heyyy, style column! it has been awhile. i was excited to work with gap a few weeks back to create two looks around some of their new fall jackets. it’s definitely not parka weather here in LA yet, but i’m headed back to Chicago for the holidays and it’s going to get a lot of use.


i’ve been really into muted shades of pink lately. it’s a nice alternative to the deep fall colors and i love it paired with the red and black plaid jacket.

and long live the beanie, that forever fixes a bad hair day.

if you’d like, you can shop the parka here. what are your current favorite fall looks? i’ve been digging deep in the closet pulling out some old favorites. it’s always fun to find a sweater you love and forgot you had.

thanks for the photos, jesse. you’re a real gem.


i love how cropped the plaid moto jacket is. it keeps you warm without having all of the bulk of a full winter jacket, perfect for los angeles.

photos by: jesse chamberlin

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    carissa shapiro says:

    Those pink trousers!!! Must know where those are from they are adorable!

    Hayley-Eszti says:

    I love both of the outfits, and your GIFS are AMAZING!


    Patricia says:

    I love love love the picture of you in the pink in front of the green wall! one of my fav colour combinations for, well, pretty much everything!

    meg says:

    so cute! i love a faux fur hood!


    Anonymous says:

    where are the pink pants from?????

    Lauren says:

    for the record, your style posts have always been my favorite! the outfits always inspire me to mix pattern and color more often.

    dominique says:

    love your first outfit. where’s the plaid shirt with leather collar from?

    I love the blush color with red plaid. So unexpected, but fun and totally compatible!

    allie says:

    yay! i’ve missed your style posts! =)

    Helen says:

    I love both of those jackets and how you styled them with each outfit. I’m also obsessed with the green platforms that you’re wearing in the second outfit. Where are they from?



    Lily Tiao says:

    Hi! I desperately looking for a beanie just like the one you’re wearing! Where can I find it??

    Laura says:

    Love this! It is definitely parka weather here and I am fully rocking this look.
    xoxo, Laura

    Kennedy says:

    Gorgeous looks! Thanks for sharing.
    xoxo Kennedy
    Northern Indigo

    designlovefest says:


    the pink pants are from top shop: http://bit.ly/1unpdDg
    the shoes are from gorman (no longer available)
    and you can find the beanie, here: http://bit.ly/1yNzIAs

    allison says:

    Your hair is so gorgeous! Love the look with the beanie
    Allison from http://www.mercuteify.com

    Love your style posts Bri, they’re so fun. Loving the parka and can’t live without a beanie or five in winter x

    You are such a cutie! Love how you’ve combined the lightness of pink with flannel. And goodness – those platforms! Sending you all of my love. xoxo M.

    Liz says:

    I always love the amount of joy there is in your photos, the styling of your pink trousers is Per.Fec.Tion! Love it!

    Liz // http://www.nestingzone.com/blog

    Very different looks with tartan, beautiful always!


    LeAnn says:

    OMG FINALLY A STYLE POST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I AM BEAMING WITH JOY!!!!!!! PLEASE KEEP GOING WITH THESE POSTS, I LOVE YOUR STYLE BRI! yay!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 totally made my day.

    So so pretty! I love the green snakeskin heels with all of the pink–who would have thought!

    And that winter look has me feeling extra Canadian today! 🙂

    Steph says:

    I love these outfits, they look super cute! I miss fall already! It started snowing this past weekend where I am, and there is just no way you could get away with that footwear anymore! It’s definitely time for winter boots and layers here..

    With love,
    Your chilly Canadian friend,

    tatiana says:

    man, you really know colour. it shows in absolutely everything you do. your style posts are always amazing! mastery of colour + a FAB sense of style to begin with = delightful.

    Erin says:

    So cute! I love each and every one of the pictures + the gif. I would definitely wear something like this. Both looks are totally my style, but especially the first one.

    Camille says:

    Really cute looks, although the Canadian in me can’t help but think that if it’s cool enough to wear a wool coat, there’s no way I’ll wear sandals at the same time. Haha!

    Amy says:

    Where is the scarf from??

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