i just wanted to stop by and say happy friday…what are your plans this weekend? i’m packing up again and going to italy, where i am positive i will have too much pizza, pasta and red wine. cliche, but oh so true. i’ve been feeling really great so far on this trip. before i left i was wondering if i would feel homesick or lonely, but i’ve been meeting a lot of new people and hearing their interesting stories and accents. and when i’m by myself, i just enjoy the quiet and time to think. i do miss my friends and my cats, but happy to hear they are doing great with the people staying in my apartment. last night we went to a few bars in lausanne and got a good leg workout from all of the steep hills there. and i’ve spent too long trying to pronounce the “r” sound in french, it’s a hard one to master (if you’re me.)

it may sound boring, but i always like to do things like go to the grocery stores when i’m in other countries. just to observe the people in everyday life, the foods they eat, the differences from the US. i didn’t plan anything on my trip besides my accommodations…i just take it day by day. and luckily i can still be on a somewhat normal work schedule remotely.

anyways, enough rambling. i hope your weekend if full of relaxation or fun. i have a few days by myself in tuscany if you have any recommendations i would love it! xx –bri

(photo by tim walker)


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    Enjoy Italy and la Dolce Vita! One of my very favorite countries 🙂

    I can’t do the R sound either lol. Have so much fun in Italy! Take lots of pictures!


    Megan says:

    Have an amazing time in Italy!!


    Christy says:

    My weekend consists of studying for upcoming exams next week. Fun. Hope you enjoy Italy! & there is no such thing as, too much pizza 😉


    Giulia says:

    Hi!! 🙂 If you’re coming to Tuscany I’ll be happy to tell you where you can find some good food!:) Enjoy!! I work for Ferrero (Nutella) and this weekend we’re launching a new product so I will be surrooooounded by chocolate 😀

    amy bordeaux says:

    sounds so fun! enjoy! 🙂

    amy bordeaux says:

    sounds so fun! enjoy! 🙂
    amy / bungalow

    Huub Ricardo says:

    Have a great time in Italy…:)

    leslie says:

    i love that you didnt plan anything other than where you are staying.
    i think thats when you have the best time because youre not stuck on a time limit on anything.

    its more freeing that way and for me the only way to travel! <3

    keep on having fun!

    Moonlight says:

    I love going to supermarkets and chatting up with locals to see how satisfied they are from their taxation system, and how safe they feel in the city? Standard question is “Do you leave your laptop or purse on a chair outside starbucks while you go in to get a coffee or do you take it with you?” Haha!

    Rachel says:

    I am also super into checking out grocery stores wherever I go! A touristy, but beautiful, day trip in Tuscany is San Gimignano (if you time your arrival either side of the tour buses, it will be even better!)

    Anna says:

    If you find yourself in San Gimignano, eat at Trattoria Rigoletto just outside the walls. I still dream of the truffle pasta and sausage with tomatoes and beans.

    Nadia Salvatori says:

    I took a Vespa your through Tuscany last October (just a half day trip). Also pretty cliche, but it turned out to be one of my favorite things on my trip (apart from the pizza, red wine, gelato, leather goods…). It’s so beautiful, it’s hard not to fall in love with whatever you do there!

    Carla says:

    Can totally relate to having trouble with some French pronunciation (I have often just ended up spitting all over myself while trying. Tres embarrasant! :D).

    Love your approach to travel – booking accommodation and taking it from there. This is how I like to do things too, and although many people think I’m mad for doing it this way, for me it is THE BEST. Don’t plan + get lost = superfuntimes!

    Have been loving following your journey. Enjoy! Xoxo

    Stephanie says:

    Definitely call to book a dinner reservation at Le Radici in Tuscany! It’s actually a hotel (not a restaurant) but if you book a dinner reservation, I PROMISE you the best several-course dining experience in all of Italy. The owner makes all the food from scratch and has a passion for cooking and serving his guests special Italian gourmet dishes. Be sure to call early in the day so he has time to plan the menu and shop for the freshest ingredients. Enjoy! xo

    chrissy says:

    Bri, I was scrolling back through your Instagram (like waaaay back lol) for mani inspiration and I stopped at this photo. https://instagram.com/p/hxL4KlrDYK/
    You look soooo happy, it made me smile. I thought, I can’t wait to have adventures like that! 🙂 I hope you are enjoying Europe. Safe travels!!

    miranda says:

    I think if you’re in Italy, you should make sure you do EVERY cliche on the list!! For some reason, cliches turn into reality when you’re in Europe. Wear as many striped tee’s, sundresses, and floppy hats as you can. Kiss a man in the heat of dancing. Go on some sort of road trip and fling your arms up. And most importantly, write so, so many letters home, even if they’re just to yourself (those are my favourite kind, the coolest way to document travel).

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