i am more of a visual person. so i thought i would show you a bunch of the ways that videos are now evolving. from large brands to blogs, videos are showing up everywhere. in our blogshop video class (the next one is in two weeks in LA!) we go over tips on how to shoot your videos with a nice camera or even an iphone. we talk all about the equipment to buy, music resources and styling tricks. then we show you how to edit it all in photoshop. how to add text, title cards, organizing your files, adding music, and how to do it all quickly! it’s a one day crash course on videos for your business.

check out some awesome ways that video can be used…and subscribe to the designlovefest youtube channel here!


whether it’s a DIY project, a recipe or a fashion how-to…sometimes video helps explain the story better and gives people more clarification. for instance, i love what leaf tv is doing. short lifestyle videos with style…

or this video we made a few years ago showing all the different ways i like to wear scarves. video is also a great way to show your personality on your website, that doesn’t always translate through photos!



my friend elise from pennyweight has her own curated shop filled with beautiful items from various makers. i think video is such a fantastic & simple way to show off the items in your shop! i think it really gives people a better idea of how the items look in their environment. check out this short video of an industrial lamp:

and what about lookbooks? they come alive on the video platform! make your shop shine just like this adorable vintage shoe video from the weaver house!



my friend joy over at oh joy recently did a before & after video of her office makeover with my boyfriend. loved the results! show off your space in more than just 2-D.



some of the favorite videos we have put together around here have been based on our travels & adventures. some more highly produced, and some just shot on my iphone and edited in photoshop (that’s what we teach you in our video blogshop!) this is when my boyfriend and i traveled to barcelona and he documented it…

and a fun, home video style one from our girls trip to palm springs. i just rewatched this and smiled the entire time. video is such an awesome way to bring you right back to happy times.



and family! the perfect way to document your little ones. i will probably take one million videos when i have kids of my own. i mean, how cute is birdie from bleubird’s videos. unreal…



gosh, this wedding gets me every time. the lovely day of max & margaux, shot by sharkpig. we have students that sign up so they can learn how to edit their own wedding footage and save some cash…

we found it was really helpful when we first started blogshop to document the experience so people would know what to expect from the workshop…

and these are only a couple of the ways that video is changing the online world. it’s time to jump on the bandwagon! what do you think about videos? do they intimidate you? excite you? bore you? what’s your take?


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    Jessica says:

    I went to school for film + anthropology, knowing that videos were/are the best way to tell any story and bring so much life to any subject. Now that I’m working to start up my own freelance video company while doing it full time for someone else, it’s interesting to see how many people are being brave enough to switch that camera to video mode. I LOVE seeing other people take interest in my passion! It’s such a fun addiction!

    Shawnee says:

    Love this! Video is so fun + brings everything to life, especially with the social media/internet. I always looove your videos on DLF..the travel ones are amazing. Your boyfriend is very talented..just checked out his site.

    Kadie says:

    best. post. yet. keep the video coming and bring blogshop to Texas!

    Annabelle says:

    This post is awesome! I love videos so much! Even though I’m definitely a photography girl, I can’t help but play with video and make monthly films of what I’ve been up to… It’s a lovely challenge and it helps me improve my filming and editing skills for when I have actual interesting things to film. Soon.

    Ana says:

    Videos are great! I wish I could make some. But the most important question is; how does your boyfriend ALWAYS find the best soundtrack. That’s crazy. It always fits the occasion! 🙂

    Susan says:

    Bri thanks so much for this! As always so inspirational, I love the stories videos tell, so powerful:)

    Adinda says:

    I love video and I would love to learn how to make and edit them. But I live in Taiwan so an online blogshop would be perfect!! :)))

    alinor says:

    awesome awesome videos (especially the last one!)
    i wish i could participate in one of your blogshop! please please come to Paris! (or London!)

    Ludmilla says:

    Children and animals are the best video subjects, as long as one does not have to control them:)

    Love your Barcelona video!

    eleni says:

    Totally inspiring! I’ve already made one today after watching these! Thank you.

    Katrin says:

    Absolutely lovely and inspiring. Thanks, Bri!

    so true! video is totally the wave of the future!

    zandi says:

    have you seen the crepes of wraths cooking videos? they are amazing, esp from a non-full time blog. they simplify recipes in a really aesthetically pleasing way, im hella impressed by them. my favorites are the old fashioned one and choc chip cookies – http://www.youtube.com/user/crepesofwrathlive

    the whole blog is great though – http://crepesofwrath.net/

    jenn says:

    I love watching others’ videos (especially the ones here on your site), but I am a little intimidated when it comes to making my own. Great post. Lots of great inspiration.

    these are oh so wonderful! i love the medium of videos, they seem more interactive! and are so full of life.

    Tallook says:

    Nice set of videos! I really need to start doing them again for my tall blog; however, I have the hardest time finding music. Any suggestion?

    Raquel says:

    I feel like I am the only one who isn’t into videos online because I usually am reading blogs or media somewhere I can’t easily use sound! I tend to skip videos 99% of the time for this reason

    Pomai says:

    Videos are my favorite!!!! I can’t get enough of your video posts! I often find myself scouring youtube and vimeo to find mini-movies packed full of creativity, personality, and fun!

    would love to see more video dates – especially for europe!

    Larae says:

    I love it when people come together and share views.
    Great blog, stick with it!

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