have you heard of prospect goods? it looks like they know how to party, huh? win a “party in a box” full of confetti, pinatas, tassels, and backdrops for your next celebration. if you don’t have a party coming up…here’s an excuse to have one! i love the copper one the most, how about you?


winner will receive a party in a box, which includes:

• bling piñata in copper metallic with large tassel tail in metallic mix
• tassel strand in the metallic mix
• silver fringe backdrop
• gold confetti & black confetti


here’s how to win… (closed) 

1) go to the prospect goods shop and take a look around.

2) leave a comment below letting me know your favorite item.

one winner will be chosen on wednesday, march 26th at 10am PST. open to US readers only, sorrythe retail value of prize is $253+. 

also! 10% off any purchase with the code DLFREADERS10 through may 31st, 2014. 

UPDATE: winner is #184, Brittany Ruth!



Add your own

    Isabel Rioja-Scott says:

    Having spent a lot of time in Mexico ( the birthplace of the pinata), i can say I’m very impressed by the metallic geometric shapes, especially the gold!

    Would love to use the Diamond Pinata for a bachelorette party!!

    ediot says:

    fun giveaway
    I cant join but it sounded like a good one
    wish you a great day

    Marnay says:

    The Multi-Colored Piñata and Confetti Kit definitely puts me in a party mood! Love everything in this shop.

    lauren b. says:

    i love the tassel strands! perfect for an upcoming bachelorette party and wedding shower!

    Kristin says:

    I love the diamond pinata!

    Lindsay k says:

    Would love the tassel garlands at our wedding! the perfect amount of festive

    Olivia Boyd says:

    I love the Coolio Confetti! I mean everything is so cute but I love how dainty the confetti is. I’m a sucker for gold so ,of course, the gold is my favorite. Seriously LOVE it.

    I think the fabulous bling pinata would be a good way to celebrate my 30th birthday!

    Mar says:

    I would love to use the Gold Metallic Pyramid Pi

    I love the diamond pinata. That could make a bridal shower or engagement party way more exciting!

    lea says:

    that multicolor pinata, i love it!

    Samantha says:

    I can’t get enough of that tassel strand! Especially in the pretty blues.

    Lisa says:

    I love the diamond pinata!

    jody says:

    These bling pinatas are killin’ it. love love love.

    Shara says:

    All of the crystals and tassels!!!

    chloe says:

    I love the purple party in a box!

    elissa says:

    i’m with you, the copper bling pinata is definitely my fave!

    Liz says:

    I am positively smitten with the big gold confetti and am so glad the tassel garland trend has stuck around. Thank you so much for hosting this giveaway!

    Haydee says:

    Oohh… I’ve had my eye on the gold diamond piñata for some time … Would love to use it for a fun bridal shower! Xo Haydee

    Allison says:

    I am in love with the diamond pinata. It would be so fun for an engagement party!

    kelsey says:

    i really love that copper pinata! so lovely
    ladies in navy

    Alison says:

    My favorite item on Prospect Goods site is definitely the tassel strand! I’m using one of them for my wedding this July and am so thrilled with it!! I would LOVE to win this party in a box!!

    Natalie says:

    My husband and I are about to move to a new city! Yay Austin, TX! And we’re about to buy our first home! I would love to have the Crystal Pinata and a few tassle strands to celebrate our new adventure! Plus the crystals would be beautiful to decorate with. Who doesn’t love a crystal?

    I LOVE the Bling Copper Piñata! Perfect shape and color!

    Isadora says:

    I’ve always been a fan of their Tassel Strands!

    Krysta says:

    What a fun shop! I love the copper Crystal Pinata!

    Sarah K says:

    Love the Tassle strands!!

    I love all the tassel strands! I’m planning my brother’s wedding and would love to use these!! 🙂

    I love that diamond pinata! My birthday is in a week, that would be so fun to have for the party!

    Alex says:

    This so fun. I want the silver fringe backdrop for my wedding.

    Mary says:

    I love the Pendant Pinata and the tassel strands- so much fun!

    Kelby says:

    At the risk of sounding a bit weird, I have a total weakness for gold pinatas. This one is gorgeous!

    Anonymous says:

    That bling piñata is to die for. Definitely my favourite!

    Marta says:

    (that was me!)

    Grace says:

    I love the Bling Piñata!! All their metallics are beautiful.

    Katy says:

    absolutely smitten with the bronze bling piñata. My penchant for elegant yet eclectic party supplies means I leave them up year-round! Thanks for making these contests possible!

    Alice says:

    Having designed and made one of these pinatas from scratch, I know how time-intensive these are and really appreciate them. The silver diamond one is my favorite!

    Tracey says:

    How fun! I would love this. I love everything in the shop, but I’m dying over those rainbow quartz crystals!

    alejandra says:

    i need that diamond pinata at my birthday party!!!

    Caitlin H. says:

    I love the crystals and the metallic mix tassel strand!Fingers crossed!

    ruth says:

    love the diamond pinata and the crystal anti pinata trio! thank you!

    Alice says:

    tassel strands are the best!!

    Dale says:

    I love the crystal pinata!

    Joani says:

    I love the copper pinata! And of course some tassel tail add ons!

    Jenieva Nunez says:

    I would love these for my wedding coming up in May!

    Lisa Marie says:

    These would be great for a wedding shower I’m throwing!

    Jenieva says:

    Love love love!!!

    Marlene says:

    I love the Crystal Pinata in Copper!

    Roselie says:

    I adore Prospect Goods and have been eyeing these pinatas for my wedding! I heart the Crystal Pinata the most.

    Taylor says:

    Glam pinatas, pure genius! The radiant purple party in a box is my favorite.

    Lyndsay says:

    That copper pinata is to die for! That’s what I’d pick! Thanks for the chance to win this sparkly giveaway!

    Next month is my 26th birthday and the theme is 80s Prom! Everyone will be dressed in bright clothes, funky hair, and an 80s attitude! I absolutely love the Radiant Purple Party In a Box and it would be extremely helpful to have as I carry through the 80s theme focusing on the colors purple, pink, and gold. Thanks so much for this opportunity! I will definitely be blogging about my birthday and would love to include Prospect Goods

    Bethany Grow says:

    I so love the gold pendant pinata! I have a thing for pinatas and that one’s way too pretty to break so I’d love to keep it hanging around my home to remind me to celebrate more!

    Nancy says:

    The tassel strands are so fun!

    jill says:

    makes me want to party! love the copper crystal piñata and the metal tassle strands.

    Conner says:

    I love the rainbow quartz crystal!

    mekeesha says:

    i like the tassels. the pinatas are amazing but i would have hard time busting them open. too pretty! 🙂

    Anna S. says:

    Everything is sooo amazing! I love the silver party in a box!

    Brittney G. says:

    Love Prospect Goods! My crafter heart is intrigued by the diy multi-colored pyramid piñata and confetti kit!

    Becky says:

    The Diamond Pinata is AMAZING! Love it! This kit would be perfect for my friend’s bachelorette party! Thanks Bri!

    Carlotta says:

    Love the Bling pinata!

    Christine says:

    My favorite is the crystal piñata. So pretty!

    Sophia Castano says:

    My favorite item would have to be the mint mix tassel strand. It’s perfect for spring decor!

    Carrie says:

    A Diamond Pinata is a girl’s best friend.

    Bridget says:

    I love the Diamond Pinata – would be SO fun at a bachelorette party!!

    Vanessa says:

    Ahhh! That copper pinata – the Crystal one, is awesome!

    I would love that for a summer party 🙂

    I love the Radiant Purple Party in a Box, what fun!

    Kelly Curtis says:

    Favorite Item: Table Top Anti Piñata
    I kinda just love that.

    Chloe says:

    The Bling Pinata in gold metallic would complete my 25th birthday party! But let’s be real, I’d never actually want to destroy it so it would become an around-the-clock apartment fixture. 🙂

    Jocelyn says:

    I LOVE the crystal piñata! Would be great to throw my sister a party with all her favorite colors!

    Desiree says:

    Love the Bling Pinata!!

    Katrina says:

    any of the cooper pinatas are amazing!

    Hannah Moody says:

    I would love the tassel streamers in the copper and pink for my May wedding!

    The tassel strands are adorable!

    Katrina Lane says:

    Looove that copper diamond shape!

    stephanie says:

    any of the pinatas are to die for!

    maggie says:

    What a fun giveaway! I really like the large rainbow quartz crystal 🙂 I make candles with essential oils and crystals, so this is right up my alley.

    Cindy says:

    My favorite item is the Radiant Purple Party In A Box!

    jess says:

    The ones with the tassels are cute!

    sadie says:


    I love, love, love, the crystal piñata and the tails that you can add on! Would love to have one of these to make everyday a party;)

    Christen says:

    I would really love the multicolored pinata … but really, any of it is rockin!

    chanel says:

    oh i would love to have the diamond pinata at my bachelorette party this summer! so fun.

    I love the mint collection of tassels and the silver piñata. Also the gold and copper and black would have been perfect for an oscars party!!

    Olivia M. says:

    Looove the tassel strands! Would love to even just hang them up for everyday prettiness.

    Alicia F says:

    Loving the purple party in a box!

    Rebekah says:

    I would LOVE the quartz crystal for my desk!

    kerry says:

    who wouldn’t want a party in a box?!

    Kristin says:

    It’s funny that they randomly have rocks at the bottom of their site. But I love them.

    Maren says:

    The crystal piñata is pretty awesome.

    Natalie says:

    Love everything this site offers, naturally. It’s amazing! Favorite item would have to be the pentagon piñata in copper metallic!

    Amanda says:

    The copper metallic bling piñata!

    chelse says:

    I could do for anything in the copper color. I’ve been loving it lately.

    Molly Gwen says:

    I love the Tassel Strand! I have been looking for something for a large bare wall in my bedroom and I think that the strand in Metallic Mix would be perfect!


    Hollie says:

    The gray and gold/black party in a box! Ohh yes!

    Sammie Ellwood says:

    I love the crystal pinata, and of course the tassel garlands!

    Mere says:

    Love the Crystal Pinata! Perfect for a party – or a permanent fixture in my living space!

    Christa says:

    I love the copper metallic piñata! We all could use a party in a box.

    Sonja says:

    mint mix tassel strand!

    Madison says:

    I would hang the Crystal Pinata all year long!

    Guinnevere says:

    The party stuff is fabulous, but I love all the quartz crystals! So beautiful, especially the rainbow quartz.

    Vanessa says:

    Who doesn’t love to Party?!? Party in a BOX is the way to go!

    Colleen says:

    Love the mint mix tassel strand 🙂

    patricia villamil says:

    tassel strands and the little trio pinata are so cute!

    Amanda Player says:

    i love the tassel strands!! what a party

    Shannon says:

    Their bling pinata and the tassel strand in pinks and copper are sooooo beautiful!

    Tamara says:

    Would love to throw a springtime bash with the amazing copper crystal pinata!

    tiffany says:

    Those piniatas are too pretty to use – I would hang them as art instead lol!!! Also loving the tassels!

    Whitney Y says:

    The tassel strings are amazing! You don’t even need a party coming up to hang that as wall decoration!

    Alina says:

    Love the Rainbow Quartz Crystal

    Sean C says:

    Definitely the Party In A Box. Love the idea!

    Alex Christopher says:

    I loooove the party in a box option! Both the tassles and the pinata! The silver pinata may be my fav…

    caitlyn says:

    love the gold pyramid pinata

    These are AMAZING! I’m in love with the Bling Copper Pinata with the add on tail. My niece’s 2nd b’day is on March 29th and this would be the perfect addition/center piece for her party! (Ok, she may be too young for a Pinata but hey, the adults should be able to have a little fun too!)

    Marie says:

    oh my goodness, YES. Would totally use this for a photo booth back drop!

    Denysia Yu says:

    I love the PARTY IN A BOX. 🙂

    katie says:

    I want to throw a party SO badly just to be able to use the blue/gray/silver tassel strand and a lovely diamond pinata!!!!!!!!!!! The awesome crystals they have on their site are amazing too <3

    Tina Martinez says:

    LOVE the gold pyramid pinata!

    Robyn says:

    Love the Crystal Pinata in Copper – so cool! Would make the perfect birthday surprise.

    Mili says:

    The diamond pinata is amazing!

    bernadette says:

    I love the copper pinata .. with a tassel tail add-on. so cute! and the confetti is brilliant as well. Perfect to add a touch of class to my upcoming dive bar birthday 😉

    What a great giveaway! My favorite is the mixed metallic tassel strand!

    The crystal pinata’s sweet- thanks for the giveaway!

    chelsey says:

    love the bling pinata!

    Natasha says:

    RADIANT ORCHID PARTY IN A BOX! Seriously, are there any better words to accompany each other in a sentence? No!

    Natasha says:

    RADIANT ORCHID PARTY IN A BOX! Seriously, are there any better words to accompany each other in a sentence? Nooo!

    kristi says:

    I love the pentagon pinata and the rainbow crystal quartz!

    So pretty!!!

    Brooke Stuart says:

    I love the bling piñata!
    Winning this would be a great way to celbreate my birthday, March 27th nudge nudge hint hint! 😉

    kacia says:

    yum, the crystal piñata!

    Melissa says:

    I LOVE the diamond piñata and would use it in an amazing styled photoshoot I have coming up in Palm Springs soon!!

    Duyen says:

    Loving all of the pinatas and confetti but my favorite item has got to be that Rust Quartz crystal. It’s beautiful! Too bad it’s sold out 🙁

    andrea b says:

    i love the ‘party in the box’! Can’t wait to win and decorate the house with it!

    kendall says:

    POP! WACK! Party time… I am ready for a party in a box!

    Sarah says:

    Party time!!! Would love to use this for my puppies birthday coming up!!! Oh and my husband’s birthday…;)

    Mason says:

    the party in a box is rad! i am planning my sisters birthday bash this april and that would help out big time with the decoration. fun!

    Christine L says:

    I love the radiant purple party in a box! Thinking of a theme that would revolve around purple things would be amazing.

    carly G says:

    I love the diamond pi

    I love the quartz crystals and crystal piñata!

    Hannah Mayhew says:

    I have really been wanting a piñata for my June 6th wedding! This one would be perfect! I love all of the piñatas they have as well as the rock quartz.

    Jen Rezac says:

    I absolutely love the copper pendant. The shapes are fabulous and perfect for any occasion! I would LOVE to have this up, all of the time.

    Ursula says:

    Hellooo, the quartz crystals are gorgeous! I’m throwing a 40something birthday bash for the hubby and so far the invitations and basic decor has been free! What else could I score??? I heart your blog!

    Jenn says:

    Love the idea of party in a box!

    Erin says:

    Going to have to agree with you on this one, the copper party in a box is my favorite too! What a brilliant idea!

    Katie F says:

    That pinata is amazing!

    deanna says:

    the party in the box is ABSOLUTELY perfect for the photo booth at my wedding!

    Lauren says:

    I love the diamond pinata! Love. LOVE.

    Martha G says:

    Love this! My favorite is the Pyramid pinata. The pinata was my favorite part about my birthday growing up. Crossing my fingers for this giveaway, maybe I can have a grownup pinata this year, even if it’s a few days late.

    Frances says:

    The pinatas are fantastic! The ‘Bling Pinata’ in Copper would be fantastic for my friends bachelorette party coming up the first weekend in April!

    I like the black one- very chic. And those crystals!

    Makenzie says:

    Honestly my favorite item would be the won the winner gets, the party in the box with the copper piñata. The black/white/metallic confetti and tassels were a match made in party heaven, and are right up my alley. 🙂

    Emily M says:

    The Radiant Purple Party in a Box is my favorite!

    Milan Cook says:

    I mean, can you really go wrong with copper? I do however looooovvveeee the pyramid piñata! such a cute shop i never knew about, i’ll definitely be coming back!

    Jess Mishler says:

    Oooh I love the Party In A Box! I would go with the Gold Metallic and probably will for my girlfriend’s bachelorette party coming up this summer! <3

    Amanda Ingle says:

    I love everything! Wow. It would probably be between party in a box and the teal tassels! Everything sparkles so it’s pretty much amazing.

    Erin says:

    I love all the tassel strands!!

    Aina Yao says:

    Diamond pinata my fav!

    Natalie C says:

    Love the crystals, so cool, would be a great prop for photos

    jordan says:

    I love the metallic and black tassel strands!!

    Rebecca says:

    Love the diamond pinata! The metallic would be great for a New Year’s Eve party.

    hani says:

    Give me da bling. That copper piñata is divine. At the end of march I either need to finish writing my book or shave my head. Either way, I think I’ll need a party!

    Victoria says:

    Love anything gold right now! The bling piñata in gold has to be my absolute favorite!

    Leslee says:

    The crystal piñata would be perfect for my mom’s 50th birthday celebration coming up in a few weeks!

    Alina says:

    The diamond piñata is my favorite!

    alicia says:

    love the metallic pinata!

    Mikayla says:

    Everything is AMAZING but I’m particularly partial to the Party in a Box!

    coral says:

    Oh, I love the radiant purple!

    faith says:

    LOVE the diamonds…all the metalics:)

    Ada says:

    They’re all great but I think the Bling Pinata is my favorite!

    Jamie says:

    That copper bling pinata really is everything!

    Jordan S. says:

    Silver party in a box! Or even just the silver diamond pinata. So fun!

    My favorite is actually the quartz crystal cluster! I have been obsessed with crystals recently and think they could be an awesome centerpiece for any occasion.


    Missy Dorsey says:

    Fancy sparkly party supplies like these make me happy. My personal fave is the Radient Purple Party Kit.l

    Meryl says:

    I love the Mint Tassel Strand!

    Krizia says:

    the pentagon is my favorite <3

    Marty Musser says:

    I love all the crystals! The Rainbow Quartz is my favorite!

    Kallie B says:

    Love the pentagon pinata and tassel strands.

    Michelle Perenchio says:

    The metallic tassel strands are wild! I’m in love.

    Emma says:

    That copper crystal pinanta is mysterious and beautiful… magical things would be sure to happen underneath it!

    Jacqui says:

    Loving the gold crystal pinata–who said pinatas are just for kids!

    Julia G. says:

    The Tassel Strands are the cutest! I’ve been wanting to make one of my own but would love to have one of these!

    stacy says:

    love the tassel strands!!

    Kristy says:

    The tassel strands are everything!

    Laurie says:

    Multi-colored pinata and confetti kit! So fun!

    Natalie says:

    The diamond pinata is beautiful. I have a birthday party to throw soon and this giveaway would help make it spectacular.

    liz says:

    Would LOVE a tassel strand!

    Rachel says:

    I’m swooning over the diamond piñata!!

    Q says:

    love the metallic party in a box! the entire shop is lovely.

    Amy says:

    The Radiant Purple Party in a Box is spectacular. I’m planning a friend’s bachelorette party, and it would be so SICK to decorate our hotel room like this, and fill the piñata with fun girly prizes. Great backdrop for photos… want!

    Ashley Jensen says:

    GAH!!!!!! Tassel strands for days!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Or a freaking party in a freaking box!!!!

    I mean.

    Sarah O. says:

    I’m digging the Radiant Purple Party in a Box!

    Lina C. says:

    Love the Pyramid Piñata △ …and in gold of course! 🙂

    nicole says:

    love the pink mix tassel strand!

    Chloe says:

    I absolutely adore the Crystal Anti Piñata Trio! So adorable!

    Laine Riley says:

    Love the pyramid piñata! AHHH so good!

    Ju says:

    Diamond pinata and tassel strands!

    miss michaela says:

    I think the “Party In A Box” is my favorite item. I would use the item for my college graduation party. Plus you get to pick the color of the piñata!

    teisha says:

    bling pinata! want it/need it!

    Tali says:

    I’m lovin the crystal anti pinata. I’m really into that forest green meets emerald color right now. I don’t yet have my own place so this would be a great way to show off my style-im ready to party!

    I love the bling pinata! If I win, I will surely use it for my bridal shower in June. The theme is geo shaped, so it would be a dream to win!

    Anita says:

    I love the party tassels! I just saw one in my friend’s studio and I would love to use my own for a party!

    Courtney says:

    That pentagon piñata would be perfect for my sons geometric themed birthday party! <3!!

    Brandy says:

    Crystals! Confetti! Tassels! Pinatas! Who can choose a favorite? Not this girl, I love ’em all!

    Averi says:

    obsessed with the tassel strands! <3

    susan says:

    bling pinata ftw! love these so much–would be perfect for a wedding!! xo

    Maddie W. says:

    I love the tassel strands!

    I love all the geometric pinatas. So fun!

    Stacia says:

    I love the shape of their crystal pinata!

    Mallory F. says:

    LOVE the Pyramid Pinata in Copper!

    Tori says:

    I don’t know what I love more… the tassel strands or the Pyramid pinata!

    Heather P. says:

    Love the radiant purple party in a box!

    Jamie says:

    I love the copper, gold and two toned purple piñatas! So fun and beautiful!

    Megan says:


    These are beautiful. I love the copper crystal pinata. Fingers crossed. Thank you, as always, for these amazing giveaways.


    Sarah says:

    The Radiant Purple PARTY IN A BOX is the ultimate! Next level!!

    Suzanna says:

    I really need that blingy pinata!! Woohoo!!

    Brianna says:

    I like the Crystal Pinata. I really love the bronze color.

    Mariaelena says:

    I love the radiant purple party in a box!

    Kelsey says:

    I just ADORE the copper pinata. I would keep this as a fixture at my house!

    tula says:

    Party in a Box in silver metallic!

    T. Turner says:

    The diamond pinata is amazing!

    lauren d says:

    I love love love the Pentagon Piñata!!

    I LOVE ALL OF THEIR PINATAS! Really. I am throwing a 30th surprise prohibition/gatsby/roaring 20’s party for my brother-in-law next month and the copper bling piñata party kit would be PERFECT.

    kirsten says:

    love the diamond pinata!

    fariha says:

    lusting after the pinatas!

    kirby says:

    need the pinatas!

    janine says:

    Bling pinata in gold!!

    janine says:

    Bling pinata in gold!! Or the DIY kit so I can make infinity pinatas!!!

    rachel wierenga says:

    those metallic pinata’s are wonderful! i would love to have one for my daughter’s 3rd birthday – how fun would that be!? or better yet, maybe I need one for my 30th birthday, right?

    Danielle says:

    Oh, this would be so much fun for my friend’s housewarming party! I love the Radiant Purple Party in a Box 🙂

    It was super difficult to choose, but I am -really- loving the pendant pinata! Whoo hoo for parties in a box!

    SWEATshirt DRESSshirt

    Laura says:

    the crystal pinata is so fab!!!

    Sarah says:

    The bling piñata in gold for my daughter’s 3rd birthday!!

    Hi just wanted to give you a brief heads up and let you know a few of the pictures
    aren’t loading properly. I’m not sure why but I think its
    a linking issue. I’ve tried it in two different internet browsers and both
    show the same outcome.

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