as you know from my recent travels, i’ve been using airbnb to book apartments. (italy here, rome here, sweden here) i pulled together 5 cute california spots you could stay in case you are headed west anytime soon! or maybe a staycation? a few by the beach, one in a treehouse (!), an artist loft and one in my silver lake neighborhood. i might even rent that place in malibu for our next anniversary…


click to rent them here:

venice beach cottage, SF treehouse, malibu beach house, downtown loft, silver lake apartmentline

people ask quite a bit on instagram how i find the places that i stay. here’s a few of my airbnb tips:

  1. 1. first do research on the neighborhood. location is key! while it’s great to have an amazing place to sleep, you still want to be able to walk around to shops and cafes easily. i usually google the “hip” or “trendy” neighborhoods because it usually means they have a lot going on as far as restaurants and fun sights. then i type that neighborhood into airbnb.
  2. 2. i always read the reviews. i am skeptical about places with only 1 or 2 reviews. usually the great places have a lot people giving you their two cents.
  3. 3. create wish lists & organize your listings into the “my trips” section. we did this for our recent european trip so we could share our lists with each other and decide our favorites. that way you don’t have to keep all the tabs open, they will save them for you.
  4. 4. if i have a minimum budget i always start the filters there. this will shorten the time you have to weed through places. i keep the maximum budget high, just because i like to look. although it’s sometimes torture 🙂
  5. 5. a couple more things i always check for: is it close to public transportation? does it have wifi? is it up 10 flights of stairs with no elevator (yes, i found that out that hard way, with heavy bags) and sometimes i ask the host if the apartment still looks the same as in the photos. you don’t want to get there and it look completely different because the photos were old.

(this post was sponsored by airbnb, all opinions are my own. photos by designlovefest)


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    Alecia says:

    Thanks for putting this together Bri. I think my husband and I might have to snag one of those apartment for a trip next year to California. I love Airbnb! And thanks for giving some pointers, I always get worried I am going to get to the house and it is secluded or worse doesn’t look like the pictures.

    Elise says:

    Wow so pretty!

    Stephanie says:

    Do you have any tips or suggestions for getting the most out of Airbnb? My husband and I are going to Argentina for our honeymoon and we’d really like to stay in an apartment/condo instead of hotels so we’ve been looking into Airbnb. I love the idea but I’m paranoid about safety (what if they steal our stuff while we’re out? what if they secretly video tape us during our stay and invade our privacy? what if they kidnap up??). Can you tell I’m a little crazy? Anyway – any tips or advice to calm my fears? Thanks so much!

    Wow! Fab places. My boyfriend and I may need to try out the treehouse experience this summer!

    This is great Bri. You find always the best places on AirBnb. Can you put some more together? 🙂

    sarah.a. says:

    we just used airbnb and stayed in an awesome townhouse in Portland, Oregon. the place in seattle didn’t quite live up to the pictures but we didn’t mind since that was only one night, it did have a nice view though.

    nice places you’ve found.

    Thank you so much for the tips! I’ve never used airbnb but I’m thinking of trying it out in Hawaii next year. Seems so much more homey than staying in an (expensive) hotel.

    Really loved this! <3 🙂 Thank you.

    maggie says:

    Um, that treehouse in San Fran is AWESOME.

    Vicky says:

    Love this! I totally want to visit all of these!!

    oooh now you’re making me long for a trip to California! That malibu beach house looks perfect. I love airbnb. I just stayed in an amazing bohemian chic apartment in DC through them.

    Chelsea says:

    All these places look great! I love flicking through air bnb and planning out future travels! x

    Karissa says:

    My husband and I honeymooned in that very treehouse! The host family is amazing, still friends with their daughter. HIGHLY recommended.

    Mei says:

    Loving the tree house and LA Loft. I love to check out places on airBNB and add them to favourite lists! xoxo

    that malibu beach house looks so dreamy! wish i could afford a getaway like this!

    amber says:

    Love love LOVE that artist loft space! Dream space for sure! 🙂

    Charlotte says:

    Oooh, these all look amazing, especially the treehouse and artist’s place! Great advice too.

    I’m heading to SF this week and THANK GOD I read your blog before hand. I just booked with the treehouse! I’m beyond pumped. This is brilliant. I’ll take pics!

    Krista says:

    Yay! After staying in some sweet places, my boyfriend and I just started hosting on AirBnb in Burlington, VT and love it. So fun to see the California places!

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    OH MY GOSH, the treehouse!
    so magical.

    Molly {Dreams in HD}

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