each time i come back to the city i fall just a little more in love with the sights, the sounds…everything. but this time, something happened. i actually thought to myself, “i could live here.”  and really meant it. between riding the subway on my own, meeting friends for amazing meals, and wandering around brooklyn…this was one of all-time favorite trips to the big apple. of course having one really awesome group of students in our NY blogshop class didn’t hurt, either.

patina vintage rentals’ studio is just one of those magical places. it is bursting with cool stuff (all available for rent, new yorkers!) and always proves to be the perfect place to hold class. i love mixing and matching their pieces to create our classroom.

glitter and rye created these floral arrangements with protea! they have such an interesting and unique shape, you can barely believe they are real.

most of us here at blogshop are pretty big confetti fans, so we had to give each student a pack of this silver & gold party confetti from knot & bow.

i think it would be fun to wrap a gift in these maptote bandanas. they make them for several different cities and they’re a fun memento.

and you know how much we love bkr bottles. they are definitely a part of the blogshop brand now.

i think these line posters are so cool. they make art out of mass transit routes in major cities, and we thought it was fitting to give each student the new york city poster to hang. simple, clean design.


mishel valenton makes and sells these gorgeous and colorful prints in her online shop, aeropagita.


the type a press line fox + anchor paper makes these sweet mini bow-covered coasters that i like in black and white.


these art-deco style hair pins are by r-ki-tekt, and i’m a sucker for gold and sea foam.

one thing i look forward to in NYC: eating radish! they never fail to bring a beautiful presentation. this time we enjoyed strawberry ricotta flatbreads as a snack.

a while back truffle sent me this travel document pouch and i thought it would be a great thing to give our blogshoppers for when they travel, or to hold important things. they made us custom notepads and tucked in a red le pen to write down important thoughts.

those custom arrow framed and hanging pieces on the wall were handmade by our stellar decor team, glitter and rye!

and this iridescent rainbow house…well come on, look at it. 2of2 on etsy makes these tiny guys. we gave one as a prize to a student, but i would love to have one on my vanity.


thank you NYC, and really, i can’t wait to come back in august.

join us in  june & august!
weekend LA (sold out) | weekday LA(1 spot left!) | nashville | new york

want to be an intern in one of the cities listed above? apply here!

(see previous blogshop posts & all of our goodie bag items used here!)


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    laura says:

    This looks like so much fun! I love my LA maptote. I actually got one as a gift and it was so original!

    Looks like it was a lot of fun! I hope Toronto is on the list for blogshop dates! I would love to take the class.

    Alex from http://www.polkadottedpixels.com

    Bettina says:

    As usual, these photos are absolutely gorgeous!

    Meredith says:

    Looks awesome (though not as awesome as the Philly one a few weeks back…)

    Love Glitter & Rye though!

    That venue looks so lovely. Love all the styling. Hope to see a blogshop in London sometime?

    Cathy says:

    What great photos! Always looks like a lot of fun. 🙂

    Simply Fabulous! Your photos always put a smile on my face! I hope you will come to Fort Worth, Texas to Cowtown! I have two restaurants and a warehouse that are open to you!

    Noella says:

    Woow love the photo’s, and all that confetti and frills! Lovely place

    The blogshop looks too cute! I already know how to use Photoshop, but otherwise I would consider signing up for one of the next New York ones. So nice to here that you enjoyed your stay in Brooklyn and would consider living here. I’ve lived in this borough for 10+ years (by way of RI originally), and I can assure you that you would in fact love it! There are days when I tire of working in Manhattan, but Brooklyn always looks more and more beautiful to me.

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