for this week’s DIY, we wanted to spruce up a lawn game. we thought this would be a good project if you were throwing a backyard party (paint them superbowl colors? themed birthday party? family reunion!) we love the idea of the classic horseshoes game with a little added color. we did this project in collaboration with the ready, set, paint blog hop where you can get all sorts of DIY ideas. here’s how to make the lawn game (and enter to win $200 to home depot down below. which i would most definitely spend on paint for my house if i won!)

what you’ll need:

• a horse shoe game set, there are several versions available online (we got ours here)
• ScotchBlue™ Painter’s Tape
• Testors enamel paint in 4 colors, 2 light or neutral and 2 darker or brighter colors
• self etching primer (can be found at auto parts stores)
• mineral spirits
• 400 grit wet/dry sandpaper
• paint brush

how to make it:

• using 3m blue painters tape, tape your horse shoes leaving about an 1 1/2  of the ends exposed.

• the key to making your paint job durable enough to withstand many games of horse shoes is proper preparation of your surface to be painted and dry time. be sure to carefully follow all the steps listed on the label of primer you use. you will want to clean the surface of your shoes with mineral spirits to remove any grease and dirt and then sand lightly with 400 grit sandpaper. spray primer according to their specifications.

• with your exposed area cleaned and primed, paint your first color with a lighter color enamel paint first. allow your paint to dry for a few hours before moving on to the next step.

• when your first color has had time to dry add another piece of blue tape to cover an additional 1/4 inch of the painted surface.

• paint your second color over top of your first color.

• repeat steps on all four shoes and on the posts if desired.

• allow shoes to dry for a minimum of 48 hours before playing to allow the paint to thoroughly dry and cure, we suggest even longer if you can stand to wait.

so, what do ya think? would you make this one? ALSO! we wanted to give you the opportunity to win $200 to the home depot for your next DIY or home project.


how to enter: (CLOSED)

1. leave a comment below with a link to your favorite DIY on the internet! your favorite project that you’ve ever seen.

one winner will be chosen on wednesday, august 19th at 10am PST. open to US readers only. the retail value is $200. 

UPDATE: winner is #33, molly!


project by: natalie shriver + kamryn stimpson for designlovefest
photos by: kimberly genevieve
more DIY projects here

(this project was sponsored by ScotchBlue™ Painter’s Tape.)


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Add your own

    how fun is this? it would be great to have a backyard party so that everyone can make their own — afterward, have a tournament 🙂


    oh, and as for my favorite project for that contest– check out the midwest wineglass 🙂 http://apartment-wife.com/2013/07/09/waiting-only-makes-the-finding-sweeter/ — super fun for that very same outdoor party, right?

    Margaret says:

    Awesome giveaway! My favorite DIY I have yet to try (it’s been in my queue forever) is this woven lamp – SO cool! http://www.poppytalk.com/2010/06/diy-with-bookhou-woven-lamp.html

    Jordan says:

    Hard to choose my favorite, but I love this DIY dining room table on A Beautiful Mess: http://www.abeautifulmess.com/2012/12/elsies-.html

    Catina says:

    Love the horseshoes! My favorite DYI is this AWESOME painted ombre wall! http://pinterest.com/pin/84090718015269616/

    Ieva says:

    Unfortunately I can’t enter the giveaway since I’m not from US, but I really wanted to share this beautiful DIY I stumbled upon recently – http://www.17apart.com/2012/05/how-to-diy-antiqued-mercury-mirror.html

    Bonnie says:

    I have yet to try it! But my first home will definitely have one of these! Or both!


    kim says:

    This is one of my favorite DIY’s that I did: http://azulhome.com/2013/07/15/make-your-own-vintage-style-poster/
    This is one of my favorite DIY’s that someone else did: http://www.abeautifulmess.com/2012/10/starburst-mirror-diy.html

    Marnay says:

    We are having a winter wedding, and I found this super-creative tutorial to make reheatable hand-warmers! I can’t wait to find fun fabrics and hand these out to all of our guests! http://www.armommy.com/holidays/a-little-cozy-goes-a-long-way-and-a-hand-warmer-diy/

    Parvina says:


    DIY furniture legs; such a simple and easy way to introduce color in your apartment. Love the idea!

    Katie F says:

    Love this idea for a DIY outdoor cooler! http://www.shanty-2-chic.com/2013/06/diy-cooler.html

    Emily says:

    I love this punch board advent calendar! This might be the year I actually make it!

    Jyoti says:

    What a fun DIY, though I’d really suck at a horseshoe toss! I’m not sure if its okay to do this or not but my favorite DIY has been the one that I recently did – DIY Pom Pom Shoes; seen here – http://whatjocraves.com/2013/07/23/diy-pom-pom-heels.

    Love your blog!

    Lynne says:

    I loved this DIY Herbal Wreath! I’ve seen them in the Williams Sonoma catalog and I loved that I can put in whatever I use most and forget the stuff I don’t. Plus it made my kitchen smell great!: http://stripedcatstudio.com/2013/06/10/make-this-herbal-wreath/

    Brooke says:

    I absolutely love this idea! This would be great for my backyard, and we love yard-games for our BBQs. Thanks!

    Kristin says:

    Oh, I love this! I just had a client put on a big, southern bridal shower with a Kentucky Derby theme over the weekend. This would have been perfect! Bookmarking.

    I love how these boys re-did their kitchen floor: http://manhattan-nest.com/2013/04/17/the-kitchen-has-a-new-floor/

    Durable and cute!

    Melanie says:

    I love all the DIYs that Liz does, but this breezy maxi skirt tutorial has to be my favorite! I could live in a flowy maxi skirt!


    Rachel Smith says:

    This project transcends your typical run-through-a-sprinkler party. This would be perfect to set up for my little cousins this summer!

    Rachel Smith says:


    This project transcends your typical run-through-a-sprinkler party. This would be perfect to set up for my little cousins this summer!

    MFree says:

    We’re planning to build my little one an outdoor playhouse and the giftcard would give it a little boost!

    Those horseshoes are so cute!
    For me, I have TONS of fav DIYS and could never pick just one. But right now, I’m loving these built-in drawers that I came across on a blog. http://lavendergray.blogspot.com/2012/08/built-in-dresser.html
    It’s a built-in dresser, and perfect for storage/organization!

    Vanessa says:

    I love the colors you chose!

    I have a few favorite DIYs, and now that me and my husband are about to move into a new house, I’m going to be putting many of them into practice. The DIY I’m most anxious to do though is this bench seating for the kitchen made out of Ikea cabinets!


    Kathy says:

    This DIY is simple, beautiful, and makes a bold statement! I would love to paint the top of the table, as well. Maybe a bright pik?!

    Criss Marie says:

    DIY projects are the best! I just moved into a little loft and it’s all about making the most of the little space I have. The industrial pipe shelf is one of my favorite finds http://www.decoist.com/2013-01-14/10-diy-inspiring-bookshelf-designs/
    I can’t wait to get started on it!

    Kate says:

    How wonderfully transformative! I just need a staircase to do it on! 😉

    Matilda says:

    This DIY teaware lamp by Sarah Goodwin on Design*Sponge: http://www.designsponge.com/2011/03/diy-project-sarahs-china-teaware-lamp.html

    After my first lamp fell apart and I almost electrocuted myself making my second lamp, I got help from a woman at the Home Depot, and two years later, my teaware lamp is still standing.

    It’s even undergone a lampshade transformation, à la this beautiful fabric lampshade DIY from HonestlyWTF: http://honestlywtf.com/diy/diy-floral-lampshade/

    JC says:

    I love your DIY tutorial, lawn games are the best and giving them a cute personality is great!.

    I like this dip paint DIY video! It also uses blue scotch tape, this is why it made me think of it.

    You guys should check it out, in 2 minutes you have a cute result 🙂


    This is such a fun DIY post–pinned it immediately! My family [ie: Dad and brother-in-law] LOVES to play horseshoes and the Mr. and I even have horseshoe pits in our backyard. I would love to spruce up the set, especially for a girls night! And I could even do less girly colors so the Mr. would approve haha!

    A favorite DIY is this gold sequin heart (all of my favorites in one gorgeous design!): http://www.100layercake.com/blog/2013/07/10/diy-gold-sequin-heart/



    Kacey says:

    This is incredible and so simple…that’s what makes the best DIYs! Here’s one of my favorite DIY projects taking simple pallets to make a furniture focal point in your home! http://www.homejelly.com/diy-project-pallet-sofa-makes-for-5-star-naps/

    molly alone says:

    Tables are such a cool (and semi-easy) thing to make yourself and put your own personal stamp on it! I would love love LOVE to do this! http://www.designsponge.com/2012/06/diy-project-copper-tubing-side-table.html

    molly alone says:

    Tables are so cool when you D.I.Y.! I think the pop of florescent color make this particular table so fun! My fiance and I are looking to buy a house, get married, and buy furniture this year, so we’ll probably end up scouring the internet for fun D.I.Y’s like this to save a little money and add some unique pieces to our future home! http://www.designsponge.com/2012/06/diy-project-copper-tubing-side-table.html

    Simone Anne says:

    This is so so so cute! I absolutely adore it & now want both this set of horseshoes AND a backyard. Sigh. haha. 🙂

    I think these paper roses were my favorite DIY ever: http://www.studiodiy.com/2013/05/06/diy-giant-crepe-paper-roses/

    Meredith says:

    Cloud lights have got to be my favorite diy, so lovely and whimsical! http://pinterest.com/pin/90494273732005168/

    Tamara says:

    One of the first things I ever pinned on Pinterest and still something I would love to try when I finally get a place with outdoor space!

    Jennifer says:

    my fave DIY: a homemade dining table. a table! stylizimo makes this seem like an easy diy and I love the look for a kitchen nook in our new home: http://blog.stylizimo.com/2011/01/diy-new-trendy-dining-table-in-1-2-3.html

    Samantha says:

    I love these neon-dipped flower pots. I’m really into succulents right now, and I think these would be precious in my kitchen with little succulents in them!

    Ashley says:

    Fave DIY that I’m just dying to make: a midcentury hairpin leg coffee table. http://pinterest.com/pin/257901516133357155/

    Michelle Perenchio says:

    Here is a great DIY for a simple and affordable home “pick-me-up”! http://www.sadalewis.com/2012/02/entryway-project-board-batten-detailed-how-to.html

    katie says:

    There are so many DIY out there now…especially with the invention of Pinterest, but I always love a good upolstery DIY like this one http://www.designsponge.com/2013/05/upholstery-inspiration-geo-maze-barrel-chair.html

    Love, love, love the horse shoe D.I.Y!

    It’s been a couple of years, but I still love this idea on Design*Sponge about covering cords: http://www.designsponge.com/2012/02/diy-project-sculptural-braided-extension-cords.html

    I love your blog 😉


    Washi Tape Bike! I love this. I might do this to my bike if I can find the perfect Washi tape 🙂

    Alina says:

    Love, Love, LOVE : http://honestlywtf.com/diy/diy-macrame-bracelet/ I actually bought materials and made these! They turned out fabulous.

    Sean C says:

    I made this for my little one and he loved it to pieces:


    Lauren says:

    My favorite DIY on the internet (right now) is this garment rack. I can’t wait to make it! http://abeautifulmess.com/2012/04/garment-rack-diy-.html

    EM. Halliburton says:

    My favorite is definitely this jute room divider by The Brick House. I’m moving to NYC in two days (!!) and can’t wait to set one of these up to divide our spaces there.


    Sarah Chaney says:

    I just think this is so smart! I can’t wait to try it! http://greenupgrader.com/8460/diy-vertical-herb-garden-with-a-shoe-organizer/

    Margaret says:

    What a good question! I definitely checked out everyone’s favorites and found a few good ones for my files. 😉 I haven’t tried this one out yet, but it’s extremely creative: http://www.countryliving.com/crafts/projects/crafts-recycled-materials

    Linda says:

    This DIY marquee letter is a perfect way to spruce up the backyard. 🙂 Def want to make this one weekend! http://tatertotsandjello.com/2013/07/quick-outdoor-marquee-letter.html

    Tim & Mary says:

    I love how you transformed this horseshoe set into something fun and feminine! We’d love to tackle something similar to this DIY pallet board ceiling: http://www.mapleleavessycamoretrees.com/2012/02/our-refined-pallet-ceiling.html

    Thanks for the chance to enter!

    Tim & Mary

    Oh, this is a tough one since there are SOOOO many, but I am particularly drawn to this awesome industrail desk unit: http://www.remodelista.com/posts/build-your-own-industrial-mod-desk

    Ali R says:

    I’d love to do some furniture DIY’ing! http://www.ruemag.com/editors-picks/furniture-makeovers

    Sarah Page says:

    Although it was a tough decision, my favorite Internet DIY project is these little tiny polaroid magnets. I made my first set for my fridge but have since made many more for friends and family. They make the best little personalized gifts! http://www.ambrosiagirl.com/blog/tiny-polaroid-magnets/

    Dale says:

    Is it conceited to say that my favorite online DIY project is one I did? I saw a post about hanging “string gardens” and decided to try making some myself! They were wonderful.


    Aly L says:

    I would LOVE to be able to build my own pergola and see my hard work pay off. This way I know it will be how I want, not how someone else see’s it.

    Jessica says:

    I’m loving this ombre lampshade DIY…I want to try it so bad on my boring white lampshade!


    Dani says:

    This little twine tassel mobile is so simple but adorable, and easy to build upon with additional branches, etc. http://blog.erikarax.com/archive/2013/7/25/twine-tassel-mobile

    Esther says:

    Tiling my own…everything. This guy is helpful and hilarious.

    Leslie says:

    My favorite DIY project on the internet is this trunk to rolling bar!


    So cool!

    Kallie B says:

    Awesome! I love this DIY and the giveaway (of course!) My favorite DIY is currently this shelf: http://www.scandifoodie.blogspot.com.au/2013/04/diy-shelf-system-for-study.html. I can see uses for a few all around my house!

    vicky says:

    Hi everybody! this is the favourite I made myself!!

    Kasi says:

    Right now, I’m obsessing over this little dress DIY! But we’re right in the middle of a huge bathroom project… stressful!


    A B I G A I L says:

    I am in love with this idea. It is now one of my life goals…

    Anne C. says:

    I think this ombre wall DIY is just ridiculously beautiful…

    Lucie Wu says:

    This is my favorite DIY – make your own dress with embroidered pine trees on it! http://www.frolic-blog.com/frolic/2012/12/make-a-pine-tree-dress.html

    Kelsey Rose says:

    I think making an ottoman out of a Home Depot utility bucket is the perfect choice for this contest!

    Alice Harper says:

    I am currently interested in painting. My fav DIY’s include watercolor painting and how to add interest to them! I imagine I could use some scotch blue tape for that, too! I hope to paint with watercolors soon.

    Nicole says:

    I can’t get over how amazingly creative this blogger is. I lover her layouts before she posts the how-to. Its so much fun to go on her website and create!

    Aida says:

    Wow, this is one of the most original ideas I’ve seen in a while. As for my favorite DIY project… right now I’m obsessed with this honeycomb shelves from A beautiful mess. My walls are so naked and they are so cool… http://www.abeautifulmess.com/2012/06/diy-honeycomb-shelves.html

    Aileen says:

    My favorite DIY ever?! That is a hard one, there are so many amazing ideas that I’ve fallen in love with…I’m going to go with this one: http://camillestyles.com/life-2/transformed-wood-leather-suspended-shelf/ because the instant I saw it I immediately knew I wanted to make my own, and I did: http://www.athomeinlove.com/diy-shelves-with-belt-straps/

    I’ve been inspired by a lot more difficult DIYs but usually never actually do my own. This one was the perfect level of difficulty–not so easy that it doesn’t really catch your attention, but not so hard that you’re too intimidated to try it.

    I’m going to have to read through these comments and find more cream of the crop projects!!!

    Mutiara says:

    This is my favorite crochet craft. It’s very simple, my kind of DIY. http://allaboutami.tumblr.com/post/18110601640/knottedheadband

    Liane White says:

    I have yet to try this, but there are so many possibilities! Simple screen printing using an embroidery hoop,organza material, painters tape, a credit card and of course your own stencil design using acetate paper!


    Lauren says:

    THIS! Flower chandelier….just imagine the hint of color in the light…perfect feminine girl house accessory!

    Sarah says:

    Love this mounted shelving unit! We just bought a house and this is on our list to do!

    Courtney says:

    Ditto on the shelving unit from the brick house http://www.the-brick-house.com/2009/09/shelving-unit/

    Jessica says:

    I’ve been wanting to get around to making these Design Sponge utility bucket ottomans for ages and this would be the perfect time to finally try them! http://www.designsponge.com/2013/02/diy-utility-bucket-ottoman-by-revive.html

    Kendal says:

    Ombre dresser of course, I asked my fiance how many we could have in our house. He thought I was joking..

    emily says:

    so hard to choose! I honestly love candles way too much though, so I’m gonna go with: http://teotwawkiblog.blogspot.com/2012/02/diy-survival-candles.html

    Francis says:

    My favorite DIY (not the only one) is one by “A Blossoming Life”.
    A DIY Homemade Mascara. It worked like a charm!

    Sandy says:

    I LOVE this geometric wallpaper DIY using painters tape: http://www.designsponge.com/2012/09/diy-project-3d-cube-painted-wall-by-donna-yu.html! It gives the look of high end wall paper without the price 🙂

    Karissa says:

    This requires almost nothing from Home Depot BUT I’ve been dying to make a tent like this for my backyard!! http://www.designsponge.com/2011/02/diy-project-justinas-valentines-day-fort.html

    lisa says:

    Would love to try this DIY headboard but am leery of cutting the plywood with a saw. What a beautiful result though!

    katie j says:

    My best friend painted her garage like a colorful circus. It’s always pure magic when I go over to her house.

    Hilary says:

    I don’t know if this is my favorite DIY project, but it’s definitely my favorite DIY idea on the web right now, and actually has been for a while! I would totally do this to a piece of furniture with some handy-dandy Home Depot paint!


    Malorie says:


    This garment rack is great, and would be perfect for my new studio with no closet space!

    Thanks for the opportunity!!

    Vanessa says:


    Definitely this $10 DIY firepit. I just love it and so cheap and creative!


    Kayla Deane says:

    It is so hard to choose my favorite DIY on the internet. There are so many wonderful ones out there! My favorite right now would have to be stylizimo’s DIY trendy dining table. It’s such an easy, money saving, and practical DIY! It also looks amazing.


    Rachel S. says:

    I think I would have to say Jordan Ferney’s confetti popper invitation. I ended up doing these for my friend’s bachelorette party and they were so cute!

    Adonna says:

    My favorite is transforming an old bookcase to a dollhouse for my daughter. I love repurposing and recycling, and seeing your child’s smile and joy on your DIY hardwork is priceless. This bookcase was once colored brown and now it’s full of happiness. http://pinterest.com/pin/223913412695946975/

    Alice says:

    This was a tough decision thanks to Pinterest, but probably my own “Painted Curtains” project seen here: http://bit.ly/168MI6V. They’ve really brightened up our dining room!

    Sarah says:

    This is my new favorite craft, it’s a total “why didn’t I thin k of that?” moment http://yumicha.blogspot.fr/2013/08/diy-19-des-jolies-cles-en-3-secondes.html

    Kathleen says:

    I want to make a cat bed/scratcher from a single ikea expedit as seen on ikeahackers!

    Jenny says:

    This: http://www.fabricpaperglue.com/2013/04/semi-diy-agate-coasters.html

    It’s so simple, and how beautiful would these be on a table? Not the most creative or ambitious of projects but something I could do in my living room.

    Jillian Rose says:

    This DIY Farmhouse Dining Table. I would totes use the $200 to buy the wood at Home Depot to build this bad boy.


    HK says:

    I really love this tutorial from Little Green Notebook for a tufted headboard http://littlegreennotebook.blogspot.com/2012/02/diy-tufted-headboard.html

    Holly B says:

    I want to try this Ikea hack bar cart!


    Alex says:

    Always loved this lampshade DIY from Young house love! http://www.younghouselove.com/2011/08/320-pins/

    Nic says:

    I’ve always wanted to make a quilt, and chevron is so gorgeous! maybe someday I’ll be brave enough to try it. (chevron quilt at purlbee.com)

    Marylai says:

    http://marylai.com/diy/diy-02/ Handbag Makeover using a guitar strap 🙂

    Heather P says:

    I am biased, but I have a few Annie Sloan Chalk Paint DIY projects that have turned out beautifully! My favorite is the Napoleonic Blue Cabinets with dark wax. Stunning transformation!

    Thank you for the chance!


    Leah says:

    For our October wedding last year we did many DIY elements. This wine bottle candle holder project was one of my favorites.
    Tutorial here:
    finished product here: http://www.stylemepretty.com/gallery/#picture/892201/

    Michaela Namynanik says:

    What a challenge! To choose only one. I had to go with a project that really surprised me when i first saw it on Honestly WTF. A diy clutch made from a plastic transparent container and a beautiful knob.
    Thanks! what a great and inspiring giveaway!

    Megan says:

    Ikea hacks are lifesavers. I’m actually working on this one right now… http://littlegreennotebook.blogspot.com/2011/08/diy-arched-bookshelves.html

    Stacy says:

    I love this wall so much by Jones Design Company that I did it also. DIY wallpaper is not for the faint of heart!

    SNLPaint says:

    Great idea! I love to make my own tie dye curtains. I got the idea off of a blog. I did it over the weekend for my teenaged daughter and she loved them.

    rachel says:

    I loved these lanterns from the moment I saw them: http://nothingbutbonfires.com/reviews/hp-photosmart-c6380-wireless

    Jordann Tatum says:

    I love this idea! My friends and I love outdoor games like corn hole and bocci ball, so this would be a fun mix:)

    This is my current favorite DIY project- http://sayyestohoboken.com/2012/06/diy-laced-cement-votive.html
    I’ve wanted to make the concrete votives ever since I saw them! So useful and unique:)

    Katie J. says:

    I gotta say, I absolutely love A Beautiful Mess’ DIY tree swing, it’s just so fun and easy! It was VERY hard to pick though.


    Darrian says:

    Great idea for a party or wedding activity! My favorite DIY is making your own wrapping paper. Really easy to do with items around the house, and adds extra thought to a gift 🙂 http://alisaburke.blogspot.com/2012/06/i-cardboard-rolls.html

    Ashley Kane says:

    Someday, I swear, I will make these damn pipe shelves!!


    Shannon says:


    This outdoor stove top is so smart for so many reasons! One of my favorite DIY ever.

    Ash says:

    This DIY console table caught my eye because it’s so simple, budget-friendly, and classic looking. I just need to finish up some other projects around the house before I can attempt to make my own. http://decorandthedog.blogspot.ca/2012/08/diy-console-table-how-to.html

    Stephanie says:

    This picnic blanket by Design*Sponge is still one of my favorite DIYs ever. The colors and pattern are just so rad. Who wouldn’t want to take that to a picnic?! http://www.designsponge.com/2012/10/diy-project-patterned-picnic-blanket.html

    Stephanie Morris says:

    I have a ton of belts so this would be super useful for me. Could do something similar to hang necklaces and bracelets too. I could use some of the Home Depot gift card to do this project and I just bought a new house and got a ton of projects i could do around the house.

    Ingrid says:

    I adore Geneva from ‘A Pair & A Spare,’ and her DIY rug skirt has been a favorite of mine for years. It couldn’t be easier (or cheaper), and it just makes me so happy!

    Meg says:

    I know this isn’t very original, but I’ve always loved the Woven Lamp on Poppytalk by Bokkhou: http://www.poppytalk.com/2010/06/diy-with-bookhou-woven-lamp.html

    Can’t wait to try it!

    maya says:

    I love this planter DIY because it is so simple and easy! I love fresh plants and I think this is a great way to make planting easy in the city! Also you can paint the blocks and make them more colorful and festive! http://alternative-energy-gardning.blogspot.com/2013/03/how-to-build-concrete-planter-box.html

    Meg says:

    My absolute favorite DIY isn’t quite vandalism, but pretty close…Moss Graffiti. I’ve tried it a number of times with friends and every time the results get better and better. Wonderful way to green-up any unfriendly streets.


    Amy says:

    Ah! Love this DIY. Your choice of colours are just perfect up against the silver! So fresh x

    Pingback: Bocce |
    Faith S says:

    I love this idea for a reading nook

    katherine says:

    this one is my all time favorite! i’ve made one, but have plans for a desk/craft area…

    Jeanette says:

    One of my favorite DIYs I’ve come across via the web is this one: http://www.manmadediy.com/users/chris/posts/2345-how-to-make-diy-industrial-mason-jar-pendant-lights
    — mason jars turned pendants!


    Amanda says:

    The DIY tree swing from a beautiful mess blog! I can’t wait to use mine!

    Danielle says:

    I’ve been aching to do this DIY wall for years now, and I am moving into my first house on Monday 8/19 and can’t wait to do this! $200 would definitely help!!

    Lea Anna says:

    This DIY: http://pacificrain.blogspot.com/2013/01/handmade-holidays-diy-moon-phases-scarf.html

    I have yet to attempt it, but I know the potential is really beautiful.

    Krista says:

    My favorite (and created) DIY I found for my apartment I was decorating a while back. This mid century inspired chandelier (from IKEA! yeah, IKEA!) was the perfect thing: http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/a-genius-ikea-hack-169318

    lizzy says:

    I have been wanting to combine my two sons into one room. This is my inspiration: http://www.homestoriesatoz.com/boys-room/boys-bedroom-reveal.html

    Bethany M says:

    I love this side table. This is a great DIY tutorial and you could easily find the wood in the free section of craigslist, and the legs are an Ikea hack. It’s cheap and gorgeous.

    Kamryn says:

    Ooo I would love to win this! I’ve been wanting to do this chandelier diy for ages, but am a little intimidated!: http://littlegreennotebook.blogspot.com/2013/05/diy-modern-brass-chandelier.html#more

    rebecca says:

    My favorite go to DIY project when my iphone case gets kinda old and worn is here http://www.designsponge.com/2013/01/diy-iphone-cases-repurposing-holiday-glitz.html

    Christa Luke says:

    I now know what to do with all those keys I have been saving, DIY lamp shade.

    Lynn says:

    I follow Honestly WTF, they have the cutest coolest DYI projects, but they also showed us on DYI by Globetrotter Diaries who made her own photo taking effects…check it out…

    Alicia says:

    The Lindsey Adelman DIY chandelier is my all-time fav!

    As seen on The Brick House blog –


    Brandie says:

    I cant wait until we’re in our new place and can make this:


    beautiful and functional. I love it.

    Ashley C says:

    I’ve been dying to do this project to my closet doors:



    kolpin says:

    i saw this diy project recently…a moroccan bench makeover!


    kolpin4680 at gmail dot com

    fawn says:

    There are so many great DIY projects out there; it’s hard to pick a favorite, so here’s a game-changer: http://beautyandbedlam.com/mason-jar-blender/ 🙂

    Brianne says:

    I am all in on trying the marbleized light plate DIY – http://littlegreennotebook.blogspot.com/2013/08/give-away-200-in-adorne-light-switches.html

    Love the idea of a simple project making such a statement in my space

    Lynn in Austin says:

    My favorite DIY project is this marble/copper leaf side table. Love! http://www.stylemepretty.com/living/2013/07/22/diy-ikea-side-table-hack/

    Kimberly M says:

    So weird, but I have to go with the Lynn in Austin: http://www.stylemepretty.com/living/gallery/picture/1112100/

    It’s got to be this one… DYI How to paint upholstery. Who knew you could paint an old velvet chair!

    kelsey says:

    My husband made this pallet wall in our bedroom, and I love it! http://pinterest.com/pin/150026231309126486/

    Eve says:

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