okay, so before i start i want to address something. i did a survey about the blog the other day and asked the question “do you like hearing about blogshop?” and 83% of you said yes! however i still got a lot of comments about people feeling like they were too long or too often, which i can definitely understand. i am still going to post about the events because a lot of people do benefit from finding florists, event spaces, & even gift ideas from these posts, but i definitely want to give you the option to click through & read about it if you are interested and scroll right on by if you’re not. we put so much love into planning each one of the events, so i still love having a place to document how they all came together. thanks for following along!

we set up shop in craft studios. my friend james from bleubird hosted (i was so happy with how much she learned!), and elise from pennyweight helped us pull a bunch of nashville gems together for the weekend. check out this post for some of the spots we were able to visit on our down time!

we hung these adorable totes from hey rooster on the backs of their chairs. i always love watching the students look their their goodie bags when they first arrive to class.

ps, we are teaching in LA, stockholm and san fran next…join us here! spots are filling up 🙂

i have to say, my favorite part of the planning process is working with the decor gals. it’s so interesting to watch them each come up with their own unique ideas that feel like their city. this time around we worked with two extremely lovely ladies, chelsea from oh my deer (obsessed with her handwriting!) and caroline brewer. they adorned the tables with simple greens (which i am a big fan of) and even made these gorgeous dyed name tags for each student.

and can we talk about this smilebooth backdrop that the girls hand dyed! so so gorgeous and fitting for nashville. we put that thing to good use on our break times…




elise recommended we bring the barista parlor into the mix. we had iced coffee available for everyone in the morning. their branding is spot on, i just really wish we had more time so we could’ve visited their actual shop.

check out these new bkr glass water bottle colors. i am a fan of this pale pink here. i literally take mine everywhere…travel, working out, in the office.

those postcards letterpressed on wood vaneer were from sideshow press. i’m really into their website.

one of my previous blogshop students gave me a bag of nola granola and i was instantly obsessed. we tracked them down to put one flavor in each person’s goodie bag. these would make a great addition to a housewarming basket. check out their packaging here.

i’ve also had my eye on these salut flasks from izola for a while now. check out all of the different sayings you could get on yours here.

i’m a sucker for a good graphic tea towel. milkhaus design offers TONS of awesome options in her etsy shop. (and these dotted totes are pretty damn good too)

fancy up your keychain with this leather key fob from son of a sailor. they also offer these geometric options that are a little more intricate.

one student won this pouch from kertis. i am in love with this hand painted fern clutch she has in her shop too.

candles are always nice to have around the house. and getting them as a gift is even more fun. we handed out these from oil & wax.

we can all appreciate good packaging. these chocolate bars from olive and sinclair were beautiful and delicious.

blogshop peach truck2

the peach truck drove up next to our studio during our afternoon break. it was the very last day of peach season so we got lucky it was available. each student got to grab a brown bag full of peaches off the back of the truck and relax outside for a while. this truck would be so great to have at your next backyard party.

really into these funky pastel letter sets from natsumi. they are right up my alley. normally, i hold my pen like a weirdo, but angela caught me trying to hold it like a normal person here. (it still looks weird, huh? ha)


thanks for showing us a great time, nashville. we have gotta get back there next year.

you can sign up for blogshop HERE and request a blogshop in your city here.

some of our upcoming classes:

LA in september | LA video | stockholm in september! | san fran in october

(want to be an intern in one of the cities listed above? apply here! see previous blogshop posts & all of our goodie bag items used here to see our class in action and for more gift ideas.)


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    Juliane says:

    Looks like a gorgeous time. I’m a little jealous of those BKR water bottles…

    Lynne says:

    I love to read about blogshop. My favorite part is always the photo booth wall and the goody bags!

    I am in love with those nametags! So cute. Thank you for sharing!


    maggie says:

    Wish I had the funds to attend one of these workshops – one day!

    Love those notecards! Too bad Philly’s Blogshop didn’t have a peach truck (come to think of it, I don’t think I’ve even seen a peach in Philly yet), or iced coffee! Though those mimosas were rather tasty…

    Sarah says:

    This looks fantastic- so vibrant and fun! I also love seeing the little details and how to contribute to the peppy atmosphere. I also added “fancy granola” to my TJ’s shopping list, although I doubt it will be as tasty as the Nola 🙂

    Wish I could attend the SF class, but I’ll be in Pt. Reyes all day (so, don’t feel too sorry for me). Have a wonderful time!

    🙂 Sarah

    Tori says:

    This looks like one of the best blogshops yet! Thanks for sharing sooo many great companys and shops in this one!!

    Much love, http://www.myomlife.com/

    wow. awesome. and i love chelsea’s work! such a fan

    Shannon Ryan says:

    I am definitely getting one of those flasks…sooooo adorable!


    leanne says:

    love your blogshop posts bri!! even though i don’t have a blog i would love to go to one!! ha!

    Jessa says:

    Was anxiously awaiting the Nashville post, as I was out of town but *so* wishing I could have attended! I’m a singer/songwriter trying to use blogging as a platform to better connect to my audience, so I could totally use a course like this (I’m a totally blogging novice). I didn’t fill out the survey, but I too love all the Blogshop posts. Your choice in venues, decor, and vendors is always inspiring! I hope you will do another Nashville Blogshop in the future, I’m so glad you enjoyed our lovely city 🙂

    Melissa says:

    blogshop posts are one of my favourites to read, and for the very reasons you mentioned. the decor, the spaces you get to use, the backdrops, the goodies, and i love seeing the students at work/play.
    question, when you said james “hosted”, what exactly does that mean? 🙂

    Natalie says:

    Lovely post!! I love your brown short boots in the ‘cooler’ picture. Would you mind sharing where they are from?

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    Anonymous says:

    Too bad the goodie bag didn’t include more local Nashville gifts. They have so many great designers, makers, and manufacturers in that town.

    Latrina says:

    Loved this, Bri! So happy you all got to experience the lovely city that is Nashville! I’m originally from Memphis but now living here in Northern California… but definitely thinking about moving back east to Nashville! 🙂 Just loved this.

    And I really wish you guys had to chance to visit Barista Parlor! What a badass group of barista, I tell ya!

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