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my style’s been changing quite a bit lately. i used to love wearing bright vintage dresses (and still do on special occasions) but i’ve been really transitioning to more neutrals lately. black and white with pattern has especially been my jam. this is an outfit i would wear day-to-day…and a cool flower collar that kristen made me.

i think this graphic boob top by gravel and gold is supremely awesome. those black pixie pants are stretchy and from j.crew. and let me say, they are a life saver! dress em up or down, eat a big meal and they still fit, and wear them pretty much everyday. that’s my relationship with them. (find here)

the black sneakers are sam edelman (did you enter the giveaway?)

photos by: anja verdugo
flowers by:
 moon canyon design

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    maggie says:

    I feel myself making the same transition – and I am absolutely obsessed with that shirt you have on!

    sophie m says:

    this outfit is so lovely — neutrals are the way to go! the boob pattern is most excellent too. xoxo

    Pretty sure I’m in love with that top.
    I’ve definitely been transitioning into a more neutral loving gal, too!

    hehehe boob shirt is awesome.

    arin says:

    beyond beautiful!! love simple tops with statement accessories! love that chair, too! gorge! HeartOfChic.com

    Tori says:

    What a great shop Gravel and Gold is! That boob top is hilarious. I’ve also been steering away from bright colors and into more neutral ones. I’ve been kind feeling bad about it for some reason! Haha! But that’s what I like right now so I’ll go with it:) Love this simple outfit post, Bri.

    much love, http://www.myomlife.com/

    shawnee says:

    this is more my day-to-day style so yay! love this look. x

    Becca says:

    That top is amazing! It’s always fun to watch your style evolve!

    Becca | Ladyface Blog

    allison says:

    love the flower collar <3

    and i started doing outfit posts, inspired by you 🙂


    Sosyal Medya says:

    That top is great! Thanks for sharing.

    Trish says:

    You are wearing a booby shirt! WHAT! Awesome.

    Claire says:

    That last shot… AH! <3____<3

    Michelle says:

    I love the boobies 🙂

    CinaSmash says:

    I’ve tagged #designlovefestgiveaway and I’m crossing my fingers that I may win! My boyfriend and I have been together for 4 years in March and we’ve never been able to afford to go on vacation so we can enjoy eachother a company. We’ve been through so much emotionally in the past year, we’ve had a few friends of ours pass away and have grounded the pavement playing together in our band (I sing and he plays guitar!) I hope I win so we can rekindle our love and embark on a wonderful future together. (Ps. I accidentally saw THE ring!! Maybe this vacation will be our ‘Engagement marker!!’ )

    Rachel Ake says:

    Thanks for sharing the link to the boob top! Ever since you posted it on instagram I’ve been totally coveting it!

    Ellie says:

    1. I love the boobs shirt but don’t know if I would have the chutzpah to wear it!!
    2. Pixie pants are my jam. I am OBSESSED. Several solid and leather accented styles have been on promo/sale lately!

    Becky Kozak says:

    I LOVE that you’re wearing boobs, so funny and cute! I may have to snag myself a pair of those pants, I’ve been looking for a pair of versatile black skinnies that are a step up from the leggings as pants look!

    I’d have to order online – do you know if they fit true to size?


    xx Becky

    You are spot on with the Black and white trend. It was all over the runway for Reort and S?S 2014 in every shape and form. As for the boob print that is a new one!

    riris says:

    Super cool. you’re inspiring me to start write my OOTD post often on my blog. I always love your style from so many ways. Thank you for such of inspirations.


    Emilie Kattn says:

    Amazingly beautiful! Nice finding this inspiring blog 🙂

    Alexa says:

    This is a great post. Love seeing your fashion evolve into new areas. So fun. I must ask do you dry clean those black pants or do you just regular wash? I am obsessed after seeing them here but dry clean only is such a drag. If I decide to make the jump and buy them, I will make sure to use your click-through link. 🙂


    LOVE this, and that top is brilliant!

    carly says:

    i never thought I needed a boob top, but yeah, maybe I do~~
    my style is always evolving, it’s refreshing to be able to try new things

    wendy says:

    this look is great! i love the pants, and the shirt is so fun. can you tell me where you got the gold stack rings? love them!

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    Megan says:

    what about the rings!?? don’t leave us hangin ~ Great outfit! 😉

    Elodie says:

    What kind of chair is that copper one?

    the b+W boob shirt is next level INSANEO awesome! you are so adorable and stylish bri! it’s kind of fun when one’s style shifts and changes… neutral or not, your personality and style still blasts through! ^__^

    Anonymous says:


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