hey guys! happy friday. the last stop on my european trip was berlin. i was there for about 2 weeks, and my two friends jen and jesse each spent a week with me there. we rented this apartment (see here) in kreuzberg and wandered around eating, drinking and all sorts of other things. this is part 1 of 2 of what we did while in berlin!

we were used to walking a lot or taking ubers in amsterdam, so when we got to berlin and realized it’s actually very big and ubers aren’t really available, we decided to take the train a lot. i really loved the train there, so easy and quick. definitely try it. berlin is interesting and very hard to explain actually. i wouldn’t say it’s a picturesque location, but it has a “cool” vibe almost everywhere we went. graffiti all over the streets, but gorgeous white interiors and minimalist decor. it’s full of contrast like that! it has a huge design focus, and you will always see people stylishly working on their laptops in the trendy cafes. and just wait till the next post when i talk about how i saw over 100 people naked!

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the most adorable little restaurant, roamers, was in neukölln about a 15 minute walk from our apartment. the decor was very charming, the food was presented in such a beautiful way, and it tasted amazing! it’s seriously a food photographer’s dream in there. i went twice, and i gotta say, it’s very very small and their staff is limited. we waited almost an hour for our food, which wasn’t awesome. however, if you have time to wait and enjoy a coffee, then definitely go there.

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one of my favorite things we did on the trip was markthalle neun! i believe every thursday night is street food thursday. tons of amazing food and drink vendors all in one big room. community tables. good people watching. i loved it! we ate the best perogies, chinese dumplings, french fries, potstickers, and wine. (ahem, see why i’m on a diet ha) i really wish we had something as cool as this market in my neighborhood, i would go every week! they also had a really great breakfast market with sausage rolls, crepes, breakfast sandwiches and everything else you can imagine. this place will fill you UP.

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berlin was my favorite place to shop out of all the countries i went to. although i don’t really like shopping (trying on clothes is my least fave) i really like walking through stores to pick up inspiration. i visited my friends at freunden von freunden and stopped in a bunch of the stores on their street in mitte. RSVP paper store was cute. i also liked the kid store walking the cat, and a couple more right around there. near there, about 5 minutes walking, there is & other stories, aesop, and cos which are great too.

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district mot! loved this place! vietnamese street food vibe with eclectic decor. amazing bao burger, coconut sticky rice, papaya salad, spring rolls. YUM. i remember when i went to berlin almost 4 years ago and had just okay meals, nothing really blew me away. this trip was completely different. i had so many memorable meals! has something changed since i went last, do you know? if so, i like it.


more walking around mitte. we went to kantine for lunch and it was so lovely. outdoor tables, fresh food (some of the best potatoes i’ve had) and cool architecture.

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that evening we met up with jesse and her boyfriend for drinks at their hotel. i recommended they stay at michelberger hotel after someone told me how cool it was on my trip to tuscany. it was definitely a fun place. and check out that chandelier! the moscow mules were great and the rooms are decorated very interesting and unique.

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another absolute favorite was cocolo ramen just around the corner from my house. i love all asian food and was so happy to have some after not eating much of it at all in france and italy. we had the pork belly ramen and a bunch of very delicious appetizers. i went back twice. they also have a charming patio with lights in front you can eat on.

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we went to modular art store after someone on instagram said we needed to check it out. wow, so cool! i have always been such a big fan of shopping for school and office supplies, so this was like a dream. colored envelopes, cool tapes and stamps and pens. very cool to wander around in if you like that sort of thing! and it was so well organized i couldn’t believe it.

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hay is one of my favorite brands and it was my favorite store to visit in berlin. i love their aesthetic so much. i picked up a bunch of notebooks, pens and pretty trinkets as gifts. not far from there is the do you read me? magazine shop. i could spend hours in there getting ideas.

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another kreuzberg spot we could walk to was restaurant bastard for breakfast. it had a hip vibe and good scrambled eggs. also try katie’s blue cat for coffee and pastries and bully’s bakery (blue chairs above)

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we went to the museum of things. it was cool, but i wouldn’t suggest going out of your way for it. we didn’t have time to check out the hamburger bahnhof museum but i heard it was something worth checking out!

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stay tuned for part two with more of my favorite spots!

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    Megan says:

    I love travel posts! These photos are beautiful! Never really thought of Berlin as a place I would want to go… but those cafes look amaze!


    Marina says:

    Looks like you had a super cool trip into the local Berlin!

    Franzi says:

    I love Berlin!! This post makes me even more excited to start studying there next year. :))



    Can’t wait to check out Berlin

    Great photos! I will definitely be keeping these places in mind for when I visit Berlin(fingers crossed for next summer!)

    elisabetta says:

    So bad!! I’ve recently been in Berlin for the first time, now that I’ve readen your post I need to come back, I’ve missed so many interesting spots!!


    Wow, these photos are truly stunning. I’m visiting Berlin in October so this post will prove very useful for future reference – I’m only there for a weekend, however, so I’m trying to squeeze in as much as I can!

    I LOVE that Berlin is a design-orientated city, after all design is my number one passion, and I can’t wait to take pictures aplenty of beautiful, minimalist interiors and try an authentic German hotdog. It’s going to be great!

    With love ♥︎ » Paris by Friday

    Meg Siobhan says:

    I really want to visit here as I have a friend that lives in Berlin. Do love a bit of fab design!!

    Be says:

    does anyone knows the brand of that swetshirt? Thank you!

    Hey Bri!
    I HAVE to know where that huge dress with the giant sequins is from, which shop or brand, because I want to go to Berlin in June and plan to hunt that down and buy it asap. Thanks a bunch.

    carolyn says:

    where did you get those great pink flats?

    aldina says:

    I love Berlin!
    When i lived in Germany i used to go visit my cousins up in Berlin a lot.
    Loved the photos you shared! 🙂

    jen says:

    Hey Holly and Be, I think the sweater and dress are from Starstyling on Mulackstr. all the shops Bri mentions are located there, and the big dots are their signature design

    Cassie says:

    The museum photo with your reflection is cool!

    Laura Casas says:

    Berlin is such an amazing place! oh one day I’ll be there, also these pictures are a party for you eyes.

    Love from Colombia!
    Mushroom Rain Blog

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