i have been dreaming of going to sweden for so so long. those all white interiors get me every time! we are teaching blogshop there next month (sign up here to join us!) but we added a couple of extra days so that we could really dive into the culture there. and my friend victoria from the blog sfgirlbybay will be coming with us! she is one of my favorite people. we are staying in södermalm while we are visiting, which i heard has a bunch of great shops, galleries and cafes.


have you been? as always, i would love love your recommendations and will make sure to share all of our favorite spots when we get home. best restaurants? things we have to do? your comments helped so much when we went to barcelona. thank you!

(stockholm print from society 6, interior shots found on emmas designblogg)


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    I find the Monocle one pager’s to be great on short trips:

    Also, in copenhagen, the wallpaper guide app has been a life saver too, imagine that the Stockholm one is also good.

    Enjoy the trip – bummed we won’t see you in copenhagen!

    CM says:

    I guess if it’s your first time there you have to visit Gamla Stan… pretty touristy but it’s beautiful and filled with old-time charm 🙂

    xx / http://www.hometohem.com

    Ahh! Sounds like such a fun trip with such great company! You should consider contacting Carin from the blog ‘Paris in 4 Months.’ She is originally from Stockholm and would probably have some incredible tips/recommendations!

    HAVE FUN! my family is scandinavian and i am dying to visit sweden and denmark. absorb their culture like a sponge! can’t wait to hear how amazing it is!

    Jessica Kennedy says:

    Amazing outdoor bars near the water. It’s hard to pic one. You’ll just have to wander around. I also enjoyed taking a mini boat cruise. You get to really see Stockholm. It’s only 20 suckers (Swedish kroner name). Another goody is the town hall. The Egyptian room is pretty cool. Have fun 🙂 This is one of my favorite places.

    ** Bring some extra change for drinks. Scandinavia is one of the most expensive places to drink. So enjoy every drop.

    Sara Brown says:

    I’ve never been, but I’m a visual merchandiser for IKEA and the photos that I’ve received from IKEA Stockholm are unbelievable! They get to create more outside the box than we do over here in the US, could be a fun thing to see. 🙂

    you MUST eat at B.A.R. http://restaurangbar.se/en/ not only was the food delicious, but the branding was adorable and the decor was subtle but nice! and the location was great…make sure to get reservations ahead bc we could only get in for lunch!!

    Julie says:

    Sweden is wonderful! I almost lived in Stockholm and spent several weeks trying to get the lay of the land before it fell through.

    Sodermalm is the BEST. Very bohemian and eclectic. Gotgatan is lined with shops, but definitely explore the side streets. I think you’d like the shops Grandpa (grandpa.se) and Tjallamalla (tjallamalla.com). You MUST eat at Urban Deli nearby. Ugh, Sodermalm is so cool. Can’t wait to see what you get up to.

    Also, restaurants AG and Riche are excellent and will get you to explore other islands.

    I commented recently (on your scary gator/croc story) about that Irish suicide I witnessed during my travels… glad to comment with something less morbid!


    Jane & I visited Sweden with my brother too. We were in Finland with our grandmother visiting family. Stockholm is such a beautiful and clean city. I loved the old town. The Gamla Stan. I loved walking through the narrow streets. The people are so nice too!


    Cait says:

    My husband went to Stockholm to see Prince recently. He suggests: the photo museum, the hotel bar @ the Sheraton and the SoFo area (south of Folkungagatan). He also really liked the Abba Museum; our 4yo daughter is a MASSIVE Abba fan, so this was a must for him… Enjoy!

    I just went 3 weeks ago! It’s by far one of my favourite cities now! So much fun!
    -The Fotografiska museum is a MUST! (They currently have an AMAZING Helmut Newton exhibit.)
    -The Södra Teatern is the place to be to drink and hang out on a weekend. It’s kind of like a beer garden with great views of the city and live music.
    -PUB Department store was the equivalent of Anthropologie as a department store (They have a store inside called Smiley Vintage that would be right up your alley.)
    -The Sodermalm neighborhood has awesome shopping (Grandpa, Cocktail, Smiley Vintage) as well as Pärlans Konfektyr (amazing homemade caramels.)
    -Lastly, after much research for the best Swedish Meatballs, I choose to go to Riche (which is also a cool bar at night.) Their meatballs was one of the most memorable and amazing meals I’ve ever experienced. (For the dessert, someone recommended the “Gino” which is unlike anything I’ve ever had before and quite amazing.)
    I hope these help! If I were to go back, I would definitely go to the theme park on the water, Gröna Lund, so maybe check it out too! Have fun!

    Olivia says:

    I´ve been only one time to Stockholm and I loved it.
    You totally fit to this city with your unique and modern Agneta look (as you can see here http://www.listal.com/viewimage/1063561h).
    Since I went there as a tourist, I can only recommend tourist places.

    1. You can rent a little skärgård island and barbecue with the owner, often they have sauna and you can jump right into the sea. If this is to much effort you should go for a short boat trip, so beautiful.

    2. Usually it is for children, but if you like the stories of Pippi Longstocking (Astrid Lindgren in general) and don´t mind being surrounded by hundreds of excited kiddies you will have fun at Junibacken.

    Have wonderful trip
    greedings from Germany

    Annis says:

    I love Stockholm! Me and my sister have been twice, and i have also been there with my boyfriend. For lunch i LOVE Gildas Rum, http://www.spottedbylocals.com/stockholm/gildas-rum/ you can buy great magazines at papercut http://www.papercutshop.se/ and you can have an authentic experience when you go to eat some great fish dishes in the market: Hotorgshallen (it’s underground) And the Photography museum is also very good (fotografiska)

    Uljana says:

    Hi Bri,
    oh Stockholm is a beautiful city! I lived there from 2006-2009.

    If your hotel is on Södermalm you’re already in a great part of town. So much to explore and great little shops and cafés and restaurants. Just wander around the small side streets, especially the area south of Folkungagatan (SoFo) and north as well as around Götgatan.

    1. As mention in one of the comments before, Södra Teatern on Mosebacke is a great place to a enjoy a beer or glass of wine with a fantastic view over the city.
    2. Another great little place is Nyfiken Gul (http://www.nyfikengul.se) which is located in the South of Södermalm right by the water just off Skanstull. It’s a restaurant with a flair of a garden party where you can grill your own food. Sounds weird but it’s totally fun and very laid back.
    3. Another one of my favourites is Chokladfabriken on Renstiernas gata on Söder. I love their chocolate.
    4. In Östermalm I’d recommend to head into Östermalms Saluhall which is an old market hall (http://www.ostermalmshallen.se) You can find different food stands but also the architecture is quite beautiful.
    5. Östermalm around Stureplan is generally a good place to go out at night … although it can be tricky to get into some bars at night. Not sure whether that has changed since I’ve been there … but the bouncers can be quite notorious.
    6. For great coffee head to Sosta, small Espresso bars and tiramiso to die for. According to my Italian friends it’s the closest you get to real Italian coffee outside of Italy 🙂
    7. The restaurant Grill is designed in a very particular way. Every seating area has a different theme/style. It’s definitely interesting to see the mix and match. If you don’t want to eat there, you can always enjoy a cocktail at the bar.
    8. One of my favourites touristy sight was and still is the Vasamuseet (http://www.vasamuseet.se/en) where they have the old wooden vessel exhibited that sunk in the harbour on its maiden voyage in 1628. It was selvaged in the 50s. It is pretty impressive to see this wooden ship in real. The exhibitions which also tell you about the life on board are extremely interesting.
    9. Last but not least I’d really recommend to go into the archipelago (Vaxholm, Sandhamn, etc) by boat. I believe Stockholm wouldn’t be half as great if it wasn’t for all the islands, water and nature.

    Oh and yes, going out whether it’s for drinks or dinner, can get quite pricey really quickly. The more percentage alcohol has the more expensive the drink is which means that champagne can be cheaper than a shot of vodka.

    Enjoy your stay though!

    Ela says:

    Well, you probably know this famous design blog… so just to remind you 😉 Here you go – a wonderful Stockholm Guide:


    Enjoy & have a great time!

    Surya says:

    We just came back from Stockholm and I really raccomed Restaurang B.A.R
    Blasieholmsgatan 4A check it at http://www.restaurangbar.se

    Mareike says:

    Stockholm is great. Rend a bike and make some island hopping. The parks are great, the people are very nice and well dressed. There’s a great second hand shop you will love: “Beyond Retro” – The best second hand store I’ve ever seen.

    carolyn says:

    PA & Co is delicious. Go check out the Gautier exhibit at the arkitekturmusee!
    Take a ferry to Waxholm. Eat candies from here: http://www.parlanskonfektyr.se/
    Buy something from Acne !

    Tamara says:

    Just got back from three days in Stockholm. What an amazing and elegant city. The city is crazy expensive, but you definitely get what you pay for- standards there are very high. Some of the spots we enjoyed most were:

    Herman’s Vegetarian Buffet:
    With a breathtaking view from the city’s only hill, enjoy an affordable vegetarian buffet while taking in the view. We couldn’t get enough and kept refilling on food and coffee, ended up sticking around for 2+ hours. This place is popular among locals and was great for people watching, too!

    Östermalms Saluhall:
    An elegant and high-class indoor food market. Stalls range from fish and meat to cheeses, vegetables, and chocolates. All stalls are made of wood and adorned with moose busts, Swedish flags, and taxidermic birds. The restaurants inside this market are few but awesome. A great place to stop for a traditional Swedish meal. We ate delicious fried herring with mashed potatoes and berries at Tysta Mari and it was incredible.

    Cheesy, yes, but it’s a good way to learn some history and see the city quickly. We took a tour of Old Town (Gamla Stan) and enjoyed the anecdotes and small alleys that our guide shared with us.


    Swedish fashion is avant-garde and unique but it costs a pretty penny. Stop by Weekday, a H&M brand, to indulge in Swedish fashion without the Acne price tag.

    In general, eating out is very expensive in Stockholm, costing around $40 for just a standard meal. Many restaurants offer business lunch, slashing prices almost 50% for a few hours in the middle of the day. This is a good way to save money and still enjoy the great food Stockholm has to offer.

    carolyn says:

    Herman’s vegetariska is a great vegetarian restaurant with AMAZING views of stockholm. Go and sunset!

    Laura L. says:

    Second Gamla Stan! Also– the Swedes have something called fika- it’s basically a coffee break or any kind of break of sorts. Since it’s so ingrained in their culture, cafes and coffee shops make some ace noshes and coffee! 🙂 Enjoy Sweden!

    kat says:

    Love Stockholm! Yes, go to PUB, it is the best fun of the department stores. Go to the Nordiska Musset & the design area of the National Museum.

    We are at two places we loved in Stockholm.,
    Pubologi – http://agoodappetite.blogspot.com/2011/06/eating-stockholm-pubologi.html Even though it is in Gamla Stan it didn’t seem at all touristy. The food was amazing!

    Matbaren – http://agoodappetite.blogspot.com/2011/06/eating-stockholm-matbaren-where-i-eat.html Ok, the second most expensive meal I’ve ever eaten, but worth it!

    Erica says:

    Oh, please post lots of pictures! I visited Stockholm for the first time as an 18-year-old (I am originally from Miami, so I thought it was the most exotic place on earth!) I returned to live in Sweden for six months when I was 19, and it was one of the best times of my life. I lived in a smaller city, but the nature, slower pace, appreciation of beauty, and simple joys I experienced there pretty much changed my life. Laura L’s right–experience lots of fikas, try elderflower drinks, go for woodsy walks–maybe try to find an Olle Eksell souvenir, my graphic design hero! I think hunting down amazing, mid-century Scandinavian art and trinkets was one of my favorite things to do there.

    Hanna says:

    I think this is a great guide! The blog is actually in swedish!


    Enjoy Sweden! I live up north, but I’ve been to Stockholm many times and it is lovely! Especially in summer!

    Hanna says:

    Oh, sorry! I gave you the wrong link! The correct one is: http://rodeo.net/niotillfem/2009/04/sandras-stockholmstips/

    I thought I could link to the english version, but unfortunately it didn’t work. Just scroll down a bit and you’ll see the translation button to the right! Once again, enjoy your stay!

    Café: Louie Louie at Bondegatan.
    Bar: Snotty at Skånegatan.
    Shop: Lagerhaus, Cocktail deluxe at Södermannagatan, Plezuro at Rörstrandsgatan.
    Eat: Peppar at S:t Eriksgatan.


    bri says:

    you guys are awesome, writing all of these down!!! thank you!

    Lindsey says:

    IT’S THE BEST! I adore Stockholm. I would recommend going to the Vasa Museum, and the Royal Palace. I would also recommend getting a Metro Card and using the Metro system. It’s clean, quick and easy to use! I love strolling around Stockholm without a map. Just walking down the Drottninggatan is magical. And remember to enjoy some fika!

    my hygggelig says:

    We went in 2008 and LOVED it. It did not hurt they had this amazing once in every 150 year weather! http://myhyggelig.blogspot.com/search/label/Sweden%20Trip%202008

    Bread was SO good everywhere we went in Sweden. Try it!
    Stockholm restaurants we loved:
    Tranan: http://www.tranan.se/?page_id=131
    Lao Wai: http://www.laowai.se/about.html

    Lastly, rent a bike and enjoy!!!

    Andrea says:

    I live in Stockholm and I realy agree with all the previous comments. The tips are not at all that touristy, so I think you will realy experience the city like locals do. A couple of more tips:
    For clothes and accessories: COS http://www.cosstores.com/ and &otherstories http://www.stories.com/. Both om biblioteksgatan.
    Interiors: nordiska galleriet http://www.nordiskagalleriet.se/ on nybrogatan (same street as Östermalmshallen) and Asplunds http://www.asplund.org/ on Sibyllegatan, just across the square from Östermalmshallen.
    Eat: Taverna Brillo and Boqueria in the Mood-shoppingcenter (if you visit the Mood shoppingcenter, you have to try a juice or smoothie at Juiceverket! The burgers at Vigårda there are also amazing!)
    Drinks and for a great view of the city: Och himlen därtill (www.restauranghimlen.se/)
    Enjoy your stay!

    Hanna says:

    FIKA is the most important, I agree with you Lindsey! 🙂

    Karin says:

    I don’t know if you’re wanting to visit a bunch of museums, but a good tip if you are is to get the Stockholm card (http://www.visitstockholm.com/en/stockholmcard/), if you get it for 3days+ metro access is included, along with free entry to most museums in Stockholm. I had some friends over from the UK this summer and it was definitely worth it – but since that was during tourist high-season, and the prices for a lot of the museums were upped, you should probably do a comparison 🙂

    Hope you enjoy Stockholm, it’s by far my fave city!
    Oh, and make sure to fika a lot, and try Princesstårta -it’s a classic (Swedish cakes are so SO tasty!)

    genevieve says:

    Pa and Co is one of the best restaurant I’ve been in Stockholm!!1 Really cosy with local and confort food with a twist!!! Really crowded and cozy!!! Enjoy!!!

    rahel says:

    i just spent a few days in stockholm this past summer – it’s such a lovely city! you should definitively visit the granit store on götgatan and the café muggen (also on götgatan) is great for lunch or an afternoon coffee. under kastanjen is another gorgeous café on gamla stan, perfect for some tea and cake. enjoy!

    Irene says:

    Wow! Blogshop in Europe? Super!!! Why don’t you come to Florence, too? 😛 😛

    Eva Garmendia says:

    Hi bri! So cool you are coming to Sweden! I can’t wait to see your post about it! I live in Uppsala (nice student town only 40min away from Stockholm). Probably a lot of people will tell you nice tips about Stockholm but I think you will really enjoy a fully vegetarian restaurant called Hermans in Södermalm itself! (http://www.hermans.se/) they have with no doubts the best views of whole Stockholm with an awesome garden -with hammocks that you will love” and the best vegetarian buffet in the whole city. I really hope you can go and enjoy it. Best regards!

    Zsofia says:

    The guide by Emma’s design blog is great, as mentioned before http://emmas.blogg.se/category/guide-to-stockholm.html

    You have to go to Dusty Deco, the most beautiful vintage shop in the heart of Soder http://dustydeco.com/index.php

    Also, on my blog you can find some more tips (mainly vintage shopping)

    emmakisstina says:

    So excited you’re coming to Stockholm! I recently published a Stockholm guide in online magazine Pouf! here… http://poufmagazine.com/index.php?page=magazine&mag=5

    Hopefully it’s a bit helpful!
    xo Kristina

    Corrin says:

    Yay Stockholm! Take a day or two and go to Grinda Island- so beautiful and otherworldly! Enjoy! Xoxo Corrin

    Carrie says:

    Just got back from our honeymoon in Stockholm–it’s such an amazing city with beautiful views, yummy eats and endless design stores/funky shopping!
    Gamla Stan is so cool–there were tons of great shops here on side streets and a fantastic candy store where you can watch them make it–http://www.polkapojkarna-stockholm.se/
    It’s sort of like a larger candy cane in all sorts of flavors and the store is adorable.
    Food: Riche, F12 (they have a great pre-fixe), the food hall is great, Mathias Dahlgren
    Shopping:Svensk Tenn-incredible textiles, amazing home store
    Design Torget-really cool, quirky items–everything from cool tea towels to chairs
    Carl Malmsten–down the street from Svensk Tenn, really cool furniture, rugs and glassware
    I went to H&M home store while I was there–really cool stuff Check out the Modern Museum–they also have the Gaultier exhibit there until the end of Sept http://www.arkitekturmuseet-gaultier.com/
    Vasa Museum can be done in about an hour–cool to see the ship
    Walk around Djurgården sort of like their Central Park–the ABBA museum is there and they also have tons of cafes-we had a drink in the middle of the park and it was so lovely.
    Also, if you have time take a trip to some of the archipelagos–it’s a great day trip. Have an amazing time!

    Bridget says:

    Hey Bri, I live in Stockholm! and I’ve picked up a few tips from reading the comments 🙂
    I would add a trip to Sjuan bar. It’s right next to Mösebacke bar but up an elevator to a beautiful view of the city. And yes definitely Fotografiska museum.
    Also a plug for my friend’s store in Södermalm – http://francisfloor.tictail.com/
    I’m a web designer so I know my way around photoshop already otherwise I would def be coming to blogshop.
    have fun in Scandanavia!

    Bridget says:

    Oh and Saturnus at Eriksbergsgatan 6 http://www.cafesaturnus.se/ is the best place for giant kanelbullar (cinnamon buns).

    Michelle says:

    Drop Coffee is a must 🙂 its right off Mariatorget (red line)

    Phoebe Chin says:

    I visited Stockholm last summer and had a great slice of pie at Café String in Södermalm! They also have a weekend breakfast buffet that I’ve heard is very popular. Have a great trip!

    Ash says:

    Hi, Bri! Have so much fun! My best friend is a fashion designer in the city – if you need a tour guide, Maja would be thrilled to meet you and Angela. (Her work is here: http://pinellapi.se) I visited her for my 30th birthday in April. Here’s a recap of the trip and the must dos (in my opinion): http://blogalacart.com/2013/09/sweden-2013/ ENJOY! And email if you want me to connect you with Maja. xo

    Lina says:

    Hi Bri!
    So wonderful you are going to Stockholm. I am living in Södermalm, and it is just great (even though I am bias!) I have just recently started a blog with travel guides, and just now I have published my first guide of Södermalm (in english) – I hope you will find it suitable for you! There are more coming up this week about Södermalm. I also want to thank you for a true inspiring blog Bri! And I hope I will find some traveling-tips about LA, since I am going there in november.

    Have a great trip to Sthlm!

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