we needed a stiff drink after last weeks craziness, so ending with the mixology workshop worked out pretty perfectly. talmadge from pharmacie makes some of my all-time favorite cocktails and i couldn’t think of a better person to partner with for this class. we had a great time learning tips from a pro and mixing up delicious drinks…

p.s. our upcoming workshop schedule:

social media session 1 and session 2 (7 spots left total)
florals with moon canyon session 1 (sold out) and session 2 (5 spots left)
new classes announced soon, hear about them first from our mailing list

all of the students received bar kits that had all of the tools they’d need to mix up drinks at home. the little korboose provided the perfect hand screen printed napkins. and aheirloom provided the coolest maple muddlers for everyone.

we hosted the workshop at the fig house in highland park which was the ideal location for the event. its colorful decor and natural light made for the perfect afternoon setting.

roomforty blew everyone away with the most beautiful bar snacks. below are the bacon chips with apricot aoili and the scotch eggs…

they really nailed it with the presentation. i always appreciate people who are as ocd as i am when it comes to the details. how about these baked potato nachos?

everyone had fun snapping pictures on the colored couches and chairs. it really is a photo shoot dream in there. and of course, brittany captured the day perfectly, thanks lady!

tal taught everyone the history of cocktails and then more practical tips, like proportions, making infused simple syrups and what’s the best bang for your buck on booze for your bar.

and then he let everyone pick their alcohol choice and mix their own cocktails. he set out tons of different syrups and spirits and everyone had fun practicing their skills and experimenting with new flavors. my favorite was the tequila with chili infused simple syrup and lime juice.

workshop with: pharmacie
location: fig house
food: roomforty
photography: brittany wood


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    Amelia says:

    this space! all of the colors are amazing, looks like a great time. do you mind sharing where your dress is from? i’m thinking it might be one of your killer vintage finds

    April says:

    SO amazing! Happy to have been included! Thanks for the shout out Bri!

    it all looks freakin’ fantastic. well done! that space, the food, the colors and the cocktails – wow, girl!

    Lola says:


    Taylor says:

    So pretty! I want to visit the Fig House so very badly because THOSE COUCHES!!


    Maya says:

    Seriously, need to know how you did that hair! Gorgeous.

    Talia says:

    This looks like it’s out of the 50’s! Love the tables,the space, the cocktails, snacks, EVERYTHING! Congratulations for making something so beautifu1 😀

    kim boswell says:

    If you ask me, this is the PERFECT thing for singles to meet singles! Looks great!

    Erin Radler says:

    Goodness, I think I am going to try and save up to go to one of your mixology classes one of these days!

    Does anyone know where I can find these couches and chairs?! I am OBSESSED!!

    Anna says:

    the workshop looks so much fun… and the pictures are gorgeous, as always!

    Grace says:

    beautiful photos! These recipes are a must try!

    Mary says:

    Please share where your dress is from! It’s gorgeous-just like you:)

    Meghan says:

    Do you have any idea where those amazing octagon wooden tables at the fig house are from?

    Laura says:

    Oooooh lovely dress!! Vintage?

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