while in paris out with some friends, i met katie, a photographer from australia who lives in paris. we really hit it off and she was kind enough to take me around to see a few spots i’d never seen a couple of days later…

we met and had mint tea and pastries at the café de la mosquée de paris, which is a beautiful north african cafe. mosaic tiles, birds fluttering around in the trees…a cute little spot for sure.

we walked through the jardin des plantes to see the roses and then ended up on the most colorful street i’ve seen in paris. each house with it’s own unique pastel color & doorstep decor. it was a happy day.

wishing you a happy weekend! i have my social media workshop tomorrow and then a backyard BBQ with friends. i’ve been on a sort-of-detox since my trip (no alcohol, gluten, sugar or dairy) which is pretty difficult but i’m feeling a lot better. jetlag, dehydration, and two weeks of indulgence can really catch up with ya. maybe i’ll splurge and have a margarita at the BBQ, we’ll see. have a good one! -bri

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photos by: katie mitchell photography


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    maggie says:

    Love these photos! I am glad you had such an amazing time in France – you totally desire it, Bri!

    Taylor says:

    Wow! This looks like a dream! Stunning photographs, ladies. Have a fantastic weekend.


    Edea Smith says:

    Paris is such a beautiful city. Incredible pastries 🙂
    Glad you had a wonderful time

    these photos are beautiful!! i love that you’re outgoing enough to make a friend in a foreign country! i never would think to do that. i’m so terribly shy with strangers!

    gorgeous pics, my friend!! you look happy and beautiful! xo

    Stunning! Really want to go back to Paris one day. Preferably with my lover! <3
    Madeleine, The Daily Mark

    Katia says:

    the café de la mosquée in Paris was one of my absolute favourite finds! I had lunch indoors, a delicious couscous meal. Great photos!


    Natalie says:

    love these photos!! and your outfit is perfect (:

    Natalie / Salt & Sail

    anne says:

    I’m french Girl, i like your creativ mind and your sensibility. I admir you’re talent with colours. I’m french girl, i’m currently in Thailande for few months. I would love you to take a look to my tumblr because i found a lot of colour in Thailande. Maybe it’s will inspiring for you…

    If you’re on holiday i apologize i didn’t want to upset you.


    Bonne continuation,

    Meg says:

    I just love these pictures! So colorful. Rue Crémieux is one of my fav streets.

    Bailey says:

    I love these colorful photographs. You seem to find all the best colors around you!

    Amber says:

    These photos are so lovely! Those glasses on the blue table!! wow. I miss Paris. My mom lives in a tiny village south of France and I live in San Francisco, this just gave me a pang of missing the whole French vibe!

    Eros says:

    Wow, I love Paris, but it always seems like I’m toted to the same basic spots. Glancing over Le Jardin des Plantes website I’m super excited to go there next time I’m back. Lovely shots of everything too!

    cheyenne says:

    goshh, what stunning pictures! i absolutely love paris, one of my favorite cities – i hope to move there for a little while next year!
    xo, cheyenne

    christina says:

    That detox sounds great. I bet not eating dairy has really helped. Great photos. 🙂

    – Christina http://www.cityloveee.blogspot.com

    shoko says:

    your pictures are so beautiful, bri! come to new york next 🙂

    Brittni says:

    These photos are beautiful. Makes me really want to visit Paris.

    Sophia says:

    Love the pops of red 🙂 Paris is beautiful!

    Baiba says:

    thank you, catch very parisian feeling- inspiration for whole day

    Brianna says:

    Beautiful shots! Very dreamy!

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