i’m back home now in my own bed (and thoroughly enjoying it!) but i sure did love our berlin apartment as well. white floors, wonderful light, minimal decor, and a cool berlin style.

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the first time i visited berlin (see this very old post here) we stayed in the mitte area and really enjoyed it. this time we decided to explore the kreuzberg neighborhood and it was a totally different vibe. they compare it to the “hipster” areas like williamsburg in NY or silver lake in LA. i get sort of irritated with that term, but whatever. it sort of felt like echo park in LA, but even more grungy. lots of graffiti and a very mixed vibe of restaurants and shops. at first i wasn’t actually sure if i liked it that much. but it turns out it’s just one of those places you kind of have to explore and learn all the good spots. luckily right around the corner from us was some of my favorite restaurants of the trip (cocolo ramenchan thai market and concierge coffee) more on my neighborhood finds soon…

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the apartment was quite dreamy and just my style. i loved the pink stripped down walls in the kitchen and the random design elements that you don’t normally see. the place was even better than in the photos on airbnb!

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what do you think of the place? i don’t think it would be for everyone, but i thought it was so cool!

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i loved working in the afternoons in this calming living room…and how bout those sticks on the floor? pretty genius actually.


i prefer to have a good mix of hotels and airbnb spots when i travel. seeing how people in other countries live is so fascinating!

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photos by designlovefest


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    Jasiminne says:

    I love the textures of this apartment, very ‘crumbling European chic’ (that marble block! those pink walls! the weathered chairs!) with a touch of Scandinavian (those branches are a nice touch, something I’d love to have in my home but wouldn’t quite fit with my ‘transitional decor’ style. It’s a very calming and minimal yet ‘lived in’ space – the perfect place to come home to after a day of seeing the sights in a foreign city! x

    Jasiminne | Posh, Broke, & Bored

    this makes me want to go home and paint my floors white.

    Really pretty. It has history, and really considered design choices. Lovely.

    Kristyna says:

    It’s beautiful! In love with those floors + walls.

    sarah goodman says:

    I’m from berlin! oh this made me home sick 🙂

    So many good photos!! Love it!
    Kisses from Portugal <3


    Bailey says:

    This place looks absolutely dreamy. I’d LOVE to stay there!

    Decoración says:

    Really pretty. Such a beautiful interior!

    It’s cool as a place to stay for a while! I am always dissapointed when we hire appartment for a long term and it becomes full of clothes and technics and what’s not, so it loses this charm of open space.

    Kia says:

    Ohh wow, this is so beautiful!

    lena says:

    omg this is so amazing! I’m a huge air bnb fan- these photos look like that came just from pintrest! so dreamy x


    Margery Ho says:

    This place looks amazing! x

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    Kelly says:

    Beautiful! So calming, too, which is an extra when you’re trying to get work done. Saved it right away!

    Megan says:

    I love the apartment! Minimal is the way to go and this is amazing!


    What a gorgeous interior. I’ve heard that Berlin is “hipster central” and now I’m clued in why!

    Gina Miller says:

    Wow, wow! Beautiful pics Bri! I’ve always loved the way you capture the places you go to and the way your taste shows in all the pics you take <3 P.S: Going to Tulum next month and out of all the guides I've seen out there, yours from last year stuck out the most so thanks for that too!

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    Julia says:

    apartment link does not work :/

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