well, here i am. 15 pounds over my normal weight after going through a breakup (well, two actually) drinking a little too often with friends to talk about said breakups, and then traveling 6 weeks to europe eating every carb in sight. do i regret the carbs? nope. do i wish my pants fit? yep. so when i got home, i decided to jump on a new healthy track and to document it right here to keep me accountable. joanie, who works on the business side of designlovefest, is amazing at staying in shape. she’s always bringing a healthy lunch to work and talking about her crazy aerial yoga classes. to me, working out has always been very annoying. i’m lazy! i did get in shape about two years ago by going to bar method and felt amazing, but lost steam and got bored. wine was way more fun at the time.

my body has always gone up and down in weight. let me show you. i was pretty thin as a teenager and my first two years of college. i think i used to weigh around 118-120Ibs…


then i gained 30 pounds around 22 years old! (making me 148Ibs) this is when i realized my metabolism wasn’t the same and i went on birth control which put on an extra 10 pounds or so…


so shocked by the weight gain i decided to cut out almost all carbs and drink way less. by 24 i was the thinnest i had ever been, 112 pounds and i started eating pretty unhealthy honestly…like coffee and salad. i’m not trying to get back to that weight because it was too thin for me. i think at the time i was just so happy to not feel insecure about my body that i took it way overboard. i seriously looked like a bobble head!



over the next few years i maintained a healthy weight for me (125-128Ibs) and then when i started feeling myself slipping is when i went to bar method. it really toned my body and i could really notice a difference. i wish i could have kept that up…but kinda fell off the wagon.


now, i’m 29 years old, weigh 140Ibs, and i haven’t worked out in quite a long time. it’s interesting to see how people hold their weight differently. it’s always been easy for me to go up and down because my weight gain usually happens very proportionally, so i can barely notice until all of a sudden my pants are all tight (and it’s not because they were in the dryer) i also have size D boobs, which adds more weight to my frame. that’s usually one of the first places i lose the weight also. i don’t feel like i’m way overweight, but i just don’t feel comfortable in my body. you know when you start grabbing the clothes that cover you instead of showing you? and now it’s summer, so it’s time to face the music and get healthy.


so let’s talk about MY GOALS and how the column is going to work. joanie is my motivator and she’s going to be telling you her story too below. we are going to document the kinds of classes we are taking (i’ve already gone to 4 this week), what we are eating and not eating, and finally the progress that i’ve (hopefully) made. i have a short term goal of 2 months to feel better about my body before a summer beach vacation with friends, and a longer term goal to feel healthy and fit by my 30th birthday in january. i can do it! and i hope it motivates you to do it with us!

joanie: i’m psyched that bri wants to start working out. i’m all about the workout partner and i find that having someone to exercise with is a huge motivation. it’s one thing to miss your morning workout when it’s you and another thing entirely to leave your friend hanging at the 7am class. this will be fun to do together.


joanie: working out for me has been a journey, i grew up in an active family which actually made me not want to exercise at all since i was around it all of the time. i didn’t take my health seriously until college. starting the road to fitness is always awkward and uncomfortable, running hurts, there’s an annoying learning curve in your classes where everyone is doing the moves and you’re lost and it feels like you’ll never catch on. so i started the only way i knew how and that was by committing to run three times a week for 25 minutes and i hated it but i did it anyway. and now i have a system, i know i need to take classes because i’m not self motivated enough to hit the gym and push myself. i think i’ve tried every crazy fitness trend that has hit LA, and trust me, there’s a lot of them. current favorite workout is the sweat class, here. welcoming, fun and intense! i use this yoga mat, and i highly recommend it. a bit of an investment but i’ve had mine for years and it’s great.

bri: this week i have done 4 workout classes. it’s been fun to try new things. strength yoga was day 1. i liked it, i felt like it was a good workout but not too difficult (i have only done yoga once before) i think i could get into it. day 2 was pop physique which is way more intense. it’s very similar to bar method but i find it’s faster pace and a little harder. day 3 was bar method. i was happy to be back in that room where i made all the progress before, so my nostalgia might be taking over here. it was my favorite workout so far because i like how comfortable it is in that studio, i love how the teachers give you individual help, and the pace is nice. the only downside to bar for me is that it’s the same workout every time so it can get a little tedious after a few months. day 4 was “flow” yoga which was slow and i wanted to jump off a cliff i was so bored. the moves hurt my bad knees and ankle, and i just wasn’t into it at all. maybe i was just in a weird mood, but that was just too slow for me. i want to try pilates, dance, and cardio bar this week!


joanie: i took about a 3 year break from cooking and have recently finally gotten back into it. some recent favorites are these quinoa patties, so simple and delicious, sweet potatoes prepared like this and shishito peppers which i purchased at the farmers market and pan fried, they were so good.

bri: like i said above, i have been eating veeeery bad for a few months. i was feeling sad and i just wanted to indulge. i probably had wine almost every day with dinner (which sounds bad when you say it out loud, but hopefully some of you can relate) 2 days a week i would have a cocktail or three with friends. pasta, pizza, white rice, bread…i have been just GOING FOR IT. when i got back last week, i slowly started to eat better each day. i have only had 2 nights of drinking with friends and one was a holiday. i’ve been eating around 1200-1500 calories a day. (i use the lose it app to keep track!) a typical day of eating right now for me would beegg whites, black beans and red pepper for breakfast. or maybe a brown rice cake with avocado and a pressed juice. grilled chicken breast and a small salad for lunch. white fish with brussels sprouts and brown rice for dinner. luckily, i really do like eating healthy if i cook at home. it’s pretty easy to manage. my problem is that i usually eat out 5 times a week with friends, dates, or social events. my self control sucks when i am at a restaurant, so i am trying to stay home more often to adjust. what are some of your favorite healthy recipes, i would love to hear!


joanie: in terms of my current state, i’m already living a pretty healthy/active lifestyle. i workout 3- 4 days a week and eat moderately. so i’m not in this with bri for weight lose but to continue the healthy journey that’s so easy to abandon!

bri: well, i just weighed myself yesterday and it said 140Ibs. not ideal for me. i have a goal of 125 that i hope i can make over the next 6 months. i will say that without the alcohol/sugar i already feel less bloated in my stomach and face and more clear headed. the workouts are making me feel better in my body because i’m sore pretty much everywhere so it feels like something is happening. and i can honestly say my mood has been really positive and happy this week. it’s cool to start a new goal, so i am feeling really excited right now. just hope i can keep it up! your comments and stories will really help me, i promise. let’s do it together! i’ll do my best to keep up with this, and will stay totally open and honest through the process. thanks for following along!


Add your own

    Amanda U. says:

    Thanks for sharing your journey, Bri! I’m 130lbs now and my goal is 125, I just can’t seem to get there… I’m curious, how tall are you? I’m 5’6 and our bodies look similar to me.

    Sarah Alves says:

    Thank you for being so open, Bri! I still reference your post from years ago about taking a picture every week. I just started the Whole30 and am excited to see how it goes for me… Good luck in your fitness journey! I will stay tuned 🙂

    ashley says:

    excited for this column bri! though know that at your current weight you’re also just as amazing. and while goals are motivating, it’s important to remember that something like exercising and eating right is a lifestyle choice! happy you have a partner like joanie! good luck. can’t wait to follow along. 🙂

    yy says:

    Bri you should sign up for Classpass – unlimited workouts for $99! Use my link for $50 off! https://classpass.com/mayreferafriend?utm_content=520114332913

    Kaylee says:

    I’m so happy for you for committing to a healthy lifestyle to reach your goals. And wow. Thanks for being so open & honest about your weight, past & present. Your story is motivating for me for sure! I’ve been getting into weight lifting now for 6 months and it’s amazing to see how much my metabolism has changed (and my body!) I don’t need to eat perfectly every day because I actually burn a lot of calories just sitting around. That has caused me to be a bit lazy with my diet and I’m really excited to follow your journey to see what you two have up your sleeves. Thanks again for being awesome 🙂

    Morgan Denno says:

    Hi Bri!

    I’m glad you’re doing this in a healthy way, with working out and eating healthy, but I just want to remind you (and I’m sure a million people have done this already) that you are beautiful the way you ARE. RIGHT NOW.

    I’m a DD too, so I understand the feeling of wanting to have a smaller waist to even out the big boobies. I’ve also cut back entirely on alcohol because I came to the realization that I was just overdoing it and not having much control over just how-much wine I was consuming per day/post breakup.

    And I’m sorry Bri, but no one weighs what they did in high school. We are women now, with sexy curves! We better gosh darn look like it! (PS: the best kind of men like curvy women)

    Another thing I’ve been doing is using a fitbit. I always thought they were cheesy, but my work gave me one for free and it’s kind of revolutionized the way I look at my life. There will be one day I walk 5.6 miles without realizing it. And another day where I go on a hike and walk 9.8 miles. Then I’ll spend an evening binge watching Call The Midwife and only walk 2.1 miles. It’s just gotten me to be a lot more cognizant of how I spend my time, and if I have a bum day at home, I even out the next day by being more active!

    Alrighty, there’s my two cents. You. are. beautiful.

    Emily says:

    You look great as you are – but I totally know the feeling of wanting to get out of a rut! I’m working my way out of one, I haven’t been exercising regularly since before getting pregnant, and my daughter is now a year and a half. Oof. I just never find any time, with all the everything that needs to get done in addition to full-time work. I decided to start biking to and from work as a way to get at least half an hour of exercise in, which has been enjoyable. It’s not a ton of exercise, but it’s a good way to force me to be. I’d recommend trying it if you aren’t already!

    Thanks for being so open and honest with everyone, and have fun!

    Megan says:

    I love this post! I’ve been a reader for awhile and love your honesty and vulnerability about trying to live a healthier lifestyle. I also loved your traveling posts and they totally gave me wanderlust. I have had similar ups and downs with my body and totally understand the carbs and wine with dinner trend you were on. I’m currently pregnant and due at the end of next month, but I am already looking forward to getting back into an exercise routine (and a few glasses of vino as well!). I’m excited to watch your progress and to have you inspire me to get my butt in gear! 🙂

    melissa says:

    You go gurllls! I need to get back on track with my health and fitness too! I’ve been lazy as well, but this makes me want to get my bootie back in gear! Good luck with your goals Bri! Thank you for sharing this post, it is very refreshing to read! Hearts! <3

    Nikki says:

    I’m excited to follow along with these posts, because they are so similar to my own fitness journey. I’m also 15lbs above where I want to be and although I know I am most definitely not “fat”, I am uncomfortable. Here’s hoping I can pick up some tips from you lovely ladies!

    Megan says:

    This is great! My goal for the summer is to tone up and stay healthy – I don’t think I have alot of weight to lose, I just want to feel comfortable in my own skin and working out alone can do that! Keep up the amazing work!


    Amanda says:

    Yes! I’m right there with you – the heaviest I’ve ever been and I just feel gross. I’ve been working with a trainer 2 days a week and love it. She’s so great at motivating me. Where I struggle is feeling hungry all the time now that I’m working out. I need more healthy food ideas. One trick I’ve learned from my trainer about eating out is to stop when you’re half way done with you’re meal. Take a couple minutes to drink water and assess how you feel. If you’re still hungry, eat a couple more bites, but you’ll probably notice you’re full! Good luck Bri!

    Danielle says:

    You’re the absolute best, Bri. Thank you so much for sharing this part of your life with us. I’m sure most of us relate to every single word of this post and can’t wait to follow along. I started my health and fitness journey in January of 2014 and it’s been a string of ups, downs, falling off the wagon, and climbing back on. You can do it! Props to Joanie for being your partner in crime. I love seeing women motivate each other!

    I just started on a ‘get healthy’ journey, too! My weight has fluctuated quite a bit over the years. I was about 115 when I started high school and it slowly creeped up to 140 by the time I graduated. Then over the last 8 years, it’s fluctuated up and down by a range of about 10-20 pounds.

    My family and I started the Whole30 last week (on day 10!) and I added in exercise on Monday. I’m excited to see how it goes.

    And I totally get what you mean about wearing clothes that cover you instead of show you. I’ve been doing it for far too long, but I’m excited to make a change!

    Hannah says:

    Bri, you’re gorgeous! I appreciate your honesty on this post. I’m 22 now and am definitely at the point you were at when you were 22. My metabolism just can’t keep up anymore; and I’ve gone through multiple transitional periods within the past couple of years (breakup included), which contributed to my weight gain. I’ve been going through cycles of healthy eating/exercise and binge eating/no exercise for the past few months. This. Needs. To. Stop. I’m definitely going to follow along on your health journey and use your updates as motivation and to keep myself accountable!
    Good luck!! 🙂

    kavra says:

    You’re awesome. That’s all.

    Laura says:

    I love workout related posts! Planning to go to classes with a friend really helps, in my experience. You start to treat exercise like something to look forward to instead of a chore, or something you’re forcing yourself to do. I’ve been doing Megaformer classes for the past two years. I know they have it in LA – places like Pilates Platinum or MDR. Would love to know if you try a class!
    Also, eating really plays a role here. I’m 10 years older than you and my metabolism is likely very different, but I do notice that if I eat really clean AND workout 3-4 times a week I see a change. If I don’t eat carefully and workout, I just kind of maintain where I’m at. Good luck!

    Jen Wong says:

    Right on, Bri!! I’m in the same boat. Cheering for you as I try to also reach my goal.

    AL says:

    Hey Bri !

    Thanks for posting- I’m in a very similar situation myself where I have been living in Amsterdam for 3 years, traveling around EU… And food wise just going for it! I also am around 140lbs and was much cuter and healthier back at 125. I’m still hanging on to so many clothes that just don’t fit anymore! I’m not willing to give them up yet, or my old weight. I’m 32 now and the metabolism just ain’t what it used to be– so extra effort is going to be required to reach my goals! I’ll be following your weight posts which will hopefully inspire me to also get fit! Thanks for the bravery of putting all your images up and inspiring us!


    kate oates says:

    Wow. Big high five fore being so honest.

    I just wanted to pass on this great breakfast. It can be made at the beginning of the week and you just heat it up in the mornings. I have no excuse not to start my day off right.

    Before bed boil 4 cups water. Once it comes to a boil turn the burner off. Add 1 cup steel cut oats and 1 cup quinoa. Cover and let sit out till morning. Done.

    I usually top it with walnuts, hemp/flax, chia seeds, 1/2 a banana and a little honey or maple syrup. It is SO good and gives you the best energy.

    Thanks for being an inspiration!

    Come to our spin class at Soul Cycle on Friday! 8:30 AM at the Hollywood Studio. We’d love to spin with you, Bri! And good luck, lady. You can do it!



    Brittney G. says:

    Here’s to getting healthy, Bri! I’ve been there, and I’m still working on getting there. It’s a lifelong process. Let me tell ya, it’s hard taking care of yourself, but the results are so good. In high school, I was 195 pounds. My freshman year of college, I decided to eat practically nothing and work out all the time. Not a good idea. As a result, I then got scarily thin for my height and frame. 120 was my lowest, and I looked absolutely sick. I’ve found that my happy weight is 135. I’m 5 pounds more than that amount right now, but it’s not bothering me like it used to. (Maybe that’s the 30 talking.) Now, I’m working on maintaining my strength (both emotionally and physically) and eating a good balance of foods that I have found out are good for me: lots and lots of veggies and fruit, water galore and not much meat or dairy (mainly due to allergies). And remember, you are more than a number, you’re valued and appreciated just as you are! I love following along with your adventures and look forward to see what you have in store for your health and fitness journey. Wishing you all the best. <3

    Lana Red says:

    I think you look great in every size! Good luck and thank you for being my most inspiring blogger! xx Lana

    Varsha says:

    My current weight is 138lbs and my goal is 125-128lbs .. I am not working out either but trying to follow a diet and eat healthy .. Trying to avoid carbs at night.. But need them for energy so I have a slice of bread for breakfast or tortilla / rice for lunch… I love Chinese takeout when I am busy or just lazy but I ask them to substitute the rice to brown rice .. Once in a while I do indulge myself into ice creme or donuts … Just feel like if I don’t go too hard on myself I’ll be able to maintain it longer !! It’s so good to see you in the same race.. Will definitely be following your journey here and hopefully will be able to stay on track with mine

    m says:

    this is so needed right now. I am the biggest I have ever been, about to turn 30 in july, and am just miserable. I hope to follow along on this with you and lose the weight I know I need to lose to make me feel better about myself emotionally and physically. you are beautiful and I hope you succeed in your goal! It is so hard but maybe this will help me keep up with my own goals. thank you! 🙂

    Hey Bri! Thanks for sharing this! I’m about to start the 28 Day Jumpstart by Fit Girl’s Guide and I’m so excited! >> http://fitgirlsguide.com << Seeing all of the transformation pictures after just 28 days is so inspiring!

    Just a small suggestion, since you are starting to work out again and you haven't in a while, you may want to look at other ways to measure your progress (instead of your actual weight) because it can be deceiving when you start gaining muscle. Maybe use one of the snug pairs of pants instead!

    Good luck on your fitness journey! I'm looking forward to seeing the updates!

    I love that you’re sharing this! I’ve always struggled with maintaining healthy eating and exercise because I have a really fast metabolism and really don’t hold much extra weight at all. There are some things that I’m a bit self-conscious about though (my thighs and stomach) but struggle to maintain the motivation to put in the hard work. Lately, I’ve been focusing on feeling good. I’m trying to stay away from alcohol on weekdays, and limit carbs (I’m totally with you on the carb-lovin’), not to lose weight, but to feel better. It’s a gradual lifestyle change for me, but I think it will be really positive. Good luck Bri! I can’t wait to follow your journey.

    Mallory says:

    I love everything about this post! Thank you for being so open. I am currently on the same journey. We can do this!

    Janel Afjari says:

    I AM SO WITH YOU GALS!! every monday I commit to doing better and then the weekend comes along and I just totally binge on food and alcohol! THIS IS GOING TO CHANGE! healthier foods and a healthier lifestyle. I’ve just renewed my reformer pilates classes (BRI, YOU HAVE TO TRY! SO FUN)! LETS DO THIS!

    Caitlin says:

    Bri, this is great! I’m trying really hard to slim down for a vacation this summer too. Recently, I’ve just feel feeling a little…jiggly if you know what I mean. My goal is to lose 15 lbs as well and to tone up in general. My boyfriend and I are both trying to work out at least 3 times a week and keep track of calories using My Fitness Pal. I also have a FitBit so that’s a fun way to keep track of my steps and distance walked throughout the day. I’ve also been doing Hatha yoga once a week, which is surprisingly difficult.

    Hopefully all this works, I definitely need motivation and accountability so seeing your progress will inspire me to keep working towards my goal!

    Meredith says:

    Really love this post – so awesome of you to put it all out there! I’ve definitely been up and down too, so I totally understand where you’re coming from. Best of luck!

    Yaye says:

    Thanks for sharing! What’s your height?

    Katie says:

    I’m so happy that you started this column! It’s great to see people who you admire creatively open up on a more personal level. I’m currently doing Whole 30 because I wanted to change my relationship with food and not use it as a way to destress or reward. I’m excited to see how the Lose It app works for you! I used to eat out a LOT too, so it’s been forcing me to make a lot of things at home, which I love. Best of luck to you!!

    Ps. Mexican salads are so easy and filling. I love just getting lettuce, salsa, meat, and guacamole either at home or at chipotle.

    Kristin says:

    Congrats on actively working on your sense of wholeness and fulfillment! Hope you have fun exploring different combinations of activities and eating until you find something that really “speaks” to you! I totally support the journey behind “hey, I don’t like something about the way my life is and I’m going to figure it out and change it!” Go girl :)!

    Jen says:

    Love,love, love this post! So many of us struggle with the same issues and your vulnerability and candor around this subject is much appreciated! I too went through a break up and soothed myself with alcohol and food. It’s so easy and feels so good lol. Anyway, I have recently started on a journey to feel better about myself. I have a work out partner as well and it’s going great! Best of luck to you! Your readers will be here cheering for you!

    Morgan says:

    Congrats on starting your journey! More than the progress you make, you should be applauded for even recognizing your discomfort and having the umph to do something about it! I am trying to tone and slim for my upcoming wedding and will be working out and eating well right along with you. Best of luck! I am pulling for you!

    asia says:

    I love following you on IG and I appreciate your honest perspective about getting in shape! (Doesn’t it sometimes feel like everyone on the Internet is way skinny??) I like seeing a woman with a body type I can relate to (curvy). I am 38 and exercise regularly (running and just started spinning) but I weigh about 10 pounds over my ideal weight (which, although I didn’t know it at the time, is 125). I try to balance the body image stuff with remembering that I am living and having fun with my family and hopefully showing my daughters that healthy comes in many shapes and sizes. Good luck on your journey.

    Kaelyn says:

    Hey Bri! I can definitely relate to your struggles. It’s the WORST when your pants don’t fit! I recently indulged in a crap ton of mac and cheese and Twizzlers and now I need to lose at least five pounds but my goal is to lose 15! I’ll definitely be cheering you on while I work at the same thing!

    Sarah says:

    I love this! Get it girl! I’m in a similar position and I think it’s also really important to be kind to yourself through it all. 🙂

    Can I ask how tall you are?

    kimberly says:

    body image is really hard. i’ve struggled with mine for years and years and, while i’m generally pretty confident, my weight goes up and down and i’m often uncomfortable in my body. i lost 50 lbs a couple of years ago (my first truly successful diet) but damn…balance is hard. i still gain 5-7 lbs every now and then but the difference is that, for the first time in my life, i know exactly what to do and, with that knowledge, i feel truly empowered.

    of course, i’m 7 months pregnant at the moment, and my love of beer has been replaced with my love of doughnuts, but i try to eat as healthy as possible and exercise pretty regularly. i’ve never been happier with my body and it’s actually a lot less stress because, for once, my belly is supposed to be big lol. i forget sometimes how good it feels to be healthy but, when i get back to it, i feel so empowered and in control of my body and really, nothing beats it.

    keep up the great work bri! it’s all about how you feel 🙂

    Kristin says:

    Hi, Bri!
    This is so awesome! Thanks for being open and starting this column. So much to relate to! I’m 140 lbs and am aiming for 125-130. I’ve been using Kayla Itsines Bikini Body Guide 1.0 for about 6 weeks now and using Yoga With Adriene’s yoga packages. I’m feeling much stronger, but man, that fat just isn’t budging. Or at least is seems that way. I’m a graphic designer too, so I’m guaranteed at least 7-8 hours in front of my computer, pretty much daily. I’m most intrigued about the food part of this column – totally can’t wait to hear about healthy recipes! Much luck to you and Joanie, I’ll be following along and sweating with ya!

    Claire says:

    Try Pure Barre! Unlike the Bar Method class you described, it is upbeat fast paced and the workouts change from teacher to teacher day-to-day and every 3 months they create totally new moves. I’ve been doing it almost a year and have lost 10 lbs. They mark your class anniversaries too (100, 250, and 500) and celebrate your accomplishments so you really feel like there are people cheering you on wanting you to do well.

    Marci says:

    Yes! I’m so happy you’re doing this – totally feel in the same boat. I’m 29 too, and this last year has not been kind to my body! Such a good idea to give yourself a longterm goal to reach by your 30th- imma do the same!

    Meg says:

    So excited for this column! I am right there with the both of you. I have struggled with my weight fluctuating nearly my whole life and I have tried and failed again and again to get on the right fitness and health track. I set out a few months ago to create and stick with a workout schedule and to make healthier choices over all, and I have not given up. I have been so proud of myself for sticking with a plan and staying optimistic, even if I have a bad day here and there! Looking forward to reading your journey while on my own. Good luck!

    Claire says:

    High-5’s to both of you ladies! I’m excited to follow you on this journey! I’ve been on a bit of one myself over the last 6 months and have found that simplifying my habits around food and exercise has been the success to me maintaining a healthy journey and losing 15 pounds without even really being aware of it. Here are a few suggestions that I’ve had success with: check out chia seeds and chia pudding recipes (a house in the hills has a great one), it is so easy to make and is filling/fueling goodness, also add them to breakfast smoothies too, cut out refined sugar and look at sugar content on labels, I try and stay well under the daily average which is around 40 grams (fresh fruit adds up), cut alcohol intake down to almost nothing (special occasions only, quality over quantity, a single nice glass of wine tastes even better when it must be savored) and maintaining a solid yoga practice–I am OBSESSED with yogaglo.com where you can stream a variety of classes and meditation, and practice from home and while traveling (incredible!)–and I feel like I’ve finally found a sustainable health maintenance program that works for me.

    Cheers to you Bri, and finding a handful of things to focus on that will guide you towards creating a simple routine that will form a solid foundation which you can easily maintain. It is so rewarding when you don’t have to overthink it and the pounds naturally start coming off and you don’t beat yourself up over indulgences here and there because your foundation is so simple and easy to fall back on. Have fun creating this for yourself, you can do it!

    Natalia says:

    I love that you took the courage to share this. I try to eat healthy during the week to be able to indulge a little during the weekends. I love carbs specially in the mornings so I eat a slice of Ezequiel bread and boiled eggs with coffee or tea. I am lucky too that I really like healthy foods so a salad and maybe some ground turkey would do for lunch! I I usually eat something little at night like greek yogurt with fruit and homemade granola! and I snack all day! Apples, raw almonds, banana before working out, baby carrots etc. Hope you the best in your journey!

    Jess Zimlich says:

    Over the last three years I’ve lost about 45 pounds. I work out regularly (5x/week), but my eating habits are pretty terrible. I’m with you, Bri, when I go out to eat, all control goes out the window. I’ve taking a break from running lately and I’m noticing I feel squishy in areas I wasn’t squishy before and my body has definitely plateaued from the Bar Method classes I was taking. I’m focusing on making more meals at home and finding ways my friends and I can celebrate life without excessive food and booze. Don’t even get me started on the debauchery that was Memorial Day Weekend. I also started at a new studio called Health House and it’s intense. I’m SO excited to follow along with you on this.

    oni says:

    Im so glad to see this post. I started reading your blog many years ago and i really miss the personal element. I think you have such a great voice. I really wish you luck in your health journey. I have a similar bouncing weight problem as you (even worse after i pushed out this baby LMAO) so i know the stuggle.

    keep it up!

    Rachel Ake says:

    Thanks Bri this is just what I needed to get back in the swing of things! I had been getting into a really good routine post the new year and then I got sick for a month. Now I’ve been better for another month and have yet to find my routine again. This will give me a little extra motivation tomorrow morning when my early workout alarm goes off to actually go do something rather than sit back down and start to read the paper…always nice to know you’re not alone in the struggle.

    Emily says:

    Sounds kinda weird but if you cut out carbs and sugar, and eat as much fat, and veggies as you want along with a sensible amount of protein and fruit you’ll lose weight! It’s tough to cut out carbs but helped me lose my last 10 lbs of baby weight, and you get to eat bacon 🙂

    Caraline says:

    Such a real, relatable post! Thanks for your vulnerability and your honesty. I’m in the same boat, girl. I’m always making small adjustments hoping, someday, that my lifestyle will be effortlessly healthy. I tell myself constantly, it’s all about the baby steps. YOU CAN DO THIS THING!

    Brynn Renné says:

    This is amazing. Seriously, it makes me feel a little emotional. In a good way 🙂 I – and so many other women – appreciate this real life honesty. I have been battling my weight issues for years, but especially since turning 33 last November. Talk about metabolism shock! I am 5’4″ and currently weigh 130. This is not a comfortable weight for me in the same way that you mentioned about yourself – I know that I am not overweight, but I also know where I feel my best. I was in the best shape and healthiest 3 years ago when I got married (go figure!) since 20. I was 115 and super toned (thanks, Tracy Anderson!). While that number sounds nice, I have realized that 119 is probably my happiest weight. It is the weight that I can feel good at in my clothes and in a bathing suit while still being able to enjoy wine and treats here and there… so long as I work out 😉 I, too, have the wine every night with dinner problem! Yet, I keep grumbling about not being able to move the scale numbers below 130! I know what I need to do, but I just continue to be lazy and overindulgent. I am so ready to take some action in my life and your post truly inspires me to do so! Thanks for always keeping it real, Bri! XOXOXO

    Laura W. says:

    I would love to suggest http://fitgirlsguide.com. They have 3 e-books. The language is silly but the plan is solid. I used their jumpstart plan. It is deceptively easy, which is what I think makes you stick to it. Not only did I lose weight, but it absolutely created those foundations for lifestyle change like grocery shopping, meal planning, daily exercise, etc. I lost about 6lbs a month. It totally works!

    Jess says:

    Thanks for being so open and candid about this! I’m sure many people (myself included) can totally relate. This honesty is seriously so appreciated. I think the biggest thing I struggle with is being honest with myself about this subject, so thanks for the push!

    Lauren R. says:

    Thank you for posting this…I feel that most wouldn’t have done it and certainly not in such a positive way. You can DO IT!

    Kelly says:

    Thank you for sharing your story, Bri! You’ve gone through some serious transformations.

    My biggest problem was sugar, I think I was kind of addicted to it. Battled the addiction and lost about 30 pounds. Then we did a road trip last year, there were summer nights, there was wine, there were appetizers and we were back at it.

    Now I’m focusing on eating healthy without calling it dieting. Last year was about dieting, this year is about clean eating.

    I do avoid restaurants and I think of it as a win-win situation: it saves me a lot of money and I’m eating healthy. I do have a cheat day or otherwise I wouldn’t keep it up, but so far so good.

    Looking forward to read about this on your journey.

    Ansley says:

    This is amazing, you are amazing, the courage you have to share this with everyone is amazing. I’ve also yo yoed in weight my whole life from being a college athlete then suffering a very serious injury and not being able to work out for years. It wasn’t until I found Pure Barre that I was truly able to get healthy and happy again, and now I even teach, it truly changed my life. Food can definitely still be really hard but I’ve found a lot of success generally following the recipes from the Tone It Up nutrition plan (which i’m sure you’ve heard of being in southern California). They’re so simple and easy, but not boring so it’s much easier to stay on track. They provide a lot of variety and opportunities to customize each recipe too, so the whole food plan is pretty perfect in my opinion. BTW thanks for being awesome and completely you Bri, it’s so refreshing in todays internet/blog explosion craziness.

    Maggie Broderick says:

    I am with you! I also have a similar body proportion and fluctuations in weight. After college I put on the pounds after getting out of my routine of walking everywhere and living a sedentary life during my work day.

    I need to get back on my yoga bandwagon. I also realize that it’s only going to get harder to stay in shape (I am 25 this summer), so I want to make the best habits now.

    Debbie says:

    Thanks for being honest and sharing. Please don’t starve yourself. Would you consider vegan? It’s a great lifestyle/diet that can add true meaning to your life. Also, carbs aren’t the enemy…it’s what you add to them.

    Good luck!

    Good luck, Bri!

    I’m right there with ya. I weighed 140 last Dec and have been working my way to 125. Happy to say I’m at 127 and feeling great!!! Took 6 months. The working out regularly and balanced diet is the way to go. You’ll get there!

    Caitlin says:

    Bri, thank you for being so honest and courageous! I am in a similar boat, but at least when you gain weight you just get more voluptuous – I just get a big gut and asked if I”m pregnant (I’m not).

    Anyway, I was wondering if you had heard of the Pound Rockout Workout?


    You rock out with drum sticks and sort of dance, they blast the music. I LOVE IT!

    Nicola says:

    Check out Anna Jones’ cookbook, A Modern Way to Eat. Healthy, vegetarian recipes (but all my carnivore friends love them too) that are really tasty and as the book says, make you feel amazing.

    Liz says:

    Congratulations and good luck on your fitness journey. I feel the pains of having a fluctuating body and trying to work hard. I am currently on my fitness journey and although it has been a grueling 2 years so far, I absolutely love it. I feel healthier, more active and almost feel like I am at my “right” weight for me. I can’t wait to read more of your updates along the way and “High Five” to you fitness sister!



    Brittany K says:

    So proud of you, Bri!!! Loved when you shared your weight loss journey years ago, and how real of you to be honest about weight fluctuation and that, for most, staying healthy is a yo-yo journey throughout life and not a one-time change. Also, had NO IDEA you’re a D-cup. Been reading for years and always thought your clothes fit you so well and would’ve never imagined your boobs were the same size as mine. I’m 5 ft and in decent shape, but with hips and boobs. I don’t like to dress in a way that “shows off the girls” and sometimes I can get discouraged. Would love for you to share more about how you dress to accommodate your ladies and being confident about them! Again, so happy for you and praying for renewed strength and peace in your weight loss journey!

    emily says:

    i have a similar story, although i’ve never been very thin ever in my life. always tummy pudge.

    three years ago, i began running (40 minutes, 3x week) and eating healthy (smoothies with banana, spinach, and tofu). the weight just melted off, it was great. then i got scared of succeeding at that – a weird thing i got over last year.

    after that i took a year off, got back into that routine for a couple months, then took another year off. now i’m back again! this time, i began drinking the recommended daily amount of water (64 oz) and working out maybe 2-3x week and the weight has just melted off again. i really count it to the water, it’s flushing everything out and i feel so great.

    jamie says:

    thanks for sharing your journey.. you look awesome now btw.. will be following your workouts 🙂

    Megan says:

    This post comes at the perfect time! I truly looove how honest you are, it really makes me feel like if you can do it, I can too! I would love to take this journey with you! My plan is to lose 13kg by the end of the year, but I have to seriously step up my game and keep myself motivated longer than one week to reach that goal. I don’t know how much time you have, but I would love to see a FB group or community of DLF readers so we can all be in this together, set goals, post updates and make sure we succeed in the long run 🙂 🙂

    Joy says:

    Wow, I’m really excited to follow along! I have been committed to fitness (kind of Joanie-style) for the past several years, but lately I have not been happy with my body. I don’t know, it seems like after I turned 30 my metabolism screeched to a halt! However, I’m always scared to get too into weight loss, etc., because I’ve been there–counting calories, afraid go to to restaurants–and it was unhealthy for my mind. Anyway, I’m excited to see what works for you guys! I’m doing barre these days (The Dailey Method) and I love it.
    One of my favorite healthy recipes is from Sprouted Kitchen, her bean bowls with a poached egg on top. So good! http://www.sproutedkitchen.com/home/2013/4/1/bean-bowls-with-poached-eggs.html

    Kayla says:

    Just wanted to say thank you for sharing. We’re close in age and your weight-ups-and-downs between high school and late-20s are so relatable to me. But I’m actually at my thinnest now (well, thinnest without being TOO thin like I probably was in late HS). I think the most helpful is NOT thinking about trying to be thin. It’s a bit counter intuitive, but when I’m thinking about weight loss and workout goals, it just adds to my (already fairly high) anxiety and I get super into it, then burn out. Or I would eat junk food because I’d already “messed up” that day or week and my streak of perfection was over.

    Short-term that type of goal-setting intensity is great for things like training for a race, when there’s a more set “end”, but in the long term I find it so much better to be healthy if I focus on things like…”getting outside” as a goal and go for a hike, walk, or run, instead of…burning x calories. Or focus on eating more things I buy at the farmers market, or trying a new food, instead of like…not eating sweets. Anyway, just some insights from my experience if you’re looking for advice. It’s been a long journey of struggling to understand, accept, and nurture the body I have. I finally feel like I’m in a comfortable and forgiving place, and thought I’d share 🙂

    Lavina says:

    I’m trying to get fit and change my old habits as well! I’m excited to follow along. I don’t think I am over weight for my height, in fact, according to my bmi, I’m average weight, what I am aiming for though, is strength and health, I want to put a bit more definition into my body and feel more confident about myself! Running and pilates has been working well for me, gym memberships are expensive so I’ve been sticking to the more convenient and cheaper “home” alternatives.

    megan says:

    i am so excited to read about your fitness/health journey! i worked crazy overtime last month and it completely threw off my workout schedule. it will be inspiring to read about your progress!

    Christine v says:

    Hi Bri! Thank you for being so open and for sharing your fitness journey! I’m 45 and used to be about 150 lbs last year. I’ve been struggling to be healthy by doing all sorts of workout and trying to eat better, it’s a challenge! So far I’ve managed to lose about 20 lbs, but I’m stagnating. My weight doesn’t want to budge any longer. I’m excited to follow along your journey with Joanie. You are amazing!

    Liz Davis says:

    Can I just say that I am 9 months pregnant right now & its really awesome to see someone looking real on the internet? Thanks for that! Good luck on your fitness journey – i’ll be joining you in a couple of weeks. 🙂

    Toby says:

    Bri – I think you are just lovely and I appreciate your honesty in this post. I am turning 30 in December and my goal for the year is to be the healthiest I’ve ever been. So far, it’s been a bit of a struggle, but I am working on it!

    Every so often I run a 1/2 marathon with Team in Training for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. It gives me a lot of motivation, especially since I don’t love to run 🙂

    And I love recipes from http://cookieandkate.com/!

    Can’t wait to see your progress and thank you for sharing!

    Melissa says:

    Thank you for being so brave and sharing your personal struggles and goals to overcome them with us! Like many of the women commenting here, I feel I’m in the same boat as you right now – at my heaviest of about 145 and ready for change. I have been doing yoga for about a year now, which I love, but it seems that I need to do some cardio to make the new strengths I’ve developed show. As far as the flow yoga class you took, I’m not sure whether it’s the same or similar to vinyasa but, if so, you may have had a bad instructor (unfortunately, they’re out there). I went through several vinyasa instructors that didn’t feel encouraging or passionate about teaching. I finally found the right one who really knows how to mix getting your heart rate up and working on strength. I also feel I’m similar to Joanie in that I can’t find the will to go to the gym and “work out” so I do much better with classes. You’ve probably already tried it, but several days dedicated to zumba classes that lasted an hour or so really helped me stay on top of my game. Best of luck and I’ll be right here with you trying to get back to where I’m happy with how I look 🙂

    Emely says:

    I’ve on my own fitness journey for years, it seems. Ever since I was around the age of 4, I started to become overweight. I was never a healthy weight, even as a kid. I have a terrible memory, but I remember like it was yesterday the day a girl in my 3rd grade class made our “friend group” sit in a circle and tell each other our weights. Everyone around me was ~90lb, give or take a few, never over 100. And me? I was ~120lb. That’s just 15lb less than what my healthy weight is supposed to be NOW at 5’4″ and 19 years old. It goes to say I never told them my actual weight. You could imagine my embarrassment. I shed off a few pounds and lied to them. My unhealthy eating habits came from my parents always allowing me to stuff me face day in and day out with sweets backed with the excuse of me having asthma. I have the worst sweet tooth. To save some time, I’ll just say ever since I’ve reached my teenage years, I’ve never been under 160lbs. Even now, at the healthiest I’ve ever been, I’m still around ~170lbs.

    The funniest thing is all throughout middle school and high school, I’d wear appropriate clothing to hide my fat, so no one ever though I was actually “fat”. Of course, I knew the truth. And I didn’t let it bother me. I was never bothered with that fact. I was indeed overweight, and I was aware, but I didn’t think being thinner was worth giving up my cravings. I’d stuff my face with cookies and cakes and treats all fall and winter long, then when spring came I’d instantly regret it and try an unhealthy detox that never worked.

    Then, when a streak of heart attacks and strokes ran in my family from being overweight, I got scared into trying to actually be healthy. I’m a research freak, I love my Google and facts. So I looked up all the information I ever needed to know. My sophomore year of high school, I decided to be healthy when spring rolled around, since winter made me lazy. I’d do a lot of cardio workouts and try to make my meals healthier and full of protein. But at the time I didn’t know I was prone to anemia, so I’d get sick and get bedridden and lose all my progress. Then I’d lose motivation and start up my unhealthy habits again. This went on for two years before I found out I was low in iron. Last summer, I finally regulated my iron levels, got prescribed medicine and stocked up on vitamins, and vowed to myself that I’d stick to a healthy meal plan so I can stop feeling sick. I hate feeling sick. Every spring my asthma springs up on me combined with allergies and it’s the worst feeling. So I decided I didn’t want to ever be sick again (obviously that isn’t possible).

    I stuck to heathy plan all summer, and at that time, it was my healthiest weight. But when winter and holidays and baked goods came, guess who went back to the original weight? Plus 15lbs more than ever! I was at my heaviest weight last winter, and I didn’t even realize!

    I’ve been eying the Kayla Itsines workout guides for a year by that point, and she decided to start the guide with anyone who bought it on January 5th, the first Monday of the new year. It was then my mom and I decided to start this plan and stick to it. Let me tell you now, it was the HARDEST 12 weeks of my life. But I loved it. And I loved the results. I went from a tight size 12 to a fitted size 6 (sometimes 8 bc thunder thighs). That is the SMALLEST I’ve EVER been. And I’m currently still 170lbs! I’ve stopped weighing myself, but I did just now to be correct. Technically, my BMI says I need to be around 125-145lbs to not be over/underweight. I very much still have fat. But I’m so heathy compared to how I was before. And I am now on week 8 of round two of the Kayla Itsines guide. Granted, I haven’t lost much fat since these past few weeks I’ve hardly worked out and eaten crap due to parties, finals, and work. But now I’m back on track and thank god I haven’t lost my progress lol

    You should really check out those guides! They’re at http://www.kayla-itsines.com 🙂 they’ve really changed my life.

    Maude-Sarah says:

    I feel you sister! Trying to jog as much as possible, but wine and pizza and desserts are just too damn tempting. I’ve had quite the same food yolo winter, and if only getting back on track was as easier than falling from it ! Your positive way to approach it will definitely mean success I’m sure 🙂

    Stephanie says:

    When I stopped being such a party animal I lost 3-4 kilos. Alcohol is sugar. Your body thanks you for it for many reasons. I have found my metabolism has slowed since heading into my thirties. I am naturally slim and so have been slack on fitness. I haven’t been fit since high school. I’ve decided I want to be strong and healthy. I find gym boring so my friend and I have decided to try all different hikes. We just did our first, actually in my town. I can’t believe I have never climbed our towns most famous mountain! Natures fun and healing. I’m looking forward to visiting all these different places and climbing mountains I’ve never climbed. Apart from that I also plan on doing a martial art and tennis. In regards to recipes, yummly.com is awesome for inspiration.

    Good luck with your health and fitness journey!

    Hilary says:

    I can totally relate to this, last year, I had a baby, but now a whole year has passed and I still have not lost the weight. I set a goal in this year to get back into my personal best shape through diet and exercise…I have been thinking a lot about this goal, and I think health means mentally feeling balanced as well. I am trying to appreciate the journey my body has been on, what it is capable of and envision excellent fitness. Good luck on your mission to feeling great!

    saran says:

    Good luck on your project to feel happy with your body!

    Liz says:

    Love your healthy attitude! I’m in my mid 30s and I have friends who are still obsessed with being their lowest, early 20s or teenage weight. Hearing them talk about that as a goal can mess with your perception of what is a realistic weight. Glad to see that you are interested in a weight that healthy and right for you, not just going for the lowest possible.

    And yes, alcohol and eating out are the biggest weight gain traps!

    Carrie says:

    Love this post Bri! So many women, including myself, can relate to this battle of the bulge. I have a few naturally thin friends that I started “observing” several months ago and it’s so interesting to see how they eat: no diets, practice portion control, eat what they crave or what they’re in the mood for yet also pay attention to the way their bodies feel after eating particular foods. This method is easier said than done and probably won’t give quick results but could be the lifelong answer to having a healthy body & mind! As far as exercise- if you’re prone to boredom or burn out, I say go back to the things you loved doing as a kid! Walking, biking, rollerblading, shooting hoops, etc. Good luck on your journey!

    Jessie says:

    Hi Bri, one of my favourite meals I’ve been making recently is sautéed kale and eggs. I’ll sauté kale in some coconut oil with chopped up garlic. Then I’ll cook up an egg over easy on top. To finish it all off I’ll add avocado, fried mushrooms, peppers and goat cheese. Sometimes even a pinch of walnuts, sunflower seeds and hemp hearts. It makes for such an amazing breakfast. I definitely recommend it. Good luck with your health challenge :), and let me know if you try this out for yourself. It’s seriously one of my favourite meals!

    Anna says:

    Way to go! I’m so excited to follow along here! I am a busy working mum so I do 30-40 minutes of at-home workout 5 day/week as that’s all my schedule can handle, and frankly all the time I want to be spending on exercising anyway. Classes can be so fun but since I started doing Fitness Blender’s at-home program I have spent less time/energy on figuring out what to do for exercise and have seen better results than when I used to spend hours at the gym back in my single days. So efficient and effective (no I don’t work for them, my love for them just runs deep!) If you ever feel like you just want to try something at home, check them out! https://www.fitnessblender.com/plans

    Beth says:

    Go for it girls! thanks for sharing!


    Anna says:

    hi bri! this post is very inspirational, thank you for writing it! i also think it requires some bravery to put your own weight and expose yourself online so it really is inspirational in many ways. i’m taking the chance and start eating healthier and doing some more exercise, your words motivated me. i’ll love to read about your progress. i think to feel good about your body is to feel good about one self and this is key to happiness. let’s do it! 🙂

    Amy V says:

    Thanks for opening up, I feel we have very similar body types. I am 5 foot 2, and fairly regular in weight but I have ups and downs in cycles of months that mean the weight can creep back on, but all over so I hardly notice until my pants don’t fit. I went to Ashtanga Yoga for 2 years, which I loved so much and missed when I moved away. Now I live in an area where there aren’t many fitness options and as winter draws in here in New Zealand I don’t feel like running in the dark and cold. I feel like I’m making excuses, but I often find the more I want to get in shape, the worse my habits get! And when I don’t take notice, it’s effortless and falls off. C’est la vie. Good luck to you, I hope to join in you in your journey 🙂

    Catherine says:

    This post was exactly what I needed to motivate me into working out again! I have been telling myself lately that I’m fine with the weight I’m in but I’m really not. I’ll definitely be following along as I totally related to everything you wrote here! I legit could live on carbs and wine… Good luck, Bri!

    Mira says:

    Honestly you look great in all those pictures but my faves are the healthy working out ones. I’m back to working out now and I started it all off with an aloe vera detox. I drank this aloe vera gel with water everyday for 9 days and just maintained eating healthy ever since. I avoid bread and sugar but I do indulge in dark chocolate and I have a beer or wine once on the weekend. I lost 2 kg so far and I have gained a lot of energy (I don’t need my coffee in the morning!).
    Keep up the healthy lifestyle and enjoy it. Its really fun for me because I work out with my friends and we have a good laugh about it everyday. Also endorphins kick in. As for healthy food, I’ve been getting ideas off of ‘minimalist baker’ and ‘thebodycoach’ and pinterest posts. Replace your cravings with healthy options and have smaller portions and don’t forget to keep drinking water throughout the day. Add lemon and mint to your water – its so refreshing. Looking forward to the rest of your posts and progress!

    Zyanna says:

    I am literally going through the same thing and looking at the same numbers, though I also am trying to level out my hormones after years on the pill and having PCOS. I love that you are doing this on your site. Everyone can use a little support and motivation and I think this will help a lot of people including myself to not feel like they are doing it alone.

    Stephanie says:

    Hey Bri, I’m about where you are, just one month further in! All I can say is KEEP GOING. I started at 145 a month ago with a goal weight of 130-135, and after several dedicated weeks of drinking tons of water, watching what I eat, walking most days during lunch, and working out 4-5 times a week, I’m so happy to say that I’m already down to 137. The first couple of weeks are rough, but push through them and you’ll start to feel amazing. A few tips: Instead of going out to eat, invite your friends over for dinner, that way you can enjoy their company while controlling the type and amount of food that you eat. (Ask them to bring something healthy or pitch in $5 if you need to.) I also bought a gigantic thermos (a 1.5 liter Bubba Keg). I fill it up with water at the beginning of my work day and try to finish it before I leave. Works like a charm. Happy to share some recipe ideas with you if you’d like them! A few of my favorites: a strawberry poppy seed salad, a homemade burrito bowl inspired by Chipotle, and some 117-calorie, flourless peanut butter chocolate chip cookies for when I’ve been extra good and have calories to spare. Best of luck! You’ll get there!

    Abra says:

    I wish you so much luck and good energy! I struggled with my weight a lot before I had two children because of the same reasons. From 15lbs overweight to too skinny, I wasn’t focused on the right things. Check out these amazing food blogs that don’t focus on losing weight but eating super healthy! They are vegetarian and I am not but I make sure I buy only organic meat that was raised outside in a healthy environment.

    Veronica says:

    I love your honesty! As some other commentators noted – nobody weighs what they weighed in high school and I think that is totally okay and normal.

    Good luck!

    Wendy Taing says:

    Hi Bri! I am looking forward to reading / seeing your journey! I think it is really brave of you to share this with the public. My weight goes up and down 10lbs or so as well and I would be SO sensitive about it. I am also trying to be healthier and change my relationship with food. Like yourself, when I get sad or unmotivated, I turned to eating unhealthy food, wine, and good friends for comfort. I mean, we at least deserved wine, right? Haha. I am excited for you and can’t wait to see a healthier, happier you! Take care 🙂

    Esther says:

    Thanks for sharing this, it must’ve taken heaps of courage. Posts like these are also what keeps me coming back to your blog and makes it different from the other blogs out there. <3

    Ali says:

    Thanks for sharing this 🙂 I’ve recently started a weight loss plan for myself (our stories seem eerily similar, Bri). I was fairly active with sports growing up so finding a real fitness routine since I’ve entered the real world has been a challenge for me, too. Like Bri, I tend to get bored pretty easily. Each day I do a different routine that’s cardio based while using weights. So far so good! The eating has been the hardest part for me, so I look forward to seeing more of the meals you two are preparing!

    Kat Smith says:

    Such an inspiring post! I love your honesty and candidness. Thank you for inspiring me to get back on the wagon (or treadmill, I guess 🙂

    Kat | http://www.itgirlnextdoor.com

    You’re amazing! I am currently at 148 and my goal is around 120-125. I started working out 3-4x a week at Equinox, and I’m on day 5 of the Whole30! It’s a great nutrition reset and I’m excited to see how my body changes.

    Currently I am LOVING the curry simmer sauce from trader joes, I heat up the pan and pour half a jar in, then cut up a chicken breast (raw) into pieces and let it cook in the sauce for 8-10 minutes until tender. As a side to the chicken curry, I make moroccan style cauliflower rice. I cut up half an onion (diced) and add thinly diced carrot pieces to a pan with olive oil. I cook for 2-3 minutes and add 2 cloves of minced garlic for 1 more minute. then I take a head of cauliflower, cut into florets and make cauliflower rice in a food processor! I add the cauliflower rice to the pan and cover for 10-12 minutes to steam. Once it’s fluffy and not wet, I add some cumin, tumeric, salt, pepper, a little lime juice and freshly chopped cilantro to top. It’s delicious!!!

    Normandie says:

    I’m right there with you. I gained a bunch of weight after some post break up depression. So glad that I’m not the only one who ate too many carbs this year and needs to kick it into high gear to get back to happiness!

    i’m with ya, sista! go, go go! xoxo

    Victoria says:

    I can REALLY relate to this story, except that I don’t drink, but it’s similar. The only really different thing is that I don’t eat meat. I know you do, and I’m not trying to convince you to leave them if you don’t want to, but I wanted to share this girl’s story (http://ohsheglows.com/before-after/), she published a book, I actually bought it and it’s quite awesome. The recipes are all beautiful to look and to eat hahaha. Might be nice for you to read that story to keep motivated to eat healthy I guess 🙂 Keep it up! I’m currently at the same level, not faaaat, but little bit overweight, so I’m working on eating better 🙂

    Victoria says:

    PS. I SUPER ADMIRE YOU for uploading this! It’s so cool that you showed and shared with us all those steps even those you feel uncomfortable with. I want to encourage you to continue sharing this. It’s true that most of us (girls) feel usually ashamed to talk about this and would never show those “dark past” photos, for the fear that people would laugh at us or I don’t know, but the true is that when we share these stories a lot of people get close to tell their hidden own, and relate to it so well. So, keep going and sharing!

    Victoria says:

    PS2. (Sorry, I forgot haha!) I’d like to recommend this app I use (I’m not paid for telling you this haha), it’s called “Myfitnesspal”, the cool thing about it it’s that not only tracks food but also the workout, and if you have a step tracker or something like that, also syncs with it. It could be helpful in your journey 🙂

    Jackie says:

    Such a refreshing, honest post! Thank you for sharing, and I’m totally with you on the wine boat- glad to hear I’m not the only one..(but I just read that a glass at night can keep you from the midnight munchies, so you know, good for you?) Pilates Eagle Rock is stellar, their mat class is really excellent for jumping in without prior experience, and if you get into it, the reformer classes are really fun. Good luck!

    love this! i’m doing the same, getting IN SHAPE! I’ve started working out 6x a week and am starting to be a bit more strict diet wise.

    On the yoga note: I feel like a lot of beginner yogis don’t know how to moderate poses – intensify or lighten up. A great teacher is really important, but another thing to remember is that in EVERY pose, ALL your muscles should be activated (and relaxed), its all about finding the balance. So, even when you’re standing in tadasana (mountain pose), your knee caps should be lifted, your legs engaged, your inner thighs spinning towards the back of the room, and every breath should be belly breathing, meaning your letting the belly fill on the inhale, and engaging the core on the exhale and pulling the belly in.

    If you’re having trouble staying focused, ALWAYS think! It takes time to accustom yourself to all that you should be doing in yoga, but it is SO very rewarding, and a great work out (if you’re not sweating – and I don’t mean hot yoga, you can probably be doing more, bend the leg deeper, etc.)

    I’m excited to see more!

    Anna says:

    Oh GURL I so know how you feel. I’ve put on 10kgs and my boyfriends put on around 15 from our first year of being together (I blame beer haha) stick with your plans though and reward yourself. You got this babe!

    Melanie says:

    Fitness is definitely a journey! With its ups and downs for sure.

    I was 100 lbs in high school, and after my freshman year in college I had gained 30 lbs! I was not unhappy with my body until people started to make comments. But then again, it was something I needed to hear before my weight went out of control. For the next 3 years in college I made advances and went down to 116 pounds, then my junior year I remember one night I weighed myself in front of my mom and sister (bad idea…) and realized I went back up to 121lbs. In 2014 I lost 12 pounds, went down to 109lbs. I made the commitment to work out every day, even if it meant getting up at 4:30am (I was so busy my senior year). At the start of this year I noticed I weighed 110lbs (due to the holidays I guess) so I once again resolved to attack the stubborn last 10lbs by getting on the paleo diet. I lost 10 pounds in two months! 🙂 Being a pure paleo person is really hard, especially since my husband doesn’t want to do paleo. But I learned to consume less processed foods, and to eat a gluten-free diet.

    As I said, fitness is definitely a journey and you learn on the way 😀 I’ve read a few books to help me transition into the paleo diet: the beck diet solution, wheat belly, and some books on the paleo diet.

    Best of luck in your journey!

    Best of luck, Bri! I am so happy you are bringing this new featured article to the blog. I can’t wait to see your progress, recipes, workouts, and adventures over the next few months. It will help all of us become even just a tiny bit healthier and inspired. Thanks!

    Michele says:

    Bravo Bri for being brave enough to post about this!!! You will do it!! xo

    Joanna says:

    I wasn’t expecting to enjoy reading about the fitness journey (I am, like you, a carb-feasting gym-avoider) but I appreciate your candor and honesty. I haven’t gone to the gym (while paying for it) in longer than I’d care to admit.

    My weight also fluctuates a bit, for the most part that doesn’t bother me and in fact there are parts of it I appreciate (my butt being bigger or a beloved dress fitting me perfectly), but at my heaviest (freshman 20!) I was surprised to find out that eating 7 dining hall biscuits for breakfast and waffles with ice cream for dinner can have longer lasting effects than you’d hope for! It’s nice to see someone talk honestly about their weight fluctuation and without judgement. Thinner ≠ better, but healthier is always a good goal!

    Molly says:

    Your candid nature is refreshing here. My drug of choice is SUGAR. That is the evil that keeps me addicted. I’ve struggled with my weight as long as I can remember. Maybe I wasn’t too overweight but it has taken up much too much brain space. I’m tired of it. SUPER. The trouble is I have all the knowledge yet with a gift of compartmentalizing. While I CANNOT bring myself to purchase toothpaste (make my own so don’t freak out that I don’t use toothpaste) from the store because of SLS and fluoride I have no problem indulging in the occasional Krispie Kreme or french fries cooked in hydrogenated…So, I’m journeying too, towards freedom. Freeing up brain space for much better things. Looking forward to putting into practice what I know to be good and trying to enjoy the journey. Be blessed!

    Macie says:

    I am currently on The Whole30. While these recipes are not all Whole30 approved – they are still some of my healthy favorites! And, if you are looking for a wonderful healthy cookbook, my favorite is WellFed and WellFed2. Flavor-packed healthy meals!

    Salmon Cakes from WellFed (these are a crowd pleaser) – http://theclothesmakethegirl.com/2014/11/10/oven-fried-salmon-cakes/

    Roasted Buddha Bowl (sometimes I just roast the brocolli and cauliflower to add with a meal) – http://ohsheglows.com/2013/03/05/roasted-buddha-bowl/

    Tom Kha Soup – http://www.paleocupboard.com/tom-kha-soup.html

    Shaved Brussels Sprout Salad – http://www.loveandoliveoil.com/2013/04/shaved-brussels-sprout-salad.html

    Channing says:

    Your post couldn’t have come at a better time. Thank you for being vulnerable with all of us. I won’t bore you with all the details but I’m on day 6 of the Whole30 and it’s hands down the best route for me. I finished one round the beginning of the year and felt incredible. You feel like a real grown up when you find a healthy lifestyle that fits you perfectly. I love your motivation for your upcoming new decade in life. I turned 30 last year and it’s the BEST! I believe in you and know that you will learn so much about yourself and others. The ones that support and encourage you are gold. Keep them close!

    angela says:

    Thank you for being so candid! Good luck on your journey, similar to you eating out and alcohol kills my healthy eating and workout routine. For me, being social has always been about sharing meals/drinks so it’s been a tough habit to balance. I also get bored with workouts but Class Pass has be AMAZING for me. Being in LA you should really try it out, it’ll curb those workout routine ruts. Looking forward to your next update, it’s nice to find other women who are on a similar path.

    andra says:

    what an awesome post – i have been feeling exactly the same lately! I’m 34 and gained 10 pounds in the past year after being stable and skinny all my life (good genes, good metabolism!). in the past year life has gotten challenging and i’ve lost all motivation and desire to work out. and now i am by no means “overweight” but my clothes don’t fit and i feel like junk. so i’ve been trying slowly to motivate and try new things. i live in ecuador so going to amazing classes aren’t an option for me like they are for many others, so my savior has been http://www.booyafitness.com – it’s awesome! keep updating us on your progress.

    Julia says:

    I’ve followed you for years now and loved your example on how to be somewhat of a pioneer of blogging for a living. You’ve taught so many so much about living as a professional and a real person. I love to follow along your ups and downs and the realness you show.
    i just want to ask that maybe in future posts, you may consider some of the more sensitive parts of this issue. Losing weight in a healthy way is completely fine, and even in an unhealthy way, is none of my business. It is ok to want to be healthier, but as a woman suffering the devastating effects of an eating disorder myself, things like exact numbers, pictures, etc can be triggering. I don’t want to not follow you for this, as I understand it probably has absolutely zero intention of being triggering to anyone… or any bad intention in general.
    Just asking for awareness of this issue. You are a wonderful inspiration to so many, please never forget that that comes from your writing, your hard work, your openness. Your soul doesn’t care about your body. I’m not even sure what advice I would give as to how to be more sensitive to this issues, other than maybe just a warning that this post is heavy on body talk.
    Thank you for listening. Again, just trying to add perspective for the girls reading who are struggling. It’s okay whether your are 140 or 240 or 104.

    Thanks Bri. Glad you are doing this in a safe way.

    Hi! I like the way you said my healthy weight. I come from a long line of tall, thin women, and my healthy weight is socially considered “underweight.” That combined with a severe case of Crohns I have had a struggle since middle school to weigh anywhere near a healthy weight, a struggle I couldn’t share with my friends because every one was obsessed with losing. But I’m “healthy” now, and am at my healthy weight, barely at what is considered “healthy” and a BMI somewhat below that from working out. But my doctors have all reassured me, I am made to be small. Growing up and to this day I was jealous of the girls with big (and even average sized) boobs and curves, but I have come to accept that curves isn’t me, this is me. I encourage everyone to accept their healthy weight, but that is not your couch potato pizza eating weight.

    Ashley B says:

    Bri- Orange theory is an awesome cardio workout that incorporates running, rowing and strength training. Best thing is that everyone goes at their own pace. One thing that has really helped me is taking culturelle probiotic and two capfuls of organic braggs apple cider vinegar mixed in water every morning to help with digestion. It has been a total game changer with bloat and digestion for me.

    You are amazing!! Can’t wait to follow you while you crush this!


    chloe says:

    OMG this post is soooo inspiring! I’ve been on the same weight journey as you (totally fell off the wagon and gained 10 pounds this year) and was in Yosemite hiking yesterday (on an insanely tough 14 mile hike) and all I was doing was thinking of you and that I’m gonna get my shit together and get in shape too!

    I am with you all the way Girl! I think you look stunning at any size/shape….but you have to feel happy and healthy in your own skin and that what matters! xo

    Kate says:

    How did you decide on the “Lost It!” app vs. the billions of other ones available? I’m trying to pick one that will work best for me but am overwhelmed by all the options out there…

    Amber says:

    Hey!! That is fantastic…I’ve been inspired by you creativly for a couple years now. Can I dare you to eat like me?? HAVE YOU TRIED NICECREAM??? Its ice-cream made out of really ripe frozen banana’s! (its also vegan) <3

    Claudia says:

    I’m so glad I stumbled upon this post! It’s just what I need to get my butt back in shape! I’ll spare all the details but I used to be a bar method addict but quit for various reasons and since then I’ve really dropped the ball on excersise including my eating. It’s really started to affect my mood and how I feel about myself. Reading your post is great inspiration to get myself back to bar method and get myself back in shape. I know that it’s not all about the excersise but when I work out hard, I eat better…and then I feel better! Thx for sharing!

    Suzy says:

    I’m glad Sam from The Peak of Tres Chic shared your post because I’m going through the exact same thing. I was just like you. I had up and down weights throughout college and now I’m at the heaviest I’ve ever been. I challenge myself yesterday on my blog to start eating healthier for the next 21 days. Then the 21 days after that, I’m going to challenge myself to add exercise to my daily routine.

    Can’t wait to follow along your journey!

    Maria says:

    Hi Bri! I visit your blog regularly but have never commented. You know, it’s funny that you’re doing something like this. I’ve always seen you as a “perfect” woman. Your hair is fierce, your outfits are awesome, your blog is incredible… I always thought ‘Damn! Why do I have to be so ‘defective’? I wish I was like her’, yet here you are sharing your struggles and imperfections. I think it’s a really selfless thing to do and also very authentic which is something quite rare in the blogging world. I now like your blog even a little bit more 🙂
    Best of luck

    Brooke says:

    How brave. Your progress is so inspiring. Bravo for sharing–it’s incredible to see the small changes that start happening when you are consistent!

    Aidan says:

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