women and whiskies invited me and my good friend victoria to host a girl’s valentine’s day party in my studio and it was SUCH a blast. my favorite girls, whiskey cocktails, pretty flowers, food, and dancing made for the perfect evening. i really love the concept of women and whiskies which is to support women and their consumption and education of whiskey. it has notoriously been a “men’s drink” and they want to switch that by empowering the ladies with knowledge so that we’re comfortable tasting, talking and buying the spirit on our own. kudos to that!

we sampled all of their whiskey brands (wild turkey , forty creek, russell’s reserve and glen grant) and mixed up four different cocktails (you can find the recipes, here.) that were all delicious and did the trick!

we had the best time putting this party together and i got to work with some of favorite vendors to completely transform my studio. found rentals really pulled out all of the stops and outfitted the studio with the most beautiful array of vintage rugs and furniture. it was basically girl heaven. i created a “drink pretty” vinyl wall decal and had it printed for over the couch. it really grounded the space and made it easy for me to show people what the hashtag for the party was!

moon canyon made an outrageous centerpiece and the prettiest hanging wall installation as the perfect backdrop to the bar. kristen is such a gem.


and heirloom la absolutely killed it with their color appropriate food for the occasion and impressive setup. have you ever seen prettier deviled eggs? we had a ton of finger foods for everyone to snack on the whole evening.


we even got to sip our drinks out of pink barware from casa de perrin who have dinner and glassware in every color you could ever want for your own event. there’s something really special about drinking out of fancy glasses at a party!

anne robin calligraphy created the most gorgeous menus for us in a shade of pink and it was hung like a scroll with cupid’s arrow in the sitting room. we also played “lolita” with no sound on the wall, to add a cute vintage touch.

such a fun and memorable night. i promised all of the ladies who came that we’d do girl’s nights more often and i really going to try and stick to it. things get busy and you skip hanging out with the people who mean that most to you.

the party ended with lots of dancing and rose petals. we may or may not have put together a little choreographed dance number….

thanks to all the lovely ladies in my life for coming, to victoria for co-hosting and women and whiskies for giving us an excuse to let loose!

photos by: jesse chamberlin
furniture: found rentals
food: heirloom la
flowers: moon canyon
glassware: casa de perrin
calligraphy: anne robin

(this post was made possible by women and whiskies. all opinions are my own)


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    Aw this is so sweet! Lots of event decoration inspiration in this post! I actually quite like whiskey (especially when it’s mixed with something sweet!) xx


    Samm says:

    Such a beautiful event! Love all the photos!

    This looks so much fun (ad love :D) You guys killed it!

    Susan says:

    This is so much fun! Love!!!

    Becca says:

    Where is your outfit from?! (Also, this party looks fabulous.)

    Bri you are killing it!!!! This looks incredibly warm and fun. Great job. xo

    April says:

    Beautiful work Bri & Victoria! Looks like so much fun!

    avital says:

    i love the way you make a space so pretty! loved it!

    catherine says:

    What a gorgeous party! I want to pin the sh*t out of these photos… so uplifting + happy. Really really well done, Bri:)

    Aubrey says:

    I love Whisky and always order it, “neat” 🙂 – I always get stares.

    Katia says:

    Looks like it was a fantastic time, love the concept too! Awesome that the O’Canada cocktail uses 40 Creek. As a Canadian I totally know it/love it/it’s my dad’s favourite!

    This post makes me so happy! What a fun (and beautiful) get together!

    Much love,

    dominique says:

    oh man this looks so pretty. what a fun night!

    Motte says:

    This looks so pretty! Why wait for spring to come around? Perfect for Valentine’s too!

    Erin Radler says:

    So beautiful!! So fun!! So happy! God, i love this blog. LOVE.

    Meredithe says:

    i love your blog, your style, the whole thing. your party looks amazing.thank you.

    Feltballrug says:

    Pretty in pink! What a gorgeous space you’ve created, a custom pink felt ball rug would go beautifully with everything http://bit.ly/1EBkKnv

    You really did a great job. It’s sooooo beautiful !

    Julia says:

    One of the most beautiful parties I´ve ever seen!

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