it’s been my dream for about 8 years to go to thailand, so arian and i are officially going for 10 days in february. just to RELAX and spend some quality time together. you all have given me some amazing advice on this blog that have shaped my trips into wonderful experiences. i appreciate your comments and recommendations more than you know!! to give a quick breakdown, we are flying into phuket but only want to stay there one night and then travel around to some of the other islands. (we’ve heard it’s very touristy in phuket and that’s not what we are looking for.)

i’m looking for resort, food, and travel tips on the areas below. if you’ve been there, please chime in! (bangkok and chiang mai sound incredible, but we want to keep this trip more low key. especially since we only have limited days there. i definitely want to go back to see those places someday though!) i always get a little nervous (type A annoying travel planner) before i go to a new country, so your tips are great. i just want this to be a romantic, stress-free trip for us…


things we are looking for on our thailand trip:

• relaxation!
• beach massages & good food
• interesting resorts & bungalows (some more like beach huts, some more romantic hotels)
• islands with pretty scenery
unique experiences (snorkeling, cool sites, boat rides…)
ps. i haven’t been in the ocean since that crazy crocodile attack, but i am hoping since the water is more clear in thailand i can suck it up and get back in.


the trip i’m considering/ currently planning…

day 1: we fly into phuket, spend the night and take the ferry the next day.

day 2-4: from phuket, we go to phi phi island (by ferry, i’ve heard it takes about 90 minutes and is about $30 per person?)

day 5-6: after a few days we head to Ko Lanta (by ferry i think is under $20?) this is the spot we’re still deciding on. do you think it’s worth squeezing this destination in or would it be best to just spend more days in krabi?

day 7-8: then i think we will end the trip in Ao Nang or some place in Krabi (a day trip to railay bay i’ve heard is awesome.)

day 9: on our last day, we just have to make it to back to phuket from krabi so we can fly home. i thought it would be easy to take a car or ferry back there. hopefully it’s not cutting it too close since our flight is at 6pm. kind of worries me!

UPDATED BASED ON COMMENTS: i think we are going to fly into phuket, go to ko lanta for 4 days and then railay bay. maybe a day trip to phi phi island?


do you have hotel recs & tips for phuket, phi phi, krabi and ko lanta? i wish we could see more, but i think we better stick to just a couple spots and try to just relax. thank you so so much, you guys are the best! -bri


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    First off, with only 10 days and wanting a relaxing getaway don’t try to do too much! Yes there are a lot of islands close to Phuket, but getting in-between them all always seems to take longer (and more money) than what you initially expect and plan for. Going from Phuket to three other locations, plus maybe a day trip, and back again would be a lot of moving around without anytime to ever settle into a place.

    If you don’t want touristy – Phuket and Ao Nang are not for you. Koh Phi Phi and Railay are still really popular and touristy, but they’re both absolutely gorgeous and still definitely worth it. Stay in a resort on Phi and a bungalow in Railay! Ko Lanta is also much more low key and may be just what you’re looking for. Hope this helps!

    holly says:

    Ko Lanta is so awesome ! It is the most laid back, least touristy & scenic of all the islands you described, in my opinion. Rent a scooter for the day & cruise the island, so cool. When in Phuket try and get a few hours in to spend in Old Phuket, it’s really interesting and not touristy. x

    Jenn says:

    Thailand is so very lovely! Railay is my favorite place in Thailand by far, even though the food in general was only so so. The sunsets are amazing and Princess Beach is spectacular. I found Phi Phi to be too loud & busy but if you stay further up the island it’s probably better. If you stay in Ao Nang, go ride elephants at Nosey Parkers!

    holly says:

    Oh yeah, & don’t ride any elephants ! It’s a really terrible trade & a horrible life for the animals. I didn’t do it while I was there, but everyone I know who did it just said it was depressing and they felt sad the whole time 🙁

    Val says:

    I definitely recommend Ko Lanta is you want relaxation. It’s very chill and a nice place to just relax on the beach. It was my favorite island in Thailand. Phi Phi is busier and while Krabi is a nice town it may not be what you’re looking for (though Railay is really nice).
    And yes, do go back some day and check out the North: Chiang Mai and Pai are especially nice places.

    Claire S says:

    I highly recommend the beaches at Hua Hin, in addition to the islands you plan to visit! It was my favorite part of a two-week-long trip to Thailand last spring, and the most serene spot. Chiang Mai is also gorgeous, but you need at least 3 or 4 days there.

    Kate says:

    If you want to avoid the tourist crush and chill out in a beautiful low-key place Koh Tao is perfect. The sunsets are to die for.

    yoojin says:

    I’ve personally only been to Chiang Mai and Bangkok, but have been dying to go to this resort in Phuket called Sala Phuket Resort http://www.salaresorts.com/phuket/default-en.html for years! The suites have their own outdoor pool AND romantic bathtub, and the windows/walls that are connected to the private pool areas all open up.. it just looks so wonderful and serene. If you tell them you are going for your anniversary or honeymoon, they will decorate the bed with flower petals (my friend did even though it wasn’t her anniversary or honeymoon haha). Hope it helped! Eat lots of pork while in Thailand even if you don’t like pork in general. Everyone agrees that the pork there tastes so different and is so delicious! Don’t waste your time ordering beef anywhere, it’s kind of weird tasting. Same with cheese and chocolate (for the most part). Eat lots of fruits! :] Happy travel planning!

    We just got back from Thailand in November for our honeymoon and it was absolutely lovely! I highly recommend (for a nice and relaxing) resort going to Koh Phi Phi Don and staying at The Outrigger Resort where you can stay in the cutest little bungalows! 🙂 http://www.outrigger.com/hotels-resorts/thailand/phi-phi/outrigger-phi-phi-island-resort-and-spa

    If you DO decide to stay here – I do not recommend going to the hotel bars/restaurants unless it’s for the amazing breakfast. There is a little village behind the resort that is a very short walk that has many local restaurants and bars. It’s SO fun! We made friends with one of the owners of the bars and him and his wife took us back in their kitchen and taught us how to make Thai food the right way! Here is an article about Mr. Rath’s restaurant: http://www.jetstarmag.com/story/off-the-beaten-track-thailand-it-takes-a-village/2032/1/

    Also, from Koh Phi Phi Don, you can take a short longtail boat ride to other Phi Phi islands…but we only did this one day to go snorkeling. The other days we got massages, ate a lot of Thai food and just relaxed by the resort pool and the ocean. It was an incredible relaxing trip.

    You are going to have a wonderful time no matter what you end up planning! There are SO many great places to explore – that’s what makes Thailand so special.

    Good luck planning! 🙂


    Hilary says:

    thailand is my second home! i’ve lived & traveled there numerous times. koh phi phi is a total dream & i always spend a lot of time there. check out Phi Phi Relax. it’s about a 25-minute long tail boat ride from the main pier. it is full of bungalows – snag one on the beach! the snorkeling out front is incomparable to anywhere else on the island & it’s very secluded. phuket is pretty pricey & touristy – don’t spend too much time there if you want to get to know the culture. i still haven’t made it to Lanta but have heard only great things! i agree with not riding any elephants if you have a heart for animals at all. when you make it up to chiang mai next time go to the elephant nature park. lek runs an incredible conservation gig up there. make sure you get as many massages as possible, try massaman curry, & put your glowing screens away. it is a place you truly want to experience & not forget. chok dee!!

    Laura says:

    Phuket is very touristy. Phi Phi isn’t much better. You might be better to head to a smaller island instead. Maybe Koh Lipi. Honestly Phi Phi is like a tourist theme park for backpackers. Mind you i stayd in the man resort, so it might be better if you head further away. The recommendation to visit Koh Tao is a good one but it’s on the other side of the coast and about a six hour drive away, followed by a ferry, so probably not practical for this trip. Chang Mai is also a really, really long trip from where you are.

    Kassandra says:

    Been to Thailand twice… it is one of my fave places to go (and thats coming from someone with over 20 countries under my belt). Take a tour on one of the chinese junk boats, we spent the day sailing between islands, they fed us great food and we just relaxed lazing on the mats on the front of the boat.
    Renting scooters to get around is a great way to get off the main tourist paths and cheap.
    Old Phuket town is great fun to wonder around, I wish I still had the name of the most amazing jewellery store thats hidden on one of the side streets.
    Temples and markets are pretty obvious but worth it.
    Watch out for tuk tuk or taxi drivers that want to take you to shops on your way to your destination, they want you to buy things and get angry if you don’t.
    Also don’t be afraid to haggle 😉
    And mostly, just have fun

    chalalai says:

    hello, you are going to have an amazing time in thailand! As a thai living in LA hopefully I can provide you with some suggestions. 10 days in the south is a good amount of time islands hopping but perhaps its best just to pick 2 major islands to be your home base and do day trips from there. I have been both to Koh Phi Phi and Koh Lanta they are both very different but both amazing none the less. Koh Phi Phi is of course more touristy but there are some really beautiful hotels to stay yes lots of backpackers and tourist but since most of the islands surround the area are national monument people are not allowed to stay over night. from Koh Phi Phi you can just hop on a boat and tour the surrounding islands. there are many many tour boat operators that you choose from on the island. if you happen to book a nice hotel, most often offer the tours as well. Bamboo island was my favorite from Phi Phi islands. I would give you the name of the hotel we stayed in Koh Phi Phi but sadly the hotel was wiped out from the tsunami. Koh Lanta is very very laid back more local and quiet. We stayed at the SriLanta Resort which was awesome and nice. while on the Koh Lanta you can just rent a scooter and tour the island that way. The same goes for island hopping from Koh Lanta you can just book boats from many different vendors on the island. As for food in both Koh Phi Phi and Koh Lanta is pretty easy there are so many vendors and restaurants to choose from you just have try them. Good luck with the planning! We are heading out to thailand at end of Jan. as well but staying in BKK and then heading north to
    Chiang Mai. Let me know if you have any questions. ENJOY!

    Stella says:

    You might enjoy this couple’s YouTube channel:

    Eight Miles From Home


    I went to Thailand this summer and fell in love. I definitely agree that one day in Phuket is enough. I called it hell on earth. seriously, it was just horrible. not phuket in general, but patong. so dirty and sleazy. we took a ferry to koh phi phi. i suggest you take a small carryon. ferries are crowded and hard to get off.

    koh phi phi is great. these huts are amazing. i felt like i was in a movie, living on tree houses.


    I was only there for a few days and then headed to koh samui so can’t really give you much advice other than where to stay and to take a personal boat to The Beach and Monkey Island. It is TOTAL relaxation in Koh Phi Phi so completely up your alley.

    Have an amazing time. You will fall in love with Thailand.


    I went to Koh Samui this year on honeymoon & it’s the most amazing place! We stayed at Sala Samui and visited Ang thong national marine park which was beautiful! I’ve got loads of pics on my blog from there – http://www.elleai.me
    Enjoy your trip! 🙂 x

    I LOVE Thailand! We went three years ago when my girls were tiny and traveled around and we’re going in february this year too (maybe we’ll bump into you!). I can really recommend Koh Ngai which is an island off Koh Lanta – you could stay at Coco Cottage beach bungalows and then from there make day trips on long boats to the Emerald cave, Koh Kradan, Koh Muk and all the other islands – so beautiful! And on Koh Lanta I can recommend Relax Bay Resort- lovely bungalows, beautiful beach. This year we’re going to Khao Sok nature reserve not that far from Phuket and staying at the Tree House resort, and also Cast-away on Koh Lipe -this is the island I’m most looking forward to! Hope this helps and I look forward to getting other tips from your readers too 🙂 /Niki x

    Deadesign says:

    I very love Tayland and Vietnam and in general Asia. we choose hotels not in a center, but a bit a little rather from people, and on Pkhuket a hotel very pleased us “Cloud19 Beach Retreat”
    you can look on tripadvisor
    on Pkhukete very much interesting -Phuket Big Buddha (at night especially beautifully)Koh Racha Yai, Kok Chang Safari Elephant Trekking, Phrompthep Cape -here good to look sunset. 🙂 wish you have a fine time

    Joke says:

    Definitely do go and stay on Koh Lanta, we first went to Krabi but quickly moved on to Koh Lanta and stayed much longer than we anticipated. We stayed in different places, and one was just amazing: we had a jacuzzi on our terrace and could look out over the sea. Very quiet and romantic. Will look up the name if you are interested. We rented a scooter and drove around the island for two days – awesome and instant relaxation!!
    In Krabi there a lovely bakery: Bakeryhouse Krabi – AWESOME food, desserts! Try to find it and enjoy!

    bex says:

    Railay is 100% a must.

    After traveling Thailand for 5 months, I ended up Railay for about a month of that time.

    It’s home to the most jaw-dropping sunsets, some of the best Thai tea, great adventures and an amazing family of people that live there.

    The nightly fire-spinning show is a must as the guys became good friends of ours and are amazing guys!

    Have so much fun!
    I’m super jealous – I’d go back in a heart beat

    Leigh says:

    I went to Ao Nang for a wedding in October. It’s gorgeous. I didn’t make it to Railay, but everyone who did raved about it. Most of the wedding guests stayed out the Aonang Paradise Resort, which was gorgeous. We had a great bbq dinner (seafood and meat) at The Last Fisherman. For low-key lunch or dinner, go to Massaman Restaurant. Delish!

    Catherine says:

    So exciting! I actually did this exact trip in February.

    We arrived in Phuket and spent 2 nights at the Foto Hotel http://www.fotohotelphuket.com/ a cute design hotel that’s in Kata, which is quieter than the main strip.

    We went to Phi Phi – the ferry is a great, cheap way to get around. Are you taking backpacks or suitcases? When you get on the ferry, they take your suitcase and pile it at the side. We were one of the first on so our suitcase was right at the back and bottom of the pile, but not everyone gets off at Phi Phi, so it’s super hard to get your bag back. If it will fit with you under your seat, keep it with you!

    In Phi Phi we stayed at Mama Residence http://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/Hotel_Review-g303908-d1826527-Reviews-Mama_Beach_Residence-Ko_Phi_Phi_Don_Krabi_Province.html. It’s pretty basic, but situated right at the end of the beach, away from the main area but only a ten minute walk. It has a small private beach, but you will probably take day trips when you are there (?) – the Maya bay trip is crowded but you get to see some beautiful scenery, great snorkeling and see the bay where they filmed The Beach.

    After Phi Phi we went to Railay Beach and actually stayed there. You pay a premium for being there and not staying in Krabi and taking a boat over, but it’s very pretty. We stayed at the Railay Bay Resort & Spa http://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/Hotel_Review-g1597036-d557101-Reviews-Railay_Bay_Resort_Spa-Railay_Beach_Krabi_Town_Krabi_Province.html which has an awesome pool and cute bungalow rooms. My tip would be to watch the sunset on the west side, which has the beautiful beach and the most amazing sunset. But for food and drinks, go over to the East side. It’s less than a ten minute walk and the food is much much cheaper and more authentic. Also, on the East side you can arrange onward transfers back to Phuket, Krabi, etc. for much cheaper. We booked through our hotel and paid about triple the price, I think, but I was happy to book with the hotel as they spoke perfect English so I could be exactly sure of what we were getting.

    You are so lucky, I can’t wait to see all your pictures! x

    Amy says:

    Koh Phi Phi was so beautiful the beaches are absolutely amazing, if your looking to get over your water phobia it is definitely the place to do it, I would definitely recommend. While it’s one of the most relaxing places ever, and so easy to just spend all day every day on the beach chilling, there are numerous boat trips you can take during the day that let you explore the surrounding islands as well – so if you fancied it, then that’s something to do.
    In terms of food, it depends where your staying. When in more rustic beach huts i’d recommend going for the more local restaurants – don’t be put off by the look of them. Sometimes they don’t look very glamorous and are VERY basic, but they are often the places with the best food.
    Krabi was a place with a lot more sites to see – it’s a nice break from the beach, although saying that it’s obviously not as beautiful and breathtaking as Koh Phi Phi.
    Phuket was very touristy so it sounds like your itinerary is pretty perfectly planned. They have some amazing hotels there though so if your looking to escape for a night then thats also a pretty good option.
    Have a fab trip, super jealous! x

    Kalyn says:

    Koh Phi Phi is very touristy… but you can get off the beaten path if you stay at the Treehouses. Koh Tao is my favorite island but it’s on the opposite side of you – still doable but a trek. Eat: papaya salad & a coconut – relives any hangover! Green curry & Chang beer (it’s called a changover if you have too much…). Good luck and try not to over plan… it’s always best to have a loose outline.

    Although my love for beaches abound, I really felt that the beauty and feeling of Thailand was all encompassing in the Northern region. We stayed in a resort called Anantara in the Golden Triangle and to say it was magical is an understatement. We went to Phi Phi, Krabi, and most of the little known and popular beaches and really the most awesome of all was up north. I was quite inspired and rejuvenated more so than in the beach towns which felt crowded and surrounded by tourist. If you want an authentic Thai adventure, consider the north.

    Lili says:

    My husband and I actually just came back from our honeymoon in Thailand in October and it wasn’t that difficult of a trip for me personally to plan because I grew up there for 6 years.

    First off, Phuket is DEFINITELY touristy. And next, I can only give you a rundown of what we did because we had an amazing and relaxing time with pretty much most of the things you asked for in your blog post. We went to Samui Island instead and stayed in the Bophut village which is further away from the touristy ex-pat area of the Island. We stayed at the Hansar Samui resort and everything there was amazing and beautiful. The staff were courteous and helpful and went beyond expectations to try and please us (sidenote: on the last night, I cut my foot on a brick on the footpath and my husband called to ask for a band-aid because it wasn’t major–an employee showed up with a full first-aid bag to bandage me up!) During our stay in Samui, we partook in an elephant ride around a rainforest, we took a boat trip out to an isolated island to snorkel and then hike to the top of a different island to take in a breathtaking view, and in between all of that we got luxurious massages at the spa on site at our resort. There was a package offer on the resort’s website that also included a romantic dinner right on the beach away from the restaurant. The beach outside of the resort was also never crowded as most of the guests preferred to lounge by the infinity pool. Since the resort is abutted by other resorts, the entire stretch of the beach never had more than a sprinkling of people. I’m confident you can find the same experience at Phuket but I haven’t been since I was a child and as of recent mostly hear of how tourist-y and commercialized its gotten.

    Good luck!

    Claire says:

    I really really recommend Khao Sok… It’s not the beach trip you describe but you’ll experience a really beautiful side of Thailand. Rainforest surrounded lakes with huge green covered cliffs rising out of the water. Floating beach hits, kayaking, strange local bars on the top of hill sides, tubing down rivers an learning how to cook from real locals. I travelled around for 6 weeks in Thailand – north, south, east and west… And, other than watching elephants in Chiang Mai roam and shower in the rivers, Khao Sok was the best experience. Chiang Mai is a bit far for your time scale (although domestic flights can be really cheap and quick) but Khao Sok is totally do-able

    Claire says:

    … There is a really seedy side to Phuket that spoils some of the real beauty. Head further out and avoid the main ‘tourist’ areas in Phuket

    Iva says:

    SALA resort in Phuket

    Lois says:

    You’ll love Thailand! I’ve moved to Chiang Mai for a month now and no plans of leaving yet. I know you love the beach but if you make it north to the small artsy own of Pai, you may get stuck- forever!

    melissa says:

    Sounds like the perfect little trip. If you’re going to railay beach, then you MUST seek out the secret princess lagoon. Do not wear anything that you plan on keeping because it can be a muddy climb in. Once you are there, it is beyond magical and you will feel like baptizing yourselves (serious!).

    Shame you won’t make it to Chiang Mai’s night bazaar where you can find loads of shopping. The next closest thing would be the night bazaar in Bangkok. Awesome street food and great shopping. Skip the malls!

    Jenna says:

    I spent a few months in Thailand and my biggest suggestion in the 10 days is to take one meal totally off the tourist path – in the (seemingly) dirty local restaurants. My very favorite and flavorful meals were found in places I would never venture in the US, but found to be home in Thailand. The huge plates of chicken fried rice with fried eggs (my favorite) were usually around fifty cents and the ingredients (save the loose MSG on the table) were wholesome. Just avoid the pork…

    Naima says:

    Go to Koh Yao Noi – a really non tutistic island. Take à boat fr.o.m. Krabi or Ao Nang. Visit My dear old friend Romano at La Luna Restaurant and he will give you awsome tips 😉

    Meghan says:

    You could take a taxi back to the airport. The cabs are DIRT CHEAP! So cheap I tipped him 50%!
    My GF and I took a cab from Bangkok to Koh Samet (near Cambodia) and it was like $40 for 146 KM / 90 minute ride

    wishful nals says:

    I’m headed to Thailand in February, too. I’m staying on Ko Phra Thong at the Golden Buddha Resort. I’ve heard incredible things. It’s the only hotel on the island – very low key. I’m sure you’ll have an incredible time no matter what you end up doing!

    Kelly says:

    My husband and I were in Thailand two years ago! We spent a few days on Ko Lanta and it was so relaxing! The two places we stayed at were The Houbin and Baan Lanta. I recommend them both – the Houbin is more of a boutique hotel with an amazing infinity pool over the ocean and Ko-Lanta is a bit more laid back with individual bungalows near the beach. You can read my post and see pictures here:


    Have fun!

    P.S. – Feel free to email if you have any more questions!

    Cass says:

    We started our trip in Krabi and stayed at an amazing resort that was like paradise. (I can’t remember the name:(

    Then we decided to try Ao Nang for a few nights but we didn’t like it very much. Just very busy and touristy – and too Westernized.

    On the spur of the moment – mostly to get out of Ao Lang – we left for Koh Lanta – and we were so happy we did. It was very low key and small – but amazing people and sights to see. We rented a scooter and drove over the whole island. We went to a beach that stretched for miles and didn’t see anyone else. And the food everywhere was amazing.

    We spent a night in Bangkok before flying out. It was like culture shock compared to the quiet island we just left. Amazing in a different way – but definitely not relaxing.

    Macie H. says:

    Thailand is a dream. I went for the first time about two years ago and have been dying to go back ever since.

    During my stint in Thailand I spent time in both Koh Phi Phi and Phuket. I wasn’t wild about Phuket but I did fall in love with Koh Phi Phi. The scenery is stunning and there are plenty of activities to keep you busy. For just a few dollars you can take a boat ride out to snorkel and sight-see. We boated out to monkey island (where you are literally inches away from wild monkeys), we cruised past viking cave and we also got a chance to see where The Beach was filmed. Afterwards, we made our way into a lagoon for some swimming and snorkeling. It was out of this world. There are also plenty of places to shop, eat and be entertained on the island. However, I will say this – Koh Phi Phi is a serene paradise by day and a bit of a booming party scene by night. But, there are places to go to escape the craziness that some of the beach-front clubs bring. Sitting on the shore and watching the fire dancers was one of our favorite pastimes…or just staring at the night sky as waves crash in the distance. Either way – a trip to Thailand is one you will surely enjoy! And if you ever have a chance to go back, Chiang Mai is a must-see!

    Jillian P says:

    Hello love!

    Last month, I soent a month in Thailand. 3 weeks in Bangkok (ayo cheap apartment rentals) and 1 week on the blissful island of Koh Chang. We also didn’t know where to go, but decided on this island because we heard Phuket is VERY touristy. I’d really recommend Koh Chang because it’s a quiet, beautiful island away from all the hustle of the main land and tourism. We stayed at Koh Chang Paradise Resort which included a decently priced, clean, AC bungalow on the beach with breakfast buffet and….. BEACH SWINGS! Incredible experience.

    I will say these tips:
    – Bring pants and a long sleeve, regardless of where you go.. It got a bit chilly on the beach after a day of sun in December. I imagine it being similar for February. Also, if you take any AC transportation!
    – Street food is delicious. Be sure to try banana roti!
    – Also, you can get cash from ATMs. Use Aeon atms if you can to avoid a service charge!

    I wrote all about my adventures and how to get there here: http://roadtohereblog.WordPress.com/category/travel-2/thailand/koh-chang/

    If you need more personal tips on what to pack or where to go, please feel free to email me: [email protected]

    Have an amazing time!
    xx Jillian

    Narine says:

    Here is my experience from our Thailand trip:
    Bangkok – no no, specially if you’re tired of a busy city life
    Phuket – Great mix of relaxation and markets and places to hangout in the public if you get bored staying all alone on an island. We stayed in kamala beach in a 5 star resort on top of a hill (Cape Sienna), it was heavenly. So quiet, gorgeous view, tiny infinity pool and an amazing view of the blue ocean with greenery all around. 5 minutes walk to the beach where you can find many beachside bars and restaurants. Downside, it was half an hour by car to the phuket city center incase you wanted to see the markets and the town.

    Phuket is great to stay at and do day trips to the nearby islands. For example, you can take a boat trip to phi phi, have a walk on the island, visit the famous Maya beach of Leonardo Dicaprio’s famous The Island movie, and come back to phuket. Similan Islands are heavenly, they are a MUST.

    Spend the extra buck and DO NOT EVER take a ferry, take a speed boat. It’s not only the time factor here, but the fact that you’re tucked in a ferry with at least 1000 people who have different preferences and needs and you’re really tied up with a strict schedule, AND the trip is SO boring on a ferry. A speed boat will feel more private, and you will share it with only 10 or so more people. Easy to request a tiny change to the schedule.

    DO NOT buy and island day trips from the airport, they try to sell you a lot of stuff. Just say NO. We fell in the trap and didn’t like the tour at all! All the daytrips can easily be booked once you’re in phuket.

    If you have the extra time, I heard Koh Samui is a lovely place to be on your own with your loved one(s).

    That’s all I have. Have a lovely time and can’t wait to see your photos!! I miss Thailand <3

    Narine – Mad About Beauty

    Ania says:

    Just back from Thailand 🙂 Take a look here: http://www.mammamija.pl/2013/12/tajlandia.html

    Bregje says:

    I know it’s not on your list (phi phi and ko lanta are both beautiful, I second the other commenters), but if you decide to try something else than beachea, do head to Khao Sok national park. It is so beautiful! You can sleep in a tree house amidst the sounds of the jungle. Take a boat ride on the lake. Very very beautiful!

    Julie says:

    My favorite place is Koh Tao, a small island on the golf of Thailand. If you have enough time, treat yourself with a few days there. It’s dreamy 🙂

    Esther says:

    I love Thailand – and now I’m missing it!

    We stayed here for our honeymoon and really loved it:


    It was very relaxing, with all the beach bungalow-ness you could want. (Yes to taking the speedboat there) Everyone was so so friendly and accommodating (this was 7 years ago so I don’t know if it’s changed at all). The daily breakfasts are incredible, we got massages up in a mountain somewhere, and laid on the beach a lot. It’s a very private resort but you can take boats to other more crowded areas. We also had a guy take us on his little boat to go snorkeling, which was amazing. Definitely an escape, and wasn’t very crowded when we were there (which was March). Kinda felt like our own private beach. Gosh I want to go back!

    Jenny says:

    I love Thailand!! Koh Phi Phi is crazy touristy and dirty in my opinion. Although, I really enjoyed the music and fire show at Stones Bar, I really hated the crowd. I think there is a nice resort called PP Pearl Paradise that has an amazing view of Koh Phi Phi Leh. Ao Nang is really touristy too. Railay is gorgeous with amazing sunsets and much more chill. Railay Village Resort has great hospitality. Do note that there is no doctor on Railay, you have to ride a longtail 15 minutes to Ao Nang and ride through town for the closest hospital (speaking from experience). Ko Lanta is supposed to be amazing and super chill. Have fun!!

    Serena says:

    My husband and I spent some time in Thailand in April. We flew directly to Phuket Airport and stayed in Khao Lak which is an hour north drive from the airport. We also did not want a “touristy” scene of Phuket. Khao Lak is much more low key and we stayed at the Casa de la Flora resort which was amazing. The resort drove us to/from the airport in their BMW 7 Series. I got a great deal on a duplex suite on Jetsetter. The service was awesome, they had a fab spa and the resort is right on the beach. Our suite was terrific–multi-level with our own private pool!!! Good luck and hope you have an amazing time!!

    Milan says:

    Hi! I was in Thailand a year ago for a family trip. Check out my blog posts for some tips/stories!! [malexandria.blogspot.ca]
    We went to Ao Nang first, which was beautiful but we were there for too long in my opinion (4 days)…it was just too small to fill up 4 full days. Make sure you book hotels that are actually in Ao Nang, as we booked one in a small little area which was only 20 min away, but it ended up being kinda inconvenient! If your interested in beach houses we stayed at “Klong Muang Sunset Hotel” in Klong Muang (which is like 20 min from Ao Nang) I would suggest this hotel if you’re looking to stay in a cute, beachy hotel. You definitely need an open mind (like many places in Thailand) but overall i was great! The lady who owned it was super kind and very helpful. We did a full day tour while we were in Ao Nang which took us to Koh Phi Phi, and Maya beach (which is gorgeous)…I would suggest doing a day tour while in Au Nang if you’re going for 10 days, because you get a taste of these beautiful islands without having to actually stay at each island for the night. Also Railay beach is super close to Ao Nang (you take a long tail boat so get ready for a fun ride!!)
    We also went to an island called Ko Samet. This is only about a 2 hour bus ride from Bangkok. It is SO MUCH FUN! I would suggest going there, as it isn’t as ‘touristy’ as all the down south places. It is geared towards younger people and we had dinner on the beach while a fire show was going on…highlight of the trip! The only suggestion is where you stay…we stayed in a kinda grungy hotel called ploy? i believe….but there are nicer ones you can stay in. Basically its just a fun get away and a different experience from the other places in Thailand.

    Let me know if you want more info we were there for 2 weeks and did so much in that little amount of time! Have fun and enjoy 🙂 It truly is a beautiful part of the world!

    Lucy says:

    Hi Bri! That will be an incredible trip, you’ll have an amazing time. I love the Thailand travel section on Janis’ blog here: http://janis-roseanne.blogspot.com/ which might be very helpful for you!

    Can I ask what font you used to post with this post? I love it and have been searching for a similar font for a long time. Thanks in advance!


    Siobhan says:

    Hi Bri!
    You’ll have an amazing trip. I spent 3 months there (bout 9 years ago so it probably has changed a little) but I found Koh Tao to be my favourite. Good quality beach huts. Private bathrooms. Great beaches. Relaxed atmosphere. Its small so less touristy and busy, nice community vibe. I personally found Krabi a little dull. Fine to spend a night there to get to your next destination but there’s nicer places to spend your time. One thing, when island hopping and given an ETA, add another hour at least. Dont make any boat trips that you need to catch a flight straight from. Its all very relaxed. At least that what it was like a few years ago. This may have changed. Have a ball!

    Jessica says:

    I have been dying to go to this place in Koh Tao for years just to sit in the pool and enjoy the view: http://www.kohtaocasas.com

    Phuket is just full of tourists… not sure I’d be in a rush to go back there!

    So weird! I am on vacation in Thailand right now! Ha! I loved Railay, but I found Phi Phi to be so so. It was very busy. Railay Princess was the hotel we stayed at and it was so nice. the rooms were very modern, the beach was easy to get to (about a 2 minute walk) the pool was gorgeous, the viewpoints are amazing and the people are very nice. They are doing a bit of construction, but it’s not too bad. I am going to do a blog post on my trip so look out for it within the next couple of days. The link: http://www.thesimplehomeblog.blogspot.com

    Safe travels!

    Becky says:

    It’s exciting you’re going to Thailand – my husband and I have been there twice. First for three weeks in the South East (Koh Samui, Koh Phagnan, Koh Tao) then we spent three weeks in and around Koh Lanta two years later.

    Koh Phi Phi was a gorgeous looking place but the infrastructure was terrible. Both of us are seasoned travellers and take certain precautions (brushing teeth with bottled water when out of the larger cities, no ice, etc.) and we both got very sick there. Not that this couldn’t happen anywhere but you will smell sewage walking along the main paths at times – be cautious after a hard rain. We are guessing we got sick from poorly washed dishes at a restaurant or the wine glasses in our room (henceforth the island was called Koh Poo Poo). Over the years we have spent almost 8 months living in South East Asia and this was our only encounter with food poisoning (we were there in 2011).

    About taxis/Tuk Tuks: No one wants to use a meter. You want to use a meter. Stand your ground or you’ll overpay – especially at the airports or in large cities.

    And if you make it to Bangkok – check out the flower market. It will blow your mind.

    Enjoy the islands – bring your camera and your belly – Thailand is a stunning country with TONS of yummy food!

    Frint says:

    Hi Bri 🙂
    am Frint and I live in Bangkok but I have a friend who lives in Phuket. so if you want more information about travelling in Thailand fell free to ask me.

    If you want to see a nightlife in Phuket I prefer Pa Thong beach.
    but in the early morning when it’s not much people in Nai Yang beach is really calm. or Nai Harn beach it’s near Phromthep Cape.

    Railay bay is so awesome!

    Glad to hear that you’d love to come ♥

    Clare says:

    Please checkout Koh Tao!! It’s a little less commercialized, you would love the Buddha Bar on the beach! And the sunsets ……mesmerizing!!

    Julie says:

    I just got back from my honeymoon in Thailand and if you can swing adding a flight to go up north to Chiang Mai, I highly suggest it. Chiang Mai was the most authentic and least touristy of the locations and the food is to die for. If you go there you MUST eat at the Tamarind: http://www.tamarindvillage.com
    Also check out the Pantara Elephant Farm – it was the most amazing experience.

    As far as Phuket (which was my least favorite spot)- WAY TOO TOURISTY – I suggest taking the John Gray Sea Kayak Canoe “Hong by Starlight” tour.

    Enjoy xo

    Jess says:

    I stayed in Ko Tao for 5 days and it was SO relaxing, not super touristy, and GORGEOUS!!

    The island was not filled with backpackers and was a GREAT place to snorkel/scuba dive.

    HIGHLY recommended!!

    Alice says:

    I’m going to be repeating a lot of other comments here, but I wanted to chime in anyway since we’ve been to Thailand I think about 5 times…

    Phi Phi, Phuket, Krabi – v. touristy (Phuket is worse than Phi Phi and Krabi, which both have a lot of beautiful places). Phi Phi is filled with crude and drunk punters. Ko Lanta is one of our favorite places in Thailand, along with Chiang Mai. It’s not easy to get to, but it is well worth the trip. Keep in mind, we were in Ko Lanta literally a couple of weeks before the 2004 tsunami so we have no idea if some places have been wiped out but it was a great, chill place. One of my favorite meals of all time was on a washed up log at a beachside restaurant – freshly-caught whole fish washed down with copious amounts of cold Thai beer. (Don’t forget, Thailand is not just about beautiful beaches, but extraordinary food. You will never be able to eat Thai food in the U.S. again.)

    We both love Bangkok – it’s everything a big Asian city should be…a crazy, hot, chaotic mass of humanity. And everyone just co-exists.

    Please email me if you want to some of our photos…My hubby’s a photography fiend . He’s got some great shots of the islands.

    Alice says:

    Forgot to mention – do not try to cut it close on your last day…I would leave one day/night to spend in Bangkok before your flight home. You absolutely do not want to be stressed out making connections for an international flight.

    Two years ago, we were late connecting through Bangkok to Singapore on New Year’s Eve and the flight was inexplicably late and we were not going to be in Singapore to celebrate NYE with my brother and SIL. A rep from Thai Air grabbed us on a cart part-way, we flat-out sprinted the 2nd half through the Bangkok airport and barely made another flight to SING. We were flying 1st class, so we think this is why they got us on the different flight. Otherwise, we would have been SOL.

    Daphne says:

    Skip Phuket, it’s the worst. Head to Ko Phangan and Ko Samui. Best place in earth.

    Cristina says:

    Since you will be in Koh Phi Phi you will want to to go to Maya Beach, from the movie The Beach. The trick is to get there early. We got a local fisherman to take us around 7 am and eventhough I am not a morning person it was totally worth it. It was incredibly beautiful and we had the beach to ourselves until 10, when the tourist hoards arrived. I am also pro Koh Tao if you decide to head in that direction. I fell in love with it.

    Maddie says:

    I’ve been to Thailand twice both times I went to Koh Samui a great little island with a wonderful resort called the Impiana. Definitely worth checking out.

    Nicky Page says:

    Hi Bri, I wouldnt recommend Krabi, it really isnt anything special. On the other hand we loved Koh Lanta, especially hring scooters and riding around the island. There is alot more to do on Koh Lanta and it feels more holidayish than Krabi. I truly wasnt impressed with the place. We stayed at a place called Bee Bee’s, very simple bungalows but right on the beach and it had a great vibe.
    Cool, well hope that helps some.
    xoxo Nicky

    Cindy says:

    So I’ve been to Thailand a few times growing up. Sadly, I can’t recall exactly where I have been, but one thing I clearly remember is how delicious their watermelon icy drink is. Their watermelons are incomparably sweet and rich with flavor. I’m sure you can grab a class practically anywhere. Have fun! =)

    faith Slater says:

    Bri you will love thailand!!! def go to Koh Lanta–its just so laid back! You have to go to a bar called “the Indian”, great drinks and the best, most friendly barowner/bartender around!

    I highly suggest staying in a bungalow on Railei Beach!! I went backpacking in 2008 with a New Zealand based company called Pacific Discovery, and we stayed in a home in the Railei Beach Club. The home was gorgeous, with very ornate wood doors and trim, outdoor shower, and monkey flying through the trees. At night a bunch of us decided to go skinny-dipping, it was dark, no big deal right? Wrong. That beach had the brightest bioluminescence I have ever seen!! Flutter your fingers just a tiny bit and the water lights up. Kick your feet way down low and your feet light up. It was an experience I will never forget. From Railei Beach we took a scuba diving day trip, and you can also rock-climb and snorkel. Others are right, the food there was just so-so (the best food is in the non touristy areas of Bangkok and near the tribal communities of northern Thailand), but it really is a great place to relax and enjoy what southern Thailand has to offer!!

    forgot to mention that I documented my trip in a very short-lived (but still online!) blog:


    one of the last few posts has several photos from railei beach and the bungalow we stayed in with railei beach club.

    maybe the rest of the photos from Laos, Vietnam, Cambodia, and other areas of Thailand will give you the itch to see other parts of that beautiful area of the world too 😉

    safe travels 🙂

    Anonymous says:

    The best bit of advice I can give you to just accept that transport rarely runs on time there, make sure you have something to amuse you whilst you wait. Also Ko phi phi is quite touristy, it is beautiful though and well worth the trip. The best place we stay was Haad Salad on KohPhagan, we had a gorgeous bungalow right on the beach. The locals there were so lovely as well. Have a great trip.

    misspennyjane says:

    Kho Tao

    Aleenta! Super lowkey, romantic and not too far outside of Phuket, but not like Phuket at all. At least when we were there, which is now 4+ years ago. I think we were one of two couples staying there…may have been the off season, but it was so nice. I would not, however, recommend the elephant rides/tours in the area. That was an uncomfortable disappointment, though I am sure there are much better ones than we experienced, at least according to Bloglandia.



    Jonna says:

    Hi Bri!
    If you go to Ao Nang, I recommend Chicken Island (Koh Kai), because snorkeling there was amazing. There are beautiful corals and fish only in one meters depth and you can see them easily. We were there 10 years ago, so I hope it hasn´t change much… I did like Ao Nang very much. Don’t stay in Phuket. Have a nice trip to Thailand!

    ashley says:

    in my opinion, a day trip to phi phi isn’t worth it. it’s crazy touristy and big. spend your time in railay instead. beautiful beaches and nothing to do (which is the best part).

    Kate says:

    This travel blog is a great resource for visiting Thailand: http://www.alexinwanderland.com/category/destinations/thailand/

    Esther says:

    I had a business trip to Thailand this past October. Didn’t get to explore too much, but I would highly recommend trying all the different types of fruit! Have a wonderful time!

    Ok, so I went to Krabi years ago and it became one of my favorite places in the world. I was there with 12 girls, but thought it would be the best romantic getaway, as the resort where we stayed was the perfect combination of bungalows, beach, relaxation and romance. plus their spa was THE BEST. It’s the http://www.tubkaakresort.com/ and it is AMAZING. I blogged about it here:



    Aimee says:

    Koh Lanta is So relaxing ,will recommend Andalay Boutique Resort. really nice place to stay.

    Kate says:

    I can’t recommend highly enough Koh Lanta and the resort Narima with a sunset view of Koh Haa – so amazing that my cousin recreated our trip there for her honeymoon! Koh Lanta is more laid back and smaller than Phuket and it was the most relaxing 8-day-vacation we’ve ever had!

    Jen says:

    We loved Koh Phi Phi and Koh Lanta and we spent a good 6 weeks traveling around southeast Asia. Phi Phi literally, to this day, has the most beautiful beaches I have ever seen. It is where the movie, “The Beach” was filmed so ’nuff said. We spent a few days there, went to Koh Lanta, and since the weather wasn’t great went back to Koh Phi Phi for a week.

    When you go to Koh Phi Phi, stay in a separate beach area, not in the main part of the island. I HIGHLY recommend Long Beach, (Laem Thong). You can take a water taxi from the pier, and it is gorgeous and quiet and lined with beach bungalows ranging from super nice to super budget, but none are actually expensive. ALso, the main part of the island is a short walk away through the jungle (so fun!). If we didn’t stay there I don’t know how much I would have liked it. The town of Phi Phi is great to visit, but not a beachy place to stay.

    When you’re in Koh Lanta, you should definitely try to make it to the Emerald Cave. You can go on a day trip. Its a hidden lagoon that you swim through a cave to. It’s amazing! If you guys like adventure there is also a cave inland you can tour with a guide. It’s pretty amazing too!

    Have so much fun! Can’t wait to see what you do!

    claire says:

    I have been to Thailand three times and think only a day trip to Phi Phi is needed. I would also spend more than a night in Phuket so you can enjoy a bit of cheap shopping, inexpensive pampering (think $8 1 hour massage) and other perks. We usually begin with the hustle and bustle of Phuket, do some shopping, cheap eats, cheap massages, mani-pedis and even get some of my favourite dresses copied at a tailor, then head off for our relaxing island hopping.

    Have fun!

    Ashley says:

    Will you be spending any time in Bangkok? Or heading straight to the beaches?
    We went for our honeymoon. Here’s a link to the Travelogue: http://www.hitherandthither.net/category/Thailand

    sarah says:

    I’ll keep it short and sweet since you have so many other helpful comments to read, but I’ve taught in Thailand and basically did the trip you’re hoping to do over my Christmas break one year. Like you said Phuket is touristy-so get outta there. Koh lanta is beautiful and sleepy so it’s perfect for relaxing and there are a ton of beachy bungalows. Thailand is the type of place where you don’t need to plan ahead too much-you can go check out a couple bungalows and decide right then and there where you’d like to stay. Railay bay is SO AMAZING and I think you’d be bummed if you didn’t spend at least two nights there. There are some luxurious hotels and spas as well as fun outdoorsy activities like hiking, rock climbing and kayaking. As for massages-sit on any beach for longer than 15 minutes and someone will come up to you and ask if you want a massage. Usually $5 an hour! So cheap and relaxing.
    The most important advice I have for you is be prepared to wait. Ferrys, taxis, and every thing else in Thailand takes time. It’s a very laid back place- our strict American schedules don’t do well there. So remember to be patient when you thought your ferry ride would be an hour long and you realize it’s taking over an hour for everyone to get on the boat in the first place.
    Random tidbit: don’t put your feet up on ANYTHING! It is very offensive in Thai culture.
    Have a great time 🙂

    Som says:

    I am actually from Thailand! I was born in Bangkok, and it you are looking for relaxation, don’t go there. Phuket, Pattaya, Krabi are all very touristy. It’s best if you avoid all of that. Hua Hin is nice, still touristy, but mostly Thai families with small children. I recommend Trad, its west of Bangkok and there is this island of its coast, Koh Mak. It’s fantastic! http://www.kohmak.com/

    Lea says:

    Careful with the beach bungalows in smaller towns, electricity is definitely a luxury depending on the weather. I just went to Bangkok, Phuket and Chiang Mai in June and it was definitely the culture shock I was looking for. We booked a private pool bungalow in Phuket and were not even able to use our pool (or outside bathroom) without getting eaten alive by mosquitoes. I think the weather is better this time of year, but we were not able to do anything in Phuket because of storms, so have backup in case island hopping is not an option. Plan day trips ahead of time, read up on the local schemes (you will get taken advantage of at some point) and know as much as you can before you go because it is very rare to find an English speaking person, even working at the hotels. Also, be mindful of the abuse the animals take for the sake of tourist entertainment. There are plenty of other things to do that do not promote the abuse of elephants and other exotic, endangered animals. Have fun! 😉

    Thailand says:

    Hi, I just got

    Chelus says:

    Hi, I got back from a month in Thailand last week. Let me start off by saying you will have an amazing time. Apologize for the accidental early submission above.

    I want to start off by saying I kept hearing:” you shouldn’t travel around so much down south. Don’t squeeze things in. A beach is a beach is a beach.” I was skeptical & did 5 places in 14 days… it was not worth it. We ended up getting sick & stressed out. If you are looking for relaxation, packing & moving islands is not going to lead to that.

    That being said… I agree with limited time in phuket. You could probably even try to get a boat out that night to an island if you don’t land late. They are short rides & even with jet lag it isn’t bad (unless you get sea sick). Phi Phi was worth it for a couple days. It is definitely a PARTY place though. There are 2 parts to phi phi, don or le. Don is where you are dropped off, but you can take a boat to le. Le is beautiful & quiet. Don has an amazing dance party scene. Depends what you want. But I do recommend a half day speed boat tour. Not long boat. Do it later if you can… we got a group of ppl together & rented our own. Then we did a phosphorescence swim at night. You use snorkels & see plankton & sparkles. As well as you see the beach beach when it isn’t busy & some awesome fish & cool islands/ bays.

    Ao Nang is another busy party town. BUT we literally spent 10 mins on a bus there, straight to a boat & then to Ton Sai. A tiny rastafarian wonderland. There’s fire shows every night. Great food & music. & its a tiny tree lined beach paradise. You can also do deep water solo diving there. You climb the many rocks out in the bays & then jump in. Heard it’s amazing, but we didn’t have time. You can also walk to Railay beach. It’s hugely populated with families & EXPENSIVE. But it is beautiful & worth a day trip. My friend went to the right of Ao Nang. It’s was apparently even more amazing than Ton Sai. There’s limited hotels/ guesthouses with electricity but there’s a few. Definitely a Rastafarian wonderland though.
    Don’t bother stopping in Krabi town. Just stay on the beaches & you will be pleased.
    I didn’t go to koh lanta. Just a few other places on the other side.

    DON’T go prebooking before your trip. There is wifi everywhere. You can book hotels the day before you leave. Or just show up early enough in the day & find something. I was a tad OCD before thailand, now I realize you just relax & you will always find yourself in a wonderful place. You book all the boats at the travel agencies. They usually have a set price on the wall for different companies they sell for. I say go for the express/ fast ferries if you can. Otherwise you stop at a few islands & are looking at 3-5 hour ferry rides. Give yourself enough time to get back to Phuket though…. EVERYONE is on Thai time. Our boat was 3 hours late. No notice, no information. Sometimes they even stop running if the water gets choppy.

    You can also do day trips to different islands all around then return back to where you are staying. They do island tours too.

    All is very cheap. Ferries are about 20-30$ each.

    You should really take the time to go to the elephant nature preserve in Chaiang Mai. Its an experience you can’t have anywhere else in the world. You’re spending the day with amazing animals, getting closer and interacting in a way you would never be able to in the US. It’s also a great cause and an amazing memory. I talked about our trip on my blog. I totally agree with all your other bits and pieces, but this is the one place you should add! :http://www.wouldntitbelovely.com/wouldntitbelovelyblog/2013/08/asia-travel-part-three-bangkok-and.html

    Ellie says:

    Super Jealous! There are great recommendations from one of my well traveled friends who always finds hidden gems on bonvoyaging.com – a great site that allows you to map and organize your trip. Her trip was fabulous and I would highly recommend checking out her sweet spots. Link specifically to her trip here: http://bonvoyaging.com/ncohen/12-thailand-bangkok-chiang-mai-krabi Have a blast!

    Nicole says:

    Thanks Ellie! Thailand is amazing! Bri, I have to recommend you to go Issaya Siamese Club in Bangkok, the decor is beautiful. As for beaches, in Krabi skip Railay (too crowded) and get a boat to Bamboo Island, it’s amazing! Bon Voyaing!

    Laurie says:

    Hi! It seems like everyone is telling you where to go so I want to tell you what to eat!

    Som Tom – Papaya Salad – so delicious! It’s made with green papaya that is shredded then mixed in lime juice and chilis with tomatoes, peanuts, carrots and sometimes dried shrimp or crab. (if you don’t want it super fishy you can ask for no dried shrimp)
    Pad Thai – This one may seem fairly obvious but seriously it’s just so delicious.
    Pad See You – However you want to spell this, another noodle dish made with thick noodles, broccoli rabe, egg, and chicken or pork. Yummmm.
    Laab Moo – Moo is the Thai word for pork, laab is a ground meat dish. Basically ground up pork that is super sour and citrusy, usually served with cabbage to make wraps with.
    Khao Soy – Khao (pronounced cow) is the Thai word for rice. I’m not sure if you can find this dish in the islands as it’s native to Northern Thailand but it was my favorite. It’s a chicken, noodles, curry broth and coconut milk… just started drooling.
    Tom Yum – sweet and sour soup can be made with fish, or any other meat.
    Any fresh fruit you can get your hands on – papaya, oranges, tangerines, rambutan (called na in Thai), mangosteen (mang koot in Thai), pineapple, etc.
    Also any fresh fish – in the islands you’ll most likely find places that let you pick out a freshly caught fish then they’ll prepare it for you right in front of you.

    Thailand is amazing and not matter where you go or what you eat you’ll have a great time! The Thai people are so nice and so helpful. Have fun! Sa wat dee ka!

    Ania says:

    More from Thailand you can see at my blog: http://www.mammamija.pl

    janie says:

    my husband lived all over thailand for two years. from bangkok to chaing rai! he loved it and after we got married he took me back and we lived there for two months {may-july}!! if you can you should visit the entire country. top to bottom. the mountains in the north are amazing and the weather is fantastic. be sure to check out the elephant conservation there, too!! the big city of bangkok is fascinating and fast-paced and full of amazing food and bright lights. make sure so ride in a tuk tuk!! it’s the ride of your life! then you HAVE to see the islands!! the beach is so lovely. koh phi phi was our favorite. snorkel if possible to see the beautiful life under water. but just sitting on the beach and swimming in the ocean are thrilling as well. thailand is an amazing place. we want to retire there someday. 🙂 enjoy!!

    Natasja says:

    We just got back from Thailand 2 weeks ago, while we did do Bangkok as well, we made Phuket our base for the ‘island’ part of our holiday, hired a car and did daytrips out to the other islands for swimming and snorkelling (Phi Phi, James Bond etc). Its really easy to drive in Phuket, and was the best thing we did, as we had our own transport from when we landed and could basically go anywhere for sundowners, lunch or dinner. Phuket is touristy and we also wanted to avoid the more popular south side, so stayed in Rawai, a small fishing village on the east coast at the Vijitt resort. Patong, Kata etc are all a very quick to drive if you want to go for the day. Phuket Old Town is also lovely. But there is seriously so much to see and do, and its easy to want to try and see it all, so if you want to relax more, plan the must see sights beforehand and stick to this! Here are some of our Phuket pics – https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10151829821596681&type=1&l=c9cbdd081a

    Lauren says:

    Okay, so I just got back from Thailand YESTERDAY. It was amazing and you will love it. We went everywhere, but spent the last few days on Phi Phi and LOVED every second. We stayed here –> http://relaxbeach.resortphiphi.com/. It’s totally rustic, but it’s a 30 minute longtail ride from the crazy Phi Phi pier, it’s secluded, has a delicious restaurant, an amazing staff (seriously some of the nicest people I met), can set up tours for you, and has a gorgeous, uncrowded beach. I can’t say enough about it.

    Mags says:

    Bit of a nip-slip in that last picture, whoops.

    Thank you nice article.
    your next trip…Phuket is the best choice for you!!
    I love here Surin Beach Hotel This hotel is very nice clean and the people are friendly. VERY nice hotel with helpful staff.
    And I really love white sand, crystal clear waters at Surin Beach too.
    Thank again.

    Very nice! If ever you’re in Thailand again try to visit Koh Samui Island and while you are here try our Funny Day Safari service: Full Day Safari, Half Day Safari, Elephant Trekking, Crocodile show, 4 in One program and many more… please check our website for more information.


    Bridget says:

    Ko Lanta is amazing, definitely go!!!! Very chilled out, lots of beach bungalows, plenty of beaches to explore, snorkelling, old town! We normally stay on Long Beach (Phra-Ae), go to ‘Somewhere Else’ on long beach for the best Thai food!! ‘Red Snapper’ does asian fusion food, steak was amazing, more upmarket/expensive.

    Janna says:

    Go to Koh Yao Noi…Island Yoga and complete seclusion. The only non-touristy spot I visited in the county! Stunning. if it’s not too late. Ton Sai and Reilly for sure. Krabi > Phuket

    And Pai is the absolute nicest if you can make it up north above Chiang Mai.

    I’m moving to Laos from Seoul in July. Be in touch if you ever make it there, and I’ll be the hostess with the mostest!

    Btw get ready to enjoy the best food of your life!

    dylcia says:

    Hi there!

    Just in case you are still trying to figure out where you are going to go in Thailand, My husband and I just got back and we highly recommend staying in Ko Phi Phi Island. We were there for 4 nights and it was AMAZING! We stayed at this resort: http://bit.ly/1kYyFIR

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