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hi there! i made it from tuscany > florence > to AMSTERDAM! and man is it cool here. we got a lucky day of sunshine before the clouds and rain (and king’s day craziness!) rolls in. i’ll be here for two weeks and i’m happy to have some of my LA friends visiting me here. i was missing home, so it’s good to have them by my side. i’ve been gone almost three weeks now and it feels like forever.

this trip is pretty sentimental for me. i set out to let go of some negative things that were happening in my life, and i can slowly feel them drifting away. i’ve seen so much already, talked to so many people, and just kicked all of those things out of my brain. and luckily i still have almost a month left to explore. follow me on instagram to see more of the day to day activities.

in this pic above you can see me WAY up in the sky on these swings that were by far the highest swings i’ve ever been on. i’m not generally afraid of rides but these were insanely high up! it was terrifying and amazing all at once. i laughed and held on for dear life.

lastly, can i ask your advice? if you could recommend ONE thing/place in amsterdam, what would it be? have a great weekend! -bri


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    Anne-Fleur says:

    Aah those swings are so scary! But that view is so amazing too.
    I love following you on instagram, and it’s even a bit more special now you’re in my country.:-)

    I would recommend BAK restaurant : http://www.bakrestaurant.nl/en
    The food is all local and seasonal, and it all tastes and looks great. They even have a great view (a little harbor and cute boats!). Oh and great wine!

    I’m hoping all those negative things will drift away further and further, so that you’ll return home a little stronger and more positive than before 🙂

    andrea says:

    anything’s possible in amsterdam!

    elianne says:

    Heey, I’m from the Netherlands and I study in Amsterdam. I would really recommend ‘de 9 straatjes’ in the Jordaan to go shopping. The rijksmuseum is beautiful if you love art and after that, you should go the het rembrandtplein to see ‘de nachtwacht’ in statue form. There are loads of beautiful things to discover in Amsterdam but definitely check out other cities. Utrecht is just 20 minutes away by train and is a beautiful city as well. Oh and last thing, it’s tulip season so all the tulip fields are in full bloom which is absolutely gorgeous to see.
    Enjoy the rest of your trip


    Simone Anne says:

    Amazing! Those swings look crazy and beautiful – I bet the view was unreal! Glad you’re having an amazing time. Travel does beautiful things to the mind and heart and soul. xo

    Maryse says:

    If the weather’s nice go to park Frankendael have lunch in the garden of Huize (house) Frankendael, the restaurant is called Merkelbach. We were married there! Or escape Amsterdam and come enjoy the southern beach in The Hague 🙂

    De Kaaskamer = Cheese heaven!

    May says:

    you should visit De kattenkabinett-cat museum. Lots of weird cat art, and also some cute cats living there.

    Nadia Salvatori says:

    I only spent 19 hours in Amsterdam, but they might have been the craziest 19 hours of my life. I still tell stories about it and laugh! I didn’t get to do a whole lot there because it was such a rushed trip, but the cliche thing that gave me the best stories was a visit to a smoky little “cafe”. It’s not my usual scene, but when in Rome…er…Amsterdam! A good way to chill out and definitely let go of some of that negative stuff clouding your mind!

    Meredith says:

    Take a bike tour of the tulip fields! There are quite a few different options if you look around, but it was one of the most beautiful things to see! Esp. good if you’ve packed on any vacation pounds like I did!

    Robyn says:

    Super jealous!!! I have never been to Amsterdam but it looks gorgeous. Also travelling is the best cure for pretty much everything. Hope you have a great trip 🙂


    Shastablasta says:

    Foam photography gallery. Boat ride through canals in a small boat. Book with Boom Chicago (proceeds go to charity)

    Maaike says:

    go to the Hallen near the ten katemarkt. It’s foodfestival kinda foodcourt build in a old tramremise. Very nice. And if you want to the beach, you should go to wijk aan zee, on 40 min from amsterdam by bus. It has very nice beachrestaurants, like Aloha.

    Hilde says:

    We had dinner at restaurant De Kas (www.restaurantdekas.nl) when I visited some years ago. It´s located in an old greenhouse, and I still dream of it!

    Megan says:

    Cafe Zeezicht, if it is still there, on the Singel. Yummy Apple pie and coffee!

    Nicole says:

    Go on a boat tour on one of those rainy days! Eat some pesto gouda for me!! My favorite was the Van Gogh museum and a must see if you haven’t been is of course the Anne Frank Huis.

    jeanie says:

    I love love Amsterdam and enthusiastically second the boat tour and Rijksmuseum!! It’s a great city to walk around as well. If you like falafels, I love Maoz (I know it’s a chain but it’s not in LA unfortunately and I always crave their falafels, particularly the ones from Amsterdam)!

    jeanie says:

    Oh, and I love the eel sandwiches there as well (I just remember getting them from outdoor stands — delish!) Have the very best time and even though I don’t know you, I’m so happy to hear you are letting go of negative things — so important!!

    laura says:

    as lame and touristy as it sounds…the heineken museum is really fun, as is everything you do right AFTER the heineken museum. You get beer :D. (and you get to BE beer in one of those silly interactive rides…). And I’ll echo the Rijksmuseum suggestions

    Anonymous says:

    This is so amazing Bri! Please go to the Tulip fields!

    Ellen Nijhuis says:

    I think you really would love the Tulip fields, if it doesn’t rain though. Saw the forecast is not too good. When it rains absolutely van Gogh museum and Rijksmuseum. And try some Indonesian food, rijsttafel. And shopping, shopping.

    akg says:

    visit the noordermarkt on saturday morning! a farmers market and flea market in one. and it’s right next door to winkel which has the best appeltaart in the city.

    Cortney Pritchard says:

    Booze cruise through the canals & visiting Anne Franks house were 2 of my favorite things in Amsterdam. Have fun!

    Ana says:

    The Oost is pretty nice too… it used to be not so nice but lately it is up and coming. You have nice restaurants likes De Kas (a greenhouse inside a park), Wilde Zwijnen, small cute cafes like Bedford – Stuyvesant and Hartje Oost… Oh! There is a small vegetarian restaurant called Marits Huiskamerrestaurant that is super nice and cozy. It’s only open on Fridays and Saturdays so you have to book. It’s super special and nice. In de center you should try some of the cakes at de laatste kruimel (the frangipane tart is to die for!). Near the Pijp Bakers & Roasters is nice for breakfast and Bazar is pretty amazing for the building itself but their food is also nice. Can you tell I am a food enthusiast? ahahah

    If you want we can meet somewhere for dinner and you can tell me how it is to live in LA. I’m probably heading there for 3 weeks this summer to check it out… but I confess I am not convinced to move there yet. 😉

    Jamie says:

    You’re in Amsterdam! What a great surprise. I live her now for 5 years and i absolutely love it.
    If you’re looking for something a little less touristic: go to the North! I’m sure you will love it. At the back of central station you will find a ferry that will bring you across the canal. Take the one at the left to the ‘NDSM-werf’. (It’s free ;)) It used to be a shipyard and now it’s an amazing creative space with restaurants, exhibitions & more. You can chill by the canal at ‘Pllek’ or ‘Noorderlicht’.

    I also recommend the east side of Amsterdam, my neighborhood. You can visit my favorite spot: Studio/K or ‘Het Tropenmuseum’ (a big ethnographic museum). Also ‘Roest’ is a great place to have a drink by the water. (http://www.amsterdamroest.nl)

    I love to eat at ‘SLA’, a salad bar with multiple branches across the city.

    Enjoy your stay!

    Sophia says:

    Go to T, cute tea/lunch/high tea place! Dinner at Badhuis, Wilde Zwijnen. Cocktails at Vesper… have fuuun!

    Margery Ho says:

    Just another reason to go to Amsterdam! I love swings like this! x

    Blog A Girl with a Camera
    Youtube A Girl with a Camera

    Ali says:

    Lunch or dinner in the greenhouse at De Kas http://www.restaurantdekas.nl/ (most photogenic/delicious/fresh food), bike ride through Kinderdijk, clear your entire schedule and take the 15 min. train to Haarlem and go to Sauna Von Egmond http://www.tripadvisor.com/Attraction_Review-g188593-d643612-Reviews-Sauna_van_Egmond-Haarlem_North_Holland_Province.html (the MOST INCREDIBLE spa- we spent 5 hours there but could’ve stayed 10), stroll along the canals through the Jordaan at night and peer into the houses – especially the ceilings. Favorite coffee shops: Dampkring, Grey Area, Greenhouse (the one on Haarlemmerstraat).

    Marie says:

    LOVE your picture! Amsterdam is amazing, hope you enjoy it.
    Personally I loved the Museum of Bags and Purses!

    Laura says:

    Amsterdam is an amazing city and there are so many attractions to be discovered. What I loved most in Amsterdam is Westergasfabriek. It used to be an old factory complex and is now a place for nature, culture and digital art. The ecological surrounding is amazing for spring, long walks and a nice coffee. Have fun and soak in all your exciting adventures. Best wishes from Berlin!

    Sia says:

    …just ONE thing?
    Then I’d recommend Razmataz (Hugo de Grootplein) for breakfast/lunch/dinner/drinks!

    I’ve always wanted to visit the landmarks mentioned in The Fault In Our Stars with a copy of the book in my hand 😛 -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

    Aoife says:

    Amsterdam is such a wonderful city. The best thing I did there was the Amsterdam Sidecar Tour, we went all around the city and then our guide took us to a fishing village outside the city for lunch and a swim. We got some great shots on the bike outside windmills on the way!

    Sarah says:

    I lived in Amsterdam for four years and insanely miss it!! You should check out Wynand Fockink- a very very old very very tiny genever (Dutch gin)distillery hidden in an alley just off Dam Square. Also Brouwerij ‘t Ij- one of amsterdams local brewery’s, it’s right underneath a windmill and on a canal so it’s incredibly beautiful to sit in the sun there and enjoy a beer. I would rent a bike and ride there….then ride everywhere else! You really understand Amsterdam best on a bike. Enjoy the city, she’s a heartbreaker.

    jeanie says:

    don’t know if this info is too late for you, but I just saw that there is an exhibit called “Late Rembrandt” at the Rijksmuseum. Looks great and if I were in Amsterdam, I’d definitely hit that up — have a wonderful time!

    Emily J says:

    Go to dinner at De Rigueur – alone – and order everything on the menu that you want. Bring something to write with, and just – be.

    x Emily
    New York

    Moonlight says:

    Anne Franks’ house/museum. Even if you are not the museum type, this is an experience and it’s part of our world heritage. It’s good to remember the scars of the past of humanity sometimes.
    I also loved Van Gogh’s museum, and eating at La Place *even though that was 6 yeaars ago and I’m sure there are new and places). Don’t forget to get the best frites (french fries) from the Egyptian guy next to the Original Dampkring Coffeeshop (it’s the one where a film for Oceans’ 12 was filmed in). 🙂

    Kristina says:

    Lots of great recommendations on here already, but I will add the Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam. It’s been my favorite museum experience and there are a couple of neat exhibitions there right now. The Matisse one looks especially dreamy. Walk through nearby Vondelpark afterward to absorb all that beauty. Hope you have a lovely trip!

    Merette says:

    hi! And welcome to Amsterdam!

    Some tips:
    – huis Marseille has great photography. If I’m correct it has work from photographer Cor Jaring right now who took a lot of pictures of the Dutch provo’s.
    – roest in amsterdam east or pllek in amsterdam north on a sunny day
    – cycling through noorderdam and dungerdam and having a drink at cafe ‘t sluisje

    Have fun!

    Katie says:

    You have to go to see Anne Frank’s diary in the museum. Completely moving 🙂

    sbort says:


    Kelley says:

    Rijsttafel at Kantjil & De Tijger – best meal ever!

    Jess says:

    Our favourite place to eat was at Castell, omg the ribs and dutch ass steak were freakin’ amazing!! I had been a vegetarian for years a bit before that, so biting into that steak was just amaze balls.

    Oh and eat at the bar!


    Samantha says:

    Wow, that’s amazing.
    One thing I would definitely recommend, like seriously I’ll be sad if you don’t go there, is to go to Sumo Sushi. It is an all you can eat sushi restaurant and it is amazing. So you have 6 rounds/courses and in each course each person can order 5 dishes. And each dish is really filling. And so you order your round and they cook the food then so everything is really really fresh. Honestly it is some of the best Japanese food ever. They have everything from sushi to sashimi to salads, soups, noodles, dumplings, all sorts of meats, just about everything. And I went in a big group and we literally left after 3 courses because we couldn’t physically eat anymore. One tip though, they hate waste and will make you pay extra if you don’t finish a course so think wisely before ordering another round.

    But seriously, you have to go!

    Ride on the canals! And eat lots of bitterballen. I have a feeling you would love Foam, the photography museum, too!

    S says:

    I was in Amsterdam last year and had the privilege to visit the OT301 which is an alternative artist collective of former squatters. They were allowed to buy the building they originally squatted, which had a history of housing a film academy if I remember correctly, from the city council. These days the collective run various projects and activities in the house, including a really cool vegan restaurant on the bottom floor. They also rent out studios to artists and performers from around the world, arrange concerts and film showings and they also have a roof top garden. Really cool! Well worth a visit, if only to see the incredible building its set in.


    Georgiana Akkerman says:

    Welcome to Amsterdam!
    I see a lot of great suggestions already, so I will name restaurant d’Vijff Vlieghen – it is in an old Dutch traditional house with very authentic inside decorations http://vijffvlieghen.nl/en/

    For strolling I like the neighborhood around the lovely Cornelis Schuytstraat

    For something different, the Zaandam little houses buitl over eachother is something worth seeing. It is actually a hotel and you csn spend the night! http://m.inntelhotelsamsterdamzaandam.nl
    Enjoy the rest of your trip!

    Nancy says:

    Hey Bri!
    So cool that you’re visiting Holland. I’m a real foodie, so I would recommend some places where you can eat great food on great locations. First: de Westergasfabriek: http://www.westergasfabriek.nl. It’s a creative spot with a little arty movie theater, the North Sea Jazz Club (love to go out and listen to some great soul/jazz music there) and places to eat, like ‘De Bakkerswinkel’ (high tea and great cakes!). You can relax in the beautiful park that’s next to it, called ‘Westerpark’. If you’re very hungry, you should go to the ‘Food Hallen’. This location opened recently and has all sorts of food stands in an old train depot: http://www.foodhallen.nl. Have fun!

    Leonie says:

    You should visit the shop Dille & Kamille tomorrow, Yvonne from yvestown.com will launch her Weekend DIY book and it’s so good! I was invited to join a workshop by her, making ideas from the book from 16.00 to 18.00 and maybe there’s room for you to join, I’m sure Yvonne will be happy to have you 🙂

    Megan says:

    Pancakes! You have to try the pancakes. And the frites 🙂 I walked so much while I was Amsterdam that by the time we left my heals were black and blue. I love that city. I Last there 7 yes ago at this time. We got lucky with beautiful weather. Hope it’s the same for you! It’s pretty nice here in LA right now 🙂

    Elsa says:

    That picture looks pretty amazing.

    sergei says:

    все возможно в Амстердаме!

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