today’s winner will receive 2 pairs of shoes of their choice from sam edelman! i have the black sneakers and black boots shown below and really love them. comfortable & flattering. good luck!


here’s how to win… (CLOSED)

1) go to the sam edelman site and take a look around.

2) leave a comment below letting me know your favorite pair of shoes! 

one winner will be chosen on wednesday, january 29th at 10am PST. sorry, open to US  readers only. the retail value of prize is up to $550+. 

UPDATE: winner is #847!


Add your own

    Suzanne says:

    I love the new Trina’s in silver, I have them in white already! I also think the Becker in Camo are super adorable!

    Meagan says:

    I love Sam!!! I would get the Penny2 definitely! Thank you!

    alex says:

    The brown and gold Trina’s for spring/summer and the deep saddle leather petty boots for fall/winter. Or let’s be real– the petty boots for all year round.

    Karly says:

    The Becker sneakers, any print, would be awesome to wear out-and-about, plus are rockable with scrubs at work!

    michelle says:

    is it cheating to say i’d choose the same ones? i’ve actually been crushing on them for some time, so it’s be a dream come true! ok the boots are a bit different!



    Heather says:

    I have the tan Petty boots and they are almost worn through! Would love to add the black to the arsenal.

    Tess says:

    The Gigi sandals in saddle leather are perfect.

    Danielle says:

    I have been trying to find a pair of white-soled, black, snakeskin sneakers all season. These are gorgeous!

    I’ve been lusting after the Penny 2 boots all season!

    amy says:

    Hi love them all! But especially the Louie boots in black & the Trina sandal in brown!

    Bernadette says:

    I would love to win the Ella and the Alvin both in black. I am in desperate need to replace good old standards!!

    Jenny says:

    Sandals, all the way. Gigi or Georgia. I’m lucky to live in a warm weather climate where my feet can be free all year round.

    Julie says:

    How are we supposed to just pick one?! .. That being said I love the Louie!

    Dana says:

    the mare boots are so perfect!

    Perrin Bernard says:

    Even though it is still cold, I can’t wait to slip into Georgia sandal!

    Oooohhh, the Trina sandal is gorgeous! It would be my everyday sandal in the summer – perfect with a neutral-colored summer dress or Audrey capris. I’m also loving the sneaks pictured in this post!

    deborah says:

    love the petty in deep saddle leather & the okala in black leather.

    Mara Dawn says:

    I will always and forever love the Petty boot.

    Sarah Fox says:

    I love the Petty boots in black suede — they are perfection! And the Penny2 in Whiskey, great for fall and winter!

    Mary Lake says:

    Still in love with the Petty boots! A classic.

    Maria says:

    In love with the Georgia sandal! So ready for warm weather!

    Elizabeth V. says:

    The Petty is perfection.

    April V says:

    oh my goodness…i love them all…the Bryant sandals are my faves though 🙂

    Eunice says:

    The Petty boots.

    Kate says:

    The petty boot in leopard…is…amazing.

    Meghan says:

    !!! I love Sam Edelman so much. I’d go for the Penny boot, and the gold Felicia ballet flats! Love.

    Danielle says:

    I love love love the petty bootie. I think I have all of the colors pinned!

    Allison says:

    My picks are the same as yours – becker sneakers and petty boots

    DS says:

    I cannot wait to wear Tyra, classic nude this summer in CA!!!!

    Chloe List says:

    Easiest choice ever, the Becker in leopard or camo! Who cares if it’s snowing her in Chicago?

    Marnay says:

    The Blair ballet flats are a dream. I love the studs and sparkles.

    cristina d says:

    i already have and love the Petty. now all i need is a pair of gigi.

    Ruthie says:

    love the Mare in black – need a nice rough shoe! Thanks!

    Rebecka says:

    Oh my gaaaaawwwd I love the Beckers in Leopard.

    maureen says:

    Love the mare and the noah

    How am I suppose to choose just two 🙂 I chose brown Trina and black suede Petty booties.

    Fingers crossed,

    Anna says:

    Love the petty boots in deep saddle leather

    Sarah says:

    I love the Penny boot in olive!! xo

    Kimberly M says:

    I love the Porter boots in black!

    Emily Love says:

    I absolutely love their shoes and I would definitely get the Mare boots they’re adorable!

    Kate G. says:

    I love their ginger sandals! I have an old pair of SE sandals that are worn out and I these look like the perfect replacement. Thanks for offering the giveaway!

    Kayla says:

    Since I live in AZ and wear sandals 95% of the time, I’m thinking the Dana or Gigi!

    Jamie says:

    So many cute shoes to choose from! I am in love with the Mare boots in dark brown.

    Rebecca R says:

    I love the brown Mare lace-up boots. Perfect for transitioning into any season!

    These would be so amazing for my 9-6 job as a graphic designer! Professional, but still super stylish.


    Roza says:

    I’m a huge fan of his flats. I’d love to try his Mare boots!

    harmony says:

    Definitely been wanting the petty boot – cute!

    janet says:

    I love the Felicia flat. Sam E’s shoes are always so comfy!

    Kim Russell says:

    I would pick the Penny boots and the Ella heels. Love all of the shoes. Fingers crossed!!

    Heidi says:

    Gorgeous shoes! I love the Lucca and the Lucille. Thank you!!

    Aimee says:

    I cant choose one, maybe 10! But i do love the camdyn.

    i would grab the Karina summer sandles in nude. hands down!

    Samantha says:

    I like the Dana wedge sandals!

    The Mare boot in tan and the becker! Sam makes some of the best shoes…love this giveaway!

    Chelsea W says:

    The Petty booties in black suede would be lovely to have!

    Eunice says:

    I’ve been wanting the Petty boots forever!

    maria anne says:

    I’d definitely want to snatch a pair of the Petty boots in the leopard print – so fun!


    maria anne

    Kristin says:

    The tan petty boots!

    Amy says:

    I’m in need of a pair of boots and I love the Mare boots in putty. The Noah flats look super comfortable as well.

    Mary Ann says:

    I love the Loren boots! Classic.

    Claire says:

    Is it wrong that I want the Petty in 2 different colors? That blue suede reminds me of my Elvis phase as as kid when I had blue suede shoes.

    The 29th is my birthday so that would be the perfect day to win something!

    love the petty boots and the alvin slippers!

    Lauren A. says:

    Love the Becker sneakers as well as the Ella pumps!


    Lindsay says:

    The Jerome oxfords were pretty cool (and on sale!) I may have to pick those up even if I don’t win 🙂

    I am in love with the Brandson in black and the Mare in dark drown! Pure Perfection

    Molly says:

    The London boots are just too cool for school. Love them!

    Robyn says:

    My favorites are the Noah gold flats, and the brown Gigi sandals! Those would be perfect for the constant climate change here in Texas.

    Emily says:

    I love the Jermone oxfords : )

    BA Trombetta says:

    Love the Felicia! They are my favorite!

    Love Imbro says:

    Are we meant to pick just one? The Beckers are a favorite fo sho!

    Sarah G. says:

    I’m going to have to agree with Bri, the black petty boots and the beck sneakers!

    Yehudis says:

    The Petty bootie is so cute!

    Cheyenne says:

    I am absolutely in love with the Dana sandal and the Mare boot, although the Petty boot is super cute.

    sonia says:

    Love, love, love the Ellie in Mocha Taupe and the Felicia in Black/White Snake.

    Rose says:

    Love the Adele boots! Thanks for offering this awesome give away!

    Amber says:

    It is so hard to pick!! I love the branson sneaker in black 🙂

    Mollie says:

    I want the leopard sneakers and another pair of the petty boots. They are my favorite!

    Kemper says:

    I have always been a fan of Sam Edelman shoes because they actually fit my very skinny feet. It’s very difficult to pick a favorite, but I really love the cream suede Petty booties.

    Ada says:

    The deep saddle petty boots are my favorite!

    HB says:

    I’d totally go for the Penny boot, so beautiful!

    Emily says:

    How does one pick? Love the Mare and the Erin, but also the Petty.

    HB says:

    Ohh we can pick 2!? I’d also go with the Noah flat in black! Can’t go wrong with something simple!

    Liz says:

    The Felicia flats in the tan and white animal print are adorable. Great giveaway!

    Sarah says:

    The black suede Petty boots are just perfect!

    The Loren boots are absolutely perfect!

    Adaptations says:

    I love the petty in leopard! It’s a great boot to dress up an outfit and be able to move around for work.

    Sarah says:

    Nobody does sandals quite like Same Edelman….love the Dana sandal wedges!

    I am in dire need of black flats and Felicia in black looks perfect – totally my favorite…next to all of the boots, haha.

    Julie says:

    The opal, such a classic!

    Erin says:

    I love the Becker and the Beck, the perfect neutral shoes!

    Tori says:

    I would choose the black Branson sneaks and probably either the tan Dion heels or the Mare boots.

    Katie says:

    I LOVE the Mare shoe!!

    Jordan says:

    I would pick the Becker leopard sneakers and the Petty booties!!

    Anita says:

    Those Penrose black boots though….so gorgeous.

    Danielle says:

    Loren and paradox!

    Nancy says:

    I love the Brina in nude and the Louie in black nubuck!

    Kristen says:

    Petty – without a doubt. I have the black ones and have been coveting the others.


    Katiest says:

    I really like the Petty booties in black suede, and the Camdyn and Opal heels.

    Cortney Dupies says:

    I love the black petty boot so much I’d wear them everyday!

    Jeline says:

    Really need new pairs of shoes! Most of my shoes are so worn out already. 🙁 I would really love to get the Becker ones in black and the Jerome in black as well! Perfect every day shoes! Thank you so much for this generous giveaway, by the way. You always host the best ones! x

    amanda says:

    I absolutely adore the Mare Boots! They’re so androgynous chic! it’s also my birthday tomorrow (1.23!) so they would be the perfect gift 🙂

    thanks so much for hosting this giveaway!



    Mary Kate says:

    OOOooo the Louie in black. Definitely with the wooden heel.

    Leslie says:

    I’d love the Penrose–they look tough! Thanks for the giveaway.

    love sam edelman! the becker sneaker in camo and the petty boot in black leather are my faves this season!

    Chandra says:

    Florida girls need bikini’s for their feet too! Favs are the Gigi sandals in saddle leather!

    Courtney says:

    I would really love to win the Erin shoes! My brother is getting married and as a bridesmaid I need some cute nude pumps 🙂

    Abby says:

    The Brina and Lucca boot. Love!

    Carissa says:

    I love those Asters! It would be nice to add something fancier than my Bensimons to the rotation!

    I have had my eyes on the Penny boots – in all colors really! I just moved to Boston from San Diego and I am in need of more booties…which all of Sam Edelman’s look amazing! I love the black ones above…like a lot!

    Such a great giveaway! Fingers crossed *my birthday is on the 30th so that would make quite the b-day surprise!!


    Tara says:

    I love the graphic continent styles. I’d love any of the flat sandals in mocha taupe!

    Emily says:

    I love the black & tan color blog Okala heels and definitely those leopard Becker sneakers. I’ve been looking for a pair just like that.

    Meegan says:

    I would choose the Alva. So pretty!

    catina says:

    Been looking for a nice pair of tan ankle boots and I am loving the Lucille!

    molly says:

    I love the Petty boots and the Trina sandals look so fun for spring.

    Joyce says:

    i love the Tyra sandal, the Porter boot, the Petty boot, and the Lucille boot.

    jennifer says:

    i love the petty boot!

    Emily M. says:

    Mare in black is my fave!

    Helen says:

    The Becker in camo is definitely my fave for this round!

    Emilie says:

    I love the Lucca!!

    Elise says:

    Those Becker sneakers in the camo print are fantastic!

    Parvina says:

    Petty Edelman Icon.

    Emilie says:

    I love the Lucca!

    Hyemi says:

    Love Trina in black – perfect for summer in Orlando 🙂

    Kelly René says:

    After a great debate, the shoes that take the cake for me are the Trina Black sandals -complete with the low gold plated heel and shiny buckle- and the Dana Black sandals raised up on a low wedge and ornamented with a fresh cut-out design. The ultimate Sam Shoe is the Trina, but a very close second is the Dana. These to are a pair (two pairs*) of winners!

    Am says:

    I love the Petty in burgundy suede !

    Grace Evans says:

    I really love the Darwin boots and the Ellie heels. Thanks for the giveaway!!

    Hannah says:

    Wow, I love all of them! But if I had to choose, the Petty Edelman Icon.

    amelia says:

    love love love the louie.

    beka says:

    i love the GIGI sandals!!!

    Yoshiko says:

    I love Noah in buff nude. Sounds slightly naughty.

    Holly Fletcher says:

    I love the princeton boot! SO cute!

    The Petty boots are just timeless. I could literally own a pair in every color, starting with the nude color and leopard first!

    Ellie Patterson says:

    I would pick the Mare or the Kenya! The options are endless though, everything is great!

    Jill says:

    The Becker in black – just as cool as the Celine version.


    I would love love the Petty Booties size 7! Beautiful!! Thanks

    Alex Hitchcock says:

    Oh the petty boots!! I have been wanting them for ages in black but my wallet hasn’t been able to make room for them yet

    Ashley says:

    I love the leopard slip ons! I could do so much with those!

    Ashley | History in High Heels

    Lidy says:

    I love those Lucca boots!

    Heather says:

    I love the black lucca booties, I need a good casual pair!

    Caitie says:

    I have the Petty boot in the Tan-Putty and have already been eyeing it in the Deep Saddle Leather for some time now. It’s the perfect go-to ankle boot that is always in style! The Petty boot would definitely be my choice.

    Brittani says:

    The aster, alvin, Isabella and Noah would all be perfect to slip on as I’m nearing the stage in pregnancy that tying shoes is impossible!

    meredith says:

    i love the felicia in nude!

    kate says:

    the noah flat is a perfect staple that’s i’d get tons of wear out of. thanks for the great giveaway!

    Jamie says:

    Oh man! So many beautiful shoes, but I think the Branson sneakers have stolen my heart.

    I like the leopard Becker as well, but also the Camdyn — it’s impossible to find a good, classic black pump and I think these are perfect! The Loren boots are pretty great too!

    ERICA says:

    I would pick the black sneakers & the petty boots in tan!

    Kat says:

    I’m going through a major sneaker phase, so it’d have to be the Becker in leopard print!

    Desiree says:

    I would go for the iconic Gigi sandal in gold. Have always eyeballed them but never purchased!

    Halley says:

    Definitely the black boots! So perfect!

    Andee says:

    i would pick the Mariel and the Becker!

    Danielle says:

    Those petty boots are so great. Now which color? BOTH!

    Andrea says:

    the Mariel and the Becker!

    Taylor says:

    The cameo Alvin is absolutely fantastic! I love the black Erin as well. These are gorgeous shoes. 🙂

    Andrea says:

    I love the the Mariel and the Becker

    adb says:

    The the Mariel and the Becker please

    Donna says:

    Petty boots all the way!

    Danielle says:

    The Noah seems like the perfect daily flat but the Alvin leopard loafer would spice things up!

    Tiffany says:

    In love with the petty, shay, posey, mariel, bevin, adele, carla, claire, penny(2)….soooo hard to narrow it down to two!

    Rachel S. says:

    Oh! I think the Alva is just awesome! 🙂

    Melissa says:

    The Trina in black! Comfortable and versatile!

    Marissa says:

    i love those leopard sliders!!

    the gigi sandals are classics and go with every summer outfit, but i LOVE the black penny boots for winter! what a fun giveaway!

    Gulsun says:

    I love the becker sneakers and karina sandals. Hope I get the gift. Thanks.

    Seattle Lulu says:

    The Ginger sandal is great!

    Miranda says:

    I love Mare and Karina – those two are my fave! Thanks!

    katie says:

    I would love love love the Lucille boot <3!!!

    Stephanie says:

    Love Same Edelman! I’ve been looking for an edgy black bootie so I’d probably have to pick either Posey or Penrose as my favorites. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

    Liz R. says:

    I love the Alvin flat! What a fun giveaway.

    rubyellen says:

    I’ve really been obsessing over the Becker lately! Need that leopard sneaker in my life!

    Katsola says:

    I have wanted shoes just like the Jerome pair for a while. I think they are cute in black, but I love the ice white too.

    Tiffany says:

    I’ll take one of everything! I can’t stop fantasizing about the return of warm weather and wearing Gigi sandals, but to be realistic, the Mare boots would sure make these cold months a little more bearable.

    Allison says:

    wow, how hard to just choose one! i have a pair of s. edelman sandals i have loved for years. if i win (fingers crossed) i’d have to go with a pair of “ellie”-s. thanks bri!!

    Kelsey Pierson says:

    I love the Penny2 and the Lucca!!! Great for everyday wear!

    Lindsey says:

    The Becker sneakers are adorable and totally remind me of my Vans from back in the day. Oh how I miss those slip-ons 🙂

    Diana says:

    I’m really loving the Mare boots in dark brown – great with almost any easy, casual outfit!

    Amber says:

    Love the dark brown mare! I could use some boots with laces!

    Lauren says:

    I’m dying over the Posey, Georgia and Branson. Such lovely shoes!

    Natalie says:

    I’ve been eyeing the Petty for months! The Mare is great, too!

    Lauren P says:

    I am in love with the Mare style shoe! I can’t get enough!

    Tracey says:

    The princeton boots in black are super cool. They look dressy, but still comfortable.

    The Becker sneakers in leopard!

    deep saddle leather petty please 🙂

    Jessica says:

    Erin in black for sure! So cute!

    Youngbin says:

    My favorite pais is ‘Felicia’ saddle/ white color..!! Cute~♥

    Shy says:

    Alva is gorgeous!

    Nicole F says:

    I love the Mare boot in both Saddle and Dark Brown!

    maddie says:

    I would love the Felicia in saddle leather and the Petty in putty. Plus that’s just fun to say. Petty in putty.

    cori says:

    love the petty in deep saddle leather + the mare in putty!

    I love their boots but since I’m already tall, I don’t do well with even a small heel. Their Georgia sandal is super cute, though!

    Jana says:

    It’s not quite sandal weather yet but I love the Gigi.

    (And I can’t believe these shoes actually come in my size, 13!)

    Emily says:

    While I LOVE the ones you picked, my favorite is definitely the Brina flats in nude! So pretty!

    Laura L says:

    I love the Dana sandals!

    Jayme says:

    I love the New Nude Leopard (I think the name of the sneaker makes it even cooler)! I also like the Elie in Mocha Taupe- cause every girl needs a sassy, yet neutral heel. 😉

    Annie says:

    LOVING the Becker sneakers in leopard and the Petty booties in the tan-putty suede. Such great shoes!

    Brianna says:

    I love that Petty bootie! I would get it in burgundy AND tan.

    Tiffany says:

    I love the Petty boots.

    Jamy says:

    Definitely the Becker and the Branson. LOVE!

    Ashley H. says:

    I loveee Sam Edelman shoes! I think the Petty boots in brown leather and the Becker sneakers in black are perfect! Neutral enough to go with pretty much anything, but still stylish!

    Averi says:

    OBSESSED with the Louie Fringe Booty!! In Tan-Putty Suede!

    Laura B. says:

    Love the Petty and the Lucille!

    Amy says:

    The Petty boot in leopard is amazing! Would be great for winter jeans or warm weather dresses.

    Andrea says:

    Penny! In Whiskey! So pretty <3<3<3

    Caitlin says:

    adele and louie are super cute!

    Jennie says:

    I LOVE the Brina in black

    Emmeline says:

    The Okala in black and the Mare in black!

    Michelle Iujvidin says:

    The Dion in the color Saddle. We’re going through a bizarre heat wave here in Southern California so a new pair of heeled sandals sounds perfect!

    Alina says:

    Love, love, LOVE the MARE Bootie. GORGEOUS!

    Bernadette says:

    well…great stuff…after browsing everything, i loved the mare and the petty boots-both…they are both, so my lifestyle…and i think sam edelman’s signature (and logo) is so neat…unpretentious and human. thanks for the chance!

    Sean C says:

    I’d choose the Blair Flats. They look super comfy and very stylish.

    Holly says:

    LOVE the leopard Becker sneaker!

    Jennifer says:

    While I have and love the Petty boots, I would love to have a pair of the Becker black croc sneakers. Those look very versatile!

    Maura says:

    I love the petty boots and the tyra sandals! So hard to choose just two!

    Kaitlyn says:

    I can totally see myself rocking the Kenya wedges this summer! I love a good leather wedge. Very groovy

    Hayley K says:

    I love, love, love the Petty leopard print booties and the Dana sandals in hot coral! Perfect for transitioning my wardrobe to spring!

    Jessica says:

    My summer bound brain is craving a pair of those gigi sandals!

    Allywan says:

    I’m feeling the Erin in black. That sounds kind of weird to say out loud.

    Emily B. says:

    If I won, I would definitely choose the Alvin in leopard or the Petty in the deep saddle leather.

    I have the Petty in black and LOVE them, so would love another color! also diggin the Brina!

    Elyse G. says:

    I’m already dreaming of spring, so the Trina would be perfect! *fingers crossed*

    Alexa says:

    Always been obsessed with the Petty boots, but loving the Mare too!

    Becky says:

    OKALA! Those shoes are to die for! And they would go with everything! LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! Thanks Bri!


    Melissa says:

    Those slip ons are so spot on! I’d take any of them!

    Meredith says:

    I love those petty boots and anything in leopard print! LOVE!

    Michelle says:

    I’ve always lusted after the Mare boot in gray. Beautiful!

    Jordan S. says:

    Definitely the black petty boot. Gorgeous!

    kristyn says:

    What an awesome giveaway! I would pick the Trina in Au Natural because I am SO SO SO ready for summer! And the Princeton boot in Saddle because they transition perfectly throughout all seasons! <3

    Jenna says:

    I have been wanting the leopard sneaks FOR SO LONG! They are beauties.

    I have more ankle boots than I can count, but the Becker sneakers are exactly what I’m coveting right now. Is there anything better than leopard and leather? I’m going to say no. Sneakers all the way!

    jessa says:

    camo becker!

    Molly Gwen says:

    What an awesome giveaway! Like you, I love love love the Becker in the Leopard print. I’m debating between the Trina and Dion as the second pair – both are gorgeous sandals that look fairly comfortable and are work appropriate.

    tiffany says:

    I would love me some Louie in Olive Leather and Becker in Camo please!!!

    Natalie says:

    I would love the Isabella flats! They’re great!

    Natalie says:

    I would love the Isabella flats! They’re great!

    Laurel says:

    Love the Petty in black!

    Stephanie says:

    I love the Penny boots!

    Stephanie C says:

    Love the beckers and the mares!

    Ashley says:

    Loving the Mare in Putty! Perfect for the (hopefully) approaching spring!

    Anita says:

    I love the petty boots!

    Alexis says:

    I’m really in love with the Becker sneaker, in either pattern.

    Sarah S says:

    Absolutely love the Mare boots. So adorable.

    jen says:

    the cheetah becker would be my pick!

    Alex says:

    I love the petty boots in tan.

    devin says:

    I have the tan Petty Boots and I literally wear them with EVERYTHING. They are the perfect boots. I would LOVE to win the giveaway so I could get a black pair of the petty boot!

    Jennifer says:

    How could I not enter! I NEED the Becker in black croc and the Petty in burgundy suede! Fingers crossed!!

    jody says:

    it’s got to be the petty. they are just so sleek and simple!

    Carolyn says:

    I’m loving the Beck in saddle!

    Samantha says:

    Obsessed with the Mare in Dark Brown!!

    Brittany K says:

    Those cheetah beckers are the shoes my dreams are made of! Lately, I’ve been wearing so many casual/glam outfits, and sometimes my boots just don’t cut it. What an awesome giveaway!

    Lucy says:

    I’m pining after the Karina in the saddle/black combo.

    Toby says:

    I love the Ginger sandals!

    Brittni says:

    The Petty in black–in love!

    Love the Landon bootie in Whiskey. Just gorgeous and I don’t own any boots!

    Nikki B says:

    I’m so boring but I love the Noah flats in nude. I’m a teacher and I wear those constantly. 🙂

    amanda says:

    i’m really into the porter boots in black. I also of course love the petty boots, I’ve been lusting after the snakeskin ones for a while and need to get a pair off ebay. the solid black and the green suede pettys are pretty effing rad.

    Liz says:

    The posey boots are my fav, love the hardware and boot!

    LOVE all the “Petty”. Especially the animal print!

    Kate says:

    I have always been in love with the Louie!!

    Katie says:

    I am obsessed with Sam Edelman shoes – they are the best! If I won I would pick the Petty in Black Gadiator & the Branson in Black.

    Erin Turner says:

    I LOVE the Dana, Hot Coral + the Ginger in Saddle. All of my favorite shoes that I own are from Sam Edelman; love this brand. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity.


    emily says:

    I’ve been looking for some ankle boots all season! The Petty would be perfect, or the tall Penny boots look pretty classic too 🙂

    I’d take the classic nude Ella or the Becker in leopard!

    Mia says:

    I love love love the Princeton booties!!!

    Mere says:

    Love love those slip on Becker’s – in cheetah print, of course.

    Kay says:

    Adore the Okala two tone heels. They would be perfect for dressing up any outfit!

    Joanna says:

    I love the Noah in gold. A nice, everyday flat!

    savannah says:

    The gold Ginger–love!

    Lindsey says:

    I’d wear the leopard print Becker every day of the week! And when I’m feeling fancy, I’d slip on the Karina. It’s the perfect shoe for spring and summer!

    Raynielle says:

    my favorite pair would have to be the mariel on black!

    jill says:

    The Trina is a lovely sandal!! Thanks for the chance!

    Jazzy B says:

    Love the Petty and the Alvin, and pretty much everything else Sam does!

    Shya says:

    I love Sam Edelman! I would go for the brown leather Petty boots and a pair of the Gigi sandals!

    Rachel says:

    Ahh I LOVE Sam Edelman! I think that the Ellie in black is so sexy and deserve a night out on the town! I also really love the Tess in nude. It’s the perfect pair of summer sandals!

    Ariel says:

    Love them all, but the mare might be my favorite

    Courtney says:

    Loving the Petty and also Karina and Bennett!

    julianne says:

    Im LOVING Mare in putty and Petty in everest suede!!

    Carmen Rice says:

    I L. O. V. E. Romy!

    So difficult to choose! I am not one to splurge, especially on shoes. But if I did, it would definitely be a pair of Sam Edelman boots!

    I absolutely LOVE the Lucca in black nubuck, I need them in my life.

    Anne says:

    In LOVE with the Erin heels and the Penny boots. Sam Edelman is the best!!

    Kelsey says:

    I’d go for the Trina in black!

    Isadora says:

    The Shay boot in Black!!

    Jessica says:

    Ohh hmmm I think it would have to be the black leather petty boot!

    Madison says:

    The Petty Boots would be the perfect touch to my almost all black wardrobe!

    Emily says:

    I love those mare boots in all of the colors and the georgia sandals would be so perfect in spring!

    Love, love the petty boots and want to own them in every color.

    Andrea W says:

    The classic nude okala shoe is incredibly classy to me, and the black mare would become a closet staple.

    Sarah says:

    The petty boots in black suede are a defiant must have for me!

    Kidlitter says:

    The Felicia, because you can never have enough lovely ballet flats as your teenage daughter keeps “borrowing” them and they never come back!

    Sonja says:

    I’ve been wanting the Petty boots in black suede for forever!

    Jessica says:

    I’m in love with the Alva heels. Gorgeous.

    Kelly says:

    I love the petty boots too! And really, all of the boots.

    Lacey N says:

    The Noah flats in gold. Perfect color and adds a little pizzazz to those blah days.

    Moira says:

    Becker in Black for SURE. The animal skin texture kicks the casual style up a notch. Pair with black ankle-length skinnies. And a black leather tote!

    Abigail says:

    I love the Loren boots! Super cute 🙂

    Susan says:

    Love love the petty boot in black!

    caitlin says:

    in love with the black petty boots!

    Rebecca says:

    The leopard Alvin flats are amazing!!

    Adrienne L. says:

    The Gigi sandals are such a classic, and I love the Petty boots as well! Can’t go wrong with a low-heeled bootie.

    Kymbre says:

    I am constantly wanting more ankle boots, so the petty boots are my pick for sure!

    ella says:

    i desperately need new pumps for work, so definitely the Opal in black.

    Jenn says:

    I own the Trina sandal and they are the comfiest and cutest sandals I own….so I would buy them in every color. 🙂

    Emma says:

    Oh man! I’ve had my eye on the Petty boots for a while now… (:

    Lily says:

    Love Sam Edelman…the leopard Beckers and the Dion sandals are amazing!

    Roam & Home says:

    They Becker in camp & the mare in putty … so many hard to pick just 2.

    Bridget says:

    Sweet shoe heaven! I would go for the 1) Noah ballet flats in classic nude – they look so comfy and versatile. 2) I’d have to counter with the Ella black patent peep-toe heels. Soft and sweet flats vs. sassy black heels….can you tell I am a Gemini?

    samantha coagan says:

    Sam andI pick the same. Mare- without a doubt.

    Kayla says:

    I love the Petty boot and Alvin flats!

    I’ve been coveting the Louie for a while now! So good!

    Annika says:

    I would pick the Petty boots as well! I would go for two in two colors- black and natural. xx

    I absolutely love the Alvin leopard print flats! They are too cute.

    Natalie says:

    I’m in love with the Maddox booties. Gorgeous! xx

    Caitlin Liz says:

    I’ve been dying for some wedges (maybe it’s just summer wishing?) and these are to DIE for: http://www.samedelman.com/Shopping/ProductDetails.aspx?p=EC0214082&pg=3012155

    And my goodness I’m completely in love with these short boots: http://www.samedelman.com/Shopping/ProductDetails.aspx?p=EC0212654&pg=3011833

    Thanks as always for the amazing giveaways! Always fun to check out new brands 🙂

    Molly says:

    Wow, never realized they had such a selection. My picks would be pretty Brina flats in nude, and cool Landon boots in black.

    amanda blair says:

    I cant choose all?! The posey and Loren are tied for first…so darn cute!

    Mary says:

    I’ve been searching for the perfect ankle boot for so long and the Petty boots fit the bill! Also love the Trina sandals!

    Sinead says:

    Those black sneakers for sure! And the trina sandals in black!

    Janel says:

    LOVE the Mare and the Brina (PERFECT for SPRING!)

    Eva says:

    I’m obsessed with the Dion in neutral leather and the Trina sandals in black are to die for!

    Lauren says:

    Just bought the Petty in saddle and the Darwin in black and love them both. Now I’m loving the Brina to get ready for spring!!

    Anne says:

    I love the Margo! I could throw those on with all black and instantly look put together.

    Sara says:

    The Mare Boots in Dark Brown for sure, and I can’t say no to the Branson sneakers in Black, but it doesn’t end there either because I’m contemplating the Nude/Black Isabella flats since they’re so different than what I would normally wear.

    Melissa says:

    The Tyra’s are super cute

    Alicia says:

    I love Sam Edelman shoes. I am smitten with Becker and Okala. Stylish and chic!

    erica G says:

    The Louie and Felicia!

    Lane Lamerson says:

    Mare boot in Putty! I love every detail about these boots. The subtle slope of the top around the ankle, the stitch detail on the sole and the overall structure is great. I love the contrast between the sole and leather; it’s just right.

    If I were to be chosen my other selection would be the Hair on hide camo?!?!?! Yes, please!? don’t mind if I do!… great NYC summer shoe.

    Sincerely yours

    Gia says:

    The lucca and the camdyn I think..! I would love this! Also adore the knee high boots!

    Austin says:

    I’ve had my eye on the Petty in Deep Saddle Leather, but the Becker sneakers are a close second. I guess we have similar taste! 🙂

    Tiffany C says:

    Obsessed with how simple the Mare boots are!

    Austin says:

    Becker in leopard that is!

    Anna Neale says:

    Oh man! Such a great giveaway! My favorites are the Deep Saddle Leather Petty’s. So classic. I’d probably wear them every single day until they fell apart!

    Carol says:

    oh I would love another pair or two of kitten heels!

    Rachel K. Smith says:

    The Bevin boot!!

    Brianna says:

    I love the Petty in black suede and the Dion in nude. So pretty! Both of these shoes would be super easy to wear and could be casual or dressy.

    Sami S. says:

    I love the Brina flats!!

    akiko says:

    I love Becker (Black Croco) so much! Amazing collection and giveaway-

    Lela says:

    Obsessed with the “Alvin” calf hair smoking slippers!

    lea says:

    obsessed! the Petty in Deep Saddle Leather (or any color, really), definitely!

    Kristen says:

    I’m absolutely in LOVE with the Alvin flats!

    Abby Carlson says:

    I love the Penny boot in brown and the paradox boot! Have a pull on boot is my absolute favorite because they look clean and simple and are easy to throw on in a rush out the door! Great giveaway 🙂

    Katie N. says:

    The Petty is such a perfect ankle boot. Fingers crossed!

    Rachel Ake says:

    Bri, thanks for all the great giveaways! You run a great studio, blog, etc! I love the Black Suede Okala from Sam Edelman! So classic and would work with so many outfits!

    Amy Z. says:

    The Petty boots are my favorite!

    katie says:

    the petty boots in leopard print are so good!

    Ann says:

    Love the Louie and the leopard Okala!

    Jennie Slagerman says:

    Love those Lucille booties!

    Cassandra says:

    Love love love the Petty Boots! Have been almost ready to pull the trigger on them a few times, but haven’t yet. Can’t decide which color!

    Kayla says:

    Even though it’s snowing outside as I type this, I can’t help but love the Trina in black. Dreaming of warmer days…

    Sarah says:

    Totally over the moon for the Branson!

    Naomi says:

    I love Karina, too cute!

    Candice says:

    So many great shoes to choose from! I love the Kenya wedges, they are so cute!

    Carrie says:

    The Darwin boot in “clay…” Drool.

    Emma says:

    Love Love Love the Olive Camo Becker!

    Sherralle says:

    I love the Becker camo sneakers and the grey and white Bennett sneakers! <3

    Sara says:

    Mare in Black!

    Ashley says:

    I’ve had my eye on those grey Petty boots for a while now!

    Kelli L says:

    I am obsessed with the Black Croco Becker sneakers! So cute!

    Sara says:

    I would love to win the TRINA and the BRINA 🙂 That would be sweet!

    Kristina says:

    I love the Becker leopard sneakers!

    Katie says:

    The Mare booties in Putty are amazing, as well as the snakeskin sneakers! Love them all

    Katie says:

    I love the Okala heels with the almond color toe! So classy!!

    Jennifer says:

    I would definitely choose the Becker Leopard sneakers – such a cool skater-chic vibe!

    Krista f says:

    Mare for sure!!!

    kaylei says:

    I am a total sucker for boots. I wear them as often as possible… that being said, LOVE the Petty boot!!!

    Concetta says:

    I would get the Alvin smoking slippers in saddle/white and the leopard Petty boots!

    Lauren says:

    I’ve always liked the Petty Boot. The Mare boot is cute too!

    min h says:

    i love the leapard petty boots!

    lisa says:

    those Loren boots are perfect!

    Lauren says:

    The Mare and Petty boots!

    bethany says:

    i love their shoes! i would pick the penny boot or the petty boot in black 🙂

    Andi says:

    The Isabella pointy flats in black/silver are so fab! I also love the Posey booties in camel.

    Simone Anne says:

    Probably the pink Dana sandals – they’re so strappy, cute, & unlike any of my other shoes. The tan Mares are a close second! 🙂

    meg says:

    i would definitely go for the petty booties or a new pair of sandals, like the gigi for spring!

    Melissa S says:

    Love the Beckeer in New Nude Leopard and the Black Croco. Would be perfect to look stylish in the two Texas seasons of warm and sweltering!!

    Alexa says:

    I love the Mare boots in all of the colors! So awesome.

    Cassie Dee says:

    The Petty Bootie in Black is absolutely adorable!

    Amy says:

    Definitely Landon. So cute!

    megan says:

    loooove the mare booties. thank you for the fantastic giveaway!

    Caroline says:

    i loooove the avalon loafers! so stinkin’ cute, i can’t even!

    Sarah says:

    The Petty boots!

    Christa says:

    ahh it would be so hard to pick! BUT I would do the leopard Becker sneaks that you showed – I’m going to Italy soon, and those would be great to walk about in and still be stylish!!

    Stephanie says:

    The Ellie in Black!

    Allison says:

    If I won, I would get the Petty boot… now, just to decide on black, brown or leopard! xo

    Kirby says:

    I love the Becker leopard print sneakers!

    jordan says:

    OH MY GOODNESS such perfect timing! I’ve been searching for a good deal on the perfect simple ankle boot.. Love the Petty boots in “deep saddle leather”!

    Thanks for another awesome giveaway!

    Laine says:

    The Penny boot in black is definitely my favorite… what a classic!

    Abigail Hortegas says:

    The Mare boots!

    Megan says:

    LOVE the penny boots!

    vanessa r. says:

    I’d choose the jerome in ice white and the gorgeous loren in saddle.

    Stacey says:

    I’m in love with boots and Sam Edelman’s are so dreamy! If I could afford them I would totally get the Mare and Petty boots, both in black of course 😉

    Saami says:

    Becker and Brina, clearly.

    Ali says:

    The whiskey colored Penny boots are quite lovely! Slipping on a pair of those pretties would definitely warm up my chilly morning commute.

    Amanda says:

    The Bransons in black would be perfect city sneaks. Or the Trinas in soft silver to get my toes excited for Spring!

    Kate says:

    Oooh, the Branson or the Penny 2!

    Angela says:

    I love the Tess sandal. It reminds me of the Trina (which I have two pairs of because they are so comfy and come in fun combinations). I would gladly buy another pair of the Trina sandals but hunk maybe I should mix it up this year.

    Sarah says:

    Oh man, I have the Petty boots and wear them constantly!
    For a fresh pair I would choose the Brina in classic nude, and the Mare in black 🙂

    Vanessa says:

    Those petty boots are one of my favorite pairs of shoes I own. I want them in every color! 🙂

    Stephanie says:

    The Petty booties in Deep Saddle Leather are drool worthy. I love Sam Edelman and that they make fashionable shoes for us ladies with bigger feet.

    Chloe Seufert says:

    I love the brown Posey boots!!!

    Amanda says:

    I LOVE my Lucca booties, they are my favorite pair of shoes. http://www.samedelman.com/Shopping/ProductDetails.aspx?p=EC0212581&pg=3011816

    I’m dying to add the Petty to my closet. Such a classic.

    Sarah says:

    Love the Petty and Princeton!

    cassie says:

    I would have to go with the black gladiator petty and black leather penny! Can’t beat the classics

    Danielle Gindele says:

    Loving those Petty Boots, I’ve definitely had my eye in them! such a good giveaway!

    Colleen Clark says:

    The Pettys in leopard and the Okala in black leather fo sho. Both seriously classic buys!

    Samara says:

    The Mare boot in dark brown is super cute!

    Rachel H says:

    I’ve been dying for a pair of Louie’s in tan suede- love the fringe!

    I love both the sneakers & the boots. I also love the della pumps but probably can’t wear them because of a foot injury. 🙁

    Thanks for always sharing such creatively inspiring posts!

    I’ve been eyeing the Petty boots forever!

    Holly says:

    LOVE the Petty boots!

    Akilah says:

    The Ellie heel in black is just too fierce. Gotta get a beautiful lacy black dress to match. http://www.samedelman.com/Shopping/ProductDetails.aspx?p=EC0214071&pg=3012154

    I would love the Mare’s. I really dig the putty color.

    Alex says:

    Nice selection of shoes! I thought my obvious favorite would be a boot, but then I saw the Brina two-tone sandals. Thank you again for the easy giveaway.

    Janelle says:

    For sure the Pettys. Such classics!

    mily mcclelland says:

    Love this giveaway! I’m digging the Petty in black leather and Becker in black croc. Such beautifully made shoes!

    Jordan says:

    I’ve been eyeing the Petty boots in the deep saddle leather for quite some time….LOVE them!

    Emily says:

    Love the Ginger Sandal in black!

    Deanna says:

    I have had my eyes on those black petty boots for awhile now; classy and literally go with everything.

    Elin says:

    I’ve been drooling over the petty boots for the last several days, but also like the mare boots!

    Kimberly says:

    I’ve been in love with the Petty boots since they came out! Super cute and comfortable.

    Nataly Schma says:

    This is an awesome giveaway. I love Sam Edelman Shoes! I really love the Loren or the Petty boots, both in black!

    Conner says:

    In love with Mare in black!

    Natalie says:

    It’s a three way tie between the Mare, Darwin, and Petty.

    Rebecca says:

    I like the Louie bootie… I’ve been looking for a pair of booties with a walkable heel.

    Nichole says:

    Definitely wish I was wearing the Trina Sandal today instead of snow boots!!!

    Can I be honest…How am I supposed to choose one?! Seriously. I love the Penny in black. It’s a great boot all around. Solid great height and super versatile. Love love!

    Michaela says:

    I have been eyeing those Petty boots forever!

    miguez says:

    Love, love, love Sam Edelman!
    Love the Becker sneakers and the Penny boots!

    Lauren S says:

    I like the Della and Alva heels best!

    Anathalia says:

    I’ve been eyeing the petty boots for a while now, but I also love the mare booties!

    lindsay says:

    I love the Alvin loafers!

    Magen says:

    I love the Mare and Princeton boots!

    Kelly S. says:

    I’ve been coveting the Petty boot in black for awhile, such a great shoe!

    Caitlin says:

    I love those Petty boots in brown leather – thank you!!!

    Claire says:

    love the black Becker sneakers!

    Jen O. says:

    My favorite is the becker in olive camo!

    Mary Cloud says:

    I like the Edelman Icon flats

    Alexa says:

    So hard to pick but the Okala shoes in New Nude Leopard/Black tug at my heart strings.

    kkan says:

    For fun and flirty: Ellie in black! for flirty but able to sneak into work office: Camdyn in Leopard ;o)

    Kelly Ann says:

    I LOVE the leopard print sneakers. fingers crossed 🙂

    Emily D. says:

    I love the mare boots in saddle! So adorable!

    Danielle says:

    The Mare boots and the Edelman Icon flats are both favorites!

    Torri says:

    The mariel boots are way cute, clean yet fun with the fringe.

    Vanessa says:

    I think I love the ones you posted the most!

    Becker in Camo…..or I like the Trina (my mom’s name) in the silver.

    Megan says:

    Becker Sneakers! They look cute and comfy, perfect during my first pregnancy!

    Living in San Francisco has turned me into the ultimate boot-wearing-gal! I would love a pair of Petty Boots!

    Thanks!! XO

    Lindsay says:

    The petty boots in black and Becker sneakers in leopard for sure.

    Lana says:

    I think I would go with the Becker in black, but I love the camo too. Have the petty boots already (in black leather) and they’re the best! So comfy while still looking great…

    Oh I love the simple Opal heels in tan! And I love to Gigi sandals! Specifically in cheetah for the summer!

    Such an exciting giveaway! Best wishes to everyone!

    x Sara from andalittlechaos.blogspot.com

    Erica says:

    love the mare as well as the becker

    Laura says:

    Love the Petty and the Penny!

    sarah.a. says:

    the Dana sandal in Hot Coral!

    erika says:

    The petty and penrose boots are fantastic! Great giveaway!!

    Sheneka says:

    I love the Isabella and Opal..both in beige!

    Kristine says:

    I’m in love with the Posey boots in brown and the Brina shoe.<3

    Sandra says:

    No joke I have the Sam Edelman Petty boots with black suede and a brown sole (just as you pictured!) saved in my wishlist. So yes, I looove it. Also pretty entranced with the Alvin flats.

    Anonymous says:

    I LOVE the Petty boots. I used to have the gray pair and lost them. They were perfect. I’d love another pair- but maybe a different color this time!

    Heather says:

    Just give me all of the boots! They are all perfect.

    Rosalie W. says:

    I love the Dion and the Kenya!!!

    Natalie says:

    I forgot to leave my name I was so excited. That’s my pick up at #461. The Petty boots!!

    Ariana says:

    I adore the tan petty booties and the Kenya nude booties!! You can never go wrong with Sam Edelman!

    Marie says:

    The Mare boots are definitely my favorite! Casual, without looking too rugged. Love the camel color too!

    Lisa says:

    I love the Lucca boots and also the Jerome oxfords. They’re all gorgeous!

    maggie says:

    Oh my gosh, what an AMAZING giveaway! I love the Mare in EVERY color!!

    brittany says:

    I love the Shay bootie! Perfect for going out in Chicago weather.

    Kirsten says:

    The pettys (ANY color) are my favorite. Unfortunately I cannot afford a real pair…I have a knock off, and I love the style but know the quality doesn’t match. These are my boot-bucket-list. This would be SO AMAZING to win!!!

    Sheryl says:

    The Kenya pair is scrumptious but the Edelman Icon is everyday comfy.

    christina says:

    the mare in dark brown!

    Petra says:

    I really adore the “SAM” in every colour. Honestly I want them all though!

    Megan says:

    I love too many! I don’t know if I can pick just one favorite. I am really loving the Beck in saddle; but the Della, the Tyra in nude, the Kenya in taupe, the Karina in black and the Nolan in beach suede are all close runner ups. 😉

    Katy says:

    Louie, Mariel or Petty… Sam Edelman shoe’s are so comfy and chic. Win Win!!

    Amelia says:

    love the petty in black leather & the alvin in leopard print!

    Gina Hicksg says:

    The Becker in the leopard would be such a great addition to my wardrobe. And I love the Branson (any color). Oooh, and the Becker in black would be great too! Love them all!

    Cate says:

    Petty in Black Gladiator are where it’s at. Though I’m glad you win two, cause I loooove Sam Edelman and would have a tough time choosing just one.

    Christine says:

    This is an AWESOME giveaway! Sam Edelman is so great and I’ve often looked at their shoes with a longing since their prices are out of my budget. ):

    I looove the nude Felicia and I’ve heard the leather is like butter and cushion is to die for. Also, I absolutely adore the Petty boot in leather–it looks like the perfect, good-quality boot for all occasions.

    No joke, I have been looking for a pair of booties like the Petty model in Tan-Putty Suede for over a year now!! I don’t know how I missed it on their site before. LOVE THEM <3

    marilyn says:

    I like the Mare in black and the Loren in black! Thanks!

    Anni says:

    I’ve been looking for a pair of slip on sneakers forever. I LOVE the Becker in Camo.

    Kim says:

    Love the petty boots in black and tan!!! I love!!!!!!

    Ciao… Thank you! Kim

    MFree says:

    I’ve been wanting to add a little leopard to my wardrobe. I’m going to with the Camdyn! Thanks!

    Lak says:

    Love the black boots you posted!

    Sulky says:

    I’m in love with the leopard sneakers and the tan boots… Love Sam Edelman’s shoes! Thank you!

    i LOVE sam edelman shoes! would love to have the penny2 black boots and leopard sneakers- so cute!

    Allison says:

    Always loved the classic Petty boot! Great give away!

    Melanie says:

    I love those animal print sneakers! The black is classic – decisions, decisions.

    jessi m. says:

    i’m in total agreement, the leopard print sneakers are my absolute fave!


    Christine Lee says:

    i’ve been looking at the petty boot for a while now! so cute!

    sarah says:

    I like the NOAH

    Justine Bilodeau says:

    I love both shoes!! And Sam, he has such variety. I’d go with the leopard Becker’s and the Petty in Black since I already have the Lucca in beige 🙂

    jessica says:

    I love the Tina Sandals and Penrose boots….love em all.

    Casey says:

    What a great giveaway! I’m loving the Isabella flats!

    aimee says:

    I would definitely choose the petty boots!


    jenn says:

    the trina in au natural would be perfect for summer. i also love the becker in leopard. so many to choose.

    Tiffany says:

    Petty boots!!!

    ashley says:

    ayda + kenya! woot!

    Rachel says:

    The petty in the cognac leather and the Felicia in black suede. Love that almost all of the shoes come in my crazy size 4!

    Zoe says:

    I have DREAMS about the Alvin in New Nude Leopard and the Mare booties in Dark Brown would be perfect up in Seattle!

    kat says:

    the petty boots–already have a pair and love them!

    Trish B says:

    Those Penny boots to wear right now during this harsh Midwest winter and the Dana sandals for my wedding this spring!

    Ale says:

    I’de get the Becker in Camo!

    Ailyn says:

    Love the Becker and the Mare.

    Rachel says:

    I love the black booties!

    Martha B says:

    I love the Dana for summer and the Lucca in black, super cute staple.

    Anna says:

    Oh gaud, I love the mare and the noah! Gorgeous.

    Christine says:

    LOVE the whiskey Landon boots and the black Noah flats. x

    Emily says:

    Beckers! Stuff dreams are made of:)

    Lisa says:

    Oh, mercy! I’ve been coveting the SE Petty boots for over a year now. Definitely my top choice in black, along with the Mare in putty. Woot-Woot!

    linda says:

    black croco beckers please!

    Sam says:

    The Becker in Nude Leopard is such a fun shoe but the practical side of me will have to say the Felicia in Classic Nude Leather. I’m desperate for a pair of nude flats and those are super cute.

    Christen says:

    I’d wear the Jerome in white ALL THE TIME. So adorbz with skinnies and a great tee.

    Katherine says:

    Ellie in Mocha taupe for me!

    Sandy says:

    I’m a boot girl… I love the Penny 2 in black and the Landon in whiskey!

    sarah says:

    I am loving the Karina Wedges!

    Susannah B says:

    I love the black Petty too, but the white cow Felicia are amazing! So different.

    Katielynn says:


    Claire says:

    I love the leopard print Petty booties!

    maca says:

    the Becker in leopard. my word.

    Shelby says:

    I can’t decide there’s too many to choose from! I think I would pick the Dion and the Trina sandals so cute for summer!

    carly says:

    The Gigi sandals

    Aisha says:

    In need of those black Branson sneakers! Happy birthday, Bri 🙂

    Emily D. says:

    Adore the Loren boots in black!

    Lea Anna says:

    I’d probably pick a pair of the noah flats and a pair of boots!

    Roxanne says:

    Oh, I LOVE the Petty Boots. I have a pair in black, and would definitely love another pair in brown!

    Leah says:

    I love the Trina’s in any color! They are the perfect warm weather sandal for any outfit and the height of the heel makes it appropriate for any occasion or event.

    Alyssa K. says:

    I love Sam Edelman boots! I have a pair I wear every other day (Seychelles needs love too). The Melina boots in black would make a fabulous statement. And the petty boot in ANY color is a GO TO.

    Marie says:

    I adore the Alva heels and the Petty boots!

    Maggie says:

    I absolutely love the Mare Boots!

    Bari says:

    I love the black petty boots!

    carolline says:

    So hard to choose, but I think I like the Lucille booties the best!! ^__^

    Anonymous says:

    Love the Georgia sandals!

    aly says:

    The Petty boots are classic and the Georgia sandals are perfect for spring!

    Stephanie says:

    I’ve been wanting the Trina in whiskey for a year!!! Hope I get lucky!

    mekeesha says:

    i am into the ayda heels in the nude color. i think they would look great with the bridesmaids dress i am wearing for a may wedding. 🙂

    Colleen says:

    Love the Mare flat boots!

    Ferrell says:

    The Kenya wedges in saddle and black are just bananas. I die.

    Faith Slater says:

    i like those boots too! also thekenya wedges!

    Sara V says:

    I love the Petty boot in everest suede!

    Hillary says:

    The penrose are so cute!

    Bailey says:

    I love the Becker in leopard and Petty saddle vintage calf, my Sam Edelmans are some of my favorite shoes!!!

    Ashley C says:

    I adore the Noah in rich gold!


    Marni says:

    I would go with the Alvin in black calf hair! They seem perfect!

    Mei says:

    I’m a SUCKER for ankle boots, so definitely the Mare or Brandi boots!

    I love the Becker.. sounds naughty tho 🙂

    Gabbie A says:

    The Penny2 boots are a dream.

    Monique Rodriquez says:

    I really love the Ellie heel. Thanks for the lovely giveaway!

    I’m in love with the Louie boots in olive leather and the Gigi sandal in espresso bean. I’ve been admiring the Sam Edelman line for awhile now, I just can’t afford them right now…someday though 🙂
    I love love love your blog!

    Amy says:

    Louie booties for sure. Probably in cocoa, but I love the black too.

    Aracelis says:

    Love the Alva shoes!

    Monique Wilmoth says:

    The Becker in army print or those boots in black are super cute!!

    Duyen says:

    The Petty boots in Deep Saddle Leather!! So gorge.

    Whitney says:

    AH! The Petty Boots are my fave. I want them in ANY color. They are the bomb.

    Emily L says:

    Gigi sandals and Becker slip ons!

    Loren says:

    So many great choices! Glad the winner gets to pick two of them. One of my picks would definitely be the Mare boots (although I love the Louie and Petty boots too).

    sylvie Monroe says:

    The Mare boot in leather dark brown is fantastic, as well as the black color. Perfect for my skinny jeans!

    Bridget says:

    The Loren boots in Saddle are beautiful and timeless. I also love the Camdyn heels in Classic Nude because they’re perfect for work but the extra details make them more interesting than your typical neutral work pump. Great giveaway!

    kay says:

    i love the dark brown mare boots!

    martha says:

    i have a pair of black pettys and wear them all the time. i guess i would probably be practical and get them in tan too–then i could really wear pettys with all my things! yes!

    Jenn says:

    Loving the Mariel!

    Julia L. says:

    I would choose the black leather petty boot!

    Hannah says:

    The leopard becker sneakers and the petty boots!!! Too cute!

    Gah, I love all of their shoes so it’s hard to pick only one favorite. Top two right now are Mare and Petty.

    Kathryn says:

    The paradox boot is a beautiful wonder!

    Anonymous says:

    MARE :))) so perfectly casual

    Megan says:

    MARE! could wear those in every color

    Kaitlyn says:

    Oo! I’ve been looking for a pair of boots like the Mare – I would pick those for sure!

    Ansley says:

    The silver Camdyns are beautiful.

    Christina says:

    love those tan booties!

    Madi says:

    I want to take the MARE boots with me around the world. They look like a great adventuring shoe.

    Laurie says:

    Feels like summer here in Southern California, some of those Dana sandals would be perfect for this weather!

    Love love love the Mare boots! <3

    Jennifer says:

    I am in love with the Brina!

    Rachel says:

    The Pettty boots! I’ve wanted them for months but never had a chance to splurge on them.

    Josephine says:

    I’d love a pair of Petty boots in black and Felicia flats in Everest green! Both are so cute!

    Sophia Castano says:

    The Mare boots are great!

    Lucie says:

    My fave is Adele 🙂

    Rio says:

    Any pair of Sam’s would be a great addition to every girls shoe collection, but I love the Petty boots best.

    Rachael says:

    I love the mare in black.

    Carrie says:

    Two pair– amazing! The Loren boots and Trina sandals, please!

    Alice says:

    Love the mare boots!

    Alexis says:

    I have been wanting the Sam Edelman Petty Boots FOREVER!!! I hope I can win this one!!! I will buy one in every color:)

    Ang says:

    The Adele – LOVE.

    I love the Mare Boots and Ellie Heels…gorgeous!

    Mari says:

    love sam Edelman and I love the Mare boots!

    Lacey says:

    The Penny boots are amazing!!!

    Amanda says:

    Ahh I love the petty & the penrose & the nolan! How have I not heard of this brand before? They are all amazing.

    Brooke says:

    Even though it is nearly impossible to choose a favorite because I love them all – I have to say the louie boot!

    Alexis says:

    I love the Becker sneaks! I can’t pick a favorite between black and leopard though.

    allison says:

    forever in love with the Petty! it’s the best boot!! <3

    Dani says:

    One of my favorite shoe brands! I would choose a Becker sneaker and a classic Camdyn or Opal pump!

    Annalise says:

    I love the Alvin & Petty in black!

    Ashley says:

    The Trina in silver and the black leather petty!! By the way HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRI!!!!

    Laura says:

    I’ll have what you’re having! Good taste.

    Abby says:

    I’ve always loved Sam Edelman shoes! Favorite is a toss up between the Penny and Petty right now but that’s because I need new boots. 🙂

    Jessica M says:

    I’d get the Petty boot in the light tan and the black slip on sneakers!! love.

    Shannon says:

    I love the Brina flats and the Trina sandals! Perfect for spring coming up!

    chloe G. says:

    Ive been dying for those cheetah slip ons! they are too perfect! I’m also loving the Alvin flats!
    Thanks for this awesome giveaway!

    kirsten says:

    i love the Tess!!

    Kelsey says:

    Love the “Mare” style in Putty! So nice, what a beautiful brand!

    Erin Ellis says:

    My favorite pair is the Mare, and I also love the Becker sneakers – can’t choose between the two! Thanks for the fantastic giveaway!
    fairyfractal at gmail dot com

    Dana Brown says:

    Becker in New Nude Leopard or Olive Camo. Swoon!

    caroline says:

    love the sneakers, perfect for a bit of sass on an everyday studio crunch

    Jennifer says:

    I am a HUGE fan. Big, Huge – of Sam Edelman’s shoes. I have two pairs of the Petty Booties,and I think I need a third! My second choice would be the Aster flat. Chic enough for the office yet casual enough for the weekend. Thanks for your consideration!

    Emily says:

    Definitely the white and black Branson sneakers and the black Becker sneakers.

    Holly says:

    The Kenya wedges and Adele boots.. DROOL!

    christine says:

    my sam Edelman gigi sandals are my fave. They are so comfortable for flat sandals!

    I like the Petty booties and Opal heels..i don’t own anything like them!

    Codi B says:

    I’m digging the Petty and the Mare and… !

    Stacy says:

    The petty in deep saddle leather + the Felicia in buff nude because I really need some perfect nude flats for spring!

    n. belle says:

    The Isabella flats look so chic, happy I just discovered sam edelman–thanks 🙂

    Tara says:

    I LOVEEEE the petty booties!!

    April says:

    Oh man, Sam Edelman is one of my favorite shoe designers! The difficulty here is actually choosing a favorite pair! But if someone pointed a gun at my head and made me choose, it would have to be the Alva sandals in nude 🙂

    Emma says:

    The Louie boots! Fringe is here to stay!

    Ago says:

    Thank for all this awesome giveaway…yourcrazy ~.~

    One look at Sam Edelman’s webside and I know what I get for the next summer….hot Kenya & Karina !

    sarah says:

    The Mares are just too cool!

    heidi says:

    love the noah

    Kristin says:

    I love the gold Noah flats!

    Patty says:

    Ooooh these are all so beautiful, it’s hard to pick! I think the Darwin boots in clay are so cute and it seems like they’d be pretty versatile outfit-wise. And I love the Ginger sandals in pewter boa!

    Rachael says:

    I absolutely adore the Tyra sandals! And spring\ summer is on its way. I also think the Becker camo sneakers are pretty sweet!

    Mia says:

    I love the mare boots, I’d wear those all the time!

    rebecca says:

    love the louie! Fringe, oo la la!

    Marty Musser says:

    I love the Fairleigh flats, in both color options. So cute!

    Rebecca Ashby says:

    i think the gigi’s are amaizing

    Donna says:

    I would pick a pair of sandals for the summer and a pair of flats too hard to pick which ones!

    Jessica B says:

    Yay! I was just on this website yesterday looking at the Sam Edelman Petty boots in black. Love them!

    Christina says:

    Those Kenya wedges…swoon !!!

    Tina M says:

    i love the petty boot in brown leather!

    Karen says:

    i’d get the noah! i live in classic flats

    Tasha says:

    Love the Mare 🙂

    Nana says:

    Becker! so cool & goes with everything.

    Abigail says:

    I’ve been lusting over the Alvin smoking slippers in leopard for quite some time! I am also in love with the iconic Gigi sandals in tangelo or saddle leather which would we perfect with summer around the corner!

    Mariana says:

    Love the Lucille Boot

    Janette says:

    The Alvin in New nude leopard would be my pick. I rarely wear patterns, but those look too fun to pass up.

    Becky says:

    I would choose the penny 2 boot and those leopard sneaks! adorable!!!!

    Amanda says:

    I would love the Maddox

    I love the Edelman Icon ankle boots. They are amazing!

    those brown petty boots are just killing me! love them!

    Katherine says:

    The Mare is my favorite. Love the laces!

    Brittany says:

    The Mare boots in black have got to be my fav. Lovely!

    alex says:

    I love the penrose boots and the jerome oxfords in black!

    Seylla Naufa says:

    If i won, i would pick mare and becker in white pairs there are so adorable!

    adrienne says:

    I love the Penny boots!

    I’m doing for a cheetah print pair of those Alvin’s!

    I’m dying for a cheetah print pair of those Alvin’s!

    Katrina Lane says:

    Wow! I have been dreaming of owning petty boots for months now! I love the classic black, but if I could find petty 2 in cashew I’d snatch them right up!

    Denysia Yu says:

    I love the Nolan booties, and the Lucca booties! 🙂

    Maggie says:

    I love the aster chateau grey snake flats. So pretty!

    mindi says:

    black suede petty boots. classic!

    Ellie says:

    I’m a big fan of the classic Petty Boots, but I also NEED the Becker sneaks!

    Krista A. M says:

    Love the Ellie’s

    Katie says:

    If I won I would choose the Becker sneakers in new nude leopard (they are so cool!) and the Isabella flats in classic nude/black (they are sooooooo beautiful!)

    Christy says:

    I love the Trina in silver. Gorgeous.

    Kasi Allen says:

    I would probably choose the Trina in brown and black suede Petty booties, but it wouldn’t be an easy choice!

    Heather says:

    The camdyn and Ella are my favorites. I love heels and timeless classics:)

    Jillian Rose says:

    Oh man, I want the Becker sneakers in leopard and the Petty Black Suede Boots. I can’t get enough black boots.

    Holly B says:

    I’m torn between the Mare boots and dreaming of warmer weather with the Silver Trina sandals! But hey, if I win and get to pick two….

    Melissa says:

    I love the Darwin black boots!

    Erin says:

    The petty boot!!!! I have been in love with those for some time. And the Ella!! LOVE!!

    Kenya F says:

    I sooo need the Becker in new nude leopard in my life!

    Abigail says:

    I would love to have a pair of the Mare boots! They’d be perfect with jeans and dresses!

    Lacey says:

    Trina in black and the becker!

    Kelsey says:

    Definitely the Mare boots, in black! <3

    Lee says:

    I adore the Felicia in camo pattern. A great classic style in a fun, updated print. Plus, you have to love a great looking shoe that is also comfy.

    Emily K. says:

    I love the Loren boots!

    Kristin says:

    The Petty boot has always been my fav, a real classic staple!

    Sahana says:

    I’d get the ella in black or maybe the petty in black!!
    it’d be so nice to win because the 29th is the day after my BIRTHDAY 😀

    Alanna says:

    If I have to pick just one, it’d be the Penny2 boot in Whiskey. Love!

    Katie says:

    Black leather Petty boots, please!

    Courtney says:

    The Trina (for play!!) and the Noah (for work!!) would be amazing choices! That Petty Boot is SUCH a favorite too 🙂 Love this giveaway!!

    kristine says:

    Definitely the Petty boots in the putty suede color!

    Grace says:

    I love the leather pettys!

    Chelsea says:

    Love the Becker’s in both black and white. So high fashion!!! 🙂

    sydney85 says:

    Love short boots so I would pick the Pettys.

    Carlye says:

    Brina, in classic nude, would fit in perfectly with my wardrobe! Alva in nude makes me crave warm weather and flowy dresses! Can I have those? Pretty please!!

    Anna S. says:

    I really need a pair of quality boots and I am loving the brown Loren boots!

    Madison LaBolt says:

    ~Completely in love with the Shay in a size 7~

    Kerry Rose says:

    I love those pretty putty suede boots!!!!

    giulia says:

    i love both their mare and their petty boots:))))

    Corinne says:

    Definitely the leopard sneakers! Love them!

    Julie says:

    Those low black boots are amazing!

    marianne says:

    Every girl needs a pair of Becker & Louie. 🙂

    Danielle says:

    Gotta go with the ever classic Petty boot in tan-putty. <3

    Caitlin says:

    Love the petty+penny boots!

    Janet says:

    I have had my eye on the Penny2 boots for a while- would have to go with those!

    Naomi says:

    The black Petty boots! I already have the tan and love them.

    m says:


    Nicole says:

    I love the Edleman classic boots in the brown!

    Susan says:

    Been eyeing the Tan Petty for so long!!

    Holly says:

    Picturing my feet in the Trinas this summer!

    Carly says:

    Definitely Becker Black Croc sneakers or the tan Petty boots.

    Nicole G. says:

    The tan short boots!

    kira birney says:

    i love the petty boot. i have been looking for the perfect boot for everyday and i think this is the one. i hope to win, but i think i may just buy anyway. xoxo

    Jesse says:

    The Trina sandals (in every color!) 🙂

    Tutti says:

    The Petty in Everest Suede!

    Hannah Ralph says:

    Ahhhh! I’d love to win the Mare Booties in Black, thank you! <3

    Kerry says:

    sold! on the black croc beckers!

    Molly says:

    The Trina! Would look fabulous day or night in the spring/summer (or with tights in the fall)!

    Erika says:

    I love the Brina pointed toe, ankle-strap flats in black and nude! I would rock these shoes.

    Katie says:

    The Dana!

    Sarah says:

    Tyra in Saddle! CUTE!

    candice says:

    The brina or the petty…i might live in those petty boots. Thanks for the giveaway, bri!!

    Meredith says:

    Love love love the tan booties!

    Erin S. says:

    Petty and the perry boots!

    Stephanie G says:

    Love the Aster flats and the boots you picked!

    Amber says:

    The Petty Booties in tan are lovely, but I also love the Brina flats in nude!

    Nicole Dao says:

    The Beckers in leopard and the Trinas in black are my favorite!

    Trish says:

    I love the Mare boots in brown! Awesome.

    Melissa says:

    LOVE the Petty boots!!

    Sara says:

    The Petty in black suede! and the Becker in new nude leopard! Sam Edelman makes the most comfortable shoes (even compared to my higher-end brands!) and I wish i owned them all! <3

    Melanie says:

    The Mare boots are amazing!!

    Kristen says:

    The Petty are amazing! Perfect boots for walking and strolling LA. I also love the Mariel for a night on the town. Hope to see you at one of your workshops soon! XO


    Vicki says:

    The petty boots are my fav!

    Jenna says:

    I love Sam Edelman shoes! They’re the best. I think my favorite pair would have to be the Isabella flats. Hope I get picked as the winner. My birthday is the same day! What a great treat that would be. 🙂

    Kathleen says:

    My favorites are the Alvin loafers!

    Brandie says:

    The paradox and petty boots are both amazing. I could use a tall boot for all this cold weather.

    Tori says:

    The mare boots are to die for! I’m also diggin those cheetah print sneaks. (:

    Becca says:

    I love the Noah flats in nude!

    Becca | Ladyface Blog

    Thuy Thuong Huynh says:

    I’ve been looking at the Trina sandals for months! *crossing my fingers*

    Kia Perry says:

    I’m absolutely in love with the Louie boot in Cocoa Suede (I have my eye on it FOREVER)! The Georgia sandal is also adorable in Au Natural- super cute additional to my spring/summer wardrobe! 😉

    Kia says:

    I’m absolutely in love with the Louie boot in Cocoa Suede (I have my eye on it FOREVER)! The Georgia sandal is also adorable in Au Natural- super cute additional to my spring/summer wardrobe! 😉

    Dorsey says:

    I adore the Kenya wedges in taupe and nude!!

    Kim says:

    ohmigawd, ohmigawd… best giveaway ever!
    I would love the bryant sandals for spring. But have also been eyeing the margo boots all winter.

    Kate says:

    I keep going back to the Petty booties.. my favorite color are the tan-putty suede! I love Sam Edelman!

    Jade says:

    I would LOVE the Petty in “Deep Saddle Leather” and “Black Suede.” That boot can really go with anything & everything.

    Thank you for a great giveaway!

    Sarah says:

    I love the Petty boots in Deep Saddle Leather!

    Courtney says:

    Love the Loren boot!

    Maia says:

    I LOVE the Mare boots in Putty, they’re beautiful! And I’m in desperate need of new boots 😉

    Kana says:

    I love my nude leopard petty boots. Love to have in black suede.

    susie king says:

    Gigi sandals in saddle leather are pretty.

    I love the Tess. It’s just perfect.

    Sms says:

    The Becker!

    Kallie B says:

    I love the Mares!

    Morgan says:

    I have the black boots, too, and I really love them! I would definitely choose a pair of those cute sneakers in my pair. Cute!

    Naomi says:

    Was looking for a summer sandal and I think the Trina is the perfect choice!

    amy says:

    love the black petty boots…

    Vanessa says:

    Am loving the perfect black Camdyn heel, and it comes in big girl size 11!!

    Sheri says:

    so many cute shoes. Becker in the camo and the Louie are at the top of my list. thanks for the giveaway!

    Kate says:

    I’ve been craving the Petty in black leather and the Becker in leopard print! Love comfy, stylish flats for long days on set.

    melissa says:

    I love the mare boots and Noah black flats!

    michal says:

    Love the mare boots in black!!

    Heather S says:

    I’m crazy about the leopard Becker!

    Anonymous says:

    Love the black Beckers!

    Justine says:

    Really wishing for those leopard beckers!

    Megan says:

    I would love the Felicia in buff nude leather and the Camdyn in black!

    Claire says:

    I like the ayda.

    Tamara says:

    My fave pair are the Becker in camo! Love!!

    The Mare boots are adorable and would be wonderful along side the petty boots i bought right before my travels.

    Emily says:

    I’d love to win the black Petty and the black or silver Trina.

    Zunni says:

    I’m crazy about the petty boots. Best ankle boots ever.

    Charmaine says:

    The Trina for summer and the Loren for winter!

    Hilary says:

    Louie boots in black!

    Annie says:

    I would pick Petty and Dion!

    Laurie says:

    So many darling shoes! Love the Mare booties.

    Alex says:

    I would pick petty and mare boots.I am in need of some black shoes.

    Danielle says:

    Wow! Love those Fairleigh flats!

    Lauren says:

    Hi Bri! I’m all about the leopard pettys and the camo beckers.

    erin says:

    The Petty boot in putty suede has been on my list for ages!

    Loving the Petty in black!! Thanks for the opp =)

    Jessica says:

    I love the Black Croco Becker! Can’t wait for the snow to go so I can wear them 🙂

    Jenny says:

    I love the putty Mare boots and au natural Trina sandals!

    Sara says:

    Oh man, This is tough! I absolutely love the mare in putty and the Deep Saddle Leather Petty!
    P.s Happy Belated Birthday!!!!

    paige says:

    I’ve had my eye on the Becker sneakers!!

    Alexandrea says:

    IN LOVE with the black leather Pettys, and the Whiskey Trina’s! They both would work so well with so many things! Love them!

    Sarah Byrd says:

    I love those Mare’s! The back detail is so cute. And, those Branson’s are very girly skater. Love them!

    tiff says:

    Love the simple Camdyn pump!

    Bonnie says:

    The Branson of course! Perfect for walking around in Paris 😉

    I always Want a pair of Isabel Marant, but I think these can be wonderful too!
    Jus love and know that it fits perfectly with my brazilian dresses <3

    Hope to win.


    Olivia says:

    loving the Petty in black leather and the Lucca

    Rae says:

    I would moonwalk in Trina Silver!

    Wendy says:

    i love the jerome oxford shoe in white. i’ve been searching for something like this for awhile!

    Anna Kim says:

    I’d love to get the Petty boot in Black Suede and Deep Saddle Leather. One for me and one for my best friend for her birthday this weekend! That would be a wonderful treat. hehe

    Jamie says:

    I have been coveting the Becker in leopard so those are definitely a favorite, but I also think the Petty is classic and timeless!

    Leah says:

    My favorite by far is the Mare in dark brown!

    I think I would actually shit my pants if I won this. I have been stalking Sam Edelman’s stuff like its my day job. Those booties would never come off my feet.

    Kadie says:

    I would totally get the Mare boots and the Lucille! I think I would probably wear them just about anywhere

    Sarah Deford says:

    Really love these classy kicks called “Penny 2”. Crossin’ my fingers!

    lauralye says:

    There are so many great shoes to choose from! I love the Blair classic nude flats a lot.

    Kristen C says:

    Hands DOWN the black Petty boots! I adore those babies.

    Keely says:

    Petty booties in black are my favorite!

    Anne Tran says:

    I love the Penny 2 in Whiskey! =]

    Abby Carlson says:

    Definitely the Penny boot and the Paradox! amazing!

    Erika Vivyan says:

    I would pick the Gigi sandal in black and in white – so I can wear them all summer long!

    Cristina Marie says:

    Love their website — sprinkled quotes throughout. The sight of the Kenya in black/snow white made my feet tickle 🙂

    Kelley says:

    love the penny boots!

    Erika Vivyan says:

    I would pick the Gigi sandal in black and in white – so cute for summer!

    hannah ham says:

    love the Dion and Brina ! I’m a new working woman so i need some new shoes!!

    Ivy says:

    The Mare boots and Becker sneakers FO SHO! Also loving the Penrose boots. Mmmm mmm!

    Dawn says:

    petty and mare booties!!!! i have the petty in taupe and have been dying to add the black to my ever growing collection of boots. so cute and great for all year!!!

    Brianna says:

    I love those teal Petty boots. Ooh! Oh, and those Dana wedges!

    Style Tutor says:

    I would definitely go w/ the icon in deep leather.

    Shannon says:

    My fav pair are definitely the Petty in cheetah, so adorable!

    Just recovered from foot surgery so bring on the cute shoes! I love the Edelman icon in silver and must have the Becker in leopard!!!!

    Haylie says:

    I’m crazy for the Kenya wedge in saddle/black, such a perfect summer shoe for my long Austin, Texas summers. I also love the ever perfect Petty boot in truly any color since they go with pretty much everything.

    jessica says:

    Penny is cute!

    Bridget says:

    My selections are:

    Bridget says:

    My selections are:

    Jennifer says:

    I love the Kenya wedges. I’ll take all three colorways, please. 🙂

    Jessye A says:

    I love the heeled Erin sandals in silver!

    Carole says:

    “For she had eyes and chose me.” O, Othello, you must be mine!

    Wenda says:

    The Penny boots in black. Love them!!

    Katie says:

    Oh me oh my, how I love a good bootie! I’d go with the Mare (and also the Alva classic nude because those heels are just perfection.)

    Kate says:

    If I won I would get the Mare boots in camel brown and the Jerome oxfords in black!

    Kim W says:

    Is it bad that the “Petty” boots you featured are my absolute favorite? I think not–great minds!

    Erica says:

    How on earth you could pick a favorite is beyond me, but I’ll start with the Loren.

    Erin says:

    THIS IS TOUGH. I am so ready for Spring and so loving the Alva heels. But I totally want those leopard Beckers!

    Meghan says:

    My favorite is either the Becker sneaker in leopard, or the Petty boots! So many cute shoes!

    Carrie says:

    I can think of nothing better than Becker leopard sneaks to liven all my all-black work outfit rut.

    Hello Bri! I really LOVE the Petty booties in the tan-suede! Or the Mare boots in the Putty color! All of these boots are a dream! (:

    Clara says:

    I like the Petty in black leather and the Camdyn in class nude leather. The Avalon flats in British burgundy are awesome too!

    Sammie Brooke says:

    I love the Lucca for booties and the Erin or Ella for heels! Can’t pick just one!

    Michelle Perenchio says:

    Absolutely adore the Mare in dark brown!

    zoë says:

    love the Trinas! and the Penrose boots are amazing in every color. yes please!!

    Marie Taylor says:

    All of these shoes are beautiful! Petty booties in black suede and the black Brina sandals would be my pick!

    katey says:

    How did I not know this website existed?! WOW… soooo many beautiful shoes! My 2 favies, if I had to choose, would be the Georgia (in saddle) and the Kenya (in saddle/black). Love love love!

    Christa says:

    I love the Mare boots.

    Rocio says:

    I really love the luxe slip on sneakers so I would totally go for the Becker!

    Lauren says:

    love the booties, love them all. actually, i’ll just take them all. k, great, thanks.

    Emily Jetter says:

    I’m eying the Alva heels! They’d pair well with skinny black jeans or a long maxi dress. Plus, they’re perfect for transitioning from Spring to Summer. Cheers!


    jamie werner says:

    Love the Ellie in Black! So hot.

    Shanley says:

    Been loving sneaks lately so I’d choose the Becker in camo! And okay – second pick is the Mare in black! Thanks for the giveaway!

    Sarah E. says:

    TOO CUTE. Perfect with jeans or a flirty dress and tights!

    azuree says:

    What up cutie Petty booties?! I’d take a pair in classic leather!

    lucy says:

    I’m already giddy for sandal weather! I’d love the Gigi in leopard print or the gold-heeled Trina.

    Clara says:

    The Shay booties!

    Calia says:

    I love the tan Luccas!!

    Also love the black Asters. Love a good loafer!

    – Calia

    Brittany says:

    I am craving Spring, and the Karina in saddle/black/white looks like the perfect warm weather wedge!

    Carmen Preston says:

    A pair of 2 cool sneakers for sure!! 🙂

    Amy W. says:

    In love with the Princeton in saddle!

    Ariane O'Connor says:

    I’m IN LOVE with the Darwin boot (in black). <3

    Love love love. I just pinned so many onto my Shopping pinterest board. If I could pick 2 pairs, it would be the Becker Black Croco Sneakers pictured above, and the Alvin Flats in British Burgundy!

    Suzy says:

    Any of the Becker sneakers, so cute!

    Jami says:

    The Paradox boots in Whiskey, definitely! I’m such a boot addict and I love having little twists to my staple pieces!

    Kate says:

    Bevin & Noah!!

    Teresa T says:

    Trina. Ugh so cute.

    Emily Price says:

    ah! I die for the Maddox boot!

    Natalie says:

    I love the Petty in black suede! (you have good taste!)

    kaela says:

    Jumpin jehosaphats! I NEED those leopard print sneakers! Soooooo Becker, size 38.5, please. Oh wait, they don’t have my size. 🙁 Maybe I could shove kleenex in the toe? lol

    Casey says:

    The Petty boots in black. I’ve been admiring them for a while. 🙂

    erica d. says:

    the mare booties!

    Courtney Vance says:

    My favorites are definitely the Petty in Black suede!

    aurora says:

    love the petty! <3

    Lauren says:

    Gotta go with the black Becker!

    Sarah says:

    Gotta say.. i love Alvin in leopard print!

    Joanna says:

    I would get the Mare and the Petty!

    Aimee says:

    The Trina in “Au Natural” are AMAZE! A definite must for my honeymoon travels this fall! Thank you! ~Aimee of Top Knots By Aimee

    chelsey says:

    i want the petty boots in black! love them!

    Brooke Stuart says:

    I love the Penny 2 boot in Whiskey! My favorite brown riding boots just went out on me, and these would be a lovely replacement!

    Leah Giorno says:

    i would love the Mare in dark brown for coachella! http://www.samedelman.com/Shopping/ProductDetails.aspx?p=EC0213738&pg=3012046. the trina is amazing also!

    Giang Tran says:

    Those Becker in Black Croco sneakers are pure love <3 casual yet tough – definitely my kind of style. Thank you so much for this chance! Hope I'd be the lucky winner!


    Kate says:

    LOVE Sam Edelman! I would have to go with the leopard Becker, and putty colored Mare 😀

    Emily says:

    LOVIN’ the Petty boots in black–amazing and adorable!

    Chelsea says:

    kind of obsessed with the Black Petty boots but oh man, the Karina wedges are babely! x

    Nicole says:

    I’d pick the Nolan in black leather! Love all the buckles.

    Mande Gaffney says:

    Sam Edelman is my go to designer for my feet (right one is a whole size larger)! I always need a pair black Felicia flats as I wear mine into the ground. And I am so loving the Dana sandals in black for summer!

    EmTier says:

    Tyra sandals would be perfect for my wedding! And the Mariel booties… love that fringe 🙂

    Candice says:

    OMG its so hard to decide. I love them all but I would have to say the Luca Leopard are amazing and the Martina boots are so cute!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

    Ashley Kickliter says:

    The Becker sneaks and Loren boots!

    Bess Pooler says:

    If I could win those Leopard Becker Sneakers I would wear them E.V.E.R.Y.D.A.Y forever! I would occasionally take them off to rock the Mare in Dark Brown. Swoon!!!

    Pamela says:

    Love the Petty boots in black!

    Ashley nathalie says:

    I love the Maureen boots in black, so chic and perfect for the cold weather here on the East coast!

    Rowena says:

    I would choose the Becker in nude leopard and the Noah in buff nude. Thanks for the opportunity!

    Jessica says:

    So many great boots! Those Margo boots are just asking for a girls night…!!

    Paige says:

    The Becker sneaker in leopard would look awesome with black leggings. The Brina is such a cool little shoe – would be great with twirly skirts.

    I just love those Petty boots in black!

    Mimi says:

    Erin shoe is beautiful!!!

    Claire McDougall says:

    The Karina wedges in black & saddle are KILLER! I’d rock those all spring long- so versital and sexy!!

    Briana Phillips says:

    I love the Nolan black leather boots!! Super cute and edgy!!

    Nelly says:

    I love morillo in black! Sam shoes are great! Thanks!

    Kelsey says:

    i NEEEEEEED the petty’s in black leather! i NEED them!

    Lauren says:

    I’m ready for spring so I would totally get the Trina sandal and the leopard slip on sneakers!!

    Martha says:

    Love Sam Edelman! My favorites to choose if I won would be, Brina in black and Mare in saddle. Gorgeous!

    Christina R says:

    Definitely the Edelman Icon and the Mare!

    flo says:

    I’ve been dreaming of the leopard slip ons!! They are my dream come true!

    Dani says:

    My eyes have been watching the Petty booties and those adorable leopard flats around the internets. Lovely!

    Katie H says:

    I love love love Sam Edelman. I would pick the Nolan bootie in beach suede. Love all the details in the buckles !

    Meg Allison says:

    I’d choose the Petty and the Penrose. After only wearing tall boots last year, I can’t get enough of ankle versions this year!

    maria alekseev says:

    omg so many awesome ones so hard to choice!
    I think the Karina Wedge and the Adele boot! i do love those those leopard sneakers you picked too!
    wow! booyah!

    Tais says:

    I love Becker sneakers (nude leopard) & Paradox boot (whiskey) and I’m an US reader from San Francisco 🙂

    Kelsey says:

    Love the Petty boots in deep saddle leather! So cute, and they actually come in my size which can be hard to find!

    I love the Dions in white and the Melinas in black!

    Allison Klein says:

    The black and gold Trinas and the green Pettys. Beautiful shoes!

    Mandaline says:

    Tried on a pair of Sam Edelman shoes at DSW a couple months ago but couldn’t make it happen. Would love to look fre$h at my college graduation in May, wearing either the black Mariel booties or the saddle Dion heels. He’s a true artist.

    Sara says:

    Oh my goodness! I have been wanting a pair of ankle boots for so long but all of the ones that I like have a heel and I am not a heel girl. I am obsessed with the Petty boots in Tan-Putty (the name of the colour alone – I mean).

    Would love to be the proud owner!

    erin says:

    I need the black paradox boots. So beautiful and perfect for the snow and rain we’ve been having in NYC

    Keri says:

    Love the Petty boot and pretty much any of their sandals. Thanks for the contest!

    Hayley Trone says:

    Wow .. love Sam Edelman! I’ve actually been eyeing those tan Mare boots.

    Larissa Gaul says:

    I would definitely get the black Branson sneakers. They’re sleek and stylish, but would be great for wearing on travel adventures- on planes or buses or walking down city streets without having my feet get tired!

    Kerry says:

    OMG I was just looking at those leopard slip ons!! LOVE them…

    Lindsey says:

    Petty, pretty please! In tan or black! 😀

    Anneliese Kanter-Cronin says:

    I love the Becker is black croco, and the Dion in black. Great giveaway!

    Aditi Giasotta says:

    I’m lovin the Bryant gladiator sandal in black! 🙂

    Callen says:


    Diana says:

    I’m really into the Petty, Lucca and Louie boots (all black).

    So exciting! I love the Shay in black suede! Xoxo

    Cassie says:

    I love the Becker in black! So so cute.

    Alpha rose says:

    I love the leopard print slip on sneakers!

    Robin Buschner says:

    Goodness, I love their shoes and boots. I’m found of the Leopard Beckers and the Black Penny boots.

    Lauren says:

    It’s hard to choose! I like to Karina wedges in either the black or the classic nude!

    lauren says:

    Oh man. I must have the Becker in leopard.

    Abbey says:

    Those petty boots are adorable!

    chelsey says:

    I love the Dion shoes in saddle! so cute!

    Allison Winey says:

    Definitely the Petty boot!! I am literally wearing a hole in mine!!

    Michelle R. says:

    My favorite pair would be the Louie’s in Black Nuckbuck.

    LK says:

    I absolutely love the black Petty boots w the wooden heel and the leopard Becker!

    divinity says:

    So hard to choose but I love Kenya Saddle & Petty Black

    Melissa says:

    I love the Penny & the Morillo! 🙂

    Sarah C. says:

    I love them all!! The Petty booties are pure beauties 🙂

    Kerrieann says:

    I am crushing hard on the karina! Love Sam Edelman shoes, they are the best!

    The mare booties in putty!

    Meagan bailey says:

    Love love love Edelman icon boots in tan and black!!!
    Xxx meagan

    Laura Hernandez says:

    Love the Mare in saddle and the Petty in black, the Brason sneakers… I should make some room in my closet. 😀

    maggie says:

    the petty boots are so classic, and it’s not easy to find a black boot with a wood heel! definitely at the top of my list!

    Rachel says:

    IT’S SO HARD TO CHOOSE. …but i think i’d definitively pick the Putty Mare (okay, and the Tan-Putty Suede Petty). killer contest!

    blue says:

    I love Darwin boots! It so trendy, and it can fit in every outfit!

    stacy says:

    oooh how to choose! i’ve always loved sam edelman’s shoes! i’d probably go with the becker in leopard and the penny boot in whiskey.

    Lauren says:

    Love the Becker in Leopard!

    Sara says:

    I love the icon boots in tan!

    Caroline says:

    My favorites are the black mare boot and the black petty boot. To. Die. For.

    CathyH says:

    Darwin would be my everyday shoes!

    Megan says:

    Oh my gosh those coral Dana’s are to die for, seriously. I also love love love the Jerome in ice white!

    gaby says:

    Every shoe is so beautiful, but Paradox Whiskey boots are my favourite! I’d like to have them for going to work at school

    Haley says:

    I am dying for a pair of Petty! Pick me Bri! Pick me!

    Lorena says:

    The Loren is wonderful!

    Amber says:

    LOVE the Claire shoe… the shape of the heel is stunning.

    Nancy says:

    Would love to be kickin’ it old school in the Mare bootie!! But, the Petty boots are awesome too! Decisions, decisions…

    surely says:

    love the black petty boots and the black crocodile becker sneakers!

    ALEXANDRA says:

    Just yesterday I pinned the Petty boot in tan! Would love to have a pair of those!

    Anonymous says:

    Petty boots!!!! I love them!!!!

    bri jackson says:

    the petty shoes are my favorite. i have seriously been haunting ebay for the past month trying to get them for a steal!!!

    Eileen says:

    The Petty boots in Deep Saddle are gorgeous! And the Becker Black Croc would spiff up any outfit.

    ash says:

    Loving the Brina…gets me hopeful for warm days

    Melissa Damron says:

    OBSESSED WITH SAM EDELMAN! I love both the Karina saddle wedge in black and brown and the Camo Becker sneaker!

    anne cuddy says:

    I love the porter boot!!!!

    Melissa says:

    I love, love, LOVE the Branson sneakers in black! I love how they’re sporty, yet the have that girly flare with the lace type die cut on the sides. It fits my laid-back girly style perfectly. I also really like the Tyra sandals, they’re a little more special than your average gladiator sandal and would go with a variety of outfits.

    Melissa Damron says:

    OBSESSED WITH SAM EDELMAN. I love the black/brown karina wedges and the camo Becker sneaker!!

    Megen says:

    I love the Georgia sandal in au natural, who doesn’t need a comfy nude gladiator sandal for summer? I’m also lusting after the Petty boot in black suede. Classic.

    Nikki P says:

    Definitely the Alva- love a funky nude shoe!

    Amanda says:

    Sam Edelman constructs GREAT shoes! I have the best patent leather nude pumps. Loved them so much I had to also get the slingbacks, because they look great w/ everything and are so comfortable! Love the versatile ‘MORILLO’. Cheers!

    denai says:

    I wear Sam Edelman once a week, love his shoes! I would love to have the Louie boot.

    Rebecca says:

    Ummm can I say I love all of them? Because I really, really do. But I’m kind of obsessed with the ones that you posted on this post. Those black booties? Perfection!!!

    Christina Fernandez says:

    My absolute favorite pair are the leopard slip ons. I’ve been looking for a pair just like those to run around nyc in!

    Amanda says:

    Definately the Nolan in black! I’ve been looking for a new work shoe and these are fabulous!!

    Jess Leitsch says:

    Hi Bri!

    Thanks so much for sharing your love for Sam Edelman! I think the Branson Hightop Sneakers are the perfect shoe for traveling but was torn once I saw the Beckers black sneakers. As a gal always looking for comfort, I must give in to the to the great words of Sam Edelman himself, “Trust Fashion, it never lies”.

    Therefore my favorite Sam Edelman shoe is the Kenya peep toe wedge. To me, it is the perfect wedge for any occasion.

    many thanks to you and designlovefest! I get so much inspiration from you and your everyday things.




    For any other ladies reading this; check out these Sam Edelman’s!!


    BRANSON: http://www.samedelman.com/Shopping/ProductDetails.aspx?p=EC0214069&pg=3012153

    BECKER: http://www.samedelman.com/Shopping/ProductDetails.aspx?p=EC0213993&pg=3012144

    I’d go for the becker in nude leopard!



    Sarah says:

    Oooh yay, what a great giveaway! I never win, but that won’t keep me from trying. I love those pointy toe nude Opal pumps. That little snakeskin triangle on the heel is so slick!

    Bethany says:

    I LOVE the ginger sandle!!!!

    Lidia says:

    I have a slight boot obsession so I’d have to go with the petty boots in black suede and to switch things up the my second pick would be the gorgeous Alvin slippers in nude leopard!!

    Annie says:

    I love the Othello heels! Perfect for a tall girl with a new LBD 🙂

    Barb says:

    The Petty boots are so perfect, just the right bit of heel, totally cool.

    Karen S says: