hi there. how’s your friday going? i like this sunburned toast.

i’m on a plane to atlanta for one of my high school best friend’s wedding. i haven’t seen some of my friends in years, so i’m excited to dress up and have some fun with everyone!

my birthday is next week (aquarius, holla). 29 seems like such a strange age. but maybe it’s because i’m not a fan of odd numbers. but i’m just going to embrace it. i know i’ve talked a little bit about single life here on the blog. i gotta say, i finally feel like i’m adjusting to it and enjoying it. for a few months there, i felt a little anxious for all those stupid cliche reasons…”what if i don’t find someone? is every good guy taken? what if i’m single for years! everyone is married with kids except me.” i know, it’s pretty silly to write it out, but that IS what i thought for a while. i’d like to think i don’t feel very pressured to have kids and get married right away, but the older you get, it’s like someone shoves those thoughts in your brain whether you want them or not.

but now, i feel comfortable living alone. i go on dates and if there’s chemistry, awesome, and if not, oh well. i’ve been putting way less weight on it and feeling a lot better. i figure if i do meet someone special, this is my only time to live it up and be single. so i might as well make it enjoyable. do tell, what made you single transition easier? as a relationship kinda gal, it was definitely something i had to learn to like…

anyway, i’m going to be in new york with friends this month art directing this proctor & gamble beauty event. i’m excited to see this 3 month project actually come to life and spend some time in that awesome city. we rented a big house in brooklyn for us to all stay/work in. can’t wait!

PS. for those of you interested in the JOBS at designlovefest and blogshop, a little update… we hired a blogshop social media manager for blogshop, found a photographer for a designlovefest weekly column, and hired a few interns in NYC for that beauty event. we are STILL on the hunt for our new managing editor (runs 2 columns on DLF, handles emails and submissions, takes part of the creative process, helps with workshops etc.) see the job listing here. give us a shout if you’re interested. we’ll be hiring in february!

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    maggie says:

    You are going to have so much fun at that wedding! I am a few years behind you, but I have friends back home (25-26) that already are married with kids…it’s oddly unnerving.

    But Los Angeles is an entirely different beast. I feel like it is acceptable to be single for quite some time. I think your attitude is awesome and when someone comes along, everything is going to fall into place for you.


    lauren says:

    I CAN SO RELATE TO THIS POST. I will be turning 29 in April and it’s the first time I’ve been terrified to turn an age. Although I am in a relationship, I didn’t know how I felt about marriage and children… until people started saying, “I cant believe you guys aren’t married yet… what about kids?!” Not that it’s any of their business, but I did find myself asking, “Do I want to get married and have kids because I want to? Or because other people are getting married and having kids?

    Ok sorry, my rant is over! But I’m glad to know I’m not alone on people shoving life changing thoughts into my head!

    Met my husband in my 30’s when life was full throttle, my career as a producer was it’s most successful/fun and travel was frequent! Wasn’t looking at that stage, as the old adage goes… He was from LA and I was living in Toronto! 15 years later, pre-tween girl and our life is still fireworks. Be good to yourself, continue loving what you do and stay happy! Doors open in all different ways… Xxxx

    Anna says:

    I feel like every second person on my friends list from school has either had a baby, got engaged or both. I think there’s always that pressure in your 20s to settle down early coz our parents did it. Once you start enjoying the ride instead of living up to other people’s expectations its so much more fun. There are so many different variables to each life it’d be silly to conform just to make other people happy. Keep doing you, gurl.

    Sam says:

    I feel the same way about being single… I’ve tried to enjoy, go on dates and get to know me better while I’m alone. Things will happen at the right time. 🙂

    Dana says:

    Oh, hey. P&G. These are my clients, too. In Germany.

    Have fun & and enjoy your days of traveling.

    Sarah says:

    I went through the same thing turning 29 a year ago. 30 felt like a looming scary age, everyone I knew had settled down I was 29 and newly single. I had the same fears too, and the pressure from society and particularly the media that you should be ‘setting down now too’ is pretty intense; Its everywhere!
    Fact is you will meet someone else (statistically, its virtually impossible to avoid it, you’d have to try really hard!) so enjoy being single while you can, you’ll discover so much more about yourself.. sounds cliche but its true, and live up the last year of your twenties! 29 (and 30) are great by the way! Keep walking your own path 🙂

    Sending you lots of love from across the ocean.
    I feel you, sister!
    I love that you embraced the “singledom” so gracefully. Don’t you ever dare feel bad because of your being single. You’re beautiful, intelligent, creative and an inspiration.

    Love you,

    Angela says:

    I’m 37, 3 young kids & divorced for 2.5 years. Was the best decision I ever made. Even though in my mid-late 20s I *thought* I knew what I was doing when it came to relationships…I made bad decisions. I’ve since learned so much about myself and who I want to have in my life. After my divorce I dated a fair bit – met some great guys, but also felt depressed at times at the thought of never meeting the right guy – especially with 3 kids in tow!! But I also knew that I would rather be single & happy & in a safe/loving environment, than to be in a relationship that wasn’t true to who I am or to what I want out of life. Once I was really at peace with this, I met an amazing man & our relationship is all I’ve ever wanted – I feel so lucky & grateful. All that to say that despite the normal doubts you felt, and will probably continue to feel, life has a way of working out for the best when you stay true to yourself and what you want/deserve from the people in it! You truly are an inspiration!!

    Hope M. says:

    Welcome to Atlanta! If you get a chance you and your girlfriends should have brunch at Highland Bakery… sweet potato pancakes! Yes pleaseeee.

    Also, here’s a blog I recently wrote about being 28 and single… I’m sure you can relate!



    Moonlight says:

    Hi! I’ve never commented before on the blog, but I feel I’m connecting a bit with this post so, here I go.
    I’m 28 and split with my bf of 5 years in the summer of 2013. After a year of wild partying and heavy (for myself) alcohol consumption and new friendships of which some ended and some got really strong, I found myself stronger and actually enjoying myself. I feel what you are saying about social pressure to get married, have children and all that, but come on, you actually HAVE a life outside of a relationship! Your work is going very well (touch wood) and you are evelving as a person, finding yourself, freeng yourself in aspects that maybe you had forgotten, understanding what has changed in the time you were in a relationship.
    What I’m saying is that what matters is you are not stationary. You are moving. Not in a relationship context, but you are moving. And changes and evolution are good. You can be complete on your own, and you will find that someone to share your completeness with! Don’t rush things, and everything will fall into place when everything is right. It’s great that you can date, dating is a bit more difficult in small societies like in the country where I’m from, so I’m definitely happy for you, but don’t stress over it! You are beautiful, and have so many things going on for yourself, and you are a smart lady, with a great style, so everything will come in time!
    Cheers! 🙂

    Christina says:

    You are about a year ahead of me. I’ll be 28 next month. I’m ready for 28 but I can see already why 29 would be weird. I mean… that’s basically 30, haha. I’m getting married in May and I am grateful for that, because I know I would have all the same fears and doubts that you’ve experienced if I was single right now. Trust me though, no matter where you’re at in life and with relationships and family-making, there’s always some whole new set of fears and doubts creeping up. I guess the key is just tackling what’s coming at you with as much confidence and joy as you can muster. Damn, I think I just taught myself something. ;p

    Sophia Castano says:

    Hey Bri!

    Just curious if there are any other intern opportunities? Also, I was wondering if I could get a mailing address of yours, because I’d like to send you a handwritten card for all the inspiration you have given me over the years. Thanks!

    Jen says:

    Wow! I totally get it; I’m about six year older than you, but I remember that weird pressure in my late twenties about marriage and babies. The good news is that in your thirties, you get way more comfortable with yourself and what you want and saying f*ck it to those life timetables that people want to impose on you.

    I’m (recently) married to a man I absolutely adore, but I also think that what got me in this relationship was having a strong sense of self and meaning and purpose in my life. Really, the whole relationship thing should just by icing on the cake — if your life has passion and meaning and a spirit of generosity, good things will come your way.

    Kim Boswell says:

    You mentioned an upcoming project with P&G: Procter and gamble is a terrible company that I actively boycotte due to animal testing and cruelty practices. They are a large distributor of house hold foods, cleaning supplies, and products. You would be suprised by how many random products this company is tied to, I struggle with avoiding them because there really are so many common items (tide, colgate, dawn soap, punch, soaps, pet supplies, etc). I urge anyone to research the company and find cruelty free alternative products! Thanks for letting me share!

    Joy says:

    Hi Bri! I don’t see the managing editor posting on your jobs page. Is it called something else? I only see “Creative Assistant” and “Creative Contributor.”


    Also, I totally relate to those unbidden thoughts of ending up “left behind” while everyone else marries and has kids…I felt that way when I was single, and now that I’m married with no kids, I still feel like I have to play catch up–even though I know I really don’t!

    Georgia says:

    Wow! It feels great to read all these comments. A new year, my 26th birthday this week, and a move to a new city have brought about all new beginnings for me, which is exciting but still longing for things that are left behind. Just ended a relationship with an amazing man. Left things on good terms, we realized we are on different paths. But I can’t help but have all the same fears as you. In this moment, I honestly feel I will never find anything like that again. That I will never fall in love or feel excited about someone. I wish I could be excited about being single again but Ive been feeling extremely lonely esp in a new city. It is hard to go back to being with friends or alone, when you’ve been used to always having your #1 person. I guess you get used to it and focus on other aspects of life. Im with you Bri!

    April says:

    So happy you are finding peace and happiness! 🙂

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