we’re bringing a different vibe with our desktop designs as we welcome cooler weather. julia manchik, who is also a talented photographer created these 5 wallpapers for ya!

man, isn’t this phrase true? there has been so many times when i didn’t act on something and then see it out there in the world. hopefully this will give you a kick to start whatever you’ve got dreaming up in your head!

download all 5 designs after the jump…which one do you like??


:: click to download the  JULIA 1 WALLPAPER (79925 downloads)

:: click to download the  JULIA 2 WALLPAPER (18919 downloads)

:: click to download the  JULIA 3 WALLPAPER (15298 downloads)

:: click to download the  JULIA 4 WALLPAPER (17083 downloads)

:: click to download the  JULIA 5 WALLPAPER (11435 downloads)

download all of the desktop downloads from the past here.


would you like to submit your own designs to this column? create one design and email it to sheila{at}designlovefest.com with the subject line “dress your tech.” we will review the designs and see if they are a good fit for the site!

please note that these designs are for personal use only and not available for any commercial purposes including any promotional use on social media. all copyright of these images is retained by the artist, julia manchik.


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    Neesha says:

    Always love a dress your tech post!

    Vivian says:

    I’m so disappointed that you’re featuring the work of someone who has been so publicly homophobic on the internet.

    Bri, I have been a fan for ever and I know you’re not about hate so I’m guessing you just haven’t done your research. Anyway, I will keep on lovin your site but just had to voice this. Sorry for the negativity, I just think people should know before buying stuff from Julia Manchik who is against gay marriage and shamed a guy online about it.

    maggie says:

    I love, love, LOVE that “If you don’t do it, someone else will.” That is the kick in the pants I needed today. Going to make a ton of new candles for fall, because otherwise someone else will and I will miss those sales. Thanks!


    Amanda says:

    Sorry, I have to agree with Vivian above. Julia Manchik and her husband refused to photograph a gay wedding but instead of declining the offer gracefully, what ensued is just disgusting: http://myexperiencewithmrandmrsglobetrot.wordpress.com/

    I’ve been a fan of yours since the beginning and I’ve never commented, but I am really disappointed that you’re supporting someone who is clearly a bigot.

    Ashley says:

    Lmao that’s so dumb, it’s her choice & opinion. People like you piss me off.

    Perspective says:

    Ashley, it’s “dumb” to discriminate against someone because of their sexuality?

    You’re pissed off because someone is standing up for another person? I’m pissed off that you lack empathy and morals. I hope you learn how to be kind to your fellow man.

    Debbie M says:

    Seriously people? Whether or not someone supports or doesn’t support an issue has no relevance on their work. These are backgrounds, for goodness sake! Don’t make everything a political issue.

    Captain Obvious says:

    Thank you Debbie for wise words that Internet is lacking now days. It’s so easy to be nasty behind your little devices and spew nonsense. If any of you met Julia you wouldn’t be saying things you know nothing about.
    And perhaps if you can’t stand conservative Christians, to the point of attacking a blogger who associates with them, maybe just maybe the word bigot is more appropriate for you?

    a person who is utterly intolerant of any differing creed, belief, or opinion.

    Erin Radler says:

    I really needed that message about just doing it. I also really needed it as a desktop wallpaper so I don’t forget. Thanks, designlovefest! Woo!

    use your brain says:

    I don’t see anyone attacking Bri here. I see two people who left respectful comments saying that they are fans of her blog but are disappointed in her choice of who to feature. It’s not about being “political” it’s about being a decent human being. If Bri had chosen to put up a Chris Brown song, I’d question her judgment for supporting an abusive jerk.

    Bri has a platform to promote awesome people who do awesome things. Julia doesn’t seem like a nice person.

    Honestly, I’m disappointed because I know Bri has better taste than this. These are the ugliest backgrounds I’ve seen on here and I usually love everything she posts. I hope this isn’t seen as an attack. I didn’t realize having a difference of opinion was an attack.

    I think what it comes down to is that you have a choice of what kind of message you want to put out into the world. Julia’s is hate toward gay people and if I was Bri, I wouldn’t want to be supporting that kind of lifestyle by giving her attention, because that’s the only reason she made these backgrounds, for more exposure to sell whatever she’s selling.

    Bri, I think you are doing so many cool things, and that you seem really nice, and I honestly hope you’ll consider removing this because I also think it’s in poor taste.

    Brandon says:

    I have to agree with the above commenters; I love your blog, Bri, but it was an enormous bummer to see Julia’s name and work in this post. Having read your block for many years I would have thought you’d check your sponsors/collaborators more closely. Reading the above linked background on her gay-hating will give you chills.

    p.s. Debbie, the reason people can’t just enjoy her Chris Ballasiotes-ripoff backgrounds is because the backgrounds may not be political, but supporting someone who spews messages of hate towards other members of the online community is political. A person like that is not someone I want to support and that goes for their “art” as well.

    Laura says:

    These are some of my favorite Dress Your Tech’s you’ve ever featured! Lovely artist! 🙂

    Tina says:

    the poster. “If you don’t do it, “someone else will”. Boy do I know what that means. People do mean things to others when it is not necessary Grief , and hurts your heart.

    Connie says:

    I really really love this one. It’s a perfect definition of art, I suppose. Thank you for sharing these lovelies,Bri! 🙂

    UGH! Bri! I love you but Julia Manchik is the worst. WHY on earth would you post this crap? Check this out http://the-manchiks.tumblr.com/

    Perspective says:

    Not surprised that Julia copied Chris Ballasiotes for these backgrounds and did a worse job. l noticed all of her “design” work is stuff she found on pinterest and redid.

    Julia Manchik sucks

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