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you can find part 1 of my berlin guide right here. today i wanted to show you the rest of the places i’d recommend visiting if you are in berlin! of course there are so many places we probably missed due to time, but i really loved a lot of the spots we were able to see.

jen, jesse, and i all had one day together in berlin before jen flew back to LA. we mostly stayed close to home, hit up the neighborhood coffee shop and then had dinner at lokal (which was delicious!)

jesse and i had brunch at aunt benny. love their minimalist decor and their food! the weather was very mixed in berlin. one minute it was warm enough to wear no coat or jacket, and the next we were all bundled up. very hard to predict.

concierge coffee was somewhere we visited 4 or 5 times. a short walk from our apartment and delicious coffee! they serve you out of this green window in a small charming alley.

we wanted to check out the store in the soho house berlin. we knew it would be pretty crazy expensive, but it was so beautiful to just wander through. they have a cute little beauty parlor, cafe and work tables. (you don’t have to be a member to go in the store)


one of my favorite meals was shiso burger in mitte. (it’s on a good street to walk up and down too) i got the bulgogi burger and it was fantastic. jesse got the vegetarian burger and i loved that too. definitely recommend this spot.

another really cool store to check out is voo store. beautiful selection of shoes, sunglasses, clothes, and smaller home accessories. pricey, but a good place to splurge!

i had heard that there were some great spas in berlin. a friend told me to take the train on a day trip here but it just never worked out for us. instead we decided to try a few closer to us. we started at the liquidrom! it was under $20 to go for 2 hours (i think $25 for more than 2 hours), lounge in all the saunas and then float in the thermal bath! that was definitely one of the coolest things i did on my trip. it was so relaxing and clean there, and it’s even better than in the photos.

because we loved that spa so much we decided to try two more. we both love spas and we figured if it was going to be cheap, it would be a fun afternoon activity for us to do together. we tried the hamam in kreuzberg (all women, mostly nude in the saunas). that one was okay, not my favorite. i did get a scrub that i liked (very similar to the korean spas in the states.)

(photos above) and theeeeen we went to the vabali spa. a waiter told us about it and said it was his favorite spa. when we got there they told us that a lot of the common areas were nude and mixed guys/girls, which we were semi-prepared for because liquidrom was like that. however liquidrom wasn’t crowded at all so i probably saw 2 naked guys. (can’t say i wasn’t a little shocked by that) we got there on the earlier side so it wasn’t packed but the place was ginormous. tons and tons of saunas, different pool areas, hot tubs, soaking rooms and even NAP rooms! i know in german culture it is normal to be naked, even in front of the opposite sex, but it’s pretty hard to get used to when you’re american! at least for me it was. i didn’t mind it, but i sort of felt like a young girl giggling inside. people were swimming and walking around outside in the open air with no clothes on and not a care in the world. old people, young people, even kids. jesse and i kept looking at each other in shock, but trying to keep a straight face. i felt like we were at a nudist colony. i was sitting in a sauna with probably 40 naked guys and girls and you start to not even notice. that day goes down in my books as the most fascinating and unusual. but i don’t regret it at all! by the end, i felt totally comfortable swimming naked and it’s actually very liberating! you see every type of body so there’s no room to feel uncomfortable. i would say if you’re visiting, just try it. you can wear a robe if you aren’t feeling too adventurous.

we had dinner at kimchi princess in kreuzberg (korean bbq with a modern twist) and it was very tasty. i liked the environment in there too.

i taught one of my social media workshops in berlin at the FvF apartment! it was fun to hang out with a bunch of creatives that lived in the area and a few that traveled to take the class!

another evening we went to lavanderia vecchia for italian food. we actually couldn’t get in the first night because you have to make a reservation the day before and show up at 7:30. it’s a fixed price meal and everyone eats at the same time like a big family. i liked that concept. when we couldn’t get in, we went to their sister restaurant just next door called lava. now, lava didn’t have the best atmosphere, it was a little strange in there, but the food that we had was incredible! you should go here for appetizers and wine and then have dinner somewhere else, maybe?

i gotta say, lavenderia vecchia is very very cute inside. i love all the textiles hanging from the clotheslines around the restaurant. what a special touch. however after an almost 3 hour meal and 8 or 9 courses, i was pretty underwhelmed by the food. lava’s food was much better! i liked that we went there because it was fun and different, we had wine and good conversation but i hesitate to tell you to actually eat there.

more wandering around kreuzberg, we stumbled on chan thai food. YES. this place was another favorite, and we went a couple times for lunch. egg fried rice, panang curry, spring rolls. all so flavorful and fresh.

i really enjoyed our dinner at katz orange. they had awesome service, funky boho decor inside, a stunning church-like exterior, delicious meats, and hip people watching. check this place out for sure!

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    Allison says:

    What a cool city! I’ve never had a chance to go Berlin but it is now officially on my list!
    Allison from Mercuteify

    Varsha says:

    I love you travel posts .. You have an art of story telling my friend 🙂

    So incredible. Seeing your Instagrams of all the incredible meals you and Jen had together was making me seriously drool. This is like round two!

    Megan says:

    AH! I visited Berlin during christmas of 2013 and unfortunately I didn’t have quite the experience that you had. I loved the city, but I was only able to visit the more touristy attractions during my two day stay. Your posts make me want to travel there again! <3

    Liliana says:

    So pretty… My aunt lives in Berlin and urges me to come, but I never had enough time.. Maybe this summer, it looks like a wonderful place!
    And the spa-story! Apparently in Berlin you can dance naked in the supermarket and nobody will care, at least that’s what the Viennese say about Berlin 🙂

    Rin says:

    That fluffy white (herringbone?) coat!! Would you let us know where that’s from, Bri?

    Rachael says:

    I just moved to Berlin and have been using your trip as an aid when searching for places to eat and visit. Thank you so much, it has been unspeakably helpful!

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