it had been a while since i had brunch at bottega louie downtown…this is your reminder to head back there. such a special place! (get the bloody mary and potato pancakes) here’s a few of my instagrams.


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    miranda says:

    Weekend project: creating wallpaper made entirely of rainbow macarons. Endlessly visually pleasing, jeez louise.

    Julie says:

    Macaroons have to be the most pleasing thing to look at. <3

    maggie says:

    Those macaroons are ADORABLE! Must. Have.

    i just added this to my list for my trip to LA in february! this place looks amazing and obviously you confirmed that it tastes just as great, so i can’t wait! potato pancakes… yes please!

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    Rachel says:

    I loved it in there, but as when I was living in LA I did not have a car, and I lived in Westwood it was quite a way for me on the bus. I had lunch, the Clam & Crab Linguini (to die for) and the chocolate souflee. And of course I took away pastries for breakfast the next morning, because it was my birthday, and a box of the amazing macarons by way of a one person birthday cake! I still have the pretty purple box back here in England with me!

    2moiselles says:

    These macaroons are so cute!!

    I haven’t been there in so long and I’ve only been there for dinner a couple times. I really need to try their brunch!

    Every time I go downtown I find an excuse to go in there, even if it’s just to snap a photos and buy one macaron! It definitely beats a plain coffee break.

    i’m planning a trip to los angeles this spring for my birthday, and i swear, i’m gonna have to stay an extra few days just to make sure i can enjoy brunch at all of these places! ๐Ÿ™‚ it looks so amazing!

    I so wish I could go there! It looks like the most gorgeous, colorful place.

    Rebecca says:

    Omg this reminds me, I went to Bottega recently and ordered an arugula salad. When it came I noticed a something squirming around in it…which just so happened to be a bug. I know, I know, this kind of stuff happens but it really grossed me out so I informed the waitress. When I pointed to the bug she said “oh, well our food is organic so…um, sorry about that”. I couldn’t believe her answer! so now does organic mean not washing veggies? LOL Other than that incident, I agree it’s a beautiful spot and everyone is always raving about it so I’ll be sure to go back someday ๐Ÿ™‚

    Mel says:

    Went to Bottega today for brunch with a friend. Everything was seriously delicious! We had french toast, lasagna, pizza, and also the portabello fries (which is soooo good!) We were stuffed and had leftovers to bring back home.

    vicky says:

    Wonderful colours!!! Bry you are the best! thanks for all that you posted, itยดs very inspiring !!

    Narine says:

    I want ALL those macaroons !!

    Narine – Same shoes – 3 outfits

    i’d love to go in here just for the colour!

    Bailey says:

    I love your photography – you inspire me so much!!

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