there are many times when i will be dressed in a casual daytime look and be too lazy to change the whole thing for an evening out to dinner. what i usually do is just switch out the shoes and accessories but keep the base items the same. something as simple as throwing on heels and pulling your hair back can completely transform your outfit to look more dressy. i picked up a few of these items at nordstrom rack for a really good price. here’s an example…


during the day, i wore a pair of black jeans with a simple and super comfortable white v-neck tee. i added a black beanie, my vans moccasins and i’m carrying my computer in my orange backpack.


this is a look i would wear to the office or for a casual coffee meeting in the afternoon.

shop the daytime look:

KAIN white t-shirt, MIH black jeans, Vans moccasins from Nordstrom Rack, Zara beanie, Frost River orange backpack.


now let’s say i was going to meet someone for cocktails or arian for a dinner date…


i would keep the white tee and black jeans, pull my hair in a ponytail or bun, and switch to heels. also, this joie sequin blazer and darker lipstick immediately gives it a nighttime feel.


so there you have it. a day to night outfit without a huge hassle.

shop the evening look:

white t-shirt, MIH black paris jeans, Calvin Klein heels from Norstrom Rack, Joie sequin blazer from Nordstrom Rack, and a vintage necklace.


photos by: heather gildroy
styled by: joanie cusack
hair by:
 alicyn blackman
makeup by: kelly shew

(see more style posts here. this post is brought to you by nordstrom rack. embark on your fall style hunt and discover the season’s fashions for less.) 


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    gorgeous bri! absolutely loving your jacket in the night photos.

    Molly {Dreams in HD}

    You made the transition for day to night look effortless. Both looks look amazing but I love the night jacket!

    Brooke says:

    So cute! Love the basic daytime look, but my heart is always in getting dressed up—so your night look is my fav! The sequin blazer is so pretty. I might have to stop in Joie tonight!

    xo Brooke | honestly, b.

    Lynn says:

    Speaking from one man’s point of view (my husband’s), he would definitely not be a fan of the ponytail at night. He often pulls mine out of the elastic even if I have that horrible dent in my hair! I have to agree that I think your hair down for night would be great – you could sleeken it if you wanted a true change. Otherwise, I love the simplicity of the clothes transition!

    kelsey says:

    gorgeous casual style! love the pretty pony in the second look
    kw ladies in navy

    rachel says:

    two things: first i love your return (maybe only temporary) to more casual, wearable clothing.second, it’s interesting seeing you doing jeans and pants more.

    Chelsea says:

    You look gorgeous in both looks Bri! I agree with Rachel, it’s nice to see you styling more wearable items.

    Chelsea & The City

    This may be one of my FAVE posts of yours. Both looks are killing it and you look amazing! I’d wear both of those looks in a heart beat. Great job!

    Jesse says:

    love both outfit. your black jeans, white vneck and mocks are my standard uniform. i’m always looking for ways to jazz them up. thanks for the inspiration!


    gracie says:

    Oh you pretty thing!

    maggie says:

    Love the easy transition from day to night. So cute!

    Such a transformation- yet the basics are so transitional! I love it.

    Katia x says:

    I love, love, love your vans moccasin! I tried to look for it online but to no avail! 🙁

    Cate says:

    Katia, the style name is Mohikan and they have them online. (Obviously, I loved them, too). The pickings are slim, but I tracked down a pair in my size on one site!

    Amy says:

    LOVE the casual outfit!!!!

    Leah Faye says:

    i love love love the casual outfit! It looks like one of my go to outfits. So comfy and cute.
    Leah Faye
    a clover and a bee

    Chelsea says:

    Love how casual this look is, and how you can easily turn it into a stunning night time piece. x

    Anita says:

    bri, love these photos! so beautiful! outfit: simple, casual and stylish loving the simple look!

    Torri says:

    I bought those calvin kleins on sale at younkers! I was surprised by how comfortable they are. I’ve been wondering if I should treat/weather proof them? Did you do anything with yours?

    Marion says:

    Great look ! Great shoes !

    Fiona says:

    Love both – the day and the night outfits! Great styling!

    Jillian says:

    Bri – you look amazing! I agree with others, it’s great to see some casual accessible outfits!

    giulia says:

    i love this! it’s definitely the style post i can see myself the most in! question: what size backpack is that? i’d love one but i cannot figure out which is the right size to carry my laptop and such:)

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    Catherine says:

    Very sweet and chic Bri! I often go out after work and i bring a litte bag with extra shiny things to dress up my ‘safe’ work clothes

    Claire says:

    I love this post, and would love to see more of them!

    It’s great that you are getting ideas from this post as well
    as from our argument made here.

    Hollie says:

    Loving the day outfit! It’s so causal yet so refined! This may be an odd question… but what brand of bra are you wearing??? I love the classic look of it from what I can see. I’ve been looking for something that is simple and has full coverage. Something that would go perfect under a t-shirt!

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