have it on all the time…it looks light enough to be cool and heavy enough to warm me up but not overheat!

    Kat H says:

    I love the Venice bed set as well!!

    Rachel C says:

    We’re moving to a new place in September and the white bedding would look stunning in our master bedroom!

    Solly Shwaba says:

    The venice set looks good would love to spend nights on one. Wonder what I would be dreaming about in such softness.

    Katherine says:

    I LOVE this big, pretty Euro shams!

    Leonor says:

    My favorite is the STRIPED CASHMERE THROW <3

    Emma says:

    My boyfriend and I just moved in together and both of our previous bed sets were either his mix and match dude set or my overly girly set. I love the Venice in Percale, it is neutral and so soothing! http://www.parachutehome.com/products/percale-venice?variant=4208415745

    Chris says:

    The striped cashmere throw is gorgeous and would go great with a lightly colored comforter!


    Stephanie says:

    I’ve been wanting a King Linen Duvet in white for quite some time!


    Oh, and I can’t forget about the Giving Back section. I love that the company does that!

    My husband and I would simply love, love, love to have this. We need a new bedroom reno and this would be ideal.Thank you very much for this wonderful opportunity!

    Luci says:

    I can’t imagine how soft those denim throws must be. I love the pebble grey one!

    Megan says:

    These look amazing! Love that some of these duvet sets are inspired by the Amalfi Coast.


    The down duvet looks so cozy! My fiancé and I just purchased a new bed so it would be amazing to have beautiful new bedding to snuggle up in. http://www.parachutehome.com/products/down-duvet?variant=4220198529

    Annie says:

    cashmere throw would be soon comfy!
    Also could use another fitted sheet for when my other one is in the wash!

    nichole says:

    Sateen sheet in white…. ahhhh i can imagine the restful sleep these provide! http://www.parachutehome.com/products/sateen-sheets?variant=4207960513

    Geneviève says:

    My favorite is the striped cashmere throw, granite and light fog. It looks so cozy!


    Natalie says:

    I am WAY overdue for a new set of sheets. I would love to win! My favorite are the STRIPED CASHMERE THROW http://www.parachutehome.com/products/striped-cashmere-throw?variant=970654785 and the SATEEN VENICE SET in slate http://www.parachutehome.com/products/sateen-venice?variant=4220053633

    Linnae says:

    Oh man! I want my bed to look like the first picture you posted with a throw on top! It looks like heaven. I keep telling my husband I want a “fluffy” bed so bad. He doesn’t seem to understand what that means… but that picture encompasses my ideal! Dreamy

    Anne says:

    The linen blend duvet set would look fantastic in our guest bedroom. Will have to save up or better yet, hope to win one.

    yvonne cao says:

    Adore the striped cashmere throw. 🙂

    venice set is clean and fresh looking

    Cailin says:

    My pooch and I would fight over who gets to lounge with this.

    Paula Eisenbraun says:

    The most beautiful and heavenly Venice set in white. Mmmmhmmm I have wanted Parachute bedding for so long. So lovely! http://www.parachutehome.com/products/percale-venice?variant=4208415937

    Cecilia Garcia says:

    About to move into a new apartment and the cashmere throw would look so nice http://www.parachutehome.com/products/striped-cashmere-throw?variant=970654801

    Yoshiko Yeto says:

    I could really use some bedding. My newly adopted kitten has enjoyed sharpening his nails on my duvet. Here’s the items I like:



    Alex says:

    Love this throw! http://www.parachutehome.com/products/striped-cashmere-throw?variant=970654781

    And the venice sheet set. I need these in my life

    Gemma says:

    Nothing like the feeling of brand new, freshly-washed-&-dried-in-the-sun sheets!

    Loving the Venice set in white. Woop!


    Yvonne Li says:

    Super in love with this company and their products! Everything is so gorgeous, but my favourite ones are:

    Klare says:

    Love the granite and light fog striped cashmere throw!

    Danielle K. says:

    Love the Linen Duvet Cover in fog, it’s so clean and fresh looking! http://www.parachutehome.com/products/linen-duvet-cover?variant=4208064385