here’s a little of what i’ve been up to lately…

photo 2-1

solo trips to ikea are my favorite. have you seen their polka dot bedding?

photo 2-2
photo 3-2

i’ve been art directing a lot of fun shoots lately. my favorite thing to do is team up with creative individuals and create beautiful pictures. just for fun. and to get better at it. and to keep the inspiration going for the week. this one is from yesterday with amy merrick and max wanger. cannot wait to show you the images!

Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 9.56.36 AM

i’ve been working on building the “prop shelves” for shoots. sourcing from around the city and some from my best friend jen who has amazing taste. we have had so many shoots recently, it seemed like everyday i was dragging tons of dishes back and forth from my house to the studio. it’s time to make the studio a one-stop-shop.

photo 4

speaking of props…look at these cuties i picked up at dream collective. i gave the face an 80’s side part plant, which i love.

photo 1-1

the bedroom is almost finished and we are shooting very soon! i pretty much only want to hang out in this room, it makes me so happy + calm.

photo 3
Screen Shot 2014-03-18 at 10.14.46 AM

my friends often take photos of me instagramming. mostly because they think it’s funny how much i over-think the process. glad i can bring them some entertainment. ha.

photo 1

i found my dream chair in highland park’s matters of space.

photo 3-1

and look out this week for a pretty epic “florals in your space” post. this moon canyon spring wreath is absolutely, freakishly perfect.

hope you are having a lovely week so far. see you back here tomorrow for a PARTY giveaway!


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    maggie says:

    I love that face plant holder! Looks like you are full of inspiration – thank you for sharing!

    Ana says:

    Cannot wait to see the finished bedroom project!

    mariell. says:

    this made me feel all warm and creative. i want to pick flowers and redecorate this very instant.

    giulia says:

    all of these are just so beautiful!!!! i cannot wait to see all these shots you directed, you talented lady! i mean, that cake is mind blowing…
    and i always feel awkward taking photos in front of people but now that i know you also put an embarrassing amount of thought into it i just might loose my fear a little bit:)

    Mama Leone says:

    You are such an inspiration! I love what you do and would love to join you❤️

    Love the photo of you taking an Instagram. Those candida are the best. Also-amazing wreath!

    Baiba says:

    Beautiful!good ideas and all your post are so full of inspiration. In this spring most of all I love white color with bright accents, so your pics are very useful.

    Paola says:

    Could you believe I found few weeks ago the ikea ps 2012 polka dot bedding for 15 euro?! [it means 20 $!]
    It was the last one! Lucky me! 🙂

    omg i loooove that cake! i want to eat it! the colours are devine!!

    lauren says:

    ohmygod! that cake looks ah-ma-zing!
    Lauren | OhHay Blogs!

    polka dots and flowers! two of my favourite things!

    Emily says:

    What brand is your black purse in the pic where you’re instagramming? I am looking for something minimal without hardware…..

    Thanks for sharing your resources, Bri! I’ve been looking for unique places to source props.

    raaachellll! says:

    i love this!! more more more! love seeing what’s going on around you and in your head!

    Bailey says:

    Ahhh as usual, every one of your images inspires me to think more colorfully 🙂

    gulshan says:

    I just love the prop face side part plant, this is something I am gonna definitely integrate in my house because it gives a very natural look to the place and fine decoration at the same time. Thanks!

    Casarico says:

    That human faced pot with a plant is a creative idea! Is that an artificial plant or real? These interiors are worth watching.

    That cake looks so yum! 🙂

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