i posted my first week adventures in a huge post over here, but i still had more places i wanted to tell you about! considering i had already been there quite a while, i did a lot of things on repeat once jen arrived (breakfast at vinnies, strolling in the nine streets area etc) she likes to refer to it as my highlight reel…


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you can see the inside of our airbnb here. it was on such a nice street in the jordaan district. perfect walking distance to shops, cafes, and bars.

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i scheduled beforehand for us to go on G’s brunch boat the morning after jen arrived. i figured it would be a fun way for us to see the city together, and brunch is our favorite friend thing to do with each other. it was so much fun! the table next to us was having a bridal shower so they were all drinking and laughing which made it interesting. the boat ride, breakfast, two alcoholic drinks and a coffee is a flat rate of 37 euros, which i thought was pretty good. and they played great music too!

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i had to show jen the kattan kabinet again and we had lunch at cafe george (which felt like new york)

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walking on our way home from the market (we picked up a bunch of snacks for a work day at home) we got caught in a crazy rain storm. it was pretty funny. we were completely soaked, running and laughing with all our bags.

that night we ate at sumo sushi, which was all you can eat. the sushi and the experience was amazing. so many options, we left completely stuffed and happy.

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one of the top most inspiring things i did on my whole trip was going to the stedelijk museum. they had a matisse exhibit that BLEW MY MIND. it showcased all of his early work and how he came into his style. old movies of him cutting colorful shapes, his inspirations, cute notes he wrote his friends. i loved it. you have to see it if you can!

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we went to the keukenhof tulip garden. ohhhh my god. i am doing a whole post on that soon, it was too good to summarize.

we liked the little wine bar down the street from our place, cafe de klepel. they had cute yellow awnings, delicious cheese and wine.

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the next morning we met up with one of our airbnb hosts (she was cool and we became friends!) and she took us to headfirst coffee roasters for the best flat white and brunch at de bakkerswinkel (above) i would recommend both places!

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our last evening in amsterdam we met up with some friends and went to hotel de goudfazant for dinner. it has a warehouse vibe with fancy food. everything we ate was very on point. and you can take a ferry there!

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amsterdam i love you forever! i will definitely be back.


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    Vickie says:

    Your trip looks like it was amazing – I’ve had to add Amsterdam to my (ever growing) list of places in Europe I want to go…

    Rachel says:

    I love the Matisse exhibition. Wish I could get the chance to visit!


    Veronica says:

    Your trip looks like so much fun! The apartment is beautifully designed.

    Giulia says:

    Beatiful photos! I would like to go to Amsterdam. Your leopard coat is amazing!


    Anonymous says:

    Oh my goodness, Bri! I am adding all these things to my trip! Is it safe to assume that I can speak English there and no one will give me a dirty look?

    The pictures are great; I especially love the florals on that community table!

    Tiffani Fisher says:

    I went to cafe george, too! very new york… this post is bringing back some great memories!!! so “gezellig” 🙂

    Laci says:

    Amazing travels and wonderful pics (as always) love it girl!


    Toni Marie says:

    All of your pictures are so amazing! Amsterdam looks so beautiful 🙂


    Jen says:

    I can’t help but think you are missing a music video here.

    Kelly says:

    Great post! I almost don’t dare to mention it, but I live like 3 hours from Amsterdam and it has been like 20 years since I was last there.

    It’s definitely on the bucket list for a quick getaway soon.

    Elle says:

    ok, booking my flights now. so gorgeous!

    Paula says:

    Omg I just saw this post. I didn’t know you were visiting my country. I love Amsterdam too. I’m probably gonna life there for a few months because I have to do an internship for school. 🙂

    Anonymous says:

    Lovely post! Haven’t been there yet but already looking forward to go back…we’ll be visitng in the Christmas season and it’ll be different. will need to schedule another visit in warmer weather!

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