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Here’s a festive piece of decor to brighten up your valentine’s day. use this super easy to make mobile for an over the table centerpiece, or just a fun pop of love anywhere in your home!

what you’ll need:

• white hoola hoop
• bakers twine of your choice
• tape
• variety of sizes of honeycomb tissue balls (here) – I used 12 total in sizes 5”, 8”, and 12″

step 1 – trace and cut the tips of the honeycomb tissue balls to make each one the shape of a heart. start in the center of the half circle then cut at an angle all the way to the top of the ball.

step 2 – tape your bakers twine to the cardboard part of the tissue ball. keep it super long, so that you can cut it to your desired length once you attach it to the hoola hoop.

step 3 – tape your tissue ball/heart together so it will stay open.

step 4 – cut your bakers twine to the desired length in order to make it cascade in different lengths around the hoola hoop. tie each ball/heart to the hoola hoop.

step 5 – now you need to make the contraption that will hang your mobile to the ceiling. tie 3 pieces of bakers twine that are exactly the same length to your hoola hoop. measure out the distance between each piece of twine, so that each piece is tied equal distance apart. this will ensure that your mobile will hang balanced.

step 6 – screw in a screw hook to the ceiling.

step 7 – tie all three pieces of bakers twine together at the very top and hang it above your table!

project by: jesi haack design for designlovefest
photos by: ryan haack
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    Ursula says:

    I love this and it looks pretty easy to do! Pinning and getting some honeycomb balls 😉


    Soooooo pretty and such a great idea! LOVE it.

    Looks like a project I need to make happen soon (or, really soon)!

    What a great idea! I’ve never thought of cutting those things into shapes. I want these hanging all over my house.

    xo Denise

    maggie says:

    These are so ridiculously cute! What a great idea to cut the honeycomb circles into hearts.

    This is so cute!! What a great idea – I’ll have to try it! 🙂

    xo Megan, Lush to Blush

    Sosyal Medya says:

    Looks like a promising project, very cute! 🙂

    Ana says:

    This one is too cute!

    Arin says:

    OMG this is just way too adorable!!! Can’t wait to try this! HeartofChic.com

    Jillian P says:

    This is the most ADORABLE tutorial! I think I love it MORE because it’s oversize! What a cute idea. You ladies are so talented. Sending love your way!
    xx. Jillian

    May says:

    Love this idea! so cute! 😀

    Rachel says:

    so cute! I have plenty of tissue paper from american retail suppply that would be perfect for this.

    Katrine says:

    Great idea! I will try to make this heart for my daughter’s 1st Birthday! Thanks.

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