i like to keep my hair routine preeeety simple. normally, i just wash my hair and let it dry. and if i’m being honest, i only brush it about once a month. while this method does create quite a few almost dreads in the back, i just don’t like the look of my hair when i brush it out (too frizzy, not enough little waves.) however, sometimes the tangles become too much to handle, or i have an event that i need my hair to look a little less wild & free. so when i DO brush it, i needed some ideas on how to achieve a natural air-dry look. nicole stopped by the studio to show me a few tips and tricks for achieving easy summer waves, without the heat. check out her tips and tricks below…

how to achieve the look from nicole:

•  we started with pantene pro v rehab cream, smooth serum, and shaping hairspray.  bri used the rehab cream the night before and it helped give it a nice moisturized palette for the day.

• after towel drying Bri’s hair really well, i mixed the smooth serum and a little more of the rehab cream in my hands. i took about one to two inch section twisting every other one in a different direction applying a little of the mixture to help further moisturize and control frizz.

• for bri, i didn’t need to pin all of the twists because it holds pretty well, but if your hair is fine and straight, or if you want a more defined wave, you can pin them into little buns all over your head, as pictured above. after all the twists were done I sprayed her hair with shaping hairspray to set the hair in the shape of the twist.

• once her hair dried completely, I gently loosened the twists, fluffed the roots with a bit more hairspray for volume, and scrunched the ends to put the final touches on the air dried beach-y waves.


• i can’t resist braiding bri’s hair so i also gave her a small side braid to complete the refined, not so refined summer wave look. (you can make a regular braid more interesting by holding on to a few hairs at the end and pushing the braid away, giving it a scrunched loose style). – nicole

i like my hair to have a lot of texture so i was really happy with how this style turned out. sometimes creams and serums can weigh my hair down or make it look slightly oily but these didn’t. after, i took brittany to bottega louie for her first time ever. it’s right around the corner from our studio and they have the prettiest treats.

ohh, and i’m wearing my new favorite from Cos, you can find it here!

photos by: brittany wood
hair by: nicole gehweiler
makeup by: carissa ferreri 

(this post is brought to you by pantene pro-v. thank you for supporting the designlovefest sponsors that allow this blog to create original content for you!)



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    Rachel says:

    Best place to buy sweets in the city!

    Rebecca says:

    That dress looks great on you!

    Your hair looks fabulous! I love how easy it is. I always blow dry and style but once it gets longer I must try the “air dry” thing out!

    Chloe says:

    I absolutely love this post! I like to keep my hair routine simple, but I always want my hair to look nice (obviously) so finding the right balance of the both is sometimes challenging!
    Love the pictures at the end of you in Bottega Louie

    Taylor says:

    I’m definitely an air-dry, minimal brushing person as well, so I love these little tips! I’ll definitely have to try this technique out!


    Stacy says:

    This is EXACTLY what I have been looking for. I have long wavy, sometimes frizzy, non-professional looking hair and this seems like the answer to a polished look. I hardly brush either, and blow dryers scare me so this is wonderful! More hair posts! <3

    bri! your dress is super cute. i wish i could do this with my hair but it would never dry. like, i can go to bed with my hair wet and wake up with wet hair.

    Sally says:

    I feel like you’ve divulged the secret to the beautiful tousled waves I see everywhere on the internet and can never achieve! I battle daily with coarse, frizzy hair and will definitely be giving this a try – thank you! x

    kiki says:

    ummm….this is kind of like getting lifestyle tips from Gwyneth. Bri, your hair is just too awesome. No one else can live up to it, or duplicate it 😉 But, thanks for the tips so we can all fool ourselves into trying 🙂

    monica says:

    Lately, I’ve been air drying my hair and I love it. I live in South Beach, so the humidity is super high. There’s really no point in blow drying it 🙂
    Lovely pictures, too!

    Stacia says:

    It looks great and I love your dress! Your hair is seriously gorgeous!

    Elyse says:

    Beautiful photography. So dreamy.

    nicolette says:

    love these tips! have been trying to do more no-heat styling lately, for the sake of my very-bleached-locks, so this is great!

    and bri — you look beautiful!!

    Sarah says:

    Oh man, this tutorial absolutely speaks to me! I have long, red, wavy hair that I almost never brush, for the same reasons. It looks a bit frizzy and not so wavy if I brush it, but the downside is those serious tangles you mentioned. I’m definitely going to give this method a try!

    joha says:

    Bri, you look beautiful and illuminate. I like Pantene products.

    Murat Tekmen says:

    It looks great and I love your dress!

    monique says:

    It looks amazing, you look beautiful 🙂

    christina says:

    I’d love to try that! Looks great!

    – Christina http://www.cityloveee.blogspot.com

    Amanda says:

    I’ve tried this the past two days and it’s worked out great! I did pin mine and blast each pin roll with the blow dryer for about 30 seconds each. I have really thick hair so it would never try otherwise. I even twisted and pinned after work (once fully dry) on my way home for a refresher. I added some dry shampoo and some shine serum on the ends and it even looked better- crazy volume! I’ve tried finding the perfect hot rollers that don’t scream Farrah Fawcett or Prom Night, but now the search is over. Thanks for the tutorial!

    Laura says:

    Lil late to comment on this post, but I did this last night AND thank you Bri & Nicole! I loooove the texture of my hair. It worked so well and changed my hair-life.

    Lauren says:

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