i’m not super into beauty products like some girls i know. i tend to keep it pretty simple in the hair department. recently, i have been looking to mix it up a little bit and try a more feminine hairstyle and maybe – just maybe, be able to run my fingers through my hair.

so when pantene approached me and sent me some samples of their new ultimate 10 collection i was open to giving it a try. i ended up liking the bb cream and asked my friend nicole to use it to create a hair style we could share on the blog with you all.

below nicole is going to walk you through the step-by- step on how to create the style…

“Bri already has so much natural texture and movement in her hair. To create the controlled yet uncontrolled look we wanted, I had to remove it by brushing it out. Clean slate! Once smoothed out, I applied a small amount of the Pantene Ultimate 10 BB Creme to her dry hair in the same size sections as I was going to curl it. This helped smooth it further with a bit of shine. To achieve the “beachy” waves I wrapped a 1-2 inch section of hair around a big barreled iron (we used a 1.5″.)  The product held the curls with a soft and supple shape. It gave shine and hold at the same time. In turn, this also made it very easy to create the beautiful twisted waterfall braid across the back of her hair. It tamed fly always without weighing it down. I also wanted to see how this product worked on wet hair,  so I blew dry her bangs with a round brush. Again great results! Smooth, shiny, and workable hold. Over-all this product left Bri’s hair looking smooth, feeling soft….and allowed me to create natural fun waves with that summery waterfall braid.” –nicole

how to get the look:

  • start with clean, dry and brushed hair. 
  • apply pantene ultimate 10 bb creme in sections the same size as you’re preparing to curl (approx. 1-2″ in size.)
  • curl the hair in sections by wrapping around the outside of the curling iron barrell and holding for a couple seconds. allow the curl to cool in your hand before releasing for added hold.
  • finger-comb the waves to tousle for a less perfect and more beachy and natural look.

we then added a twisted waterfall braid for interest. you could pin half up, pull back the twisted sides or braid (and maybe next time we will do a braid tutorial?)

girliness achieved. now go and conquer!

photography: jesse chamberlin
hair: nicole gehweiler

location: pratima anae
art direction: bri emery

(this post brought to you by pantene pro-v. thank you for supporting the designlovefest sponsors that allow this blog to create original content for you. want to see more hair tutorials in the future? let us know!)


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    Zoe Gruss says:

    These images are absolutely gorgeous! The hairstyle is great and definitely one to try, but the dress you are wearing is out of this world. It really is beautiful. Love the styling in this shoot.

    Pegah says:

    I want those red Clogs, where are they from?

    Jennifer v. says:

    Woke up this morning craving a new hairstyle and this hit the mark. A tutorial on the braid would be awesome- that’s one I can’t seem to figure out. Beautiful spread Bri!

    Hannah says:

    Gorgeous pictures…please do a braid tutorial? Would love hair like that! 🙂

    Quinn Cooper says:

    Great post. I’m always looking for new hair products. This one seems really nice.
    Love your dress Bri. Super summery and fun!
    XO Quinn

    Quinn Cooper Style

    Mailinh says:

    Would love to know how you do the waterfall braid!

    Gorgeous! Your hair looks great and the colors in this post are beautiful. Definitely wanting to try to BB cream.

    Jasmine says:

    So beautiful – I love your hair!

    Claire says:

    Absolutely fabulous! I was so excited when I checked the blog this morning because I’ve always wanted you to start doing hair tutorials! I really loved it and the photos are just amazing. More hair tutorials please!! 🙂

    kelsey says:

    gorgeous hair, lady!
    kw ladies in navy

    Cute look, love the waves and the braided crown.

    Alex from http://www.polkadottedpixels.com

    Janet says:

    Quick question…where are your shoes from? ..thanks

    Chelsea says:

    Your hair looks great Bri, I love the pretty curls!

    Chelsea & The City

    Melanie says:

    Love love love your shoes – where did you get them? Also thanks for the fun tutorial. As an ungirly girl, it’s nice to see how it’s done 🙂

    Fabiola says:

    Your dress and shoes look great and the hairdo is so pretty!

    “waterfall” braid, what a perfect title. i also adore her dress and hasbeens.

    Tori says:

    I’m so into that braiding technique! I will have to attempt that one for myself. Would love a tutorial on that as well:) Thanks for posting such great original content. You look gorgeous!!

    Much love from http://myomlife.wordpress.com/

    Anni says:

    Love your hair this way, it looks so good – and those photos are beyond gorgeous!

    Kristina says:

    Seriously beautiful images. Not to mention great hair. If I could ever be that platinum blonde….maybe someday. I’ll definitely be trying this one.
    xx, Kristina

    kate winsy says:

    Oh man. That last photo is so amazing! New favorite from your blog!

    Brittni says:

    That dress is amazing. And of course, the tutorial is great too. Thanks for sharing.

    Laina says:

    those CLOGGGSSS! please enlighten a girl!
    … and your hair is pretty great too 😉

    Kastles says:

    Love this hair tutorial! Your hair looks amazing! And that dress is divine!
    <3 Kastles

    Dana says:

    Would love a waterfall braid tutorial!

    Love the hair, but boy oh boy is that dress something! Where is it from? x

    TESS says:

    If that dress is vintage Im going to die! any chance you could let us all know where its from? thanks… I need it in my life!

    Kat says:

    Dress is from anthropologie! It’s on sake but they’re out of xs and s!

    Mary A. says:

    Hello, I really love the hair style:) I was wondering what kind of wall you are standing in front of? Is it a painted stone wall? If so, can I ask what type and color paint it is? I would appreciate it greatly!
    Thank you!

    Noor says:

    Wow you look like a different person and I love this hair style on you. It is so much better. I love this style as well.

    Pantene tests in animals, does terrible horrendous things, you look beautiful but it’s really strange for me to see someone I admire endorsing a cruel brand as Pantene.

    your hair looks beautiful! I love the smooth texture and the braid is a great way to “tie” it together!

    Sophie says:

    I have that dress 🙂

    Dominika says:

    Love the hair, the dress…and the photos are so AMAZING!


    Coor says:

    There are tons of tutorials on how to do this online, for those of you who would love to make it 🙂

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