changing up your hair is a quick and easy way to mix up your everyday look. the problem is, coloring your hair at home can be intimidating. (i know it freaks ME out, ever since my mom turned my hair ORANGE the day before my senior prom. haha)  but it’s time to give it a shot!

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we teamed up with vidal sassoon pro series who recently launched a bold collection of at-home hair colors, blue, purple and red. i’ve been really into purple hair lately (kelly osbourne!) so we went with that one…

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jeanette was brave enough to let us experiment on her hair, she had been wanting to make a change and was game to let me try my hand at it. it’s a 4-6 week commitment, so that’s not too bad. we read the instructions very carefully, but really, it was only four steps. pretty simple.

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mixing everything together was straight forward and simple, and then it was just a matter of working the color evenly all over her head. we let the mixture stay on for about 6 minutes which is less than recommended but she had previously colored hair and the purple seemed to be soaking in quickly. so then we rinsed…

VidalSassoon009 (1)



i think the bold color looks so pretty on her! especially with her green eyes. it got the girls in the office talking about dying their hair too. what about you, do you dye your hair at home? or does it make you too nervous?

you can see the whole vidal sassoon pro series color collection here. and, if you do decide to try it for yourself be sure to enter the vidal sassoon facebook contest for a chance to win a trip to london with a $4,000 shopping spree! upload a photo of your boldest hair move to facebook with #ColorMeBold. you can read more about the contest, here.

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photos by: brittany wood
hair model: jeanette getrost 
this post was in partnership with Vidal Sassoon Pro Series, all opinions are completely my own.


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    Anonymous says:

    Very Nice!!

    Seemal says:

    I can only wish haha! Never died my hair, I have very dark brown(looks black) hair, you know know us Asians but I really want to try out purple tips! HER HAIR LOOK GREAT!

    Kim says:

    I dyed my hair “red” (more like orange) in college and eventually had to go to black to get it to go away! Now I have beautiful, healthy virgin hair that I’ve refused to dye. But dang, I want to again now!

    Minnie says:

    I dyed one of my close friends hair silver the day before our senior prom. Not sure how that happened because we were trying to bleach it blonde. Thankfully there was time for her mom to have it fixed.

    Katzi says:

    I love this color! I had my hair pink a few years back, which I did at home. It was very intimidating so when root touch-up time came, I went to the Paul Mitchell hair school and I think that’s where my scalp got damaged. I’m still trying to get my scalp back to good health but I’d love to try these colors! Maybe I’ll put Midnight Blue over my already black hair to get that “raven” color 🙂
    Great job!

    Holly says:

    I LOVE it! I also love that you used a model with darker blonde hair. I am a brunette and would love to give it a whirl some day.

    tori says:

    I would be very curious to know what her hair looks like at the end of 6 weeks. I’ve never known girls with dyed blonde hair to have temp box dyes wash out well. Even if it’s just an Instagram update, I really want to know how she thought it weared.

    Jo says:

    I absolutely love the cut and shape of her hair! And the color turned out great on her.

    jaclyn says:

    I got straight A’s on my 6th grade report card so my mom let me pick out any color I wanted at the drug store (I chose BLACK) and she helped me dye my hair. Most kids were enticed to get good grades by getting cash and all I wanted was privileges like dyeing my hair and piercing my ears!
    I’ve been dyeing it ever since! Every color of the rainbow.

    I, too, would like to see a follow-up in a few weeks. Temporary hair dye never ages well. And you’ll ruin quite a few towels and pillow cases over the course of it.

    Permanent dye all the way, for me!

    Cait says:

    Another request for an update on how well it lasts. It looks so cute on her!

    Sasha says:

    Love her hair! Also loving how the color plays off the wall color. Would you mind sharing what it is? Thanks!

    bri towne says:

    love it! i do color my hair at home and it’s pretty easy. i’ve only had one big mishap and that was during a snow storm in college when a friend and i decided to go blonde. bad move. don’t go blonde from a box!

    wow! it looks awesome!

    rox says:

    OBSESSED! totally cranked up the sexy w/ that purple!

    jensen says:

    That came out so much better than I was expecting it to — and it looks so good on her! Definitely interested in seeing how it wears over the six weeks, maybe a mid-way update & a final update?

    Britney says:

    Eeeep! love the purple hair. I dye my hair at home (I used to go to the salon every month) and recently I’ve started experimenting with other colours, just the ends. So I bleach a little bit first and then add the colour. I might have to go purple next 🙂

    aly says:

    I love how intense that color is! As a redhead I’m basically forbidden to dye my hair :). But I’ve always wanted to know how I’d look as a blonde. And every time I see a picture of Kelly Osbourne with her gorgeous Lavendar hair I get a little jealous.

    Lauren says:

    Let’s see those orange-haired prom pics!

    Emily R. says:

    I absolutely love this! <3

    Viviana says:

    Her hair rocks and it is absolute perfection! I wish I could pull that off too!! 🙂

    Adinda says:

    Nice! I’d love to have pastel pink hair but i’m a brunette from origin. My hair refuses the pastel pink idea… But this looks great though!

    kelly edmonson says:

    looks SO great! love it.

    Stacia says:

    I do dye my hair at home, but I have discovered that my hair takes dye REALLY well and it often sticks around for much longer than the 4-6 weeks the box says, often never fully fading until I dye over it. Just something to consider. Try to figure out the way your hair will take the dye!

    Alyssa says:

    Wow it looks great! Pantone hair style-esque! I would love to do purple but I recently did black and it is very hard to go anywhere with that. I added some burgundy, maybe I will try adding purple next time 🙂 Love it.

    Paige says:

    I love colored dyes that give such great payoff without bleaching. I wanna try this. A few years ago I did the L’Oréal Color Effects dye in pink and it was great. No damage, gave even full on color and washed away gradually and I was back to normal.

    Marija says:

    OH MY! I want to do it!

    Beauty Blog says:

    The colored dyes are amazing and that purple is radiant. Did you know that pastels are making a come back in 2014 once again?

    I have to agree, that looks fantastic! Wish I had the courage to try it!

    Meredith says:

    I absolutely LOVE it! I have wanted to dye my hair purple for over a year and haven’t the courage to try it…yet!

    Her’s turned out absolutely stunning!!!

    Alina Home says:

    I have to agree, that looks fantastic! Wish I had the courage to try it!

    so gorgeous! this is my dream hair colour!
    not sure if this hair dye is available in AUstralia though, but i’ll definitely try & hunt some down
    Cheray x

    Love that color and cut on her! I’m a dark brunette and at the beginning of the school year (I’m a senior in HS) I decided to dye my hair a dark violet! Absolutely love love loved it! It’s been 6 months now and my hair has faded into a red brown color which I love! I don’t regret it at all!.

    ellen xx

    Dani says:

    Such a My So-Called Life Moment!

    Alessa says:

    Amazing color! I had something like this, about 3 years ago. She looks cute 🙂

    not sure if this hair dye is available in AUstralia though, but i’ll definitely try & hunt some down
    Cheray x

    The colored dyes are amazing and that purple is radiant

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