white spaces seem to just take the stress right outta me. your eyes and mind are at ease, shapes & textures become more important…it literally feels like i can breathe easier. we are in the process of priming & painting our studio all white (before photos here) and i can hardly contain my excitement to see it all finished. let’s take a minute to enjoy a few light & airy spaces, shall we…

this one below is my favorite. what an absolutely dreamy place to sleep at night…

i’m not sure stress would even survive 2 minutes in a room like this one…

(photos: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)


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    Anni says:

    Oh, I so agree. Something about the dreamy lightness of white is just instantly soothing. We have lots of brick in the condo we rent, and it kills me that we can’t whitewash it. It would change the space so much!

    Megan says:

    In general, I love whitewashed aesthetic & Scandinavian styled interiors, esp in studios & workspaces. At this time in our life, I spend most of my time with our [preschool aged] sons, & the prospect of trying to keep white walls/furniture/clothes in all-ages-friendly environment would suck mama dry. I’m very thankful for dark wood floors & white accents rather than the other way around, at least for now. #lifewithboys

    Theresa says:

    This is beautiful. I was just on the phone with my brother talking about sleep habits. He has been tossing and turning since he went away to college. For the last year I told him how I have been tossing and turning until I picked up meditating, yoga and running again along with switching to new white sheets. I feel like the combination of my new habits has completely zapped my stress. Maybe it is the white sheets?! Now I want to paint my room bright white!

    Judith says:

    I couldn’t agree more! Our bedroom is ALL white (link in my name) and I love it! It’s the perfect place to de-stress, cuddle and sleep for long hours 🙂

    YES! An all white room is the epitome of the perfect rooms to me. Clean, crisp, dreamy, sophisticated. If I didn’t have an 11 month old, my house would be all white. Great round up!

    maggie says:

    White just makes everything look bigger and airy and absolutely lovely – what I would do to have rooms like this!

    Kate says:

    White rooms are gorgeous, but the all white (like the room with the stairs) makes me feel a little panicked. I think I’m worried that I’ll get it dirty!

    Jamy says:

    I want to be lying in any one of those beds at this very moment. Love!

    Sam says:

    I love all white spaces. They are really so calming.

    Latrina says:

    Oh wow. Those would definitely take the edge off of ya! for sure. 🙂 Always can appreciate the simplicity and comfort of white. <3

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    JohnRagsdale says:

    I love decorating rooms in these colors. It’s very aesthetic. And it’s really calming.

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