hi there! i thought i would do a little round up of my favorite apps. some of them you may already know about, but i figured you might find a couple in here you’ve never heard of that could be helpful. happy app shopping and i’d love to hear your favorites too!



Calenmob: i use google calendar religiously on my computer and calenmob syncs with it and works great on my phone. i wouldn’t be able to function without a calendar system!

Dropbox: i use dropbox to share and keep my photos organized. sync them from your computer to your phone. and i have a LOT of photos, so i pay for extra storage.

SpamDrain: this app saved me a lot of trouble. i get TONS of spam emails from my emails being on my website. this app took away 98% of it. i can still go through what it’s blocked in case anything gets put in there on accident.


Uber: not only do i use this app in LA when i’ve had too many glasses of wine to drive, but it comes in great handy when i’m on trips and don’t have a rental car. i’ve only had one bad experience (surge pricing on new years eve) but all of my others have been great.

Hotel Tonight: get great deals on hotels the same day. staycation, anyone?

Airbnb: or skip the hotel and book an apartment! you should also check out glamping hub for super cool cabins, yurts, tents etc.


Postmates: I use this one for take-out food where they don’t offer delivery. or that item i forgot for a photo shoot and need someone to pick it up for me while i’m on set. very convenient (maybe a little toooo convenient)

Task Rabbit: living alone, sometimes i need a helping hand. someone to fix my broken table, deliver something i can’t fit in my car, assemble furniture. post your task and how much you want to pay and someone will pick up the task. this app has a lot of great uses.

Instacart: I must admit, i haven’t gone to the grocery store since i’ve gotten this app. with only a $3.99 delivery charge on orders over $35…and whole foods shows up at my door within 2 hours. it’s a huge time saver! here’s a $10 off code.


Cover: split the bill with your friends at dinner and easily pay with this app (or cover the whole thing before someone tries to stop you.)

Venmo: i love using venmo to send people amounts of money i owe them. let’s say a friend paid for our concert tickets, i can easily send her the payment without any charge to either of us.

Splitwise: no more awkward conversations with your roommates about splitting bills. make it easy with this app.


VSCO: lately, i’ve been editing all of my photos in VSCO. i would suggest buying some extra filters in the store that fit your photo style! i spend way too much time playing around in this app.

Afterlight: i used to use this app to edit my photos, but now i only use it to add the white borders to my horizontal photos. (you can also use squaready)

Facetune: you can use this app to take out small spots or imperfections in your photos.


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    Great post! Also being in LA, I will have to check out Instacart and Task Rabbit.

    Mary says:

    This is a neat post idea, Bri! I love seeing what organizational apps people use on their phones- I’ve never heard of Spam Drain, so I’m excited to try it out!


    marchelle says:

    ooh.. I got all excited about Instacart but it isn’t in San Diego yet. I guess I need to get off my butt and go to the store after all.

    Anonymous says:

    Great apps! Thanks so much! Love you blog!

    janel says:

    very cool! thanks for sharing <3

    very interesting
    I wish you an happy day
    fashion blogger

    Love this post idea! What great apps. I love the shopping one, but alas…I live in too small of a town to have access to this. Great idea though!! Thanks for sharing.

    Georgia says:

    Thank you for this post. I just started using Manual and love how my pictures come out.

    Erin Radler says:

    Oh wow! I had no idea about facetune. I’ve been looking for something like that for quick cleanup. Photoshop has really spoiled me in that way.

    VSCOcam is amazing! I also just use Afterlight for the border since VSCOcame has amazing filters to take advantage of. I need to start using Calenmob and Dropbox – my phone needs a major organization sweep!

    Monica – Mocha and Moccasins

    These apps sound amazing! VSCO cam is incredible indeed!


    Rachel says:

    Thanks for such a brilliant post here. There are some I already use and love (Uber, Afterlight), but the big one for me is Instacart (thanks for the coupon!) The apartment I’ve rented in L.A. in the Spring is in an awesome location, but while there are smaller grocery stores nearby, it is 30 minutes walk to Whole Foods for me – this will be great when I first get there for some of the bulkier items I’ll ned in my stay.

    Laura says:

    Great post! Always looking for new apps to play around with.

    Laura / The Likely Lady xx

    alexa says:

    I would also add a good navigational app Spyglass. It works great when offline, assuming that you pre-download the maps that you need in advance. It shows your accurate coordinates and your current position on a map, allows to mark locations and waypoints, share your locations with friends and much more.

    charlotte says:

    What do you find different about the CalenMob/Google Calendar opposed to the calendar your iPhone comes with?

    Yolonda says:

    Thanks for sharing…I use some of these but not all. I’m definitely going to check out a few more.

    maggie says:

    Awesome suggestions! I have recently become something of an app junkie. One of my current favorites is HeyLets – it is like a positive Yelp. In an area you’re unfamiliar with and want to find an amazing coffee spot? HetLets uses your location and shows what people are raving about in the area. No more needing to sift through mediocre reviews. And you can wishlist things you like to remember them for later!


    danielle says:

    Everplaces is a great app for travel as well.

    I love this! What a great selection – there are some on here that I have never heard about.
    I am going to be checking this out and may download a few for myself 😉

    Eifiki Robertson says:

    Just think for a sec how this will inpact(in a way) the idea of smartphones and their much desired and much wanted idea for better use and all of those bs at least for me. I would agree that the good is desired but lets all admit it no one wants to be like them and to do things like them.. even the workers at http://www.viabletype.com and SJOP said it is possible.

    Tyler Anne says:

    Can’t wait until I move back to the Seattle area so I can use the Task Rabbit, Instacart, and Postmates! What awesome apps! Thanks for sharing Bri!

    mari says:

    I’ve never thought of using Facetune in that way. Great idea!

    Veronica says:

    I love VSCO, it’s my go to photo editor!

    kim boswell says:

    I love vsco, it is probably my favorite app. Jorte Calendar app is also one of my favorite apps. It is the most customizable calendar ever and you can make it look ssooo cute! Seriously, those two apps I couldn’t live without.

    wow,Bri, great post, so helpful, thanks for sharing!

    Sophie says:

    Sorry to comment something like this but I thought someone with such an aesthetic focus might want to know – I just spotted that at the top of the post you have the title on an iPhone 6 but it has the old iOS which doesn’t quite add up! I’m just the kind of person who always notices things like this! Anyway thanks for the snazzy list 🙂

    THANK YOU for introducing me to Glamping Hub!

    shopping says:

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    lavivavera says:

    Thank you for this post! Amazing suggestions. I love Facetune and I am so happy to discover it! Have a nice day and stay so cool :*

    Yvett says:

    thanks for keeping us updated on fabulous apps! =)

    Jess says:

    i just moved to austin from pittsburgh and instantly rejoiced when both instacart and task rabbit are serviced here. i don’t love grocery shopping, especially on saturady afternoons when it is insane(!), so instacart may be my new BFF.

    Peter says:

    If you love photography travel apps try Steller!

    Amanda says:

    Some of my favorites, and some I should definitely try, thanks!

    Sumin says:

    Thank you for sharing your apps! I especially like photo editing apps♡

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