i’m so happy that one of my very best friends cammy lives in california (we went to high school together!) and we got to collaborate on this fun event. her and her lovely partner cologne have a company called show me your mumu, a very beachy clothing brand based in venice. we thought it would be fun to bring our friends to the beach in malibu for a day of shopping for mumus, eating and drinking…it was the perfect summer party!

we let each girl pick their favorite mumu to wear to the party. i loved seeing which ones everyone was going to show up in, and it made the party so festive and colorful!

cologne’s fiance sam brought his australian coffee, vittoria, to the party…and i fell in love with those patterned cups! aren’t they so cool?

we set up a room upstairs in the beach house where people could each pick 3 of their favorite mumus and a pair of sunglasses. then the rest of the day we spent on the beach swing, lounging on the deck, and catching up with each other. it was my favorite day in a long time!

and how about our coffee boy’s cutoffs?! COOL.

heirloom la set up the most beautiful vegetarian spread with an ocean view. beet lasagna cupcakes, fresh crudite, peach gazpacho, spicy peppers…it all tasted just as good as it looked. i am never disappointed with this crew!! the presentation blew me away.

and how funny that out of 100’s of mumus…my best friend jen and i chose the same exact two patterns and mixed them together. when she walked in, i couldn’t stop laughing. we’re soul mates, i guess!

a day i’ll never forget…and here’s to hoping for more summer parties in my future! love you, mumu!

photos by: ryan hebert


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    Vashti says:

    Wow, this looks like so much fun. I love the colors in this entire post. And yes those cups are amazing. Thanks for sharing.

    Huub Ricardo says:

    The food looks aaammaazinnnggg. Yuummmyy!! I just laughed when I saw the guy and imaging my husband wearing those shorts. To funny to explain.

    Danielle says:

    I remember the day you were posting these on instagram and I was dying from all the pretty. So colorful, cohesive, and beautiful! The food styling is so on point. I don’t see that enough!

    D is for Dreamer

    Abby says:

    I love how colorful everything is! That looks like so much fun. And the food looks delicious!

    avital says:

    you girls know how to party in style, love all your party posts, always so inspiring

    Everything looks amazing! I love the photos <3 <3 <3


    Gorgeous! this looks like so much fun. I am loving the fashions and the macrame hanger – its brilliant!!

    Amanda says:

    Love the location! Did you rent that house or is this a store? I’ve gotta swing on that beach swing!!!

    Jo says:

    All the colors and pattern not only makes for a nice photo opt but also make you feel more summer beachy and festive!

    Was this home a private residence or was it rented for the day? And this whole set-up looked amazing.

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