a habit of mine in january is looking back at my old goals and seeing how many of them came true. it’s fun to see how i’ve grown in business and as a person. it’s also fun to see how we stay the same. i go back and read my old posts and smile as i think to myself “gosh, you sounded so young.” and other times “man, nothing has changed there.”


back in 2010 i was very stoked on life with this list.  i’m proud to say i made a lot of these 2013 goals happen. and these too. (i guess i looooved goal making in 2013. but i was also realistic here.) last year, i got very real here. and admitted to working too much here. (something i’ve gotten much better at!) and now it’s time for my 2015 list.


1. more alone time. i am a very social person. i like to be around people. but i’m also learning how to love alone time as well. i want to have more nights to myself, cooking or watching movies, or eating at a restaurant by myself. i’ve been doing this more recently and it’s actually very relaxing.

2. more dinner parties. i’ve been trying to notice when i’m the most happy and then do more of that activity if i can. dinner parties are something i love to attend, i love to throw/plan…so this year, it’s on.

3. more field trips. like i said above, another time i am the most happy is when i’m seeing something new. and that doesn’t mean i have to travel far for it. i made a pact with my friends that we would do more field trips this year, at least once a month. after going to the rose garden last week, and the natural history museum to look at the gems yesterday…i’m ready to come up with new ideas & places to visit!


4. a longer trip abroad. i haven’t exactly decided where/when i want to go, but i have a strong desire to rent an apartment abroad for 1-3 months. i need to figure out the logistics (like renting out my apartment during that time and who’s gonna watch my kitties) but i really want to try to make it happen before this summer. i would love it was a mixture of solo travel, and also meeting up with friends. i’m thinking amsterdam, berlin, morocco and greece. i always feel completely refreshed and inspired when i travel, and i’m ready to see new cities. do i sound like eat, pray love yet?

5. less complaining. this one doesn’t need much explanation.

6. let it go. there were some people in my life that really hurt my feelings last year. it’s time i forgive and forget. and be more cautious in the future. there’s no reason to hold on to negative feelings.

7. new hobby? do you have a talent you haven’t really explored but always wanted to? i can sing, but have never liked singing in front of people or had a desire to pursue it in any way. lately i’ve been thinking about taking singing lessons or something. just for me. i don’t think i’ll ever be into performing (i guess who knows?) but i think it would be a fun new hobby.

8. invest in something. i am a big saver. i get nervous when my accountant brings up stocks or investment ideas. but this is the year i would like to think more seriously about it. whether it’s a new business idea, a house, something that will improve my current business, or who knows what. bye bye $.


9. bigger projects that push me. i took on a lot of projects last year that freaked me out, and i learned a ton. i’ve been finding a mix of art directing content for this blog and also art directing for brands that aren’t connected to designlovefest at all. both push me in different ways. when i come up with ideas for my blog, i am challenged to come up with something new and inspiring. not just a sponsored post that makes you roll your eyes, but something that you actually want to read. and when i work on projects elsewhere, there’s a different kind of pressure that pushes me out of my comfort zone. all good things.

10. be nice(r) to myself. haven’t really mastered this one yet. but working hard on it.

i’d love to hear 1 or 2 from your list as well! happy new year. –bri

(photos by: jimmy marble)


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    I’m trying not to be so hard on myself too, but at the same time work more efficiently so I can work on more and better creative projects. So, basically your 9 and 10:) I also want to experiment and intuitively take more risks with my art. Cheers to a new year!

    Those all sound like great goals, and I agree whole heartedly on all of them for myself. Except for the first one– I need to work on the opposite and start being so afraid of breaking out of my shell.

    Melissa says:

    That’s a great list Bri! Inspirational yet realistic 🙂 I’m horrible with setting goals. You could say my first goal is to be better about setting goals. I quit my day job over a year ago and have gone in a million different creative directions. I love them all but it’s time to focus. My goal is to find a creative business mentor to help me focus my energy to be a kick @ss girlboss. Here’s to 2015!

    Izzy says:

    Hi Bri! Happy New Year!

    I can’t agree with you more on traveling abroad. As I was reading that section I immediately thought of ‘Eat Pray Love’ (which is a favorite movie of mine). If you have the opportunity to travel with no one holding you back, you gotta do it! I hope 2015 is a good one for ya!

    Nadia says:

    i can relate to each number from your list, bri! my biggest goal for 2015 is becoming a mom. at 35, i have invested so much time and energy into meeting the right person and it just hasn’t happened and don’t feel remotely close to it happening. i had to make a decision about what i’d regret more down the road if i missed the opportunity – and being a mom topped finding a perfect partner (for right now, anyway). so now i start investigating ways to make this happen (adoption, etc.). thank you for sharing and constantly inspiring us all in so many ways. i look forward to reading about you making your goals happen this year! – nadia

    Rebecca says:

    oh man, my favourite city is Berlin. I would be so excited if you made that goal happen!
    Happy 2015!

    Karen says:

    Go to Amsterdam! It is beautiful and inspiring and fun and relaxing and everything all at once!

    You’ve inspired me to finally sit down and write my own goal list now – top of that should probably be to stop procrastinating!

    Excited to keep following your beautiful eye and blog for 2015!

    Karen x

    maggie says:

    I just wrote my resolutions, too! I think one of my biggest resolutions/goals is to work towards honest relationships. I have a tendency to be a “yes man” and do things I really don’t want to just to appease others.

    I love this list, Bri – looking so so forward to your travels, wherever they may be. It sounds awesome!


    kim boswell says:

    Very inspiring! I just need to get in shape and stop eating out and scrappy food. I got twenty pounds to get rid of. That’s my ultimate goal.

    Jess Zimlich says:

    Reading lists like this one is my absolute favorite. No matter how big or small, I always feel motivated to keep at my own goals after exploring someone else’s. I have quite a few goals, but one of them is to be able to do the splits (I’ve been working on in at Bar Method for the last 6 months, but I have a ways to go) and to explore the world of freelance work – writing and social media. I’m excited to follow along and can’t wait to see what comes of your long sting overseas!

    Jenna says:

    Love your list! Happy 2015!

    Ang says:

    Take singing lessons!! I just started training to be a trapeze artist last year, something I’ve wanted to do my entire life (I’m 39). It’s amazing and life changing and all for me. You won’t regret it!

    Haha I need to work on complaining less too 😛 I love how you didn’t throw away your 2013 resolutions in 2014 🙂 I think I may have to adopt this myself instead of throwing away every resolution I fail to accomplish by the end of the year. This year I’m going with one-word themes, and mine are adventure, passion, and kindness. Happy 2015!

    Mialy says:

    I am currently working very hard on 4-8! Good luck! Singing lessons sound great! I think having a hobby is a wonderful thing!!

    Laura Dunn says:

    Great list! I just posted mine for the year. I wish travel abroad was on my list, maybe 2016?

    good list, my friend. i need a freakin’ list.

    Ana says:

    Your goal posts are always so inspirational. I just did a goal list for the first time for this year- let’s see how it goes. Also as you are pretty visual person… do you have any recommendation on tools you are using to write down your goals? thanks for sharing this and cheers to a adventurous year!

    maliha says:

    YOGA! I want that yoga going good! If possible, around the last half of the year I would like to get my 200 hour yoga teacher training license. Considering I am only just starting yoga, this could be a bit of a stretch (quite a bit), but having a goal (even if slightly over the top) always helps me get things going!

    Happy New Year, my dear Bri.

    Your New Year”s resolutions are very similar to mine and I wish you determination and lots of strong will to stick to them! I need to be nicer to myself, stop being my own best critic, stop being negative – this one is tough.

    I’m also planning to travel, to move to a new country a get a new job there.
    I found my new hobby already – it’s painting, I’m working on some watercolour flowers already and although I can’t say I’m good at it, it gives me a lot of pleasure.

    You should stay in Berlin for a month, it would give you a creative boost.

    Good Luck with the resolutions!
    Hugs from Ireland!

    So excited for you! These are fabulous resolutions. Seriously. As far as the longer time abroad, I lived in Rome for just this summer and it was COMPLETELY worth the work to get there (i.e. find someone to sublet, communicate professionally while semi-disconnected). I hope the best for you Bri in 2015 🙂

    Vera says:

    Boy, I recognize so much in every goal you have set for yourself for the coming year. I too should be nicer to myself. But the most important one on my list is to experiment more with my creativity. Back in art school, I had all the time to do so, but now that I’m a ‘professional’ illustrator, it’s hard not to get stuck in my own style. So I’ll be doing more things that are out of my comfort zone hopefully. Thanks for sharing you resolutions Bri!

    Jannet says:

    Start singing (just because you like it) is such a good idea!! To sing = to be free

    Ana says:

    This year, I’m hoping to start something new. I’ve made my resolutions list less about “stopping this” or “quitting that” and just focusing on what’s ahead with work and life.

    P.S. I’ll watch your kitties! 🙂

    Renee says:

    Love the pictures for this post! And your list of resolutions. I have some very similar ones. Especially the be nicer to myself and take more “field trips” or little mini vacas. My boyfriend and I want to do more things during the week and not just on weekends so we don’t feel like we are just living “the daily grind.”

    megan says:

    1. Visit more museums. See more art.

    Katie says:

    What a lovely list you have! Travel more is definitely on my list as well. After living in Thailand for a year, being back in LA is driving me crazy. I also am working on getting out of my comfort zone and trying to build something (career wise) for myself (hello, my own business!). Best of luck this year Bri! Can’t wait to see what you accomplish. 🙂

    Brit says:

    I haven’t full decided what I want to do this year. I know I want to keep my list small and simple though. I’m going to have to write a blogpost about it.

    I’m particularly fond of your first and second one. I get what you mean about being a very social person and having to learn to be ok with alone time. Its such a strange notion. But important all the same.

    Thanks for sharing your list Bri!

    Kristina says:

    What a lovely list of goals. This year, among other resolutions, I would really like to give back more. I’d like to find ways to give back charitably, whether it is with time or money. My husband and I set a dollar amount and have decided that once a quarter we will do something big. For us, it’s a good reminder to look outside our own lives and find ways to positively impact others’. Best wishes for the new year!

    jessica says:

    Love your list! I want to continue pushing myself out of my comfort zone and set aside more time to be creative!

    noodle says:

    Love love love!
    I feel the same way about travel – and those cities! Never been to any of them, but I’m quite sure I would eat and walk myself silly…

    Maru says:

    This is a wonderful post! I try to do the same as well, it gives me some perspective and helps me to organize my resolutions.

    Emma says:

    I agree so very much with your list. My goals are also a lot about being a more centered, creative, and adventurous me! Thank you for being a daily inspiration.

    Meagen says:

    Great list! I also plan on having more “me time,” nothing wrong with that! good luck in 2015 🙂

    The living abroad for a few months sounds absolutely delightful! I sure hope you get that all sorted out. Two of my big new year’s resolutions is to live a healthier lifestyle and take more pictures.


    Jenna says:

    Loved hearing your goals for the new year! I will definitely be adding some of these to my own list.

    P.S. – MAJOR cat lady over here, so I’m more than happy to cat sit if you do decide to take that three month trip abroad. Just saying 😉



    heather c says:

    I have a big project coming up: being the general contractor for my own house. We’re building new and I’m freaked out, but I’m happy we’ll be saving money.
    Another thing I’ll be pursuing this year: pottery. I found that I really like it, and will be spending time learning, learning, learning.

    kelly says:

    Thanks Bri for inspiring me to get on it and actually write down my own goals. Isn’t in the best when you can go back and see that you accomplished so many of your goals, too? btw I really liked your 2010 list in which you reflected on positive things you did. How cool is that?

    A couple things I’m thinking about:
    1. Put more energy toward friendships. I know I’m busy accomplishing big dreams this year. But don’t put friendships on hold.
    2. Write more thank you notes. Not even for gifts, but just when I notice people doing something really well, or out of the ordinary. People like to be appreciated.

    What a great list of resolutions for the new year! This definitely inspired me to write my own post with my own resolutions. I loved the “less complaining” resolution, that is definitely one i overlook most often. It’s now on my list! Thanks Bri!

    Naomi says:

    Ironically, I want to travel a little less this year… Last year I found that in 2014 I was going from one trip to the next and while I love travelling and exploring new places, it really set me back on other goals… like putting my health first, de-stressing and hitting some work-related and writing targets.
    Naomi x

    meg says:

    spending time with my family is a big one. i have 10 nieces and nephews that all live within 1 mile of me and i don’t spend a lot of time with them…i’m going to change that this year!


    AVL says:

    These pictures are beautiful.
    Resolution: engage in my work and work harder.

    Jessica says:

    A) I volunteer to rent your apartment while you travel!
    B) my resolutions are:
    1. Speak up!
    2. Contact friends more often
    3. Publish more
    4. Make up my mind

    And my favorite, remember this quote from Woody Guthrie: “Keep the hoping machine running.”

    Loli says:

    bri, i love these. Of all of your resolutions, I really hope you achieve living abroad for an extended period of time. Do it now! & of course, being nicer to yourself. We all need to be. Mine is visiting a country I’ve never been to, cultivating the quality of gratitude this year and taking more risks.

    happy new year gallie

    Heidi says:

    I love the top jumping-in-the-air photo….so how I feel this year– I want to take it all on! I hope all your dreams come true!

    Sarah says:

    These are amazing and so inspiring. I’m aiming to keep my eyes more open to everything this year, and keeping it just 10% healthier, because being realistic is key 😉 xx

    Martiny says:

    While reading your post I just wanna to say that you inspired me to take a new revolution in my life.Thanks for sharing such a wonderful experience and I am waiting for new post.

    Rony says:

    Your post inspired me to take new resolution in my life,these are amazing and inspiring. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful ideas like less complaining,more field tripe etc. I also want more inspiring articles.Again thanks.

    Jhon Simth says:

    In Yellow dress, you look true beauty. You have changed my mind about the color. Now yellow become my fav

    Carros says:

    Amazing! Thanks for sharing and I hope to read more article like this.

    Have a great day


    Nice my dear! Thanks for sharing.

    Alex C.

    Carie says:

    You are looking fabulous in the orange dress.

    A long trip abroad is also one of my resolutions for this year.

    sweetasinha says:

    Amazed Post! I recognize there are different who feel ambiguous fulfillment from I read this article!

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