i am laying on the couch in switzerland, in a little town called aubonne, looking out at lake geneva and the beautiful mountains. after 7 days of moving all around france…


(4 hotels, 2 planes, 3 trains, lots of car rides and walking around everywhere) i arrived to my family friend’s house yesterday and just reeeelaxed. the family made a delicious dinner (with this view) and then we walked around the little town in the evening. i caught up on some work and then slept until 1pm today! i haven’t done that in SO long, i must have been really needing sleep.

i will be here for a few days and might visit lausanne or montreuxย since they are so close by. the family has been teaching me french words and swiss traditions (how to cheers here, or that they kiss 3 times when they say hello) they have been so welcoming, it’s amazing. i will be doing recaps of my france adventures when i have a little time to catch up. we saw many champagne regions that i’ve never seen, so that was a treat. but after 25+ glasses of champagne, i think i will switch to wine for a while. ha.

on saturday, i will take a plane to florence and a train to tuscany. it’s so invigorating traveling alone. it’s funny, but i always feel like a real grown up when i arrive to my destination after not knowing the language and navigating through stations and unknown places. it can be overwhelming at times, but also such a good learning experience. it teaches you to be very observant, prepared, and aware.

i hope you have a great week, and i will check in again soon! there’s some fun posts this week, so stay tuned… xx, bri


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    Dana says:

    i wish you a lot of fun at your holiday!!!
    enjoy sitzerland.
    do you see the mountains from your place?
    i LOVE them a lot.


    That sounds amazing! I haven’t gotten to travel nearly as much as I’d like to (yet), but I can imagine that invigorating feeling of navigating through countries on your own! Best wishes for safe and wonderful travels!

    xo Megan, Lush to Blush

    Megan says:

    That view is amazing! Travelling alone is such an accomplishment! Great job gal ๐Ÿ™‚


    Kristina says:

    You should definitely make a trip to Montreux! It’s so beautiful and the views of the mountains and Lake Geneva can’t be beat. I live in Bern, an hour away, and we love going there for a stroll along the water. I’m looking forward to reading more about your travels: might have to make a trip to Champagne region next…

    Dana says:

    Oh, ups. there are mountains. forget my question from above. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    my typefinger was to fast.

    astrid says:

    You should totally go to the Market in Florence (“mercato”)… such an amazing place to eat, buy and meet new people!!!! ๐Ÿ™‚

    lucy says:

    Hi, I follow you on Facebook. Great inspiration
    For my little cottage in England. Where are your
    Sandals from. Love love love them. Thankyou

    Nina says:

    Hi Bri, glad you like switzerland! Next time, you should also come to Zurich, you’d like it! Traveling alone is great, it clears your head and makes you feel strong, indeed. Have fun in Italy! Ciao!

    Beautiful Bri! Heads up when on trains. Never, never, never, for one second put your purse/bag down while loading or unloading on the train. Last year in montreux, Switzerland someone got my attention to distract me when coming off the train, then his friend grabbed my briefcase and ran. No good! But yes, like you said, being aware and alert is key. Safe travels to you gorgeous. Head high in confidence when going anywhere. I always gave off the energy ‘don’t even THINK about messing with me’ (you need it as a beautiful woman traveling alone) XO

    Your trip looks like so much fun! (I’ve been following on Instagram — so jealous!) Solo travel abroad is so empowering, I love seeing people take the opportunity to do it. Have fun, and rest up!

    Christine says:

    Love the skirt in the photo! Happy Holiday!


    Grace says:

    Hi! I spent four months in Tuscany last fall in a little town called Arezzo (an hour south of Florence by train!). I highly recommend stopping by this town of you get a chance. And amazing view of the country side at the park on the top of the hill and incredible mom and pop Italian restaurants. Try pici pasta while in Tuscany!

    Hello! Oh gosh, I’m in need of sleep too. Can’t wait to see this week’s posts ๐Ÿ™‚ And loving your skirt! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

    Heather says:

    So fun! I LOVED my days of solo travel! And that part of Switzerland is beautiful!
    I also love love love that skirt! Is it something you got in the US or found in your travels? Shopping in Europe is expensive but you can find some really special pieces.
    Have a blast!

    Ashley Nathalie says:

    How exciting!! My boyfriend and I will be doing a trip to France soon and I can’t wait to hear all about your trip!!

    Love love love this scalloped skirt, may I ask where it is from?

    I love this photo Bri! you look so cute! the skirt is incredible with the scallops. I’m going to France in July with my boyfriend. Very excited. Need some cute outfits like this. xx

    Lรฉonie says:

    Such a sweet picture ๐Ÿ™‚
    It’s funny cause I live in Switzerland in canton de Vaud, and know Aubonne and its area very well!
    Hope you’ll enjoy your trip in Switzerland ๐Ÿ™‚ and in Europe!

    dc says:

    Love it! Wish You safe travels! ps In Poland its also 3 cheek kisses when we say hello ๐Ÿ™‚

    hinode says:

    I Love the skirt in the photo!

    very cool this article, ill share for everybody!

    Mariih lore says:

    loved friend, you are beautiful and clothes even more devastated

    Polishop VC says:

    I loved it, great!

    One of my dreams and know Switzerland, hug !!

    Dobler Laris says:

    Wow, this trip must have been really fun, I hope you enjoyed it a lot.

    Congratulations on the trip, I think it must have been really wonderful.

    I loved this skirt very beautiful

    You are beautiful. Love the skirt in the photo, amazing!

    Switzerland is fantastic, the city Aubonne is charming, I have had the opportunity to meet and intend to return one day.

    Rhonda says:

    Nothing beats traveling and having these wonderful stories to share. I loved it …

    Filipe says:

    It must be very nice to be in Aubonne, being able to enjoy Lake Geneva and its beautiful mountains, I hope you have enjoyed this charming place.

    zurc says:

    this is incredible, wow… i’ll investing on this this year

    its really incredible, see this and invest on in so..

    Jose Antunes says:

    Inresistibly beautiful.

    Robert says:

    Really really good.. oh god..

    Maria JC says:

    Traveling is something wonderful .. I loved it

    I love this photo Bri! you look so cute! the skirt is incredible with the scallops. Iโ€™m going to France in July with my boyfriend. Very excited. Need some cute outfits like this. xx

    Beautiful skirt! I loved the color and the style.

    HINODE says:

    Beautiful skirt! I loved the color and the style.

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