well, stockholm is just like everything i had dreamed it up to be in my head for so long. luckily, i was able to sleep on the plane ride over here so we had a full day of exploring today. we arrived at our apartment in södermalm early this morning…

i’ve been practicing taking more photos on my canon 7D and not just relying on my iphone all the time. this space made that quite easy though. white TAKEOVER. floors, bedding, walls, cabinets…. i couldn’t be more happy.

of course there are colorful accents throughout the space that stand out right away…and how about that awesome black smeg fridge!

don’t get me wrong, i love sleeping next to my guy. but i gotta say, i am very excited to spreeeeead out in this bed all to myself.

and how about this pink velvet chair in my bedroom? obsessed.


stockholm selfies and our really adorable balcony that i want to have brunch on.

i love the black tile in the bathroom! and check out this relaxing sitting room full of light…

we walked all around today…this place reminds me a lot of when we visited berlin actually (see here!) i promise more updates on stores and my favorite stops in my next sweden post. this gal is jet lagged and needs to hit the hay.

look how charming this little caramel shop is! you can peek through the windows and watch the girls in their striped shirts making tons and tons of caramels…and then of course you buy them.

the shopping here really is ridiculous. so many amazing shops with beautiful tailored items. i have to show some serious restraint over here.

i will still be stopping in on the blog to post, but you can follow along with the sweden & italy adventures on my instagram here if you’d like! i can’t wait to wake up and explore more tomorrow. thanks for snapping this pic of us below, victoria!

(photos by designlovefest, see more travel posts here)


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    laura says:

    Wow what a beautiful apartment. Can’t wait to hear more about your travels.

    Lori says:

    Can you post the apartment details once you’ve left? We’re looking for a stay in October and this looks like a dream! X

    Ahhh these photos are amazing! Add Sweden to my travel wishlist!!! 🙂


    maggie says:

    This apartment is stunning – sounds like you are having a fabulous time in Sweden!

    heather says:

    Great apartment! I can’t wait to do Scandinavia. What lipstick are you wearing in the bottom pic? Gorgeous colour!

    bri says:

    sure lori, i will post it once we leave. it’s a great spot!

    shawnee says:

    bri–you are gooorgeous!! sweden is beautiful as is your apartment…i’ll be living vicariously through your photos!! xoxo

    ali says:

    i can’t take it…

    Sinead says:

    I went to Norway earlier this year and loved it – Sweden is next on the list… you are baiting me with these photographs! x

    Nicole says:

    What a gorgeous space! Hard to believe people own and rent out such amazing places..Stockholm definitely on my list!

    Mammamija says:

    We LOVE Stockholm and scandinavian design! We want to move to Sweden!!!

    Queen Mother says:

    C’MON!!!!!! That apartment is INSANE! Just love it! How fun for you, and you look just gorgeous in that last photo. I love seeing you happy! : )

    Debbie says:

    That apartment….GASP! Enjoy to the fullest!


    Looks amazing! Have fun ladies!

    Dana says:

    OOoOOOOoh that apartment! it’s gorgeous. I really want to visit there as well. looks amazing, sounds amazing. I would get so in over my head shopping in COS!

    Anonymous says:

    P.S. I forgot to say that I hope you got those amazing shoes and hat!!!!

    AAHHHH love this post! I can’t wait to hear more!!!

    Amy says:

    Never knew you were such a great photographer 🙂 And that apartment is amazing. I wish my house looked like that..

    Genah says:

    Visit Urban Deli in Södermalm!! Amazing food with a bit of a dean and delucca vibe 🙂 if you get a chance to break away from all the shopping (so tough) I recommend making a stop at Midsomarkransen on the redline. It’s scenic and a short walk will take you to breathtaking views of the water. Also amazing vintage shops in this area. Can’t wait to see more photos!

    Alessandra says:

    Are you comng to Italy?! With Blogshop!?!
    How did I miss that?!?! It’s been months since I asked for an Italian date and I missed it!?! AAAHHH!!!!

    bri says:

    genah, we were planning on trying urban deli this morning. glad you also recommend it!

    uh! that looks exactly like my kind of vacation! lovely!

    Sally says:

    Such an amazing apartment! Can’t wait to see the rest of your Stokholm photos!

    Sarolta says:

    What a lovely post. Thank you so much for the pictures. That space really makes me dream.

    Ligaya Aline says:

    Ack I’m dying over here! This is so lovely, dreamlike, beautiful. I have got to get to Stockholm. Truly amazing.

    Such a beautiful space. It’s really inspiring.

    And you! even more beautiful!

    shar says:

    that looks amazing! i can’t wait to see your post on the apartment details!

    can you tell me where you got that beautiful thick knit scarf you’re wearing in the bottom picture? i’ve been looking for one forever and that one looks so cozy!

    Katrina says:

    You are so lucky to be in the most amazing city in the entire world!!! I was fortunate enough to live in Stockholm as a student for a few months last year and I would give anything to move back.

    I know your days must be packed full, but if you have the time, take a walk up Drottninggatan starting from T-Centralen up towards Odengaten. You’ll pass amazing restaurants and shops along the way (Weekday and Beyond Retro!!) and when you reach the top of the hill, you will have the most breathtaking view in all of Stockholm! The place is called Observatorielunden and it rests on top of the stadsbiblioteket, which is also incredible inside.

    For another unforgettable view of the city, check out the bar and restaurant inside of Södra Teatern in Södermalm. There are panoramic windows!

    Trevlig helg!

    Erin says:

    YOUR LIPSTICK in the bottom pic!! Stunning. Which one is it?? Also, Stockholm looks like an absolute dream. Hope your having a great time!

    Dana says:

    hello bri, can you tell me what you use for a font in the first picture? i love this font!
    And i love your pictures. This apartment is a dream.

    wish you a wonderful trip and blogshopevent.
    (i wish you would come to BERLIN!)

    xo Dana

    Welcome to Stockholm! We have our office at Södermalm, and just loves the neighbourhood. Looks like you found a really dreamy apartment as well!!! 🙂

    For how long are you in Stockholm?

    hannah klemm says:

    I love Swedish Interior design… and this place looks amazing! Please post where you found it when you’re home. ENJOY!!!!

    good times, my friend! and your photos are awesome! so glad i joined you there, even if it was too brief! and that dinner last night. one to remember! xo

    Stefania says:

    Stunning! Thanks for helping add another city to my to-visit list. Have a wonderful trip!

    Jasmine says:

    Where did you get those black pants, Bri? They look so comfy, I NEED them in my life! 🙂 lovely apartment! xo

    claire says:

    You’ve inspired me to take an impromptu trip there! If you had time I’d love to know the details of the apartment!

    Vickie says:

    what a gorgeous apartment

    Georgia says:

    Looks gorgeous! Great interior! Have a wonderful time!

    Olivia Leitch says:

    Bri, could you please reply with the link to this exact apartment? planning a trip now!

    Isabelle says:

    Dear Bri,

    Your post gets me so excited about my upcoming trip to Stockholm !
    Could you by any chance let me know the details/link to this gorgeous apartment ?

    Many thanks !

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