my bedroom is slooooowly coming together. i took a break from decorating after we finished the living room, but lately i have been thinking up ideas for this room. i added a very beautiful hand-crafted dreamcatcher from torchlight to the wall recently. i couldn’t decide on a piece of art for that space and when i came across this i was in love with how elegant and unique it was. overall i want to simplify the colors in my bedroom, switch up the layout, get new curtain rods and maybe hang a pendant light…but this dreamcatcher was a really good start.

today we are giving one small dreamcatcher away to one of you! (12″ hoop / 46″ from top of hoop to base of feathers, worth $550.)



here’s how to win… (CLOSED)

1) go to the torchlight site and take a look around.

2) leave a comment below letting me know your favorite item! 

one winner will be chosen on wednesday, july 24th at 10am PST. open to US readers only. the retail value is $550. 

also! $10 off purchase $40+ with the code DLF10 (code is open to international readers!)

UPDATE: winner is #168, bhavana!



Add your own

    that is insanely gorgeous! i would love to win it!

    Dana says:

    oh, im from germany.
    but i would love to diy it for my bedroom.
    thanx for the idea! 😉


    Karen A. says:

    I’m in love with the Aqua Aura Alquemist Crystal! Pretty perfection! I hope I win!

    Patricia Wojnar Crowley says:


    Wow the dream catchers and circles are incredible! I love the one pictured above–the White Spirit, and the Classic!


    [email protected]

    The Classic Dreamcatcher is truly gorgeous — and I adore their bags and wallets! Beautiful collection and great giveaway!

    Alli says:

    The HERKIMER DIAMOND 2 STONE CUFF 18K GOLD PLATED is a beautiful piece. Great finds!

    Sara says:

    While I truly love just about everything from their site, the White Spirit Dream Catcher Circle is probably my favorite thing. I would be totally psyched to win this. Beautiful!

    Cheryl says:

    The turquoise vagabond necklace is so perfect.

    Courtney says:

    love the mountain clutch!

    sydney85 says:

    Absolutely love all the bracelets. My favorite is the Hill Tribe Silver Loop Cuff. How amazing is the White Spirit Dream Catcher Circle. Wonderful giveaway.

    rachel says:

    the dreamcather is amazing and would make a great house warming present for my move next week. if i had the breads, i would be buying myself a herikmer rings.

    Caitlin says:

    Wow! That is the dreamiest dream catcher I’ve ever seen! I love the silver spirit dream circle 😉


    love the dreamcatcher, but the ALCHEMIST CRYSTALS are amazing!

    krissy says:

    I really, really love the Black Spirit dream circle, so beautiful!

    angie says:

    i love the pyrite vagabond necklace!

    Jenny Garvin says:

    God it is hard to choose just one favorite! I LOVE the Silver Spirit Dreamcatcher.

    Lauren says:

    pyrite shake ring in antique silver is awesomeeee. The white spirt and classic are also my favorite dream catchers.I just moved to the beach so I need this for my wal!

    Marnay says:

    Digging the Silver Spirit dream catcher. Love the silver pheasant feathers and smoky quartz crystal!

    I love the silver dragon cuff- so cool!

    rebecca says:

    Most gorgeous dreamcatcher I’ve ever seen done.

    Ooooh really digging the Mountain Clutch in vintage tobacco – http://www.torchlightjewelry.com/collections/mountain/products/mountain-clutch

    Melissa N. says:

    I love the Herkimer Diamond 2 stone cuff in gold, but this dream catcher is beautiful!

    xanthe says:

    Oh how I wish this was open to international readers… it’s truly beautiful! Might have to make one myself xo

    Chloe List says:

    I honestly think the white dreamcatchers are my very favorite! But If I had to pick something else, that mountain clutch would sure get a lot of use and probably even more compliments!

    hannah says:

    Oooh, I love the Herkimer Diamond Ring in Brass! Thanks for the great giveaway, Bri!! 🙂

    holy dream catchers galore! i love the gold thunderbird pendant!

    Rebecca says:

    I love the classic dream catcher but I also love the brown dream catcher as well. thanks for hosting such a beautiful giveaway.

    Chloe List says:

    Honestly, the white dreamcatchers are my very favorite! But that mountain cutch is pretty rockin’ too, I just might have to buy it!

    Tyler says:

    I love the white spirit dreamcatcher. so pure and clean. just breathtaking.

    LaurenPenn says:

    I love the Mountain Clutch. I think I’d use it for my Bamboo Pen Tablet

    clarissa says:

    The Silver Spirit Dream Catcher is beautiful! I would love to hang that in our home. I would love to win one!

    Brittany says:

    The mountain beaded cuff is beautiful! All of the dream catchers are lovely as well.

    Thanks for the opportunity,

    Lauren P says:

    Honestly, I like the White Spirit dream catcher the best. It is so interesting and makes such a statement.

    amanda blair says:

    I love the classic dream circle. It would go perfect in my all white, with gold and dark green accents. I was actually just thinking about making my own dream catcher, so this would be a perfect addition to my room! I’m currently doing the same as you, slowly decorating but focusing on keeping things classic and simple.

    Amber says:

    Amazing! This would be delightful in my new bedroom 🙂 I’m also trying to keep the decorating simple and light. What a perfect addition!

    Ada says:

    I really like the gold pyramid midi ring. The dream catchers are beautiful too!

    Laura says:

    I like the dream catcher for my bedroom.

    what a beautiful piece is the white spirit dream catcher but I also love the pyramid midi ring <3

    Kate R. says:

    I love the gold thunderbird cuff!

    Amy M says:

    That dream catcher is gorg! I love the peaceful, natural feel of all of the Torchlight products and the website. The item that stood out to me the most is the TANGERINE QUARTZ necklace. I love the description: “put the past in the past”.


    Emily says:

    I love the silver spirit dream catcher. Absolutely stunning!

    this dream catcher is absolutely dreamy 🙂 http://www.torchlightjewelry.com/collections/dream-circles/products/brown-spirit

    I wish I could have one so big in my room above my bed. Itd be a perfect addition to my two small ones!

    Carlotta says:

    Would love to win this! Also love their jewelry especially the Hill Tribe Silver Large Tribal Studded Cuff.

    Dalia says:

    I’d love to win two of the Silver Spirit dream catchers. One for my best friend & one for myself! Also, a few vintage rings. They’re lovely!

    alejandra says:

    I love the white dream catcher…. it’s just beautiful!!!

    Kari says:

    I think the dream catchers are actually my favorite items on the torchlight site, but the amethyst chunk necklace is pretty amazing as well.

    shayna says:

    love the silver spirit! great giveaway! thanks so much for sharing 🙂

    Sentrell says:

    The Black Spirit dreamcatcher is beautiful! Thanks for sharing this great source.

    Meggie says:

    I love the silver spirit dream catcher and the pyramid midi ring in gold. Cool site! I hope I win!

    Brianna says:


    hillary says:

    I love all of the dream circles, even the classic one is stunning and the perfect size. i also like the mountain clutches, beautiful!

    Nikki says:

    What a cute shop! All of the dream catchers are gorgeous. I also think the Alabone Shell necklace looks like fun!

    Sms says:

    I like the mountain wristlet

    abby says:

    love, love, love the aqua aura pendant…

    “attracts positive energy & balances the emotions.”

    Samantha B says:

    The dream catchers are gorgeous. I’m moving in the next couple weeks and it would look amazing in my new living room. But when looking through the website I found the HERKIMER DIAMOND 2 STONE CUFF BRASS–how amazing is that bracelet!

    jordan says:

    Ahh, I love!
    I honestly have to say the classic dream catcher is my fave.
    We just bought our first house and have yet to hang anything on the walls! I’m planning to do a gallery-type wall in our main living space and this piece would be the perfect start.
    Thanks for the opportunity!
    ( and thanks for continuing to be a resource for inspiration through these hard times in your life! )

    kate says:

    These are amazing! Love the silver spirit dream catcher!

    Tracey says:

    It’s so pretty! The mountain clutch is beautiful too. What a lovely store.

    Love the brown leather mountain clutch!

    Marisa Sian says:

    Everything is really good here… how can I choose just one? Loving the mountain clutch and the thunderbird cuff is pretty amazing. Thanks for sharing this wonderful site.

    Jessica says:

    The white dream catchers are so beautiful.

    Courtney D says:

    So dreamy!

    Emily says:

    the brown spirit is beautiful!

    Laura Stephens says:

    Oh wow. I think the dream catcher IS my favorite! But I also LOVE the brown mountain clutch. Such gorgeous products. Thanks for the giveaway!

    Laura Elizabeth

    Scout says:

    Ooh, I love the black spirit dream circle!

    Heather S. says:

    Hmm. I think the Silver Spirit dream catcher is calling to me! I’ve always been entranced by dream catchers, since I was a little kid – this giveaway thrills me!

    leann says:

    i never thought twice about dream catchers but i think the one in your room is changing my mind! on the torch site though, the HERKIMER DIAMOND 5 STONE CUFF 18K GOLD PLATED really caught my eye. hope i win! 🙂

    Claire says:

    The dream catchers are so fantastic but I also really love the Herkimer diamond 5 stone cuff in gold!

    Gorgeous! I am absolutely obsessed with these dream catchers! I still pick the White Spirit as my favorite!

    Niki says:

    I really do love the White Spirit dream catcher! And the Herkimer Diamond Ring is absolutely beautiful!

    Shannon says:

    I love ALL the dreamcatchers. So whimsical and dreamy. Wouldn’t mind having any of them! : )

    Mollie says:

    I think I’m going to have to go with the White Spirit. It’s a beauty! And would look perfect in my bedroom too. 😉

    aimee says:

    my favs are the dream catchers. white spirit especially. also, my kitties would LOVE them too. 🙂

    Parvina says:

    Great giveaway! On a side note I absolutely love the torchlight website design, very minimal but lovely. I am always on the lookout for a nice clutch and the mountain clutch is absolutely stunning! Love it!

    Paula says:

    I’m in my first apartment and trying to make it homey– this would be perfect!

    Katie Romero says:

    in love with the Herkimer Syud earrings! Nothing like a raw crystal mixed with gold…the greatest combo!

    Colleen says:

    Herkimer diamond ring brass. So pretty 🙂

    Definitely love this,’THUNDERBIRD PENDANT 18K MATTE GOLD PLATED.’My Mom bought my Dad a similar looking bird as a key-chain when they were dating circa 1960’s!! And he still has it on his keys : )

    steph says:

    The Hill Tribe Silver Loop Cuff is pretty darn fantastic.

    Pilar says:

    Black Spirit. Would pop so well on my white office wall.

    Love this! That dream catcher is stunning–but I also love the Mountain Beaded Cuff a whole lot.

    heather says:

    The White Spirit is soo gorgeous. Thanks for the giveaway!

    Kate says:

    I adore the white spirit! My sister has collected dream catchers her entire life and this would make a perfect sophisticated addition to her collection!

    olivia says:

    My favorite item on the site is this dreamcatcher! but i also love this necklace: http://www.torchlightjewelry.com/collections/necklaces/products/titanium-quartz

    Grace F. says:

    I really do think their dream circles are soo beautiful.

    malori says:

    I love those vintage rings. And the dream catchers are really unique and beautiful!!

    Katy says:

    I’m loving the simple beauty of the Herkimer stud earrings. So pretty! What a cool unique giveaway 🙂 Happy Wednesday!

    Whitney says:

    My second favorite item to ALL OF THE DREAM CATCHERS is the Mountain Clutch! Gorgeous!

    Anonymous says:

    Best giveaway! I love the White Spirit dream catcher, and the mountain clutch is also gorgeous!

    Catharine says:

    This vintage dragon hair pin is the coolest! I’d definitely wear it 🙂 I’m really into dreamcatchers and recently bought a tiny one in Alaska…all of the tourchlight ones are so beautifully executed!! Love to add one to my tiny collection 🙂 http://www.torchlightjewelry.com/collections/vintage/products/hill-tribe-silver-dragon-hairpin

    Bree says:

    The Silver Spirit dream catcher is gorgeous! And would go splendidly with my neutral color palette in my bedroom!

    cat price says:

    i’m all about the white spirit dream catcher too! great giveaway! thanks!

    Theresa says:

    I love the dreamcatcher in the giveaway! It has to be my favorite! My second favorite item on the site is http://www.torchlightjewelry.com/collections/alchemist-collection/products/turquoise-vagabond-1

    Laura says:

    I love the pyramid midi ring. I know just the spot for the dreamcatcher if I win! thanks for doing this Bri.

    MirandaMarie says:

    I’m in love with the Hill Tribe Silver Woven Cuff (http://www.torchlightjewelry.com/collections/bracelets/products/hill-tribe-silver-woven-cuff). So simple, but that’s just the way I like my accessories.

    Stevie says:

    My favorite item is this white spirit dream catcher. It’s so lovely!

    megs says:

    HERKIMER DIAMOND 2 STONE CUFF 18K GOLD PLATED IS SOO awesome. But I loves me this dreamcatcher the most. Inspired me for a dreamcatcher tatoo!

    Amanda Nelsen says:

    Oh MY! SOOO many beautiful things on that site! But the Whit Spirit Dreamcatcher is definitely my favorite. I cannot believe how elegant and lovely it is. My second favorite item is the Mountain Clutch!

    lindsay says:

    brown spirit is my fav!

    Simone Anne says:

    So many wonderful things! I adore that Herkimer Diamond Five Stone cuff! 🙂

    Decisions, decisions…. So many beautiful things to choose from. The Amethyst Cluster necklace is my fave.

    Kat says:

    Beautiful works of art, looks great on your wall. Hopefully your cat isn’t interested in those dangling feathers! 🙂

    Sasha says:

    I’m pretty in love with the Herkimer Diamond 2 Stone Cuff (http://www.torchlightjewelry.com/collections/bracelets/products/herkimer-diamond-2-stone-cuff-brass), but would really love to win the dream catcher for the currently blank walls in our bedroom!

    allie says:

    ah, this dream-catcher is beautiful!

    the HERKIMER DIAMOND 2 STONE CUFF 18K GOLD PLATED is the first thing that caught my eye. simple, beautiful, but enough of a statement piece to wear alone.

    fingers DOUBLE TRIPLE crossed!!

    allie at alliewears.com

    Anni says:

    Maybe it’s because it looks so lovely in your room, but I’m obsessed with the White Spirit – it’s beautiful in a way you don’t see every day.

    Mara Dawn says:

    I’m pretty partial to the Thunderbird necklace. The dreamcatchers are also amazing. That one looks amazing in your space.

    Leanne says:

    I ❤ the White spirit dream catcher!

    Brittany says:

    Oh my, the Pyrite Shake Ring in 18K plated gold is so beautiful. I love it because the gold and details make it seem dainty and feminine, yet the flip feature with the nuggets give it a cool, masculine/industrial feel to it. LOVE!

    Shelly says:

    I am dying over this dream catcher!! The site is gorgeous and I love the pyramid jewelry set in gold!! Would totally make my year if I won this!

    Kirsten says:

    Amazing dream catcher!! I am moving into a new place and this would be perfect in my bedroom. I also love their mountain clutch and wristlet. What a fabulous giveaway!

    Carrie says:

    I love all of the wonderful dream catchers. Sweet dreams!!

    Kelli Murray says:

    Definitely in love with the white spirit dream catcher!! So amazing. The pink tourmaline necklace is another fave. (finger’s crossed!)

    Hayley Trone says:

    Gosh..the dream circles are all so beautiful! Also love the pyramid ring.

    Emily Love says:

    the mountain purse/bag is breathtaking !

    Priscilla says:

    Hill Tribe Silver Bell Bracellet is simply to die for! I think I’m going to pick one up for myself and my sister while I’m at it! Thanks for the chance to win!! Have a lovely day!

    Hannah says:

    love all of these dream catchers. absolutely beautiful. the leather bags are a dream as well. swoon.

    Daniela says:

    I love the one you have, is it the white spirit? All the dream catchers on the website are gorgeous!

    Alexandra Cooley says:

    I love the White Spirit dream catcher. The open hole lets all dreams come to you, leave it to the universe to decide.

    I love it!

    that silver spirit dream catcher is calling my name! love it all so much!

    nancy says:

    This is so amazing. I would love to be a winner! Took a look and the dream catchers are definitely the winners for me…especially the Silver Spirit: http://www.torchlightjewelry.com/collections/dream-circles/products/silver-spirit


    Danielle says:

    The White Spirit Dream Circle is insanely gorgeous. I’m also pretty smitten with Mountain Clutch in Midnight Black.

    Tracy S says:

    I love the aqua aura necklace. Killer.

    Kristina says:

    Everything at that site is so beautifully designed… If I had to choose one, I would have to say the herkimer ring in 18k plated- I am on a ring kick right now… I do love all of her dream catchers- hope to win one! It would make the best birthday gift to myself ever- the 24th is my birthday 🙂 xo

    Melanie says:

    so beautiful, I’d love to win. favorite is silver spirit.

    nicole b. says:

    So lovely, Bri! My favorite item in the shop is the Smoky Quartz necklace. It speaks to me at this particular time in my life! Thanks for the chance to win the dream catcher. I’m a very vivid dreamer! xo.

    ruth says:

    wow that dreamcatcher is stunning. the silver spirit is also amazing.

    Kylie says:

    The Brown & Tangerine dream catcher would look pretty spectacular in my space. Truly dreamy!

    monica says:

    hi bri, i love everything from torchlight, but I fell in love with the HERKIMER DIAMOND 2 STONE CUFF 18K GOLD PLATED!

    Thank you

    Carly says:

    I love the herkimer stud earrings in gold!

    Elyse Herman says:

    I LOVE the Thunderbird Pendant (and of course this beautiful dream catcher). You have such a clean and unique style! LOVE!

    Heather says:

    The dream catchers are beautiful. I also like the quartz necklaces and silver cuffs. Thanks for introducing me to the site!

    love the Hill Tribe Silver Tribal Bracelet!

    Chelsea says:

    Such an awesome centerpiece for my living room!

    Hillary Mitchell says:

    I love the Herkimer Gold Plated Stud Earrings!!! Classic, yet earthy. Perfect for everyday wear! LOVE YOUR BLOG, DESIGNS, & HAIR!!!

    Cara says:

    I LOVE THIS DREAM CATCHER.Thanks for introducing me to a great new brand. the black and white ones are AMAZING!

    Margaret says:

    UM I love everything but the mountain clutch in black is amazing 🙂 The dream catcher is so cool!

    Duyen says:

    That Herkimer Diamond Ring in Brass is killing it! Loving this giveaway!

    Mari says:

    Oh I LOVE Torchlight!!! I have been eyeing that dream catcher for a while now! Ahh, I would love to win it. There are a lot of things on their site that are lust-worthy, but I am still a sucker for their Herkimer Diamonds…any of them! But if I had to choose I’d like the gold plated Herkimer Diamond ring. It’s the perfect accessory.

    Lindy says:

    The mountain clutch is straight out of my dreams. I’d love for that dream catcher to works it’s magic

    Sarah says:

    White Spirit totally takes the cake…my cake…any cake really!

    Tara says:

    In a dream world I would own everything from that site. I especially love the AMETHYST CLUSTER. It is lovely.

    corky maria says:

    Hi! Dying over the Turqoise Vagabond necklace from the Alchemist collection… and, of course, any dreamcatcher (dreaming for days!)! xo

    sharon says:

    I LOVE THE LAPIS CUFF!! :0 and i want to win the dreamcatcher too! i need good dreams !!

    Becka says:

    I like the silver spirit dream catcher and the one up for giveaway would be soooooo perfect for my dining room wall!

    that white spirit dream catcher looks STUNNING in your bedroom. you’re decor is always so beautiful and unique so i’m looking forward to seeing the finish piece. have white walls, a 45 degree ceiling on one side and an open staircase going down to the first floor- the white spirit would look so amazing at the top of the stairs going into my bedroom, which is all white with pops of color here and there.

    yikes. i hope i win. i’m in love.

    Bekah K says:

    I love the Herkimer Stud Earrings 18K Gold Plated. It’s always a struggle for me to find earrings I truly like, and these are lovely. http://www.torchlightjewelry.com/collections/earrings/products/herkimer-stud-earrings

    emily says:

    I love the White Spirit Dream Circle. So ethereal.

    lo says:

    I love the mountain clutch!

    Phylicia says:

    Aside from the dream catchers (I love all of them) my two favorite items are the turquoise vagabond necklace with white leather and the mountain wristlet in vintage tobacco. The meaning and power behind turquoise is incredible and something I think we could all benefit from. And the wristlet, well, I just love it. Everything from Torchlight is absolutely stunning!

    Eli C. says:

    The pyrite shake ring – SWOON!

    In love with the AMETHYST CHUNK necklace and the dream catcher. Beautifuuuul!

    Jane Novotny says:


    I absolutely love the Thunderbird Cuff in gold. Crazy? I think not. It is amazing! I also love their dream catchers, but that goes without saying. I think I need one for my office for all of those late nights.

    Cady says:

    They’re all so beautiful!! I really love the Hill Tribe Silver Tribal Bracelet!!

    Danielle says:

    Let’s be honest, I love all the pieces. Buuuuut my favorite piece would have to be the pyrite shake ring 18K gold plated. It’s absolutely stunning.

    Melanie says:

    I love everything, especially the Classic white dreamcatcher!

    Cami says:

    Kind of dying over the Mountain Clutch- but that dreamcatcher is just mental. So so pretty. I would love to add one to my bare bedroom wall!

    Meg says:

    i LOVE all the dream catchers, especially the brown and white spirits.

    Megan Welker says:

    Oh the white spirit is my favorite! It would be the perfect addition in my bedroom!

    Britt >>lakenative>> says:

    The white spirit dream circle is divine! Love the whole site and vibe, thanks for the intro!

    Brittney donnelly says:

    I am decorating a nursery for my sweet baby boy due on November 17th! This dream catcher would be perfect!

    Katie H says:

    Hi! I am seriously lovin’ the ABALONE SHELL BRACELET from Torchlight. Unique and classic at the same time!

    Bhavana says:

    I LOVE everything on this site but what I love the most is the mountain clutch.

    Jessica says:

    Those dreamcatchers are so unique and romantic! Perfect for a home.

    I love the pyramid ring!

    myka says:

    I’m in love with the HERKIMER DIAMOND 2 STONE CUFF BRASS. So beautiful!

    Austin says:

    The dreamcatchers are so pretty and very ethereal. I had a homemade one above my bed as a kid, and I really believed in its ability to trap my bad dreams 🙂 I’m also loving the Thunderbird Pendant in gold. Thanks, Bri!

    maggie says:

    Oh my Gosh, those dreamcatchers are so, well, dreamy! I also LOVE the Aqua Aura necklace. Gorgeous, gorgeous, lovely things.

    Elizabeth says:

    Ooooh, please enter me in the contest). After wandering, I think that herkimer diamond ring in brass is my favorite…might just have to buy it! I’d love to have this dream catcher for my little Tennessee nest.

    I’m lovin the tangerine quartz necklace. AND THAT DREAM CATCHER!

    My favorite item is this White Spirit large DREAMCATCHER! <3

    Vanessa says:

    Love this White Spirit Dream Catcher!

    Kelly says:

    Oh my goodness! What a beautiful giveaway! I’d love to win a dream catcher for my twin nieces. They’re about 3 months old and their mom has this crazy good style but not a ton of money to gussy up a nursery. I know this dream catcher would be beautiful in there and a special keepsake! I’d say the white spirit and the silver spirit are my favorites and pretty neutral for decorating a room.

    Thanks for the opportunity! It’s so generous xx

    Erika Kelly says:

    That Rainbow Cactus necklace is pretty dreamy 🙂 So is the dream catcher…

    The Pyramid earrings are so pretty!

    Andrea G says:

    I like the herkimer stud earrings–cute! I always wear studs–ahem. 😉

    Jenna says:

    Besides the lovely dreamcatcher you featured, I really really love the mountain wristlet in vintage tobacco! Such a perfect, weathered look!

    Mariel says:

    absolutely in love with the white spirit dream catcher. it is absolutely breathtaking and would love to put in a nursery!! xoxox

    Jenn says:

    I narrowed it down to 2 because it was just too hard to choose! I love the Herkimer Diamond Ring Brass and Herkimer Diamond 5 Stone Cuff In Brushed Brass. Those stones look like they would really harness and bring good energy to those who wear it.

    Rachel N says:

    I love the Mountain Clutch in Midnight Black!

    Sara says:

    Really loving the jewelry, love the Labradorite Flip Ring!

    xoxo Sara

    Rayne says:

    I LOVE the pink tourmaline necklace! <3

    Nicole says:

    The jewelry is all quite lovely. It’s all about that White Spirit though. So envious of your bedroom wall right now!!

    Amanda blass says:

    I love the black spirit dream circle, but mostly I ADORE this dream catcher!!!!! IN LOVE! Here’s to hoping :)))

    Beth Anne says:

    I am a big fan of the mountain clutch… But it’s second to that amazing dream catcher that I’m hoping to win!!!

    Paige says:

    The dreamcatcher is amazing! Would be perfect in my b&w casita. Also in love with the mountain clutch and hillside woven clutch!

    Kelsey says:

    Love the HERKIMER DIAMOND 2 STONE CUFF 18K GOLD PLATED bracelet. I love the dream catcher too!!

    A B I G A I L says:

    that dream catcher is insanely amazing!
    I also love the titanium quarts necklace. Might have to splurge on something!

    lucy says:

    love the white spirit dream catcher!!

    Erica says:

    I adore the white spirit dream catcher!!! I have been eyeing these for a while, it would make such a perfect addition to my bedroom but I can’t currently afford it on my social worker salary!!

    Marianne says:

    I would die. I love EVERYTHING on their site. We are currently designing to build our new home & this would be beyond perfect for our space. Yes Please.

    Lindsey says:

    Honestly, my favorite thing on Torchlight’s website is their logo but the mountain clutch in tan leather would be very happy in my closet 🙂 Love their modern take on a dreamcatcher

    Thao says:

    I’m loving the white spirit or classic dream catcher.

    Stephanie says:

    It does not get any more perfect than the White Spirit Dreamcatcher!! Love.

    Katie d says:

    I love the images on the opening of the website….they really set a vibe and are each amazing and different from each other! Loving the dream catchers! Swoon!

    Holly B says:

    The Amethyst Point Necklace is amazing!

    alyssa says:

    obsessed with dream catchers – this one is the ultimate! i also love the silver spirit version.

    Wendy D says:

    The HERKIMER DIAMOND 2 STONE CUFF 18K GOLD PLATED is beautiful. They have wonderful things at torchlight.

    KayBe says:

    The white spirit is exactly what I’m needing right now. Since moving to a new place I need all the good spirits I can get 🙂

    Ellie says:

    Love the Mountain Clutch, reminds me of something you would make at summer camp…but way better. 🙂

    Andrea says:

    HERKIMER DIAMOND 2 STONE CUFF 18K GOLD PLATED. I love love love this bracelet! The dream catchers are all gorgeous. They make things peaceful.

    Kallie J. says:

    I love all the dream catchers, especially the white spirit and brown & tangerine spirit. The aqua aura necklace is extremely beautiful as well 🙂

    mekeesha says:

    this is so neat and different!

    i really love the entire mountain collection. those clutches and wraps are awesome. thanks for introducing me to a new site to shop at! 🙂

    Breen says:

    I really like the classically simple but with a little twist earrings – the Herkimer diamond studs or the pyramid studs!

    Ashlee-Rose Ferguson says:

    The mountain wristlet in vintage tobacco is gorgeous thus it is my favorite item from torchlight. 🙂

    Natalie Debbas says:

    Definitely the White spirit!

    Alyse D. says:

    I LOVE the Mountain Clutch in Vintage Tobacco, but the White Spirit Dreamcatcher is my top pick from the site! Thank you!

    Molly says:

    Ooooo! I love ALL the dream-catchers on the site. How whimsical! My favorite is the White Spirit.

    Alexis says:

    I love love live the white dream catcher. What also caught my eye was the Herkimer 2 stone diamond bracelet in gold. So pretty!

    Caroline says:

    im totally crushing on the mountain clutch in the tan leather…. i would be as happy as a clam if that was mine! so cute!!

    Kate says:

    Well I would do anything to own one of these beautiful dream catchers. I absolultely love this store! I love the pink tourmaline necklace.

    I’m crossing my fingers!

    xoxo kate

    Hilary says:

    The Brown spirit dream circle is absolutely gorgeous. The speckled turkey feathers are so eye catching and unique, the chunk of amethyst is calming and so beautiful! Thank you for this opportunity!!

    Julie says:

    I love the tanzanite aura necklace!

    Angie says:

    that TURQUOISE VAGABOND necklace might have to be a staple in my festie wardrobe 🙂

    I would love to win the dream catcher! My dreams are forever running off…

    I love love love the MOUNTAIN WRISTLET IN VINTAGE TOBACCO. And this dream catcher is just gorgeously peaceful.

    chels says:

    I love the Mountain Clutch in midnight black! so cute!

    Carli says:

    Love the White Spirit dream circle

    audra says:

    love this dreamcatcher! so beautiful. I can see it fitting perfectly in my living room as well :)! I also found and love their silver pyramid ring!!

    Anonymous says:

    The aurora sun quartz necklace is the jam.

    christine says:

    love the diamond stud earrings!

    audra says:

    love this dream catcher! I can see it fitting perfectly in my living room!! 🙂
    what I also love on the site is their silver pyramid ring! it’s so simple yet perfect for any occasion!

    Ashley says:

    The Mountain Beaded cuff in midnight black. I so need that!
    Such a great site!

    Heidi says:

    I LOVE the Mountain Clutch in brown. Simple, yet fashionable. Love the simplicity and the suttle zig zag. Great site!

    MK says:

    That dreamcatcher is seriously my favorite thing on the site!!! I know exactly where I would put it in my bedroom. I also love the PYRITE SHAKE RING 18K GOLD PLATED.

    Melanie says:

    These are all stunning! The Classic is just beyond! This is about a thousand times more elegant than those yarn dream catchers we made in Girl Scouts!

    kellenhofer says:

    I LOVE the White Spirit. I feel like this is just the thing i need in my life right now. Plus, I have the perfect spot for it


    Hannah Wittman says:

    LOVE white spirit and the classic. Simply stunning.

    Melissa says:

    Hi! Just started following you on Instagram and I can’t get enough of your posts. My favorite Dream Circle is the White Spirit. My boyfriend and I are currently decorating our first apartment together and I would love to be able to add this awesome piece into the mix.

    Tina Martinez says:

    What a cool shop! LOVE the Thunderbird gold plated cuff!

    Megan Flowers says:

    All the dream catchers are absolutely stunning!
    The amethyst cluster necklace is gorgeous, I’ve been searching for the perfect birthstone representation and I think I’ve found it!!!

    Kate says:

    Whoa so cool! The Black Spirit is totally mysterious and beautiful.

    McKenzie says:

    What a thoughtful gesture, Bri; thank you for sharing with us this morning! I’m drawn to the enchanting tangle of feathers and crystal that is the White Spirit. Love the bare-bones-y feel of the piece, the purity of it. Seemingly simple things, after all, so often hide the most fascinating stories and endless intricacies. Every feather of this clean white piece seems to contain a hint of magic and of mystical possibilities. A note from ancient folklore, a trace of wild gypsy romance.

    Can’t think of a lovelier piece to hang in my soon-to-open (September 1!!) studio, a creative coworking space filled with elegantly reclaimed items, found pieces, and in general a spirit of compassion and emphasis on community. We’re called Art Tribes… so, yeah, the glass slipper fits. A circle of talented, creative people, communing with one another in pursuit of individual and collective dreams. A dreamcircle. Cheesy, overly contrived pun is offish over. 🙂

    Thanks again, Bri, for continually sharing your talents and inspiration with your fans! You spoil us.

    Susan O says:

    I love it all! But the MOUNTAIN WRISTLET IN VINTAGE TOBACCO is calling my name!

    Tori says:

    WOW. My favorite has to be the Thunderbird Cuff. I’m so into stacks of bracelets that have meaning lately–just got a bunch of woven friendship-type bracelets from Cartagena, Colombia, and that cuff would be the perfect with them. Also, your bedroom is gorgeous, and that white dreamcatcher is ethereal beyond belief!

    Michelle says:

    The Herkimer Diamond Ring is insane! But that dream catcher is perfect for my room – hope I win!

    Caren says:

    Silver spirit dream catcher, hands down. So gorgeous it makes me want to fall asleep and start dreaming right now!

    Lindsey MacDonald says:

    I love the white spirit dream catcher and the gold plated pyramid ring!

    Cynthia says:

    Love love love this White Spirit dreamcatcher. There is some amazing jewelry and clutches on the site, but for me, this beautiful dreamcatcher takes the cake! It would be such an honor and blessing to display this above my bed in my home! thanks 🙂

    Natalie S says:

    Oh wow…everything they have is so lovely! I do think the dream catcher is my favorite though.

    Lindsey says:

    I like so many things on their site, but I would definitely pick the dream catcher. I’ve been wanting a nice one for awhile now. And this one is PERFECT. I hope I win!

    Rosalie W says:

    I lovveeee the mountain clutch!! That dream catcher is to die for!! <3

    Holly says:

    Love the simplicity of your bedroom and the minimal color palette. Looking forward to seeing whatever else you scheme up for this lovely room!

    Erin says:

    Brown & tangerine spirt dream circle <3 <3 <3

    Gloria says:

    The Black Spirit is really beautiful. They all are!

    savanah says:

    I love this dream catcher! It would look great in my bedroom with my rustic/whimsical theme


    Tiffany says:

    Gorgeous stuff! I’ve been looking for dreamcatchers for my bedroom as well, Torchlight’s options are so rustic and simple, I really love that. It could be because my high school mascot was a Thunderbird or maybe it’s because these cuffs are just badass, but I love the gold thunderbird cuff in the mystic collection. Love!

    Veronica Brescia says:

    Brown and Tangerine Spirit is so beautiful like all the rest! <3

    Jeni says:

    this is lovely! would love to get the dreamcatcher, although the diamond necklace is totes calling my name.

    Hannah says:

    how can i pick a favorite?? everything is incredibly lovely. however i ADORE the mountain clutch.

    Katy says:

    All of the dreamcatchers are stunning and the craftsmanship is incredible. The leatherwork is also amazing, the distressed mountain clutch is right up my alley, especially since I recently made a move to the mountains!: http://www.torchlightjewelry.com/collections/bags-wallets/products/mountain-clutch

    Kay says:

    Love the black dreamcatcher on the site. One of these would be perfect for over my bed — safe options are limited in earthquake country!

    Stacy Graves says:

    That White Spirit dream catcher would look heavenly in my living room. I also really love the Classic in white and the Silver Spirit. The crystals attached to the dream catchers are amazing!

    Dawn says:

    I hate to be a copycat, but I’m also in love with the white spirit one. GORGEOUS!

    Haley says:

    I’ve been wanting a beautiful dream catcher like this for so long! Love the blacks spirit dream catcher.

    KA says:

    Oo that white spirit dream catcher is gorgeous! The black spirit one is super rad as well. As a child I used to make my own dream catchers and grew up with one hanging above my bed so they have a very special place in my heart 🙂

    Mimi says:

    I LOVE the white spirit dream catcher!!

    I’m a fan of the Silver Spirit dreamcatcher. This is a lost craft and it’s great to see that people are still making them, intertwining history, culture, and time to create such a beautiful piece of art, while simultaneously telling a story.

    Samantha says:

    I love the pink tourmaline necklace! I have just the blouse to wear it with.

    lindsay says:

    I just moved and have a pretty blank canvas with my new room, and that dream catcher would make a great jumping off point for decorating.

    I’m jazzed on the Herkimer diamond 2 stone cuff from their site, as well.

    fingers crossed.

    Lisa says:

    LOVE all the Herkimer Diamond pieces! Swoon!

    Bianca says:

    All of the Dream catchers are beautiful…im loving the Brown Spirit one though!!!!

    Alyssa says:

    I love their brass diamond ring! So beautiful!

    Jasmine Y says:

    Loving the black/blue color combination of the mountain clutch in midnight black!

    Abigail says:

    Pyramid Midi Ring is so beautiful. And that dream catcher? Just perfect.

    i have never seen a dream catcher like that before. i already know where i would put it! if i couldn’t have that, i would choose either one of the turquoise vagabonds. i am kind of in love with the rocks they have – i’m in a family of geology nuts 🙂

    Nikki says:

    Oh, I love the silver pyramid pendant!

    Kara says:

    Fantastic! I love all of the dream circles, but I love white spirit and brown & tangerine spirit the most!

    jensen says:

    That is quite seriously the best dream catcher I’ve ever seen!

    I love the Alchemist collection of necklaces. Just so good!

    Lexi says:

    The Amethyst Chunk and Mountain Wristlet are so cute! I’d love a giant dreamcatcher though…

    Anonymous says:

    Obsessed with the dream catchers! The brown and tangerine spirit would look great above my bed!

    Kelsey J. says:

    Obsessed with the dream catchers! The brown and tangerine spirit would look great above my bed!

    Vanessa Wade says:

    My fingers have never been SO crossed for a Giveaway!!! I am head over heels in love with the White Spirit dream catcher! I’m pretty sure that’s the one you have on your wall!? Anyway, I dig it.

    Pick meeeeeeeee 🙂
    xx, Vanessa


    maria maria says:

    I love the Mountain Clutch in Tobacco!

    Leah Faye says:

    That is seriously such a beautiful dream catcher! I would love to win it! I love their thunderbird pendant necklace and of course the dream catcher! Fun giveaway!
    Leah Faye
    a clover and a bee

    Mo says:

    The White Spirit dreamcircle is simple, elegant, and stunning! Love love love!

    I adore dreamcatchers, always have. Loving the proportions of the Black Spirit and White Spirit! If I won, I’d love for you to surprise me 😉

    jules says:

    so in live with the white spirit dream circles!! so simple and stunning!

    Melissa says:

    While I LOVE the dream catcher and would love to win it, the Lemurian seed necklace is a stunning piece of jewelry. Thanks for the code! Great giveaway!

    Emily says:

    I love the dream catchers on the site …and most everything else, but the PYRITE VAGABOND necklace is especially gorgeous. Your dream catcher is beautiful. I too am in need of some wall art. I love this idea for my soon-to-arrive little one’s nursery area corner of our bedroom. Happy Wednesday and thanks for the giveaway!

    Tori says:

    I love all of the dream catchers so much!

    Would love to win the dreamcatcher! My favourite item is the turquoise vagabond necklace!

    Terra says:

    the brown and tangerine spirit dreamcatcher is beautiful! 🙂

    Katy says:

    The mountain clutch is lovely and the dreamcatchers and well everything! Thank you for introducing me to this site! x Katy

    Jennifer says:

    The brown & tangerine spirit dreamcatcher is stunning. I’d love it for our new home – how perfect as not only an art piece but also to bid guests a good night’s rest and pleasant stay. those guinea hen feathers are gorgeous! the all white one is also quite beautiful – I love the different textures.

    Julianna m says:

    i love the thunderbird pendant!!! they have beautiful products! I would love to hang the dream catcher on my wall, it is much more beautiful than the one i made!

    ash esparza says:

    I absolutely adore the amethyst point necklace. It’s my birthstone. 🙂 And the dream catcher is magical. Xoxox

    Libby says:

    I love the Dream Circles White Spirit..It’s glorious and peaceful looking.

    Nicole says:

    I love the “white spirit” dream catcher. These are some of the most beautiful dream catchers I have ever seen.
    Thanks for the giveaway.

    mckyna r says:

    so so so in love with the gold pyramid midi ring! also, the dream catcher is wonderfully beautiful.

    amy bordeaux says:


    i really love the silver dove bracelet…it represents something personal to me and it’s really pretty…


    i also really love the white dreamcatcher…i know just where i’d hang it 🙂

    thanks for considering me!

    Kate B says:

    Loving the white spirit dream catcher, so dreamy! Thanks for the giveaway!

    Dana says:

    I can’t even handle! I’m moving into a new apartment soon with tons of natural light and this would just glow and fill me with such happiness. fingers crossed. in addition to the most magical dreamcatchers, i love the herkimer diamond cuff. swoon.

    Megan Sanchez says:

    I love the Hill Tribe Flower cuff and braided cuff. But I think my favorite is the rose quartz necklace. That I realllllly need 🙂
    Thanks for the giveaway! Super excited about that beautiful dream catcher

    melanie says:

    I love the Mountain Wristlet in vintage tobacco!

    Halley says:

    Im LOVING the Hill Tribe silver cuff!!! Always looking for new bracelets to add to teh stack!


    Amy Kelley says:

    I so love the Thunderbird cuff!

    Kate says:

    The Silver Spirit Dreamcatcher is amazing!

    Kari says:

    White Spirit is beautiful and ethereal! Love the white deerskin!

    Kristin G says:

    Oh who could pick just one favorite?! Other than the dream catchers, that 18k thunderbird cuff is bonkers beautiful. Swoon!!!

    Zoe says:

    I love the mountain clutch in brown! What a great site!

    Brenna says:

    Well I absolutely looove this dream catcher, it would fit in perfectly in my bedroom! Gorgeous. I also love the Inner Mystic 2 stone cuffs, so pretty!

    Colleen Clark says:

    The white dream catcher is definitely my favorite but I think those Herkimer Stud Earrings are mighty purty too!

    sheri says:

    great giveaway! love the Hill Tribe Silver Tribal Bracelet!

    ashley h says:

    oh my! i absolutely love the “mountain bag” and the “pyramid ring”!!!

    Tamara says:

    Obsessing over the White Spirit dreamcatcher! Would never have a bad dream with that in my space!

    Charmaine says:

    So unique and beautiful! The other dream catchers are wonderful too!

    kelsey says:

    amazing! adore the pyrite shake ring!
    kw ladies in navy

    Jacqueline Phillips says:

    Wow, Torchlight’s pieces are stunning..absolutely stunning. My favorite is the White Spirit dream circle (www.torchlightjewelry.com/collections/dream-circles/products/white-spirit). I would feel so lucky if I won this giveaway. You have the best taste, Bri!
    (ps – I’m going to the Ojai Rancho Inn today because of your influence 🙂 Torchlight FB page liked, packing for Ojai now(!))

    Meagan says:

    I’m so happy to be introduced to Torchlight, I think I’m in love! I think I might have to adopt a Thunderbird Cuff, it’s a beauty.

    I live in Oklahoma and native american styles and cultures are very close to my heart. I just got a new place and I’ve been working on the perfect southwestern, native american inspired look. This dreamcatcher would be a treasure to hold onto for life!

    kerry says:

    bri, you got a good one. i love the white spirit dream circle too!

    Kayleen T. says:

    I love their alchemist line. I need that dream catcher on my wall!

    Traci G. says:

    This dreamcatcher is my favorite. It would be perfect for the wall to hang over my bed.

    Natalie says:

    Love the Thunderbird Cuff, it reminds me of Stevie Nicks! And of course every single dream catcher on the site…so dreamy.

    Elaine says:

    I’ve been looking for dream catchers to decorate our new space- Love love love the white spirit!!

    Catie says:

    Love ALL of your designs but I am completely obsessed with this White Spirit dream catcher!!

    Blaine B says:

    I love love love all the mountain clutches! So simple and earthy!

    molly says:

    that two stone cuff is amaze. the dream catchers are dreamy! if i win, it’ll go to my friend as her wedding gift. she would absolutely love it, but i wonder if i could hold out until the big day to give it to the lovely couple. love your site!

    Franci G. says:

    I like this one the best actually!

    Emily S says:

    I think that dream catcher may just be my favorite….although the Mountain Clutch is a close second.

    jackie says:

    LOVE, LOVE the dream catcher!! their stuff is all awesome though! my fave necklace has to be the TURQUOISE VAGABOND! woot woot 🙂

    ps. come do a blogshop in columbus 🙂

    Celeste M says:

    Such a beatuiful shop, I’m hard pressed to pick a favorite item! I’m loving the pyrite shake ring in antiqued silver. Thanks for the giveaway and for introducing me to a lovely shop!

    yvonne says:

    That brown spirit one is amazing!

    Leah says:

    the pyrite shake ring and the classic dream catcher are both beautiful!

    Rachel says:

    The Brown & Tangerine Spirit Dreamcatcher & the Hill Tribe Silver Flower Studded Cuff are fantastical! The dreamcatcher would be a beautiful addition to my eclectic home.

    meredith says:

    uh..in love with the turquoise vagabond! this shop is amazing. so glad i’ve found it now!

    Adam says:

    I love the Turquoise Vagabond…beautiful in how it looks and acts. Thanks 🙂

    emily says:

    I LOVE the black spirit dream catcher! I kinda have an obsession with dream catchers so thanks for the giveaway!!!!

    Linnae Hoppe says:

    i looooove the Herkimer Diamond Ring AND the Mountain Beaded Cuff. I couldn’t decide which one I liked more =)

    Liv Biggar says:

    Herkimer Diamond 2 stone cuff in 18K gold plated AAAAND the titanium quartz necklace are to die for

    toby kassoy says:

    Your dreamcatchers absolutely take my breath away!! White Spirit is absolute perfection!! I would feel so blessed to have it hanging in my home <3<3<3

    carrie says:

    the MOUNTAIN WRISTLET IN VINTAGE TOBACCO is the go-to piece.
    go-to at day
    go-to at night

    love it!
    hope to win

    Mia Maya says:

    If I have to pick a fav – it’s the Brown & Tangerine Spirit dreamcatcher. Love;)

    Heather says:

    Love love love the Mountain Wristlet, all of the dream catchers are beautiful as well.

    Kim Dean says:

    Oh, I absolutely love all the dream catchers and the 5 diamond gold plated cuff! Gorgeous stuff. Thanks for the give-away!

    elpav says:

    Mountain wristlet all the way!

    Anne Foster says:

    umm…the mountain clutch is amazing. i love discovering new awesome online shopping! thank you!!

    Caley says:

    Umm WOW! Gorgeous selection. I am in LOVE with the white spirit dream catcher. Can’t get over it.

    jessica marie says:

    Just loving the white spirit dream catcher. So peaceful and gorgeous! In the middle of making my space all cozy and bohemian and this would be the icing on the cake!

    Andrea says:

    I mean, the dreamcatchers are kind of amazing. I love how they can be added to any type of decor. My 2nd fav item from the site is the HERKIMER DIAMOND 2 STONE CUFF 18K GOLD PLATED. What a great company 🙂

    Chelsea says:

    Would LOVE to own this. Everything they sell is amazing but the herkimers and the thunderbird collection is my favorite!!

    Dani says:

    the tangerine quartz alchemist crystal. or all of them. so beautiful. love the site.

    Leanne Fyffe says:

    The HERKIMER SHAKE RING 18K GOLD PLATED – elegant & timeless x

    Beth says:


    I love all the dream catchers, and the leather wallet, but my favorite one is the silver spirit dream catcher. Thanks for the contest!

    i am literally drooling over the gold plated thunderbird pendant. and i’ve been keeping an eye on her dreamcatcher collection – they are so beautiful!

    Jenna says:

    The “Mountain Clutch” is so wonderful! The perfect little bag, actually. So many uses: Day-tripping tote for your accessories, Kindle carrier, night-on-the-town clutch for a Bohemian look and an over-all For-Everything little sack! Love!

    Melanie shalom says:

    The white Dream Circle is absolutely stunning. I also love the silver one.

    Jennifer says:

    the Herkimer Shake Ring is just so cool! I’ve never seen anything like it! and I love the properties they hold! great webiste. I would love to win the dreamcatcher!

    charisse says:

    Hi Bri! Besides the dreamcatcher (which is amazing!) my favorite item is the mountain clutch. 🙂

    Swike says:

    Dying over the entire inner mystic collection! Love love love this dreamcatcher and the HERKIMER DIAMOND RING IS EVERYTHING. Thanks for intro’ing me to Torchlight!

    Karen says:

    I absolutely adore the dreamcatchers. Would love to win one for my new bedroom!!!

    alli says:

    i think the silver spirit dream catcher is my #1!

    Rachel says:

    tbe white spirit dreamcatcher is my FAVE. or maybe the thunderbird cuff…love all of it. 🙂

    these dream catchers are incredible…especially the white and silver ones. I want to sleep next to it and see what dreams arise…

    Cat Pennenga says:

    In love with the whole site, but I think my fave is the PYRITE VAGABOND necklace because its gorgeous and because I’ve always had a fondness for the word vagabond…But if I had to choose two favorites, the brown & tangerine spirit dreamcatcher is amazing!

    Kirsten says:

    That is so beautiful! I’m also loving the mountain clutch. such great stuff!

    Chelsey D says:

    The White Spirit dream catcher is the most beautiful but I also love the pink tourmaline!

    Tori says:

    This is a beyond cool giveaway…totally my style! I love the classic white dream catcher. So pretty. Thank you for this giveaway!

    Lish Andres says:

    I’ve never visited Torchlight before–what a gorgeous/perfectly crafted brand! My favorite item from their website is the Silver Spirit dream catcher. I love the simple elegance of stringing feathers from white leather combined with the overall whimsical feeling of a hanging, over-sized dream catcher. It’s perfect for adding life & style to any wall. Torchlight has definitely gained a new fan!

    ashley says:

    Dragon Hair Pin or Turq Vagabong Necklace! How am I supposed to decide?? Can I do both? 🙂

    jennsnow says:

    I love the dreaming collection but also inner mystic jewelry collection. Especially the pyramid pieces— the ring and necklaces.

    Meg says:

    Love the brown and tangerine dream catcher. Beautiful! Thank you!

    Allison R says:

    wow, what a gorgeous collection. i’m a ring gal, and i particularly love the herkimer diamond ring brass. so pretty.

    i like the amethyst cluster necklace. the spirit dreamcatcher is also very nice. it would look great hanging above my bed. 🙂

    Danielle says:

    The White Spirit Dream circle is absolutely dreamy, no pun intended… but swooning over the Mountain Wristlet in vintage tobacco as well.

    Brianna W. says:

    This was a tough decision. I had never been to torchlightjewelry.com and was blown away with the ethereal that accompanied their designs. The products had a lot of charm but felt one of a kind. I was torn between the Mountain Clutch for it’s rugged leather and simple Indian design scheme but also fell in love with the Thunderbird Cuff in gold. The thunderbird almost resembled a Phoenix rising from ashes!
    As for the amazing dream catchers… Born & raised in AZ and my aunt lives in Alaska. She use to make them for us when we were kids. ALTHOUGH, I’ve never seen such a cool and beautiful representation/interpretation as the ones that are on TORCHLIGHT. I would be so honored and proud to have one of these!

    Sara says:

    Love. I am a White Spirit, all the way!

    Ferne says:

    This dream catcher is my fave on the entire site!

    Cristina says:

    Really neat site, and gorgeous dreamcatcher. Also love the herkimer diamond ring.

    Holy crap! The dream catchers are so lovely. SILVER SPIRIT – is by far my favorite. The quartz plus those feathers. Such a great giveaway.

    Liz says:

    Love the thunderbird cuff bracelet!

    annie says:

    love the mountain clutch!

    kristi says:

    I love the Brown & Tangerine Spirit dream circle. In general awesome site! 🙂 great pieces!

    annie says:

    the mountain clutch is my fave, total swoon

    Kaley says:

    What an amazing giveaway. I am in love with Southwest decor and the folklore aesthetic. I would be so happy to win this dream catcher!

    Po says:

    the white spirit is perfect in every way.

    Aida says:

    I’m not usually into gold, but girl, that Thunderbird pendant… love it!
    Thanks for the giveaway 🙂

    Kathy says:

    How awesome is the thunderbird cuff! It’s perfect, just perfect! I hope I win! <3

    Amy says:

    100 percent the Herkimer shake ring plated in 18K gold. Dying. GAH.

    Jessica says:

    I love that mountain clutch. And as far as the dream catchers go, my fave is the white spirit.

    Joyce says:

    herkimer stud earrings will look great on my wedding day and beyond!

    julie k says:

    Fave item, oy! Hard to pick but I’d go with the THUNDERBIRD pendant (gold).

    I saw Torchlight’s stuff on Abbot Kinney on my last trip to LA – absolutely stunning in person. Wanted it all. I saw some of the crystal and leather necklaces (love those, too) and the a few of the dreamcatchers.. love the update on the Ojibwe classic.

    I’m all for a bit of spiritual to daily style. I grew up in a community with a lot of natives and native culture. Glad to see it come to life in a way that’s respectful and modern. Louisa clearly has an affinity and love for the traditions as well as the asthetics.

    Peace, love and gorgeousness! xoj

    Jennifer v says:

    I thought perhaps I might love their awesome jewelry the most (their rings are gorgeous), but every time I look at those dream-catchers, I’m pulled back in. I love the look of the white classic one on the white wall. What a find. Thanks!

    mary says:

    The dream catchers are serene!

    Whoa. Everything on their site is gorgeous. I love their pyramid midi rings, but still, my favorite is the White Spirit dreamcatcher. It would be so lovely in my new home that I just moved into 🙂

    antiquechase says:

    The Mountain Clutch is amazing~~ as is this dream catcher!

    Kristy says:

    The dream catchers are all beautiful and with all the work nightmares I have been having I could certainly use one! I also love the Gold Thunderbird Cuff, the Herkimer Diamond 2 Stone Cuff, and the Smokey Quartz Necklace. Gorgeous!

    Nikki K says:

    That dream catcher is truly dreamy. 😉 I have been obsessed with bracelets lately, the herkimer diamond 2 stone cuff is amazing. making sure I send my honey the link, it’s my birthday soon.

    willis. says:

    the mountain clutch is kind of perfect.

    Logan Fisher says:

    I think I’ve just fallen in love, it’s so gorgeous. The silver spirit has stolen my heart, but due to the great energy of the crystal/dream catcher combination…I’ll just buy one for every corner in my house. Is that excessive?

    sarah greenhaw says:

    the pyramid ring in antique silver is so dainty and perfect! and those dream catchers! and the thunderbird necklace..oh my! sold.. one of my new faves!

    Ailyn says:

    The Classic Dreamcatcher is magical. It would be the greatest gift to self for my upcoming birthday

    Joy says:

    I love the brown mountain clutch, and what an amazing jewelry selection in all of the collections!

    Nicole says:

    I love this multi-colored Titanium Quartz necklace!! Very wizardy. http://www.torchlightjewelry.com/collections/alchemist-collection/products/titanium-quartz

    Abbey says:

    The black spirit dream catcher is wonderful! And I love how the one you got looks in your room- marvelous!

    kelli says:

    I just bought their vintage brass lapis cuff and dove bracelet which I am so in love with!! An item that I really wanted was the Thunderbird pendant necklace. Silver absolutly defines who I am, and the thunderbird is such a great strong symbol! The dream circles are STUNNING!I am swooning over The brown & tangerine spirit design! So much class and beautiful style!

    Oh my gosh I’ve been stalking these dreamcatchers for ages! I think the White Spirit is my favourite favourite thing on that website <3 it's so beautiful.

    Rachel says:

    The pyramid pendant antique silver necklace is cool & versatile.

    Ashlee says:

    Love the silver spirit and the white spirit! So pretty!

    Tara S says:

    the white dream catcher is absolutely beautiful! i would love that in my bedroom.

    Danielle says:


    Emiko says:

    my favorite item is THIS dream catcher!!

    michelle says:

    I have always had dream catchers growing up, and “White Spirit” would is absolutely beautiful! Would love to hang her up in my room to filter out those bad dreams and let in the mystical ones.

    Rachel says:

    Love all the crystals and the black dreamcatcher!

    Marissa says:

    i would put this over my bed!
    i also love the aqua aura necklace.

    My word, that must be the most beautiful dream catcher I’ve ever seen. I also love the Herkimer Drop Earrings in Sterling Silver…

    Ashley says:

    I absolutely love the white spirit dream catcher! It would look so beautiful in my bedroom.

    Alina says:

    Impressive dreamcatcher collection. similar to Electric Love http://electriclovenyc.tumblr.com/. Black Spirit and Silver Spirit catch my eye.

    Allyson says:

    That dream catcher is AMAZING! I really need to resist the urge to add a hundred more !s. 🙂

    I am not a big necklace wear-er but this amethyst one, my birthstone, caught my eye: http://www.torchlightjewelry.com/collections/necklaces/products/amethyst-cluster


    Jessie says:

    So hard to choose, its all so dreamy, but I think the thunderbird pendant or mountain clutch win for me!

    Mrs.Sargent says:

    I am obsessed with the HERKIMER DIAMOND RING 18K GOLD PLATED.

    Holland says:

    I love the Classic Dream Catcher, too! Thanks, Bri!

    Mira says:

    I love the brown spirit dream catcher, but all of them are beautiful!! 🙂

    Megan says:

    I adore the abalone shell bracelet and the thunderbird cuff. This dream catcher would be a perfect present for my brother.

    Lauren says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the rainbow quartz … So cool.

    shay says:

    the mountain clutch is something i’ve been eyeing for some time- the worn leather makes my heart race! the dream catcher is also quite lovely!

    jessica says:

    dream circles are beautiful.
    please please please sweeten my dreams!!!

    Milan says:

    The site’s gorgeous. If I had to pick, the Thunderbird Cuff would be the favorite. Thanks for sharing!


    audrey says:

    so gorgeous! the gold thunderbird cuff and mountain clutch are two other favs

    Libby H says:

    The White Spirit is GORGEOUS! I’m moving next month and this piece would be a perfect piece for my “fresh start”! Ahhh! Love!

    Liz says:

    I absolutely adore the Mountain Leather Wrap. I would wear that every day. It’s gorgeous, rich and the quality looks incredible.

    Courtney says:

    Definitely the White Spirit dream catcher. That thing is spectacular! Otherwise any of those crystal necklaces I wouldn’t mind…

    Angela says:

    I love the brown and tangerine spirit dreamcatcher!

    annica says:

    i love the the raw crystals and their minimalism used as pendants, the prong settings on the rings that look like spider legs, and the dream catchers are lovely as well. everything has a peaceful and natural quality-wonderful work.

    Sophie M says:

    I like the silver spirit dream catcher!

    Sarah says:

    The Thunderbird pendant in 18K matte gold is rocking my world! Good Gracious!

    Shannon says:

    I love the mountain clutch and the white spirit dream catcher. So beautiful!! Would love to winner this for my space.

    Abby says:

    Definitely the white spirit dreamcatcher!

    abby says:


    casey says:

    I love the white spirit dream catcher!

    Sophia Castano says:

    I love the Brown Spirit dream catcher to bits!

    Wow, the dream catchers are beautiful.
    But I think my favorite item is the brass herkimer diamond ring.

    Beth says:

    Wow, I love the dream catcher you are giving away and also the classic one! I’ve been wanting one for my daughters room and this would look so amazing in there! Thank you for giveaway!

    Emma Gray says:

    I love the Herkimer diamond & gold cuff. Gorgeous!

    Jen smith says:

    All of the dream catchers are so perfectly restrained and beautiful. I’d choose the one you have! The white spirit. AMAZE.

    Sandi says:

    I love this Thunderbird necklace, the hard part would be making the choice between gold and silver! The dreamcatcher is lovely, it reminds me of the hand woven fabric and art my Mom makes.

    Emily says:

    I love the dream spirit dream circle! So fun!

    Jesse says:

    i absolutely love the herkimer two stone cuff – actually went mining for herkimer diamonds last year!

    Katelyn says:

    The pyramid pendant in gold is so lovely!

    Paige says:

    the herkimer jewelry is amazing! i would love any of it!

    Amy says:

    In LOVE with the amethyst chunk. Just gorgeous x

    I absolutely love the classic dreamcatcher! LOVE.

    Aubrey says:

    LOOOVE this dreamcatcher and the Mountain Clutch =)

    Holly says:

    The White Spirit Dreamcatcher would look PERFECT against the dark taupe/grey walls of our bedroom! 🙂

    lisa says:

    Totally dreamy and inspired. I love it!

    Marlo says:

    Loving the White Spirit and the Silver Spirit! So gorgeous.

    Lauren says:

    Gorgeous! I’d kill for the herkimer diamond studs or any of the dreamcatchers!!

    Zoe says:

    I love love love the mountain clutch in brown. wowza!!! but that dream catcher is like something from my dreams….

    Brooke Lynch says:

    I am loving all of the mountain clutches. I would LOVE to have this dream catcher in my nursery…

    Meg says:

    Completely in love with the calming simplicity of the medium classic. It’s funny, I’ve always had a dreamcatcher in my room since I was in 3rd grade…this would definitely be a much needed update!

    Kyla says:

    My favorite is the HERKIMER DIAMOND RING BRASS. Everything on the website is absolutely stunning. Thanks for sharing!

    ohhh! i love the pyrite shake ring in antiques silver, and would LOVE to win this dream catcher!

    Claire says:

    What a beautiful site with such unique and thoughtful products! I love the creative photography and the descriptions and qualities of the stones they use. The aqua stone necklace and mountain clutch are particularly stunning to me, as well as all of the dream catchers, they are magical!

    AH How have i seriously not known about this site? Those vintage rings are to die for!

    Anonymous says:

    Yikes, hard to pick just one… LOVE the thunderbird cuff in gold, mountain clutch in brown and black (I have a problem buying things I love in every color!) and the black spirit dream catcher! Top 3, but could go on and on…!! Thanks Bri! @laurenashleymaddox ☺

    Ashley says:

    Yikes, hard to pick just one… LOVE the thunderbird cuff in gold, mountain clutch in brown and black (I have a problem buying things I love in every color!) and the black spirit dream catcher! Top 3, but could go on and on…!! Thanks Bri! @laurenashleymaddox ☺

    Davey McHenry says:

    Would love this dream catcher for my son’s room!

    Molly says:

    I love the mountain clutch! So cute!

    I absolutely love the brown and tan dream catcher, so many complementing beautiful natural colors! Although it was pretty hard to just pick one. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

    katie says:

    I love the brown spirit dream catcher, loving the crystal detail in the middle. It would compliment my be achy bohemian decor. Would be so happy to look at that everyday!

    Tonya Arthur says:

    This dream catcher is so lovely, and after reviewing everything on the torchlight site, this is the exact piece I would choose! The white spirit dream catcher is my favorite! It would go so well with the mix of industrial and modern I’m going for, on a budget of course! I need some natural pieces to mix in!

    Anonymous says:

    I love ALOT of their stuff but my two favorites are the eagle necklace and this dream catcher!:)

    Shyla says:

    I love ALOT of stuff on their site! I’ve been looking at their stuff for at least three months now. My favorites are the eagle necklace and the dream catcher in your room! So pretty and elegant! I absolutely love it and think it would look amazing in my new white chic bedroom!:) xoxoxo Shyla

    Ali says:

    how lovely!! the one that really catches my eye is the white spirit

    Susan says:

    I’m so glad you introduced us to the torchlight site! I love ALL the dream catchers but I think the brown spirit is my favorite.

    lea says:

    that Mountain Clutch, amazing, i need it!

    Karen says:

    Those mountain clutch bags are super cute…but the dreamcatcher is still my favorite!

    Chelsea A says:

    diamond ring brass && herkimer golden bracelet lovin’.

    Chloe G. says:

    i absolutely love the tangerine quartz necklace! my fingers are crossed to win this super amazing giveaway! it would be the perfect addition to my room 🙂
    thanks so much for the opportunity!

    Loren says:

    brown spirit dream catcher! beautiful!

    Can I have it all!? I love the silver dream circle. GUH.

    vanessa joie says:

    The pyramid pendant in gold is beautiful. I may have to get it. This dream catcher is PERFECT. Dream catchers are supposed to protect the person from negative dreams while letting the positive ones through right? My dreams lately have been pretty awful. I’d really love to add this to my home.

    Elizabeth says:

    The classic dreamcatcher is ethereal. I would love it in my bedroom to catch any nightmares.

    dionne says:

    silver spirit!

    Brooke Stanley says:

    My favorite item is the Thunderbird Cuff in Antiqued Silver! What an unique and lovely way to dress up an otherwise simple outfit. This cuff, plus jeans and a tshirt? PERFECT!

    mathé says:

    pyramid midi ring is pretty adorable

    Carole says:

    So hard to choose. The Herkimer Shake Ring is magical. Having been to the Herkimer diamond mines makes it all the more special. And the White Spirit and Classic Dreamcatchers are beautiful, truly a work of art to build a room around. (Thanks for sharing Torchlight)

    Lucie Wu says:

    That dreamcatcher is amazing. I love the branch in the middle. I also love the two-stone cuffs in Torchlight’s shop!

    laura says:

    Loving the: (HERKIMER DIAMOND 2 STONE CUFF 18K GOLD PLATED) bracelet. Great shop – thanks for the intro!

    libby says:

    The gold Herkimer Shake Ring is simply eye-catching! I’m a sucker for all rings and this one is so unique! The dream catcher is breathtaking as well, I’d just dream to have it hanging over my bed!

    Mary Grace Morales says:

    I absolutely adore all the items in the store, but I am in love with the brown spirit dream catcher. Gorgeous color and love, love, love the feathers.

    MFree says:

    Digging the thunderbird pendant necklace. Thanks!

    Tamra says:

    Totally swooning over the diamond cuffs. Insanely simple and insanely gorgeous.

    Rebecca says:

    I love the dreamcatcher! So beautiful!! I’ve started to collect dreamcatchers so this would be an amazing one to have. I also really love the Turquoise Vagabond necklace with the brown leather- such a unique piece!

    Karen says:

    i love every single one of those dream catchers! and the herkimer ring!


    the titanium quarts necklace is totes amaze. fingers crossed!

    Marlene says:

    I love this one though the classic dreamcatcher is more in my budget but still out of my budget!


    Rebecca says:

    Oh my gosh, that is beautiful! I also love the Brown Spirit catcher.

    Cassidy Day says:

    Obsessed with Silver Spirit… Love it.

    Christina says:

    I love the white spirit one, I love the scale of it and it looks so dreamy! The black one is also cool. They are very beautiful!

    hillery says:

    eek! i have to say the white spirit dream circle is totes my favorite!

    Grace says:

    wow. what a BEAUTIFUL shop. I am seriously in love with everything!!
    I turned 20 this summer and finally moved out of my parents house 🙂 the brown spirit dream catcher would look so rad in my new apartment! thanks for this awesome giveaway!

    Shelby says:

    I’m in LOVE with the “HERKIMER DIAMOND RING” sooo pretty!

    Emily says:

    I love everything! Tangerine quartz necklace is especially lovely.

    sahar says:

    In love with the mountain beaded cuff, thanks for sharing!

    Joelyn Voytoski says:

    I am OBSESSED with dream catchers… I would love to win this! My favorites on Torchlight are ALL the dream catchers – and then LOVE the amethyst cluster (my birthstone) and the mountain clutch is insanely fabulous. I am from Montana originally so of the items on Torchlight make me think of home. I am moving to Australia in a month so I would love to win this so I can hang it over my bed!!!

    Anna says:

    Loving the white spirit dream catcher and the amethyst cluster. A beautifully curated shop!

    Kayla says:

    Thanks for telling me about Torchlight! Even though I can’t afford their wares right now…they’re inspiring. I love Bri’s dream catcher and I’m also in a big ring phase right now, so I love all the pyrite rings.

    trez says:

    The brown and tangerine dream catcher …oh LOVE. but I love all the dream catchers.
    Thanks so much for sharing!

    Casey Bovee says:

    I love the brown & tangerine spirit dream catcher. So beautiful!

    Casey says:

    Droooling over the White Spirit dreamcatcher and the Pyramid Gold Plated ring. Everything is so stunning! xx

    Amber says:

    The site is so cool. I love how beautifully artistic everything is. Some of my favorites include: HERKIMER DIAMOND 2 STONE CUFF 18K GOLD PLATED and the HERKIMER DIAMOND RING 18K GOLD PLATED, but my very favorite are all of the dream circles.

    Carrie says:

    Love the dream catchers and the mountain clutch:)

    Janeen says:

    SO pretty! I love all the alchemist necklaces too 🙂

    Kaitlyn says:

    Too many to choose from!
    I’d say the geode necklaces and mountain cuff.
    everything is magical though!

    Lesli says:

    I love silver spirit.

    Ciara says:

    That dreamcatcher is breath taking. I also adore the pyrite shake ring!

    Linda says:

    the classic and white spirit are my favorite! they are beautiful!

    Cara says:

    I think you got it right with the White Spirit dreamcatcher. It would look absolutely dreaming in our bedroom.

    jill says:

    I LOVE the entire hill tribe cuff collection. fingers crossed I love that dream catcher too!

    Morgane says:

    I love this neckless! 🙂

    Anna says:

    Loving the classic dream catcher!

    Jenna says:

    I love anything whimsical and this dream catcher is exactly that. It would bring freshness (and conversation) to any wall space!

    Alina says:

    LOVE, Love, LoVe the Moutain Wristlet in vintage tobacco. GORGEOUS!

    Sean C says:

    The Hill Tribe Silver Woven Cuff is so pretty. I must have it.

    Mandy says:

    I like the mountain clutch and classic

    Sarah says:

    ABSOLUTELY in love with the brown spirit dreamcatcher! The feathers are absolutely stunning!! What an amazing giveaway – so unique!

    Courtney says:


    I’m such a sucker for necklaces.

    This dream catcher is gorgeous!!!

    Meegan says:

    The Brown & Tangerine Spirit has so much character and life to it – love the speckles! It would look gorgeous next to my collection of arrowheads form New Mexico.

    meggan says:

    I love the silver spirit dream catcher, the mountain leather wrap, and all of the necklaces. Amazing designs!

    Jess says:

    Have been eyeing this beauty from a little shop in Seattle for months now, would be so happy if I won this!

    Krista says:

    I love the thunderbird cuff! It would be such a statement piece but not too over the top.
    These dream catchers are so cool and a lot more interesting than the twine ones I made as a kid growing up in Arizona, would love the White Spirit one for my new apartment 🙂

    Erika says:

    I love the Brown & Tangerine Spirit Dreamcatcher! The guinea hen feathers are breathe-taking and the neutral/earth colors would make any white wall really POP! 🙂

    Haley says:

    I would love to have one of those pretty dream catchers hanging in my room. I really love the brown Mountain Clutch, too!

    Hillary says:

    AH, I love the White Spirit. Simply beautiful!

    what an amazing giveaway!
    i would have to say the White Spirit Dream Catcher Circle is my fave 🙂

    Marnay says:


    Annalee says:

    These are gorgeous. The Dream Catchers are my favorite! I would be stoked to win one.

    I love the Herkimer Cuff and of course, that incredible dreamcatcher!

    Katelyn says:

    I love the HERKIMER STUD EARRINGS 18K GOLD PLATED!! I like to think of myself as clairvoyant, and these claim to boost that power, awesome.

    bonnie says:

    oh my, i love this! my favorite item is absolutely this dream catcher. i would hang it my soon-to-be son’s woodland themed nursery!

    Aly B. says:

    Adore the Mountain clutch!!!

    Michelle says:

    i totally coveting the dream catcher. pick me pick me!

    Bry B says:

    reveling in the white spirit catcher

    Nikki says:

    The dream catcher is major.. I can see it moving with me to costa rica in a few months.

    Leslee says:

    I adore the dream circles!! But the herkimer 2 stone gold plated cuff is dreamy as well as the herkimer brass ring! My word I think you’ve given me a new favorite shop!!

    Ashli says:

    I like the Herkimer diamond pendant 🙂

    Leigh says:

    I love the herkimer drop earrings in silver!

    Amalia says:

    Placing my order now for the brass diamond ring.. Oh la la! Looks like the perfect accessory for everything.

    Elizabeth says:

    I am in love with this dreamcatcher, as well as the mountain beaded cuff. Not to mention, this website is gorgeous!

    Laura Bear says:

    Oh so beautiful! I love the Mountain Clutch and the White spirit dream catcher! too hard to choose!

    Jessica says:

    The dreamcatchers are insane! Love each of them but the silver spirit won me over. Great giveaway!

    cheryl brubaker says:

    Thanks for turning me on to my new favorite place to shop! By far the Silver Spirit Dream Catcher is my favorite.beautiful website also! Yours and theirs 🙂

    Taylor Rae says:

    Wow, these are some of the most beautiful dream catchers I have ever seen. It’s so great that they also carry jewelry. Right when I saw the White Spirit in your room my jaw dropped. I want, need, must have! I also really like The Mountain clutch and Amethyst Cluster necklace.

    Beth says:

    I love the turquoise vagabond necklace, especially the brown one ! It’s so beautiful and earthy.

    Marthalynn says:

    So incredible. What a beautiful shop! I am really digging the Large Rainbow Quartz necklace. Thanks for introducing me to this site!

    Jennifer says:

    so beautiful. the white spirit dream circle is definitely my favorite!

    Holly says:

    All of them are so stunning! The white spirit dream circle is my favorite by far!

    Vanessa says:

    Love the Pyramid Midi ring in gold! So into geometric shapes right now 🙂

    Sara says:

    The all white one shown in your room is gorgeous. My bedroom is almost all white with natural brown as accent so it would be an amazing addition.

    You’re room is looking fantastic and cheery!

    Jenn says:

    The dream catchers on that site are amazing! Also love the leather cuffs.

    kelsy says:

    The brown mountain clutch is perfection! Love love love this giveaway!!

    taryn says:

    i would gladly accept one of each item, but the mountain collection is my favorite! both the clutch and wristlet in midnight black.. with the turquoise.. yum!
    and of course the fantastic dreamcatchers, but those are a given. yes, please.

    Alexandra says:

    I love the Silver Spirit dream catcher. My dad passed away a year ago & he had silver hair…so, this reminds me of him.

    Honestly, the White Spirit Dream Catcher is my favorite, and would look amazing in the nursery I’m designing for my bebe (due New Year’s Day!). But I also love the Amethyst Chunk Necklace. Gorgeous.

    Ashlee says:

    The white spirit dream catcher is truly a work of art!! I love it so much, please let me win!!!

    Audrey says:

    Wow, I wasn’t expecting it to be so big! What an awesome statement. I love this one and the brown spirit. The 18k diamond ring on their site is gorgeous, too.

    Summer Allen says:

    oh man, that white spirit dreamcatcher is the best! I’d love to have it!

    Shauna says:

    LOVE the alchemist stone necklaces! <3

    Cerrissa says:

    Love this dream catcher!!! The brown & tangerine spirit dreamcatcher is prob my fav!

    Ramey says:

    The inner mystic collection is breathtaking. My favorite is the Herkimer diamond pendant because its simple and elegant. The dream circles are so beautiful, I’ve been searching for one for awhile and these are probably my favorite design.

    rebecca says:

    Oh man oh man I love the brown & tangerine spirit dream catcher. simply beautiful.

    Cassie Robertson says:

    The jewelry is amazing, but I really think the dream catchers are just so special – they are my favorite. I like the white and silver best!


    obsessing over the pyrite nugget necklace!!

    hillary says:

    how beautiful! I love the white spirit dream catcher for my own bedroom!

    Monica says:

    The White Spirit Dream catcher is beautiful and my ultimate favorite but also love the turquoise vagabond necklace….great company and thank you for sharing it

    Anonymous says:


    My favorite item is the MOUNTAIN LEATHER WRAP. It’s so awesome, and very my style!

    Alex says:

    The aqua aura necklaces are devine.

    Anna Z says:

    I really love this WHITE SPIRIT dream catcher! It’s gorgeous. I also love TITANIUM QUARTZ necklace.

    Liz says:

    I’m so glad that you posted about this site I never would have found it otherwise!! Such unique and gorgeous items….I love the HERKIMER DIAMOND 2 STONE CUFF BRASS. Would just die if I won the dreamcatcher!!!!

    Megan W. says:

    I love the white spirit dream circle!

    kasia says:

    i love this dreamy dreamcatcher!!

    Tarah says:

    Absolutely love the white spirit dream catcher! So gorgeous!! Xo

    Melissa Lesmeister Awad says:

    Brown and Black Spirit Dream Catchers. Chosen by my son and daughter.

    Erin says:

    Love the Herkimer Shake Ring!

    Bailey says:

    I love the Mountain clutches but I must say the White Spirit dream catcher is pretty heavenly…

    Carla says:

    The gold Herkimer Studs are so beautiful! Love that they are small but powerful.

    Madeline says:

    This is amazing… I’m going to try to make one though I’m sure it won’t look as good

    Charlie says:


    Lisa says:

    I cannot take my eyes off of the dream catcher! It’s mystical and so lovely. Words cannot express how thankful I would be if I won. Truly amazing. xo

    Christa says:

    I love this! I have the perfect place for it. My cats would love it too.

    Ella says:

    love the white spirit dream catcher!

    Tonia says:

    I love your collections!! They are beautiful!! My favorite is the Silver Spirit. I love how the dream catchers and jewelry are inspired by nature in their raw beauty. I love folklore and love your Smokey Quartz and Titanium Quartz necklaces.

    sheila says:

    I love the mountain clutch. I think it can go with anything and looks pretty awasome

    allison says:

    i love that mountain wristlet!

    thatgirlkk says:


    nina gordom says:

    the classic..thank you!

    katie says:

    Oh my lord I absolutely love this dreamcatcher and have been wanting one for a long time, but can’t afford it. I love everything on the Torchlight site, but the Herkimer diamond ring is drop dead gorgeous!

    The black spirit dream catcher is so amazing!

    Annie says:

    thunderbird cuff for sure! Channels the powers of wonder woman a la Lynda Carter and the wisdom of american indigenous female healers/leaders a la Wilma Pearl Mankiller

    Erin says:

    I wouldn’t ever take that Herkimer Shake ring off!!

    Hannah Rich says:

    The Abalone Shell Bracelet is my favorite! It’s so unique and such a simple statement piece! The dreamcatcher is incredible, best of luck to all the entries! Fingers crossed!

    Calley says:

    I love the amethyst cluster necklace. I can just feel the warmth and peace-inducing energy of the stone against my skin. Beauty in its most perfect form.

    Jannette says:

    The vintage mountain wristlet is my favorite! Too cute

    Alison says:

    Owww, I’m from Australia! This dream catcher is beautiful, I hope the person who wins this shows it off!

    des says:

    i have been coveting the white spirit for what seems like forever. in fact i was just daydreaming about it hanging above my bed yesterday morning. must be a sign!

    Jenny says:

    Aqua Aura is amazing! I love the Dreamcatchers!

    Katie says:

    This dreamcatcher is my favorite thing on the site. It’s beautiful!

    Melissa says:

    It is soooo hard to decide….I would pick any one of the dream catchers. I love them! 🙂 What a great company.

    the classic dream circle is just the bomb.com

    Ava says:

    Loveee everything on this site! Absolutely adore the Mountain clutch. Probably my favorite. I have a thing for Dream-catchers and have been dying for one this size!

    Matilda says:

    My favorite is the Mountain Clutch, with its beautiful etching and gorgeous “Vintage Tobacco” color. Such a dream!

    natalie says:


    i’m obsessed with this ring, and this website in general! my bed has 5 handmade dream catchers that hang above it, and i would absolutely LOVE this on my wall

    Sarah Ann says:

    Oh my! I would have to say this dream catcher is my favorite. But if I had to chose something else… It would have to be the HERKIMER DIAMOND 2 STONE CUFF 18K GOLD PLATED. So pretty!

    Carrie says:

    ooh ooh the mountain clutch!

    Dawn says:

    Great Giveaway….I love this dream catcher but I think my favorite items in the store are the two Heirkimer Diamond 2 stone cuffs (both the brass and the gold plated)

    Stephanie says:

    Its so hard to choose. If I had too… the pyrite shake ring. Oh!, and all the dream catchers. Thanks!

    Kaye says:

    Oh my goodness, I love the White Spirit one so much! So SO beautiful… definitely my favorite!

    Ashley says:

    ohhh those handmade leather clutches look so soft!

    Kelli says:

    Oh, so beautiful!! The dreamcatchers are amazing!

    Christine Cliatt Brown says:

    I cannot get over that gold pyramid midi ring. It’s just perfect.

    Tiffany says:

    ALL of it. Really a pretty collection. I especially love the collaboration with Make Smith Mountain Clutch. x

    Lauren Finkelstein says:

    Oh my godddd! Wow! I am getting married next year and have been wanting to incorporate dream catchers into the design. These are exactly what I am after! Thank you for bringing my awareness to such beauty… And so, my favorite is the Black Spirit catcher. So dramatic!

    Michaela says:

    I love the rainbow quartz necklace! And the dream catcher is magical

    Jamie says:

    These are all insanely gorgeous!

    Alyssa says:

    I really like all the dream catchers; the White Spirit is great! I do think my favorite item is the Apatite necklace. Gorgeous.

    Jess says:

    /// silver spirit. white spirit. dreamin’ of dream catchers.

    Ashley O. says:

    I’m in love with all their Shake rings but the dream catchers/circles
    are beyond gorgeous. I love the white spirit as well as the brown.
    Thank you for introducing me to Torchlight – so dreamy!

    Benedicte says:

    The Mountain Clutch! I love it!! And all of their dream catchers/circles are beautiful. Such a good idea! Thank you xx

    Marnay says:

    Wow, the gold pyramid pendant is stunning!

    debby says:

    I ADORE the THUNDERBIRD CUFF 18K GOLD PLATED. Together with a solid white neckholder dress – amazing!

    Michelle says:

    i am adoring the HERKIMER DIAMOND RING 18K GOLD PLATED RING. It is so lovely and classic with a bit of a twist. Charmingly unique.

    Carrie Callahan says:

    The white spirit dream catcher is like no other. Hands down my fav.

    Leigh says:

    I think you are totally on target with the White Spirit dreamcatcher (http://www.torchlightjewelry.com/collections/dream-circles/products/white-spirit). It would be stunning against a dark painted wall in our new house…plus the hubs is part Native American so even better 🙂

    Kimberly says:

    I’m Absolutly in love with this dream catcher! My daughter’s afraid of her new room and she keeps asking for one 🙂

    nicole says:

    holy moly! other than the White Spirit Circle which is a total show-stopper, i’m feeling some serious love for the SELENITE WAND necklace. thank you for hosting such magical giveaways from the loveliest shops. Torchlight is oh-so-very dreamy! oxo

    Lenay says:

    The White Spirit dream catcher is absolutely beautiful and oh-so-dreamy with the full cascading drape, but I can’t take my eyes off the Silver Light dream catcher with the smoky quartz crystal built in! So that would be my pick! What a lovely store!

    ayesha says:

    The AMETHYST CLUSTER is amazing! This collection is sooo magical and earthy!


    Allison H says:

    Oh what a beautiful piece!! that would be perfect in our guest room! i love the thunderbird cuff too! awesome site!

    Miriam Carothers says:

    I’m so glad to know about this company! I’ve been looking for a large dreamcatcher exactly like this one to complete the bedroom decor of my new apt. It would be so cool to win this one. Even so- I’m keen on the Silver Spirit dream catcher, the amethyst point and amethyst cluster necklaces. -Miriam

    Jena says:

    love the gold thunderbird pendant necklace -and the dream catchers!

    Karissa says:

    I love the large studded cuff-all of that collection is totally fitting my vibe:-)

    Summer light says:

    The silver dream circle is amazing. This shop is filled with so many beautiful items. So glad you shared!!!

    Alissa says:

    I love their brown and tangerine spirit dream catcher – so beautiful!

    Tiffany says:

    What a cool piece!! My favorite item from there site is probably there Mountain clutch bag.

    kim from atlanta says:

    The White Spirit Dream Catcher!

    leah says:

    I love the brown mountain wallet/clutch!

    I love the natural look of the Mountain Clutch. Keeping a sketch book and some trail mix in there? Who wouldn’t be inspired to doodle and lookin fresh.

    cate says:

    love the silver spirit dream catcher and the gorgeous mountain clutch! such a cool shop!

    Lauren Turner says:

    Super awesome stuff you have here! I’m definitely in love with every dreamcatcher you have on your site! I’m a big believer in them and they’ve helped me out in dreamland several times! I also love your alchemist collection! Beautiful! Glad I stumbled upon this post :))

    Kelleigh says:

    I adore the dreamcatchers! The brown and tangerine spirit is gorgeous. What wonderful textures! And a mixture of rustic and elegant with those long draping tassles with feathers. This dream catcher does not need to catch any dreams, it just needs to be itself and look gorgeous!

    Cate says:

    Those Herkimer stud earrings in gold are pretty amazing. Like the bohemian version of classic diamond studs. The dreamcatcher, though…gorgeous!

    Krista says:

    I love all of the Alchemist Crystals!

    Aleena says:

    I think I neeeed the Herkimer shake ring in gold. love love

    Laura says:

    Love the Hill Tribe Silver Dragon Hairpin. So unique and classic.

    kelly ann says:

    I LOVE the Brown Spirit dreamcatcher – so, so gorgeous!

    Alyssa says:

    After a little browsing I love all of the dream catchers. I have been looking to replace the one my grandmother made after my kitty ate it! I adore the black and brown spirit dream catchers.

    Dani says:

    I love love the WHITE SPIRIT dreamcatcher! And the vintage cuffs! And can we just take a moment to bow our heads to that logo design? Swooning.

    Debra Matlock says:

    I love the 18K Gold Plated Thunderbird Cuff. SO cool.

    Jenny says:

    That dreamcatcher looks amazing. I adore the Mountain Wristlet In Vintage Tobacco, I could pair it with a dozen different outfits! My mum saw me looking at the jewelry and she loves the Pyrite Shake Ring in Antiqued silver, I know what I’m going to get her for Christmas now ;-).

    Katie says:

    The white spirit dream catcher is, well, dreamy. Although, I’m pretty much in love with everything they do.

    Nichole says:

    The dream catchers are stunning, but I’ve really been into amazing leathers lately. That Mountain Clutch in vintage tobacco leather, love.

    kristyn says:

    Ahh! i would loooooove the White Spirit dream circle like yours!! 🙂

    Rylie says:

    Everything in the shop is so gorgeous! I would definitely have a hard time not purchasing one of everything. I do love the Mountain Clutch and the Hill Tribe Silver Bell Bracelet, so pretty! Not to mention the Herkimer Diamond Ring in brass.

    Shawnee says:

    oh MY! stunning. so in loooove.

    Robin says:

    Thank you for introducing me to torchlight Bri! I’m also working on my room, trying to make it peaceful and light and am always inspired by your ideas. If I had to pick just one thing beside the lovely dream catcher here it would be the rad Turquoise Vagabond necklace. That would for sure be a unique conversation starter – perfect for an eclectic summer vaca outfit 🙂 Weeeee

    Mei says:

    This entire site is amazing! I’m in NYC and am really missing my mountains out west so naturally the dreamcatchers and ‘mountain’ category are my favorites

    dewi says:

    i need less nightmares and more dreams please – preferably dreams in which my studio apartment is larger than 500sqft! i would love the white spirit dream catcher to liven things up! gorgeous.

    Lianne says:

    Everything is fabulous but I love love love the Herkimer shake ring 18K Gold plated!! And of course the dreamcatchers(:

    kaisse says:

    all the dream catchers are amazing. how do you pick just one. I’ve really been into white lately. all white everything so i would go with the classic or the white spirit as my fav

    June says:

    the white spirit dream catcher is absolutely gorgeous! had a lot of fun poking around the torchlight website, so many unique pieces!


    Ashley says:

    I am in love with this dreamcatcher! So beautiful and mystical! It’s my dream to get a dream catcher tattoo, and well own something from torchlight! I would be so grateful to win this magnificent prize!

    <3 Ashley

    Katrina says:

    Love Torchlight! The leather bags are oh so yummy. And I’m in loooove with their dreamcatchers. xo!

    Vivi says:

    I love not only this awesome dream catcher but also their herkimer diamond 5 stone cuff in gold is gorgeous!

    Elizabeth says:

    Obsessed with that dream catcher! I also love the mountain clutches!!

    sarah says:

    the BROWN & TANGERINE SPIRIT is to die for!!! would totally match the modern bohemian vibe in my bedroom. j’adore to the max!!! <3

    Julie says:

    whoa! such a beautiful, magical dream catcher! I would definitely choose that white one! thanks for the giveaway and introducing me to such an amazing site!

    Jasanna Czellar says:

    Love this! Hill Tribe Silver Flower Studded Cuff.

    Meredith says:

    I think this is my favorite giveaway yet! I really love the HERKIMER DIAMOND STUD EARRINGS! 🙂

    jordan says:

    black spirit dreamcatcher
    white spirit dreamcatcher
    classic blk dreamcatcher
    pyramid earrings, midi ring & pendant gold
    thunderbird cuff & pendant gold
    hill tribe silver dove bracelet

    it was impossible to pick one favorite item so i made a “must buy” list instead!! love your site!

    Minna So says:

    id be happy with anything from their shop! it is all so lovely! – minna

    jordan says:

    & both bags & wristlets… i <3 torchlight.

    KC says:

    Wow! That’s beautiful. I love the mountain clutch, so hard to pick!

    Mairead Mackenzie says:

    Oh wow, this dreamcatcher is dreamy.. Excuse the pun. I love the ‘inner mystic’ and ‘mountain’ collections in their entirety.. But I especially love the hill tribe silver 3 bracelet stack in the vintage category.

    Hoping and wishing for that dreamcatcher! Yeeeaaaah!

    Jess says:

    Oh I love the mountain clutches. p.s. i love your website so much.

    Emma says:

    I love the Pyrite Shake Ring! I don’t think I’ll be able to get it out of my head now!


    Katie says:

    I love all their dream catchers! how could I choose one!?! They are amazing!

    Amy says:

    I would take the MOUNTAIN CLUTCH to every elevation! Love it!
    I need a dream catcher…can’t seem to remember mine lately…

    Michelle says:

    Lovin the herkimer shake ring in silver!

    Lindsay says:

    Totally love the Mountain Wristlet!

    Autumn K Tyler says:

    I’m obsessed with ALL of the dreamcatchers! …..but I’m loving the White Spirit especially, so I MUST win this!!! xo.

    Jesselyn says:

    The dream catchers are just (forgive me) dreamy. I could never afford this. I hope I win!

    Victoria says:

    I’ve wanted one of these dream catchers forEVER now!!! I just love the Black Spirit – I’m drawn to the bold black feathers – would look perfect in my bedroom next to my new peacock chair I purchased recently on craigslist! Thanks for the chance. xo

    Hana says:

    That dream catcher is simply stunning! They have so many great pieces on their site, but I really loved the silver Thunderbird Pendant. I love the contrast between the simplistic design and intricate feathers. Anyway, sweet dreams!

    Carolsue says:

    Mu daugher would love this — she collects dream catcher things.
    Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

    Marie says:

    I was so excited to come across this post because I’ve had an obsession with two things lately 1) dreamcatchers and 2) crescent moons. It was tough to pick a favorite, but besides all the beautiful handmade dreamcatchers, I was drawn to the lovely Antiqued Silver Thunderbird Pendant. I love all things mystical and dreamy 🙂 Hope to win!

    Colleen Boudreau says:


    Tiffany says:

    This dreamcatcher is drop dead gorgeous. I love it! I am also loving the drop herkimer earrings and the small dreamcatcher….. so beautiful!

    Allison says:

    OMG!! I can’t believe how beautiful this is 🙂 It must be a good sign that I saw this contest on my birthday haha! I just moved to LA by myself on a whim and have been looking for a dream catcher to decorate my apartment (how random, right!?) I love the one you have featured because the white doesn’t scream for attention (which usually I pick bright colors!) and brings a subtle/calm elegance to the room. I’m not much of a jewelry person, but I love that Pirate Shake Ring in Antiqued Silver — I added it to my BDay list!!

    Noel says:

    I love the labradorite flip ring. Thanks for the great giveaway!

    Erica says:

    Their website feels like a kindred spirit. Love the Aurora Sun Quartz necklace and ALL of the dream catchers.

    Anonymous says:

    The White Spirit is AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL!!! My best friend, who is a yoga instructor and very into crystals, healing, Native American traditions, etc. is turning 30 in August and this would be the perfect birthday gift for her!!!

    Alexa says:

    OOps! forgot to enter my name! (Entry #714 above is mine)

    The White Spirit is AMAZINGLY BEAUTIFUL!! My best friend, who is a yoga instructor and very into crystals, healing, Native American traditions, etc. is turning 30 in August and this would be the perfect birthday gift for her!!!

    Susie says:

    HERKIMER STUD EARRINGS 18K GOLD PLATED<— these are my jam.

    Love the unique-ness of this site, raw and beautiful!


    Sara says:

    I don’t know if it’s too late to leave a comment to be entered to win the dreamcatcher, but I absolutely love Torchlight and all the dream catchers are stunning! I also love the Alchemist crystals and the mountain beaded cuff, fantastic leather work!

    Dana says:

    if i had to pick one that wasnt the white dream catcher, it would be: HERKIMER DIAMOND STUD EARRINGS SILVER. I would wear or make use of every single thing on their site! xo

    Liz says:

    I love the Herkimer Diamond Ring and all of the dream catchers so much. Thank you for introducing such an intriguing company and hosting this giveaway.

    jenna says:

    brown spirit is absolutely gorgeous.

    Katie Shill says:

    Wow, the Turquoise Vagabound is to die for. This dream catcher is also so beautiful – thank you for hosting this giveaway! Xoxo, Katie

    Ashley Benjamin says:

    The Silver Spirit is to die for! But love absolutely all of the dream circles & jewelry.

    Suzanne says:

    The white spirit would be hard to beat. 🙂 Thanks for this great giveaway! 🙂

    Tarah says:

    other than the White Spirit and the rest of the dream circles, I like the Mountain Clutch! 🙂 great giveaway..thanks!

    Sophia says:

    The dream catchers are gorgeous. But my favs besides those are the Tanzanite Aura lg and the killer Hill Tribe SilverDragon Hairpin.

    erika nolan says:

    So much amazing.stuff. Dream.catcher is to die.for but also loving the mountain clutch! Xo

    Katie says:

    What a magical store!! So glad you introduced me to Torchlight. I am really into the “Thunderbird Pendant 18K Matte Gold Plated” necklace. Edgy + elegant. And honestly (not just saying this because of the contest) my other favorite is this white spirit dream circle that you are giving away. It would be so beautiful in my white bedroom. I’m dying for it but there is no way I can afford it! Crossing my fingers….

    karel says:

    I like the amethyst chunk necklace.

    JESSICA says:



    HOPE I WIN! (:

    Kelli says:

    The dreamcatchers are the most beautiful I have ever seen! Those aside, I also love the aqua aura necklaces.

    Carol says:

    I love all the dreamcatchers, but the brown spirit is my favorite–funny that the humble turkey has such gorgeous feathers.

    Chloe S says:

    LOVELOVELOVE THIS!!! Also love the mountain clutch as well!! <3

    Ashley Rose says:

    The dream catcher is well, dreamy! Also, the gold and diamond cuff is lovely and going in my cart as we speak!

    Madalyn says:

    I am into all those herkimer pieces and hill tribe silver! Great jewelry and auhmazing dream catchers.

    Leslie says:

    The Classic Dreamcatcher is beautiful! I adore all of the amethyst necklaces, too. What a great giveaway- thank you!

    kelsey says:

    i like them all! i think i would pick the silver spirit catcher. love it!

    danielle says:

    oh my goodness, so excited you shared the site! I am in love with the White Spirit Dream Catcher and have a brick wall that it would be absolutely stunning on! Good thing I have a birthday coming up as well!! How beautiful!

    Sami says:

    OBSESSED with it all! But especially love the thunderbird cuff 18k gold plated. So original. Thanks for showing me the site!!!! The dreamcatchers are obviously stunners as well.

    oh my goodness, how beautiful! i really love the white spirit dreamcatcher, it’s so unique and minimal. I would rock the crap outta that thunderbird necklace too!

    Stephanie Grant says:


    MJ says:

    Herkimer Stud earrings = amazing!

    Julia F. says:

    What a beautiful dream-catcher. As I imagine my marriage, I can imagine us standing in front of it as we say our vows.

    Cheree says:

    I can not choose a favorite item from your site. Everything is so beautiful. The vagabond necklaces are a stand out. Keep up the beautiful work.

    Megan says:

    I love the Brown Spirit dream catcher! Their whole site is amazing though…

    Briana W says:

    Wow. Absolutely love. Everything on the site is beautiful. One of my favorites would have to be the Hill Tribe silver loop cuff. Love!

    allison says:

    I love all of them, but the White Spirit is my absolute favorite!

    Natalie says:

    The mountain clutch and large white dream catcher are unique because they are original and unique. I haven’t seen anything like them in the market. The clutch is timeless bc its looks vintage even though its new. The dream catcher is just… dreamy. Your stuff is beautiful.

    Talie says:

    THE THUNDERBOLT CUFFS!! Whats so great about your look is that it feels like a more modern version of native American jewelry. So many styles have this quality. I feel more connected to the earth when I wear it. THANK YOU

    Fontaine says:

    Honestly I know they are simple, but all of your structural triangle pieces are amazing. Simple, chic. Love them all- the whole set!

    Chelsey D says:

    Hands down, best item is the White Spirit dream catcher. It is beyond dreamy (pun intended). Fingers crossed for selection of this great giveaway!

    Danielle says:

    Loving all of the dream catchers and the Mountain Wristlet in Vintage Tobacco.

    Mrs. Ferguson says:

    The Mountain Wristlet in vintage tobacco is lovely but the dream catchers are quite dreamy as well.

    Jen says:

    White Spirit and Classic are positively dreamy! Never fancied myself a dreamcatcher kind of girl but these definitely change my mind.

    Jen says:

    White Spirit and Classic are positively dreamy! I never fancied myself a dreamcatcher kind of girl but these definitely change my mind.

    Gillian Helm says:

    oh my, those dreamcatchers are dreamy!!! and the herkimer jewelry and mountain wristlets are just too cool.

    Leslie says:

    My favorite item would have to be the Vintage Tobacco Mountain Clutch!

    aimee says:

    ohhhh ANY of the dreamcatchers and also love the tobacco mountain clutch. actually i love it all! 🙂

    Sydnee says:

    I love it all!!!! My favorite is probably the White Spirit dream circle. Swoon.

    Kelli Martin says:

    The tangerine quartz necklace is fabulous! The color is so bold! And I am in love with every dream circle they make! The classic is defintly dreamyyyy! 🙂 ty for the contest!!

    definitely the white spirit dream catcher, although I love them all!

    brandi says:

    i love the mountain wristlet in tobacco…. & this dreamcatcher is to die for!!!!

    Dewey says:

    The Aqua Aura necklace is my favorite – outside of this beautiful dreamcatcher!

    Thanks for the opportunity 🙂

    Charli says:

    I love the HERKIMER SHAKE RING. It’s gorgeous.

    Chanel says:

    The Classic Dream circle would make me reaaaaaal happy right about now! Pick me, pick me! xo

    Candice says:

    Their site is insane! I think their Dream Circles would bestow amazingly beautiful dreams to anyone who slept below them. The Shake Rings, especially the Pyrite one (I’m obsessed with Pyrite these days), would make me admire my hands to the point of distraction and I’d have to keep up a manicure just to make sure my fingers were worthy. Thanks for the eye candy, Bri!

    Emily says:

    Such a beautiful piece! And what a site they have. I’m really digging the MOUNTAIN WRISTLET. Yay, fingers crossed! xo

    Rachel says:

    Love the herkimer diamond two stone cuffs!

    Julie says:

    Here’s to the vagabond voyagers of the soul!

    The Turquoise Vagabond necklace is quite magical and I could totally embrace the delightful properties it embodies. *wink wink*

    Cheers to another awesome giveaway! Thanks for the chance to win.

    Cristina says:

    The White Spirit! So dreamy. xo Cristina

    Elizabeth says:

    I’m in love with the silver spirit dream catcher! My dorm room decor is pale blue and gold, with bright red and white accents, so the silver spirit dream catcher would fit perfectly. It’s an intriguing and eye catching piece, but the colors are subtle enough that they won’t clash with my awful dorm room wall paper. Thanks for the giveaway!

    Geri says:

    White spirit is just heavenly and I would love waking up to it every morning. Fingers crossed xx

    Megan M says:

    The Brown and Tangerine Spirt is beautiful!! ❤

    Abby says:

    oh, i’ve been a fan of torchlight forever! i lustlustlust after that thunderbird pendant (in both colors!) and if i could figure out a way to wear one of the dream circles, i’d probably do that too. absolutely gorgeous.

    Rayna Carlson says:

    Moving into my very own studio in Santa Barbara in less then a month and dying to decorate! Noticed this dreamy dream catcher on Instagram and had to enter (fingers crossed!).

    I’m amazed by the whole Dreaming Collection. White Spirt, Silver Spirt, love them all! What beautiful work Torchlight creates. It reminds me of little treasures from the past.



    Angie C says:

    That dreamcatcher is so amazing. The gold thunderbird pendant is pretty stunning as well.

    Tawnya says:

    The White Spirit Dreamcatcher is amazing, as well as the mountain clutch. So many beautiful, unique things on this site!! So in love, I would take it all if I could! What a lovely giveaway, thank you!!!

    Michelle says:

    those herkimer gold drop earrings are so delicate and gorgeous! what a fun site. this dream catcher would be such a great piece to have in my bedroom. fingers crossed!!

    Erin says:

    Gorgeous, gorgeous website-definitely bookmarked. There are so so many perfectly curated items on this website but the Silver Spirit is really my favorite. Love smokey quartz, love those feathers and the contrast with the white. So dreamy. What a great contest. Thank you Bri!

    Kacey says:

    The catchers are actually my favorite. I have a large brown piece that my friend gave me, but it no longer suits the atmosphere of my bedroom so I’ve moved it to the foyer. The white would be lovely.

    Cheyenne says:

    Ever since I was a little girl my family would travel up to the mountains to play in the snow every year. There happened to be a teeny tiny Native gift shop where the old women would sit and handcraft all sorts of dream catchers and medicine sticks and such. That’s when my collection began!

    I absolutely love Torchlights dream circle collection, it really takes me back to when I was a child looking at all those fantastic dream catchers.
    This white one would look fabulous in a southwestern styled living room!

    Anisa says:

    I love this necklace: PYRAMID PENDANT 18K GOLD PLATED


    fingers crossed xx

    Roger says:

    The classic dream catcher is amazing

    Georgia says:

    I pinned & love the Mountain Clutch<3

    Sarah says:

    I love the Dreamcatchers and the Herkimer Shake Rings!

    the thunderbird cuff 18K gold plated

    Cinnamon says:

    I really like the silver spirit dream catcher. It’s so beautiful!

    Megan Fox says:

    I love the Black Spirit Dream catcher!!!

    It is made with Black deerskin suede, aqua aura crystal, found branch, black turkey & guinea hen feathers.

    The combination of black deerskin suede with the blue crystal would go amazing my my bedroom as we are working with golds, silvers, whites, greys, black, and blues.
    What an interesting and gorgeous site!
    Megan xo

    Lindsey says:

    In love with the small Titanium Quartz! and of course- this dreamy dream catcher.

    brittney j says:

    Besides this dreamcatcher id say the pyramid pendant. It’s simple and sophisticated and would work with any outfit.

    Nina says:

    This dreamcatcher is my absolute favorite! I’ve got a whole collection of beautiful dreamcatchers and this would be a perfect addition!

    Eva Deitch says:

    MOUNTAIN BEADED CUFF would feel amazing to wear.
    Love the soft black leather, in contrast with the hard brass beading.
    If I already had a dream catcher, it would know my dream of this.

    Jenny says:

    Wow stunning! I love the white spirit dream catcher!

    Sarah Florence says:

    LOOOOVE the mountain beaded cuff.

    Laura says:

    I LOVE the classic dreamcatcher! 🙂

    Leah says:

    I LOVE the Classic dream catcher.

    zyanna says:

    Aside from the beautiful white spirit Dreamcatcher I really love the silver spirit dreamcatcher. I am kind of obsessing over the Mountain clutch too. This site is great!

    Kymbree says:

    That pyrite shake ring! :O

    andi says:

    love love love the purity of it. could use some manifesting of dreams right about now!

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