the lease on my car is over in a few months and i’ve been trying to decide what my next car is going to be. i’m really not into that many new car designs, and i REALLY want a vintage car. have you ever bought one? are they just trouble or awesome? do tell! xo –bri

isn’t this the CUTEST?…

how about riding this little guy around town?…

have you seen jordan’s tiny red fiat? i love it!

i’m pretty sure arian would love me more if i had this…

i’ll take her car and her look…

New York Skyline, 1962, by Virginia Thoren


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    Sarah says:

    Oh my – I just love the little Fiat 500’s! I’m heading to Italy for a trip in April and i’m just dying to hire one and drive around Tuscany in one of these little beauties. Absolutely do it..!

    Roxie M says:

    Hey Bri,
    My husband just bought a 1974 Mercedes 450SL in canary yellow.
    We absolutely love the car, but it is a true gas guzzler. We spend about $60 on gas every weekend [we live in Sherman Oaks]. I ABSOLUTELY love the experience of driving down Ventura Blvd. with the top down, hair in my face, with the music coming out of a 40year radio.

    But I don’t think it’s a smart choice as your main car. Even though we bought it in pretty darn condition [for a 40 year old car] there are still minor repairs to be done. We bought it for 4k, and we estimate another 2k will bring it to top-notch condition. With the gas pedal on its last days, the side mirror cracked, leather somewhat ripped, dire need for the rooftop to be replaced, cracked dashboard[ too much sun?] and doors that don’t properly latch.. I wouldn’t like to use it everyday, because I hope it lasts many many years.

    It all depends on what you’re willing to pay, really. I think 10k can easily buy you the vintage car of your dreams, just make sure you have a reliable and handy mechanic.

    Good luck!

    Emily says:

    So it’s not a vintage car, but it was old. I had a ’87 VW cabriolet. It was super cute, and white, and I got heaps of compliments. But one summer it actually broke down on me EIGHT times. It was horrible. I took it to a mechanic who specializes in VWs and he couldn’t figure out what was wrong (something electrical?). I was so sad to have to give it up but it just caused way too many problems and the parts were super expensive.

    Vicky says:

    I love the Fiat 500, my uncle has one when I was a girl! I love this car! 🙂 have a nice weekend!

    Marla Burke says:

    the problem with old cars is that… they’re old!

    If you want something with style that runs decently well, I would recommend a volvo p1800. My boyfriend also has a datsun 240z which is SUCH a cool car in my opinion.

    Fiats are cute, but you may as well have a second car for all the time it will be out of commission, getting fixed at the shop. Can’t wait to see what you end up getting. How fun!

    cheyenne says:

    yes, the fiat! such an adorable car 🙂
    xo, cheyenne

    leigh-ann says:

    i don’t have any comments about owning an older car, but i will say that i just bought a kia soul and i love it! i’m very picky about car design and it’s one of the more pleasing cars to look at, in my opinion. it runs well too!

    allie says:

    i’ve heard the older fiats are very unreliable – apparently people used to say it stood for “fix it again tomorrow” or “fix it again, tony!” they’re SO cute though! i’m considering a newer fiat, i’ve heard good things about those.

    I adore vintage cars! They can be wonderful if you a. Have good knowledge about what you’re looking for. b. Know someone who is reliable to help maintain it and c. Aren’t afraid to throw a good amount of money at it to keep it running. I think it’s totally worth it when you find one that is just perfect for you.

    Zandra Zuraw says:

    Oh those first two are my favorites! I LOVE that little mint green number…and the cute piece of luggage! And that mini camper is adorable! For our blog’s (www.littleyellowcouch.com) monthly “event” in June, we’re going to try our hands at glamping. Wish I had this little baby to use!

    I would love any one of these old cars 🙂

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    LeeLee says:

    I adore the light blue car in the second photo. So perfect.

    Hi Bri!

    I thought you’d want to know, the teal Italian car picture was taken by a local photographer in my old hometown, Landon Jacob Productions. They actually just posted it to their Instagram today. http://instagram.com/p/l0sD4ctfxN/. Thought you’d want to know so you can attribute!

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    Kayla King says:

    Hey Bri, my husband and I have a 1966 Ford Mustang fastback and while it is super fun to drive, it definitely is a gas guzzler! Luckily my man is pretty handy under the hood (of the car-ha!) so he’s been able to fix her up and repair things when they’ve broken (which is inevitable with an old car), but having a mechanic do it can get SUPER expensive. Food for thought. Good luck!

    love that minty car! when i was younger my dad had a mark 2 jaguar, and an e type (at separate times of course) and i loved them! i way, way prefer older cars to new ones, but like someone above said, they definitely tend to be gas guzzlers, depending on the car. and you definitely need to make sure you find a mechanic that knows what they’re doing!

    Vintage cars look amazing and can be fun to drive but they really aren’t that practical. If you could afford it, I would recommend it as a second car. Something special for date nights or a weekend drive along the ocean. I’ve owned a 1967 Dodge Polara that got about 8 miles to the gallon. It also would break slow which wasn’t ideal for freeway driving in California where people drive like maniacs. I ended up getting rid of it after I had a small fender bender because the car just couldn’t stop as quickly as the newer cars. Of course, with the steel bumpers the car didn’t even have a scratch. A check for the pros column, I assume.

    Jordyn says:

    I have always wanted a vintage car. They have so much character that newer models lack!

    kayBe says:

    I’ve always had older cars. They are great but I’m lucky enough to have grown up with my older brother who taught me a lot. They are easier to work on. Honestly I get compliments all the time on my current 510 datsun. I think they are perfect for sunny california!

    Catherine says:

    ooh yes! old cars! i’d love to get an 60’s or 70s fiat 500 just like Jordans, but i dont know much about cars and id be scared id brake down and couldn’t find a mechanic to fix it. I plan to buy a newer 500c pop! just as cute but with fancy new add ons

    Jemima says:

    Vintage cars are so sweet! I love that little red Fiat!

    Not old vintage, but we had a cream 70s Cressida for a little bit. It was pretty but rickety, had lots of problems and broke down a lot (and the horn used to blare when turning corners). Vintage cars can be gorgeous, as long as they’ve been looked after properly! Ours had a few owners in her time, if we’d had the cash to fix her up it would have been a great car!

    Good luck, lovely! x

    Marianne says:

    There is something about vintage cars I just love. I feel that I must have lived another life where there were vintage cars. I love the look of them. Love going to car shows where there is a whole row of vintage cars just to oooo and awwww over. These are super cute!!

    Becca says:

    I adore old cars and don’t really like new ones so I understand exactly where you are coming from. I have a 1972 VW 1600 (in baby blue!), and previously I owned a 1975 BMW 2002. A few things you should consider:
    – If you don’t have a garage, I wouldn’t even think about it. These cars shouldn’t be exposed to the elements all day, everyday. With old sealing, big storms = giants puddles inside your car if left out overnight
    – Like any car, pick one that suits your lifestyle. If you need to park in a lot of tight spaces, get a small one. If you’re worried about the mileage, there are old cars that aren’t too bad. I don’t know miles/gallon (I’m Australian), but I do know that both of my cars have had reasonable mileage, and even by today’s standard they’re more efficient than a lot of big family cars (and don’t get me started on the SUVs)
    – You will fall in love with the first one you see. Be strong though, and make sure you check it out thoroughly before putting down the money! Mechanical issues are problematic, but even more of an issue in my opinion is rust, which is a bitch to fix and can run up a very expensive bill very quickly. Small amounts of rust are fine, but be sure to check out under the car, especially in the foot wells where water can pool
    – You will have mechanical issues but honestly it’s not too bad (as long as you pick a good one in the first place), especially if you get a car that is relatively common, shares parts with other models, or has a loyal fan base as it makes getting parts and information a lot easier
    – If you can’t drive a manual, I would learn! Driving an auto transmission only will limit your options!

    Kelly Brito says:

    Oh goodness! That little gree guy is a piece of beauty! Even I want one.

    Bailey says:

    Well does my ’88 Chevy Nova count? 😉

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