well, it’s BIG ANNOUNCEMENT time! we have taught photoshop to bloggers and small businesses for over 2 and a half years now, in person. it has become a bigger part of my life than i would have ever expected, and i feel so grateful for the opportunity to meet and teach so many eager students. i still can’t believe we have taught over 90 sold out classes, i still look forward to teaching every time. however, there are only two of us and we can’t travel everywhere.

0ver the last few months we have been working very hard on creating an ONLINE version of the class! so many of you have requested the ability to watch our class online, and we’re so excited to finally make that a reality. you can now watch us from the comfort of your own home (in your pajamas) and save on the cost of travel & hotels. you’ll be able to stream the blogshop course over a 2 day period, rewinding as much as you’d like and have access to online tech support. we will still be teaching in person classes at least once a month (because we still think there are definitely advantages to the individual help and creative environment.) we can’t wait to see how this next venture unfolds and hope to teach so many more of you the photoshop skills to make your web presence shine.

TO SIGN UP FOR THE VERY FIRST, DISCOUNTED PRICE ONLINE BLOGSHOP GO HERE! the first one will be streaming from january 11-12th and will be $199. there will be a very limited number of students in this session while we test the process. click here to read more & sign up. (our first session will be available to U.S. only and tech support will be for mac computers. international viewing coming very soon.)

*** UPDATE: the first session sold out very quickly, but don’t worry there will be more shortly! join our mailing list to get the updates on our next release before anyone else.

here’s a quick breakdown of the differences between the in person blogshop VS. the online version

so what do you say, want to join us ONLINE this time?


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    So excited to be able to stream Blogshop! Thanks for all of your hard work in making this possible!

    Wendy Norman says:

    I just signed up!! I’m SO excited!!! This was a fantastic idea, Bri and Angela! 🙂

    Megan says:

    This is great news, yay! I have two questions, a) will there also be a discount price available for the first class in Europe? and b) are you planning to come to Berlin in 2014? I would love to participate in the online class, but if you’re planning on coming anyway I’d rather save my money for a real class 😀 Good luck!!

    christin says:

    as a blogshop alum, this is the BEST thing i have ever heard. so excited!

    Silvia says:

    Great idea! This would be something I’d like to do next year. But first I need a better computer. This one doesn’t like to run PS without going completely bonkers.

    Good luck with this new adventure!

    Stephanie says:

    Yay! I am watching for availability in Canada, can’t wait!

    This is awesome for Blogshop! This will allow you to reach more people!

    Beth says:

    Brilliant idea Bri! I’ve always wanted to take a class and still would really like to if your ever close enough (i’m in ohio) so I might wait that out a little still since you are probably planning your 2014 travel year soon, but I love the idea that I have the option now to take your class online from the comfort of my home!! Thanks for always thinking of your reading you’re the best!!

    KAIT says:

    very clever idea – loved my in person blogshop class but the less expensive option is clutch!

    Emm says:

    I think this is a great idea! I can’t participate that weekend but will look forward to a future class. I think it would be helpful to know how long the entire streamed content lasts, if we watched it from start to finish in one go.


    Becca says:

    Oh this is great! I wanted to check it out when you guys were in Seattle recently but boy oh boy could I ever not afford it! I’ll have to see about scraping up the funds to do this in the future!

    Ladyface Blog

    Renée Yoxon says:

    Oh my god yes. I am disabled so travelling and being out and about are day are a real killer. Streamed classes are the BEST idea.

    Brandyn says:

    Thank you for making this available online! I can’t wait to sign up. Photography has been my hobby for years, but I love to learn other editing styles.

    Ashley says:

    How about a discount for alumni who just want a refresher?

    Alessandra says:

    I’ll be impatiently waiting for the international students version!!!!! 🙂

    Camila says:

    Will you have blogshop VIDEO also for streaming?

    bri says:

    alessandra, soon i promise!!

    and camila, we hope to release that one soon after 🙂

    i just bought mine and i AM so excited!!! this just made my day! bri, i have followed you for YEARS and you’ve always inspired me. i missed the nashville date earlier this year and was super bummed, but this is almost just as good, minus the part i get to actually meet you talented ladies…

    Mallory S says:

    I’ve been dying to take your class and just couldn’t afford it. So happy to have this option!

    Julie Kure says:

    I love this! Please come to Copenhagen and have a workshop 🙂 I’ll sign up for it, I promise 🙂

    OMG, I thought my dreams had come true, but BlogShop is already sold out. Oh please add another! Love the idea. But hopefully some day I’ll make the in-person class too.

    What a great idea! I’ve tried to get in on BlogShop multiple times over the past few years, but it never seems to coincide with my schedule. This is such a great alternative! I think I would definitely rather get the in-person experience (that looks like half the fun!), but I will consider doing this instead if I can’t make the real deal work in the near future.

    Thank you so much for your work!

    xxx Amanda, The Travallure

    rox says:

    seriously thank-you SO MUCH FOR THIS! I’ve been dying to take a blogshop class, but just couldn’t drop the $$ on the in person workshop option. bummer your first class already sold out, but I’M GOING TO BE FIRST IN LINE when you release your next batch of online classes!! thank-you!!! xo

    Maureen says:

    Congrats on the new offering. I’ll definitely be taking it from DC!

    YIKES! Sold out already?! I guess that what happens when I check DLF at 3:45 pm and not 5am. Looking forward to the next offering and hooray for offering Blogshop online!

    Kim says:

    So exciting! I hope another one becomes available before Christmas, I’m totally asking for this as a present!

    I will def be signing up for the next one! Due to some outside forces, it took about 6 months before I could implement anything from class. I still use my book for reference. I am so excited that there is now an option for those of us who need a refresher.

    Gayle Romay says:

    Great news, please keep us posted on international availability

    Jessie says:

    Great news! Would love to sign up if an international one becomes available. Congratulations!

    Anna says:

    So great news! can’t wait to hear it is open to internationals as well! congrats on this new adventure!!

    Michelle says:

    This is great news!! I personally LOVED the in-person class, but I think it’s such a great opportunity to provide to people who live in places you don’t go to!! BlogShop allowed me to get started and already have some confidence!

    Soyoung says:

    I love this idea – thank you for doing this! My blog is a creative outlet that’s very different from my day job, so aside from the expense, taking time off to attend bogshop in person was never an option for me. Having the opportunity to learn at home makes this more of a potential reality for me.

    Doris Lawrence says:

    Awesome!!! Dreaming of exciting things I could do.

    Sarolta says:

    This blew me outa my socks!!! Can’t wait till Blogshop Online is open for international students!

    Love Imbro says:

    EXCITED! can’t wait for the international version to go live! thanks Bri! x

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