i really love the holiday season. there is so much beauty in the decoration and the anticipation for the traditions that this time of year brings. today, i’m excited to feature a gorgeous holiday wreath by a alyssa hoppe, a wonderfully talented new york floral designer and prop stylist. i love her take on a holiday classic that can live in your home this season if you follow her steps below…take it away, alyssa!

hoppe_bly_015 hoppe_bly_006hoppe_bly_074

I was inspired to take a modern, clean approach to fall and holiday decor this year with an asymmetrical wreath in a neutral color palette. I’m always thinking about how to repurpose or give another life to what I’m making, so with that in mind, I started with a base for my wreath that would become a great wall hanging piece even after the foliage comes off. Enjoy! – Alyssa


what you’ll need:  


Tallow Berries
Chestnut Leaves
Pittosporum Ralphii
Floral Wire

hoppe_bly_025 step2hoppe_bly_034


Thick cotton twine
Black leather cord
Round Brass tube
Masking Tape


Hack Saw
C Clamps
Plant Shears

step3 hoppe_bly_036 hoppe_bly_049

how to make it: 

  • measure out desired length of brass tubing for the base of the wreath and mark with tape. We measured our tubing to 16″ long.
  • secure your tubing to the table with c clamps and use a hacksaw to make the cut
  • Using sharp scissors, cut the desired length of your leather cord. We cut our length at 64”
  • Once your leather cord is cut, slide the cord through the brass tube
  • Place the leather cord end to end and secure with masking tape so that you have a continuous loop. Slide the taped section through the brass tube so that it is hidden.

hoppe_bly_057 hoppe_bly_054

  • Decide how long you would like the fringe to be, and cut cotton twine to twice that length. We cut 24 strands at 24″
  • fold the cotton twine in half, with a loop at the top. wrap around the brass tubing, and pull ends through the loop at the top in a “lark’s head knot”
  • Once all cotton twine strands have been attached to the tube make sure you go through and tighten all of the knots
  • Now your base is made and you’re ready to make the foliage layer that attaches.

hoppe_bly_085 hoppe_bly_063hoppe_bly_082

  • Start with your longest leaf branches and attach them end to end using floral wire.
  • Starting from the outside, working towards center, layer foliage and flowers on top of another, and attach stems with floral wire
  • Once you have reached the middle you want to make sure you cover the connection with a larger flower so it feels seamless

hoppe_bly_093 hoppe_bly_100

  • Once you have finished, hold up the foliage layer to your base and figure out the angle you want to attach it at.
  • Using floral wire, attach the foliage to the base at the points of intersection
  • Once secure, hang it on the wall and your wreath is finished

happy holidays!

photos by: Kathleen Stalzer Bly
wreath design by: Alyssa Hoppe
more DIY projects here


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    Jessica says:

    This is so beautiful! I absolutely love it x


    Laura says:

    This is BEAUTIFUL. I hope I get time to make one. Wowwowwow! One of my favorte of your DIY’s. Thanks 🙂

    Duyen says:

    LOVEEEEEE this DIY. Beautiful beautiful!! I can’t want to make one for myself!

    Annie says:

    Beautiful wreath! These photos are gorgeous!!

    Esther K. says:

    Beautiful! Such a great idea and total different take on the round wreath we all know. Love it!

    Adriana says:

    love Alyssa! Thanks for sharing her and her lovely work with us!

    How original! I really love seeing new takes on old traditions. This is very inspiring!

    i love the simplicity of this with the whites especially. you could switch it out as it gets closer to christmas with other greenery … x

    s.montgomery says:

    Wowsie! This is the best! I love how simple and elegant it is!!!

    I DO PROYECT says:

    Great idea! Think I might use it for my Christmas tree;)!

    The “wreath” looks cool even without the foliage and only with the fringe! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey’s

    amber rose says:

    this is beautiful! i love it! maybe i’m out of the loop as far as holiday decor, but i’ve never seen a wreath that is not in the shape of a circle, so i love this take on it!

    mary lai says:

    beautiful!!! this is great 🙂

    Such a stunning wreath! I especially love how you could totally forget to take it down for a few months and it wouldn’t look odd in the least unlike a super Christmas-y wreath. SO lovely!

    http://handsandhustle/com 😉

    Such a stunning wreath! I especially love how you could totally forget to take it down for a few months and it wouldn’t look odd in the least unlike a super Christmas-y wreath. SO lovely!

    http://handsandhustle.com 😉

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    Sami BamBam says:

    I was inspired to make my own Christmas version of this wreath, and I posted it on my blog: http://www.fabricationpollination.com/
    I used some trimmings from my x-mas tree and made some cute fabric roses. Thanks for the inspiration!

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    A must read post!

    Erica says:

    Where did you buy your thick twine?

    suba says:

    IT’S very……. beautiful and very simple looking. Not only that very criative also.

    Anonymous says:

    Que cosa tan bonita….

    Hannah says:

    I love this so much! Here’s a photo of how my version turned out. I used some different foliage, but I still think it looks great!

    fanchon says:

    very nice idea

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