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right before we moved out of our loft in the arts district in LA there was a restaurant that arian and i really enjoyed walking to. it was really mellow, had a romantic vibe, we would share olives and cheese, taste different beers, (shown above) get down with some flatbreadsand just relax. it’s actually a very special restaurant to me now because we ate there on our last night in the loft before we moved into our new place in silver lake. i remember sitting there with him and talking about the good times we had in our first place together and how we were excited for the future memories in our new house.


one of the coolest things about eat drink americano is the decor. it has a very rustic vibe. the food is served on wood boards, they have an enormous chalkboard wall with impressive typography, mismatched chairs and couches create unique vignettes.


i am a fan of their simple flatbreads & sandwiches. they sure don’t slack on the presentation…


pretty cool vibe, right?


and the tiramisu! my favorite dessert (and i am not much of a sweets gal) but this one i really love. served in a tiny jar with layers of goodness.

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ps that bright watercolor shirt is by an artist named kindah khalidy and we are doing a giveaway with her shop tomorrow!

definitely check this place out if you are in the area. and maybe stop by poketo & apolis across the street for a little shopping beforehand.

this brunch spot
this downtown store
this LA city food guide

(photos by kimberly genevieve for designlovefest)


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    Tori says:

    I love your recommendations! One of these days I gotta take a day to just visit these places, especially since I’m in Orange County. They all have such a cool vibe! Thanks Bri:) Can’t wait for that giveaway–your watercolor tank is beautiful!

    Much love from http://www.myomlife.com/

    Brookw says:

    Love, love the chalkboard typography! That looks like such a great place—I love trying new beers accompanied by cheese boards!

    maggie says:

    That tiramisu is adorable! I want to start checking out some downtown spots, so thanks for the rec!

    Love the watercolour shirt! It’s fab!

    AND this restaurant looks AMAZING!! The food looks so good! And that chalkboard type wall is fantastic. Thanks for sharing, if I ever make it to LA (fingers crossed it’s soon), I will definitely pay this place a visit 🙂

    Alex from http://www.polkadottedpixels.com

    Kristina says:

    What a gorgeous space! And those foods look AMAZING. Thank you for sharing, this is on my list for L.A. visits now 🙂
    xx http://enzaessentials.wordpress.com

    Latrina says:

    I’ve heard nothing but good things about this place! And how cute is the decor!? My husband and I don’t live too far from LA so the next time we’re back, we’ll definitely stop by!

    MK Cook says:

    Thanks for the post!! Very helpful for the LA weekender… 😉

    CM says:

    This place looks perfect! I’ll will be hitting it up this weekend with the hubs! Thanks for the tip 🙂

    Chelsea says:

    You look adorable Bri and I’m OBSESSED with that chalk wall! Such beautiful typography.

    Chelsea & The City

    Sam says:

    This place looks amazing! I will definitely have to visit if I ever go to LA.

    Yum! I will definitely eat here next time I am in LA.

    Chase Miller
    The Smell of Summer – A Boutique Surf Lifestyle Blog

    amanda says:

    ok, this place looks ahhhhhhmazing. all the food looks great but that salad?? hooooolllyyyy cow. want it.

    Johanna Cary says:

    Yes!thanks for this recommendation! My partner and I are traveling around the US in October and will be in LA for 5 days; I was looking for some local recommendations^^
    On a side note You are lovely and I am following your blog and work addictively! You have a colourful and positive outlook on design and the world and its very inspiring while I am so far away from the US (which is orginally my home) as Im in Perth, Aus. I hope you get to come her with your blogshop eventually! Thank you again! Sincerely, Jo

    Melissa says:

    mmmm…. tiramisu. i grew up with that, and my mother makes a magical one. it’s super easy to make, so you can enjoy it whenever you want. i actually posted our family recipe on my blog not too long ago. try it. you will eat the whole thing 😉 http://folkloreblog.ca/home/2013/6/11/in-the-kitchen-tiramisu

    Chelsea says:

    Definitely wishing i lived in California right about now. This place looks fabulous. x

    Thank you, thank you, thank you. I live in LA and I am constantly looking for new places to explore!

    This place looks amazing, I’m so jealous I can’t visit! P.S You look absolutely wonderful (as usual!)

    zahra says:

    i’m zahra.i’m from iran.but i read your cute blog.it’s owesome.i’m very glad to read your writing…
    good luck

    Katie Evans says:

    Girrrrl! You look so fly in that top.

    Julie says:

    Those giant chalkboard signs are amazing!

    Kathleen says:

    Your posts are off the hook!

    Looks DELICIOUS! Amazing images… I need to go there! 🙂

    Bhavana says:

    Ahhhh if I ever go to LA im def. going here.

    Im in LOVE with those giant chalkboards. Next time I’m in the LA area this will be one of my first stops! The atmosphere looks perfect for me 🙂

    Amanda says:

    Where did you get your gorgeous midi ring? I’ve been looking for one for FOREVER. Your blog is fantastic! xx Amanda

    Simona says:

    Dear Bri
    When you write a post about a location, a coffee shop or restaurant, do you ask the owner before? Do you ask them to make pictures and write a post? Or can you do it without their written permission?

    and PS: I love your post!

    Kind regards


    Anonymous says:

    Rabbitface is the new duckface.

    Looks wonderful. The chalk artwork reminds me of the typography work by Dana Tanamachi. http://www.danatanamachi.com

    Sarah says:

    Love how your bright top POPS against the chalkboard wall =) Gorgeous photography too. I’m going here on Thursday, love it.

    Motte says:

    Love the vibe of this place, great recommendation! Also, totally digging the chalkboard art at the moment! My brother just created his own, very impressive for someone who claims not being able to draw! 🙂 http://mottesblog.blogspot.de/2015/01/chalkboard-art.html

    Riickyy says:

    Thanks for these thoughts. I’m in a hotel room in England, witniag for a wedding tomorrow and it’s probably more nerve-wracking for me than the bride or groom! I am a Christian + have had SA for 15yrs and with God’s help am working with it + getting through it. Just some days (like tomorrow) are a bit scary. Thanks for the inspiration. I’ll think if that when I’m talking to strangers tomorrow. God bless.

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