man, i am happy to be starting a new month. last month was intense, i gotta say. there have been a lot of growing pains around here. i have hired and fired employees recently, and that is always a difficult transition. i had to overcome my extreme doctor fears with 3 appointments (so happy those are over!) and the dentist (which i avoided for way too long.) i finally decided to move out of the studio that i love so much so that i could have more room for events and shoots. i am going to really miss all of my studio mates but i’m also really excited about the new adventures in the arts district. i can’t believe that i have been working out 5 times a week (coming from the gal that’s worked out less than 20 times ever) but i have really found out why people love it so much. i seriously look forward to those bar method classes and already see my energy/stress levels changing for the better. it’s also a way for me to practice discipline and structure, which i’m not the best at.

lollapalooza starts today…anxious to go check it out. it’s really beautiful here in chicago right now. follow along on instagram if you’d like to see our festival shenanigans. and how about that cute pink instax camera? you can find it here and rainbow film here. have an awesome weekend! -bri



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    Maggie says:

    Congrats on your studio upgrade!

    Wishing you a great month of August!!!!

    Amanda says:

    That rainbow film is so sweet! Totally put a reminder on my calendar to buy some on pay day.

    isn’t bar method the best. I’m the same – hate working out, EXCEPT for bar method. and say hi to Chicago for me – I miss it there so much. Enjoy Lolla! xx

    Congrats on a new stugio, have fun as always 🙂

    Chelsea says:

    You made it to August, hooray! This month is going to be a great on Bri, I can feel it.

    Chelsea & The City

    Erin says:

    You made it to Chi-town and August! Have fun, my dear. I HAVE to go to pilates 5 times a week, but apparently I’m missing out on this bar method. I’m going to have to look into it here in SF!

    xx Erin

    I’ve been thinking about you since you mentioned the potential health scare last month, so glad things are better!

    I love the barre classes I’ve been going to – they combine a yoga cooldown at the end and it is the best combination of mind/body calmness. You also might like POUND – it’s intense but so much fun! You rock out with drumsticks and the crank the music up so loud


    KA says:

    Welcome to the Arts District! It’s such an inspiring place to be. I work at a brand strategy firm on Traction…if you’re ever looking for someone to show you around (or to grab pie hole with) let me know! 🙂

    Amy Saycich says:

    Hi!! Just curious where your quilt is from??

    I can’t imagine the emotions that come with having to fire someone. But, sometimes change is necessary for everyone involved. I look forward to seeing your new studio!

    look see. says:

    Happy August Bri – hoping you have a great month, hope it’s a fun one for you, it sounds like you’ve earned it! xx

    Julie says:

    Well isn’t that just the cutest!?

    anne taylor says:

    From what I’ve seen on Instagram, that studio space looks gorgeous! Congrats!

    Jacqueline says:

    I have the light blue instax mini – aren’t they the cutest! 😀
    Have a fabulous August!

    Jess says:

    Happy all is well for you Bri!

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