browsing through different hair styles is so fun, right? i remember always loving those huge books at the salon where you can pick out the style you wanted. i did a post on 7 up hair styles here, so i thought i would do one on hair down looks as well. i’ve been in the mood to switch up my hair lately (a change of seasons will do that to ya.) here’s the looks that i’ve been drawn to…

i like taylor swift’s retro look here. long bangs and a slight curl.

i just thought this bobby pin idea was cool.

parted bangs. messy but still feminine. i’m into it.

my friend ali used to have this bright red hair with short bangs. it’s blonde now, but she’s still rocking the short bangs. such a french cinema vibe to it. i would love these, it just feels like a big commitment to chop those off.

my go-to hair style when i want to look a little fancier. see the post here.

my hair is naturally more wavy, but i like how chunky & defined her waves are above.

and my favorite hair inspiration? miss bardot of course.

which one do you see yourself with the most?


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    Adinda says:

    I like the Bardot one too! Forever style icon <3 -xadinda

    How very cool. Love the triangular Bobby pin – and the Bridget Bardot look is always a favourite!

    I always just end up wearing my hair down – this makes me want to step up my game a bit.

    Kyra says:

    I was against bangs on me for YEARS and this summer I decided to go with long ones, then decided I wanted some Audrey Hepburn action. And I love them! As my hairdresser said, try it- they’ll grow out super fast if you don’t like them. I find that they’re super flexible and every few weeks they’re a new length and you can have a new look to play with. I think they’d suit you too!

    Anna S. says:

    I felt the same way about changing my hair and actually got a drastic cut on Tuesday! I am deff drawn to the Taylor Swift look and I love the creativity with the bobby pins!

    maggie says:

    I like the parted bangs look – I am in the process of growing mine out, so I’m glad I can style them like this!

    Love all of these! My hair is getting to the super-long point. I’m always rocking soft waves!

    x Sara from andalittlechaos.blogspot.com

    While I’m a Brigitte Bardot girl in my head, I’m really all about the messy waves. That’s just me. Of course there are many bad hair days as a result. I describe my hair as “bed head.” Since I shower at night, I get up and hope for the best because no brush will be able to help.

    Meredith says:

    That’s funny that you’re inspo is Bardot because your hair looks exactly like that, and you kind of look like her:) well done 😉
    my inspiration is Zooey Deschanel. Blunt bangs, soft curls.

    By the way, I’m obsessed with all things geometric lately so when I saw those bobby pins in a triangle.. uuhh yeah. totally doing that. maybe tomorrow.

    thanks for all that you share!

    Since I cut my hair off for this autumn season, I’m pretty sure I’ll have to stick to the big waves and bobby pin looks for awhile. But, I’m a HUGE fan of the “Bardot style” and the “retro look.”

    I can’t wait to play with the bobby pin idea! So much fun!

    These hairstyles are all so pretty. Love the Bardot style and as a few others pointed out it looks just like your hair 🙂
    My hair is long and I have blunt bangs but it’s incredibly floppy and straight with a major aversion to even the slightest wave or body. Nothing I do (including bad perms back in the early 90s) will make my thin hair keep any wave or curl.
    Oh, what I wouldn’t give for half the body of these hairstyles!

    Mandy says:

    Love the retro look!

    Mandy says:

    I love the retro look.

    Alecia says:

    you have the best hair – don’t change it 🙂 No I get it, sometimes you just need to liven things up from time to time. I am definitely a messy waves girl – that is pretty much my exact hair when I don’t blow dry (which I hate doing btw)

    Elin says:

    I tend to wear my hair down a lot. Although my hair is very straight and fine so I don’t have as much volume as I would like it to have. I definelty want to try the bobby-pin trick.

    sharon says:

    woahh, hold on. youre friends with ali from a fine frenzy?!

    amanda says:

    taylor swift’s hair looks so good that color. i really dig her style.

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