i am a total scatterbrain when it comes to organization. piles of receipts at the bottom of my purse. business cards in my coat pockets and drawers. a junk drawer full of notes and printouts. lately i’ve been using evernote to try to get everything in order. the two ways i use it the most:

1. life organization scanning: they have this cool scanner in their market where you can literally dump out your drawer full of papers and receipts and stick it all in the scanner. it loads them up into the app and organizes it all for you. as a freelancer, investing in technology that makes your life easier is key. the benefit comes later when you don’t have to scramble through your crumpled up receipts once tax season rolls around. it helps you stay on top of it. check it out…


2. travel organization app: i love apps where everything syncs to my computer, tablet, and phone. when i travel, i keep my itineraries, confirmations and all of those details in the evernote app. that way i can access it when i’m on the way to the airport easily on my phone. or for instance, when i went to rome with my friends i could easily see all of our train tickets, our apartment address, my frequent flyer #s and flight info. then i could easily share that information with the whole group.


what apps do you use for organization? i’d love to hear about them! a collaboration with evernote. all opinions are my own evernote_logo_4c


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    Ahh, I need this! My husband and I have talked about getting one of these quickie scanners, but I wasn’t sure if it was a contraption that actually worked. It looks so easy! How’s the resolution for photos? Are they blog-worthy? In color too…? Thanks!

    Amal says:

    I love Evernote! It’s a teacher’s dream. The fancypants scanner is not one of the features I’ve used, though, and I’m glad to see your review of it. Thanks!

    Emma says:

    Evernote is great for organizing blog post ideas and writing down those ideas as soon as they come to you. I also love the Google Chrome plugin that allows you to take screenshots of computer articles and write right on the page.

    KAIT says:

    i’ve tried using evernote in the past, i have heard such great things but i wasn’t able to really utilize it to it’s full potential. perhaps i should watch some tutorials or something…

    Jane says:

    Been using evernote for the past 2+ years. What you mentioned is key – I love that it syncs to your phone so notes can be easily accessed on the go. I mostly use it for quick studying before tests and saving metro transit info.

    Although I hadn’t seen the scanner before. I’d definitely consider investing in this once I’m out of school! Thanks for sharing.

    Evernote is every entrepreneur’s dream tool. I would love to hear more suggestions in the comments! I need to get their scanner, it might make my life THAT much easier, which I will always accept. Thanks Bri for teaming up with Evernote for this post.

    Lindsay says:

    I use all of the Google tools to keep myself organized. Drive, Gmail, Calendar… they are all big tools in my arsenal. They also recently released something called Keep, which is like a sticky note app. I have an Android phone, iMac, Acer laptop, Windows machine at work, and an iPad. Google tools work seamlessly across all of my devices.

    AlinaLoves says:

    Evernote has saved my rather un-organised life! I can’t remember how I lived without it before, it has been so useful. I use it pretty much everyday across a few devices and I just love how easy and responsive it is.

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    I so appreciate Evernote! It’s helped me get organized AND stay accountable — all my to-do lists and project ideas are synced with my best friend in LA. This helps us both stay accountable to the task at hand AND to our dreams because we can see what we’re working on and if we’ve checked it off or not. The only downside is the extremely limited disk space they allow you. That scanner just went on my Christmas list.

    Anonymous says:

    I have sworn by Evernote for a little while now. I love that you can easily email things in it- like to do lists and stuff. Speaking of To Do Lists- i DEPEND on Evernote for these and to get anything accomplished! Love this post, glad you’re spreading the Evernote love!

    danikristin says:

    Evernote is a lifesaver when it comes to work! I use different notebooks for different clients. I’ve never seen the scanner before though – I was looking for an app that was a little more “pretty” to use for my hobbies and more creative projects since Evernote has kind of a stodgy look. But the scanner seems like an awesome way to incorporate more visual items into my organization system.

    bri says:

    sunshine + delight – the quality is great. i haven’t used it for photos yet but for business cards and receipts it works amazingly well. i am sure the quality is great for photos, though. you can always call evernote and ask, they have great customer service.

    Bee says:

    I mainly use the Google products to keep organized. I’ve heard a lot about Evernote but haven’t buckled down and used it properly yet. As my life is getting more hectic with my day job and freelancing, will have to give Evernote another go!

    bri says:

    kait – you can find some really helpful overview information on how to utilize everntoe here – https://evernote.com/evernote/


    Tiera says:

    I’ve been using Evernote off & on for several years now, but tons in the last six months or so. I’m using it to store information on everything, from personal travel information, to freelance notes and blog post ideas/drafts. I really like that it’s accessible online. I do wish it had slightly more robust features — like what Google Drive offers — but it gets the job done.

    lauren says:

    literally just downloaded this app two days (when I started my freelancing, what what!) Glad to see you’ve used it yourself.

    Michelle says:

    I used Evernote like 5 years ago when I wanted to remember different websites for inspiration. That only lasted like 3 months because I shortly found Pinterest to help me do that. I have been using Wunderlist and love it for a to do list. I’m going to look at Evernote once again to see how it can help me with freelancing!

    kelly says:

    Oh man… I am struggling with moving from a paper notebook calendar (which I have done since grade school) and getting everything digital. It’s appealing… but I haven’t been able to go all the way yet. I am constantly looking at ways other people stay organized. I’m (sort of) open to change. Thanks for the post!

    Tallook says:

    My fav organization app is To.Do for list and Slice to track packages and receipts. I prefer Springpad over Evernote for bigger items.

    susan says:

    I love Evernote!

    Lisa says:

    I use evernote and love it. I use it to store all my favorite recipes. That way I have access to them where ever I go. It’s also easy to send recipes to people.

    Beth says:

    I love Evernote. I use it to catalog my sewing pattern collection as well as save ideas and links.

    tiffany says:

    I have been dreaming about that ‘for like ever’ for the last year or so! It is just lovely and timeless!

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